Mufti Menk – How did I respond when my Tripod broke in Nigeria?

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker talks about how he found out about coronavirus and how he had a tripod broken while on a work trip. He describes how he found out about the virus and how he had to use it to make up for his health. He also talks about how he had to quarantine and work from home to stay healthy.
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Amazing ship. The second thing I learned from you is that you know, during a work trip I broke your tripod now I know you love the tripod right? And I was wondering what am I gonna say to shake we know my heart was like boom boom and I just spoke to you and I share the tripod is broken but to get another one and you did what you said was you see is failing the test failing is nothing you are you always whenever a situation happen you always clear it and it made me remember the scene of the missile Lahore it was solemn in a submarine a segmented ruler like no patient is at the beginning of the calamity, not in the middle of the calamity. You know, how are you able to view this quality

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What comes to your mind always when a tribulation happened? Look, whatever I do, I try and draw cues from the center of the prophets I send them one of the things that I learned let me give you this example.

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I looked for a tripod. I went myself I was in the UAE in Dubai. I purchased what I thought was the best and I got what I thought was exactly ideal for me. And actually

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everything comes with a plan before I was born Allah has created these tests and he knows what's going to happen to me completely lost knowledge yeah llama Carnival Maya como mala Mia con electronica con. Allah knows everything What happened? What will happen? What will not happen? Everything he knows. So when you told me and I saw it, I saw it and just as I saw it, you told me the tripod is broken. What did I say? say Alhamdulillah? Likely?

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This is material thing. You damage the vehicle? You broke the phone. You smashed it. There is something good about it that you don't know. You don't know. I may not know not now. You have to say Alhamdulillah Hey, forget about anything else first and handling that in an arena. Kalia Medina la barra on the Day of Judgment tied to be from among those who will be called out when they used to say and handled upon all conditions. So it's an opportunity for you to show Allah that Allah your decrease. I'm excited about it. I may not understand it. I'm a human it's it's considered a material loss. Big deal. It's I've not lost my link with Allah. Why should I shout you It broke? And I was I

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wasn't expecting you to break but I know why it broke because of some stampeding. Yeah. And to be honest, we can always replace it. If not now then later, you know? And we were in what it was a rural part of Nigeria, right in the north. And what happened is, you told me that I said we'll get another one Don't worry, you said but we will have to wait to go to the capital city. I said no, you will find one here. I know you will. Because there are so many people on social media so many people it might not be the same quality and we've got a replacement straightaway indeed. Look and imagine if I got upset I was even saddened for a minute with my tripod broke

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my brother so I like to always remind myself thank Allah nothing negative can happen to me. I think never someone dies your bones break your car is smashed, you lost your job, your your everything went went wrong according to dunya terms will lie he according to Allah, it went, how he planned it, how he planned it. Thank Allah it could have been worse. Imagine my bone broken still affecting breaking.

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You know, I would still say that handled at first to start with May Allah protect us. It's a tough one. But I'm just kidding. I hope I would. And then we sit in that

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room, and we work towards improving the situation so that I've developed that habit over time. Before I may not have been exactly like that, but I've developed it over time. You know, when we did our tests for Coronavirus, we were together Yeah. And I was prepared. What did I tell the brothers I said brothers if we test positive we will quarantine to get to experience and no problem. Everything can wait because health comes first but we will continue to do our diet even while we are isolated or while we're in quarantine whatever else it may be. And so the results can be negative and we were having the heads we're sitting here together. We've been together anyway for the last year. So so

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much. So May Allah make it easy. I mean me

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