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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses the details of the second migration to Abyssinia and the events that transpired in the course of this happening.

As discussed earlier, the Muslims returned from Abyssinia due to the rumour of the Satanic verses which proved to be wrong. The main point is that, from the immediate sahaba, Umar RA was still not Muslim, Uthman RA immigrated and Ali ibn Abi Talib was too young to immigrate.

How about Abu Bakr RA? He initially decided to immigrate and accompany Uthman. But he saw a change in plan when the leader of the neighboring tribe, Ibn Ad-Daghin offered protection to Abu Bakr RA. So he stayed back in Mecca. But later he was removed from this protection. Why did this happen? Listen to unravel the details.

The incident of Uthman ibn Madhoon and the famous poet, Labeed is another interesting story that should be heard to fully fathom the firm belief of the Muslims in the message of the Prophet ﷺ from Allah.

So the situation in Mecca remained status quo, and the Quraysh continued to torture and persecute the Muslims, so the people saw it in their best interest to go back to Abyssinia. The Quraysh; the strongest tribe, the strongest, the custodians of the Haram considered this to be the ultimate embarrassment and hence decided that they cannot allow this immigration. So they decided to send two people to Abyssinia and appeal directly to the Najashi – the leader of Abyssinia. The Najashi – the leader of Abyssinia named Ashuma, Amr ibn Al-As RA and Ja’far ibn Abi Talib RA are the key people in this monumental dialogue that transpired in Abyssinia.

What was the outcome of this conversation? How did Islam emerge victorious once again even in the wake of the ultimate bribery methods sought by the Quraysh?

Shaykh yasir answers all of the above.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while he was off to be here, woman what I am about. In our last weeks, we had discussed the infamous incident of the Satanic Verses and we had mentioned the number of opinions and a lot of them, but it appears that there was no such story. And the fact of the matter is that the Quraysh prostrated simply because of the power of Seurat, najem. And this rumor, as we said, led to the Muslims to return back from Abyssinia. And they when they came back, they discovered that this rumor was false. Now, number of points here, before we get back to the actual story, the question arises about the number of people who

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immigrated the first time to Abyssinia and who was and who was not a part of that initial batch. Now, we're not going to go over all of the opinions that's a little bit too advanced. But the main point is that from the immediate Sahaba of the Prophet system, of course, the greatest companion is Abu Bakar. Right. We'll discuss his case, or Omar at this point. Why didn't I want to immigrate to every city Who can tell me he wasn't even a Muslim yet? Okay. Earth man is he immigrated to Brasilia. Yes, he was of those who immigrated, and then who is left out even Have you thought about it at this age at this stage is still a young child really, you know, he's, he's probably at this at

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this stage. He's probably around 910 years old. So the question of early emigrating could not come about, okay. Therefore, out of the Sahaba, the only two out of the four, let's say the main Sahaba the only two who qualify are obachan and earth man Earth man immigrated. How about aboubaker? We didn't mention his story. The story of Abu Bakar Abu Bakar initially decided to immigrate and he decided to accompany Earth man and the people to go to Abyssinia but on the way to the ship on the way to Judah. He they passed by the neighboring tribe, the leader of that tribe was Eben Adelina Eben Adelina was the leader of that tribe. And the tribe name is not known. So we're not is not

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known to us here. So we're not going to confuse you more with more and more names. The main point is the leader or the Chief Cabinet does he know he saw all of them leaving so and they're packed their bags, they have all of the cameras loaded? So he said, Where are you going? So they said, we're going to have a senior he said Why? So they explained where our people have tortured us they have not allowed us to worship and we're all going to Atlanta where we can worship a lot. Now, even Adelina had used to have a good partnership with Abu Bakar and buying and selling. He was somebody whom Obama knew personally, so even Adelina when he saw out of all of these people he picked on Abu

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Bakar. And he said, someone like you does not deserve to leave the land of Mecca.

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And if your people have persecuted you, then let me intercede on your behalf. And let me go and talk to them and give you my protection. Now remember, the whole jahai system is based on who's going to protect to write and the tribal bucket has basically accepted that they're not going to protect double bucket anymore. Okay. And so even Adelina said, let me go and negotiate on your behalf. And maybe they'll take my protection so that they're not going to harm you. And so Booker said, Okay, let's give it a try. So Booker, and even though he never returned back, the rest of the Sahaba immigrated to avicennia. And if that doesn't entered Mecca, and he approached the Kaaba, and that

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was the time that everybody sits, as we said many, many times they had an afternoon time, where basically when it's everything is over in the day, you come and you sit in front of the cabinet, and in the delphina announced that old people of Mecca, would you accept it if I offered my protection to a worker. Now notice he cannot do so instantaneously because it's the land of Mecca. And it is not from the court. He is from another tribe. Right? And so it's like a neighboring country saying this is our citizen, can he live amongst you? And he has our rights is as if he's my tribe member. So this is an adoption, if you like, right? So even a delegate is an all adoptable Bucher. Let him

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live amongst your own people like basically, imagine America going to Canada, the Canadian government saying to America that Okay, look, forget his American citizenship, pretend he's a Canadian, right? That's basically what's happening here that is saying that, let me offer my protection to Abu Bakar. But then he needs the permission of the college. Are you going to accept any of that, who was a trading partner, even though who was the chieftain of a neighboring tribe, the tribe that is next to Mecca, and so they basically had to agree because it's a neighboring tribe, and they wanted to just make him happy. So they said okay, we will accept your protection for

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boubakeur, and therefore abubaker did not emigrate because of even a delphina. However, they said to Abner delphina, they said that they're gonna, we're only going to allow this with one condition. And that is Abu Bakar cannot pray publicly. Because Abu Bakar was of the elite of the corporation before this, he would pray in front of the cabinet. And he was of the few people who was brave to pray in front of the cabinet, everything changed with the conversion of Roman one or more converted, then Muslims could pray for the cabinet. Before that time, you had to be really brave person. And it was really only the process and would regularly pray once in a while obika joined him. So they said, you

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have to we're not going to allow a worker to pray publicly. And if he agrees to this, we'll agree to your protection that he can do as he pleases in private, but not in public. And therefore the corporation agreed and a worker agreed. And therefore what he decided to do was, he was the first person to ever build a Masjid. This is what it says the first person to build them as he didn't build a Masjid structure. He basically extended his house and he made a room into his place of worship, right, because they didn't allow him to worship publicly. So he decided to make a public message, right? He's using the loopholes here. So he builds an extension of the house, and he begins

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praying in that extension. And he prays out loud because it's his house and the condition was he can pray in his house, right? So he's basically reading through the lines here. He builds an extension, he makes msgid. And then he starts praying out loud in his house, which is a now a Masjid. Obviously, what's going to happen? The people of ebookers de la was a very gentle to our, and our workers recitation of the Quran was a very melodious recitation. And even his house says, The women and the children would gather around in amazement, listening to a Walker's recitation because it was a beautiful recitation. And his own daughter Ayesha tells us that I will work her cattle Rajan Baca,

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and he was a man who very easily began to cry. And he would weep from the fear of Allah. And so when he recited the Quran, he would cry, and he would beg Allah for forgiveness. So it's a very emotional recitation. So the people began to gather around his house every time he's praying, you know, it's a small city, it's a quiet time at night, you reading fudger or motherboard, Asia, or tahajjud. Anybody walking by can hear you, you know, it's dead sight. And it's not like the city in us like the houses are far far away. It's a small, you know how it used to be in those days. Many of you might remember from back home still houses or small, narrow alleyways. So because recitation is

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going five blocks, let's say, right, because that's what a block is for them. You know, each houses are there. So people began gathering outside of his house. Now, technically, the condition was he could read in his house. And that's what he did. But this got to a point where they sent a messenger to an adult. And they said, we have to take back our condition, he cannot even pray in his house.

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We have to take back our condition. He cannot even pray in his house. Do you have to tell him to stop praying even in his house? So even Adelina came to Makkah, when the messenger came, even a delegator came to me? And he said to aboubaker, that, oh, abubaker, I have no choice except to ask you to stop praying even. or allow me out of this protection, because I can't give you that type of protection. Right? You have one of two choices that you either stop praying, or I can't protect you anymore. Obviously, I don't need to tell you which one I chose. Right? So he said, I throw back your protection to you. And I accept the protection of Allah.

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I throw back your protection to you that you're free. Now you have done your job. I you did it now you couldn't, you know, stand up basically. Because even it doesn't it didn't fight at all. He just basically agreed. And in one sense, we understand because it's not his territory. It's not his, and he's really going out of his way to help a worker. So Becca said, okay, you know, thanks. But no thanks. Take your protection back. And I trust in the protection of Allah. And after this, he was in Makkah without any protection other than the protection of Allah. And that is why I told the story two weeks ago, that when Abu Bakar came to protect the process of they almost beat him to death. And

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nobody lifted a finger because he was not under anybody's protection. When I started a story two weeks ago, that somebody came and tried to choke the process from our broker came in and pulled it out. And I said, you know, john, and you're older viola, are you going to kill a person just because he said a lot is my Lord. And they began beating him until he was the equivalent of hospitalized he was immobilized for more than a week and he could not move in his house because of the severity of beating How could they get away with this even though bunker was caught ashy, because his own sub tribe had basically withdrawn and even a dog owner had withdrawn, so

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Now he is a homeless person. And he's living at his own risk. And he continued to live at his own risk until the profitsystem. emigrated to Medina. Now we already mentioned that around 14, some say 15, some say 16. Some say 17, between 14 to 17 people emigrated. Allahu Alem. The strongest opinion would be 12 men and five women. So that's a total of 1712 men and five women. So we heard we talked about the fact they heard the rumor, they came back, as they're coming back, they're eagerly asking have the people of Mecca accepted as we will have accepted, they're waiting for a caravan to get the news before they get to America. The first caravan they meet, they ask, and the people of the

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caravan said you have heard false. This is not the case. The people of MK are as they were, and the the new religion is being persecuted. And so this jolted them, this was a big shock for them. So much so that some of them said let's just go back. Before entering mccullers just go back now can you imagine put yourself in their shoes, maca is right in front of you. Right? This is your homeland, your relatives, your possession, everything is there. Literally, you're just one step away. And now debate occurs, should we go back or not? Until obviously, emotionally, psychologically, they said, Look, we're so close. Let's just go back and see what the situation is

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like, right? life would have been very tough. As we said, Imagine a different culture, a different language. They don't speak Abyssinian. It's a whole different land a whole different environment. It's much worse than we can imagine. And I forgot to mention one point when I mentioned this issue. That's apparently one of the punishments of Islamic law, which is no longer practice pretty much anywhere in the world because the world has changed. And the shows that sometimes changes permissible. One of the punishments of Islamic law for certain crimes is called a rhib. Read means leave your land and go somewhere else. If you're from, let's say, the Hejaz go live in the nudge. If

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you're from the nudge, do go live in Syria or someplace, right. One of the punishments for certain types of petty crimes, right? That you're not going to be whipped, you're not going to be jailed. Just go live somewhere else for a year. That was a punishment. Well, in our times, that's not a punishment. It's sightseeing. Right? This is a vacation, you're telling me to go for years of vacation, okay? So look at how times have changed that to leave your society to leave your land was a type of punishment. And so the Sahaba had to self inflict this punishment when they went to Abyssinia. When they come back, they decided, Okay, let's just go see what is happening in Macau.

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Now. When they left MCC, they had basically again, I'm speaking in modern equivalent, they had canceled their passports they had relegated from their tribe, because that's the whole point now. So when they go back in, they cannot just expect the same protection. So each one of them has to find new protection. Each one of them has to find a new sponsor, like what's going to be my entry visa to get into my car. And we have some stories about what happened here. Earth might have been Maroon or it might have been more Varun.

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One of the famous Sahaba and he has a lot of stories in this era, and he died an early death and one of the battles of Shaheed or if not a bit more Varun reached out to Ali dibner mohila, the same one who is the famous poet because he had a friendship with him. And he didn't move he agreed, and so actually marched with him and they publicly announced this is how they enacted treaties he publicly announced that what he'd said, I have given my protection to Earth man even more of their own. And so, Earth man remained completely protected. While he is one of the most powerful men in Makkah. We already said Allah revealed verses in the Quran. This is the father of who call it abundantly. This

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is the father of Hadith, right? This is the one whom Allah reveals to them with death for a woman Hala wahida which Allah who Malin ma'am Duda, Baba Nina Shahada, all of this a lot is talking about this is the one who first Kara Walker, he thought, What am I going to say about the Profit System? And then he said, this is a strange type of magic. This isn't really one of the most powerful men rivaling Abuja. So unworried gave protection to Earth man, and because this is what either Earth man, not the hair on his head was touched. Now, Urbanus Hawk says, one truth man would go back and forth in the city, and he would see the Muslims being persecuted. And he would see that he himself

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was untouched. his guilt began to get the better of him even though he's not doing anything wrong. And he said, How come they are suffering and I am in safety. How come they are suffering and I am in safety. So one day he went to the mall, and he said that Oh, my uncle will eat his senior man, older man. Oh, my uncle.

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Please take your protection back. Whoa, Dahlia jawara. Your Jawad has called the protection just take back your juwan so and what he said my nephew what has happened Has anybody harmed you have I not

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Done my service. I mean is anything, you know, why do you want to return? It's a very obviously big thing. You know, why do you want to return it? So he said, I cannot bear to see, my fellow brothers and sisters suffer while I have this freedoms panel to look at. Now there's nothing sinful, per se about about this man's situation. But his conscience was so strong. He said, Why do I have just because I have a friendship and what I need from the days of Jerry Lee, now he's protecting me. How about the rest of the people? How about even Mr. Rude? How about Bill? And how about even the other people who returned from Abyssinia and who didn't get the protection? I got this not fair. And so he

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voluntarily returned our lease protection. And then we'll leave came and to the cabin. And he said that oh people have mucca earthman has asked that I return his protection to him. And earthman announced that yes, I have done this and it's not because of any issue of annuity today wants to make sure that people don't think that it will fall short is because I have my own reasons it's nothing to do with and worried. So okay, announcement is made. They're not going to just jump in attack on him. I mean, okay, the announcement is made. Now he comes walking back. And he passes by a very famous poet was visiting Makkah at the time, one of the most famous poets so much so he is of

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the moral Nakata. He is of the poet who has written the most famous poetry in pre Islam. And he is one of those poets who eventually accepted Islam eventually right now, he's not a Muslim. He's one of the few of the mighty poets if you like, who eventually accepted Islam, his name is levied. His name is libido. And he passed by and libido was sitting on the mejlis and all the people of porridge restaurant, you know, the poetry, you know, this is their entertainment, right? So libido is reciting poetry. And the bead was not from the Quran, she was a visitor, they had invited him for their festival. So the bead is reciting poetry and so he begins to listen.

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Maybe it says, and he recites a line of poetry, Allah kulu Shea in mahalo Aloha, bow to you. Now, pause here, footnote, the profitsystem said,

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the most truthful statement that any poet has ever said is this statement of will read other cliche in mahalo aloha bow to the president said he quoted this one of the few lines of poetry the process of actually quoted, he hardly quoted poetry, but this is one of the lines he quoted, in fact, is half a line, half a stanza. And so what does it mean? It means fairly, everything other than a law is useless. Allah kulu Shea in mahalo Aloha, bow to you. Right, so he said this line. And so he's very impressed, meaning northlan.

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Eventually, the beat accepted Islam, but right now he's a missionary. So obviously, you're happy. He's very impressed. And he said, so doctor, you have spoken the truth. Everything besides a lot is useless. The only thing that's worthy to concentrate on and to make an ultimate goal is Allah. Everything besides Allah is just useless. And then he said, Well, could Luna even and every single blessing, llama harlot, za elu. Without any doubt, it will disappear, every enjoyment will disappear. Now, Earth man's heart had gone so high, there was a beautiful line of poetry. Then he said something that he didn't agree with. So he said,

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You have just lied, because Jenna will never disappear. Right? This is the the line of poetry is that everything besides a law is useless. And every pleasure, there is no doubt about it will come to an end. And here with man said, No, you're lying. The pleasures of genda will never come to an end. Now this is in a large get you imagine this? You know, this is the dignitary This is the VIP. Right? All of the coalition around him. His he has just withdrawn his protection. Right. And right then and there, literally on the way back because they had the Nadi over there. On the way back, he utters this statement, and the bead gets irritated. I mean, he he's the guest of honor here. And he

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said, since when have you treated your guests with this matter? I mean, if you stand up and you know, a speaker has come from another place since one of you, this is rude. I am your guest, you've invited me to recite my poetry and now now he doesn't know what's going on. Obviously, lobby doesn't know that earthman is a Muslim and he doesn't understand all of this. Right? So he considers earthman a heckler in the audience. Right. You understand this? Right? And so he says to the Quraysh Since when has this become your custom that you Heckle your, your visitors and so on.

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Somebody stood up in anger, and gave him a hard smack, and basically gave him a black guy.

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And his left eye became completely swollen. And he went home and when he heard and worried, came rushing to his house and said, My nephew Why did you Why did you get rid of my protection? I mean, I could have you know, is foolishness. Come Come back with me. I'll give it back to you. I mean, you see what's happening here. And so Earth man responds, that no, this is not a problem at all very early. And this is a classic line of Earth man said Verily, my other eye is now in need of the blessings that this has gotten

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my other eyes jealous now it needs to get the same thing as this. And he refused to get back under the protection of a lead. And this shows us that somehow that I mean, the some of the Sahaba did get that protection some of them remained in it right. And the shows as people are different levels and there's nothing wrong with those who remained but some of them did not feel comfortable and so they returned their protection of those who kept the protection is Abou selama

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of course I will sell them is the husband of almost selama Abu Salim was gonna die shortly and the process was going to marry almost cinema right so this is that Abu Salah. So Abu Salamat returned back because Abu Salim and oma cinema migrated first and then they migrated again as we're going to talk about there were two Migration Service seniors we're going to talk about so I will set them up comes back. Abu Salah is actually a cousin of the Prophet system, but he's a cousin from his mother's side, not the father's side. So Abu Salah is not Banu Hashim Abu Salam is actually buruma zoom. Zoom is Abu Jamal. Right I will tell them it is from the tribe of Abuja, but his mother is the

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art of the Prophet system IE Abdullah sister right you guys following Abdullah sister is I was Alamos mother, so I will send them a doesn't want to reach out to Abuja Hello. I mean, come on Abuja has not going to give me protection. So who can he reach out to his uncle from his mother's side? who is

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who is I will call it a party. Right? I will bother with his mother's brother. So he sends a message to Abu pilot, that look, can you basically sponsor me? You know, can you get me into your tribe basically protection? So I will father said of course yes. Now what do you think of Buddha has to do when he hears that somebody else has taken one of his tribe members? Who do you think you are? So a delegation comes from numazu to the house of Abuja, Abu Talib again, you're interfering in our politics. This is our guy. Right? Who do you think you are to offer him protection? Because it's a matter of honor. It's a matter of snubbing their nose basically. Right? And so Abu Jihad and others,

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they get angry at Abu Dhabi. And Abu Talib said, Well, if I'm going to give protection to one nephew, meaning the Prophet Mohammed says, Adam, why can't I give protection to the other nephew? Meaning I will sell them? I mean, if I'm going to protect one, why can't I protect the other? And so they were not they were not going to budge and they surrounded his house and an argument broke out. And then a law brought about a solution from a source we would never expect. Abu lahab

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Abu lahab stood up. And he said, Have you not irritated this old man enough? I mean, Abu Talib is a senior figure, you know, he's an elderly person, Abu lahab is now feeling compassion for his brother, not because he loves the Prophet system, but just as a brother, because after all, they are brothers, you know? And so he stood up, and he said, Have you not irritated this old man enough? Let him beat with Roku. Come on, let him be, how much are you going to pester this guy? Let him be from a lie. If you're going to continue than I'm going to have to force my side I'm going to choose him. This is Abu lahab speaking. Right? And he's not speaking out of a love for Islam. He's speaking out

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of his love for his tribe and the protection of his chieftain. Right? And as we said, that type of love is not gonna help you in Islam. Even Abu Talib, love the Prophet system, but not a religious love. It was a love of uncle It was a love of a fatherly figure. It was a love of a fellow Hashemite. But it was not a religious love that we have for our messenger solo It was said that he didn't have that religious love. He had a paternal love and that love is not going to necessarily save you from the punishment of Allah subhana wa tada even though it helps a little bit for double bottoms case. So Abu Jamal, sorry. Abu lahab stood up and defended against a Buddha. How can you

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imagine the amazing scene here? Right And Allah subhanho wa Taala chooses whomever he chooses to help this religion. Somebody like Abu lahab have there have been more than one time where he's done small things that have brought some benefit to Islam.

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Even though he didn't do it for the sake of Islam, and our prophets are some said in Medina many years later, he said, Verily, Allah can help this religion from a Kaffir from a pagan. Allah can help Allah will help sir is a better translation in the law let you au to have the deen. Allah sometimes helps this religion from a person who's not even a believer of it. And this these types of incidents, they demonstrate the truth of what the prophets of Solomon said. So the point being that the situation in Makkah remained status quo, it didn't change at all. And the khoresh continued to persecute the Muslims. And so the initial batch that had immigrated from Abyssinia, came together

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and decided, what do we do now? And the bulk of them said, let's go back. It was a mistake to come back. Now, let us go back. But in the meantime, they had stayed in Makkah to three weeks. And the news spread amongst all of the Muslims about how good life was in Abyssinia, at least in terms of physical harm. Yes, it was difficult culturally and language and climate but not hostile. And you know, at the end of the day, you know, if you're living as we said, the two best blessings that Allah gives a lady autonome and Jordan, well, I'm gonna human health, right. These are the biggest blessings that Allah gives after a man. And they have that in Abyssinia. They had food and they had

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safety. These are the best blessings. And so when they heard this, a large percentage of Muslims, we don't know how many Muslims were in Makkah, at the time. It's another one of senses. But it is probably correct to say that at least 30 40% of the Muslims of Makkah, if not 50%, decided to immigrate. Now that's a huge number, right? Only half of your people are now leaving, half of the Muslims are leaving. So huge number. And so it is as if, and this is my opinion, and Allah knows best. The Wisdom why Allah allowed these early Muslims to come back only to return was so that the bulk of the Muslims or a large group of Muslims would then be convinced to travel to Abyssinia

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because as we all know, the number one way to be convinced is what

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word of mouth is the number one way to actually be committed, my friend told me, right, that's the number one way and there was no other way that so many Muslims would have emigrated to avicennia No way. unless Allah allow the very Muslims who benefited to come back, tell the people status quo. And then people were convinced and so for the second emigration, more than 80 Muslims emigrated. That's more than quadrupled the number that went the fourth time, more than 80 Muslims migrated and this time they were headed by Jaffa Eben Have you thought of the direct obviously cousin of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now, please note though, of that initial batch of 17 not all of them

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returned in the ad 17 went and came back some of those decided to remain the most famous person who remained or it might have been a fan or it might have been a fan decided to remain and he then immigrated to Medina he participated in bedded and Ohio then all over the rest of the the the battles. So it was not even a fan did not go back the second time. Right. Of course I will set them up Mr. Monk went back and I was then passed away over there. Other Sahaba did not go back It is said that most hadn't been made the famous Masada in Romania, who was the first to immigrate to Medina. Right The first person or the process of that system center Medina, because his own parents had

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tortured him the worst torture his own mother and father. So the process of first sent him to avicennia. Then when he came back, he decided that he wanted to stay with the process of so he stayed with the process of them. But then within three years before the immigration that he himself did the process of them he sent Mossad as soon as the first batch of Muslims accepted Islam, the process of them said to move to Mossad go to Medina, you can live there, so Musab also did not return to Abyssinia, other Sahaba as well. Some of them returned, some of them didn't. Now, when over 80 people and MK at this time probably had only a few 100 people in it. Right? So 80 people in

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mcca represents more than 15% 20% of the people of Makkah, so a percentage of the city. Remember America is not a thriving metropolis. It is composed of what and I said this way back in the beginning when we say tribe don't think 1000 people think more like 10

00:29:42--> 00:30:00

look at the bundle Hashem, there were 10 brothers. Right? They were 10 Brothers, the descendants of optimal. That's all they weren't 10 brothers. So don't think of like massive No, these are small sub tribes and there's only six or seven sub tribes of the origin. So you do the math. Again, we don't have census records.

00:30:00--> 00:30:44

But they were for sure there were not more than 1000 people in Mecca for sure if that if and that if there was most like they were even 604 or 500 out of that 80 are migrating. I mean, that's like more than 10% of your population, right? And it's a big embarrassment that your own people are leaving. This is unprecedented in all of Arabia, you never have your own tribes men migrate out of your tribe. So huge embarrassment. And this is the courage the one that is the strongest tribe, the most elite, the most protective, the, the, the custodians of the atom, and now they have 10 15% of their own tribes people emigrate, this is a shame, and they cannot bear this. And so when they immigrated

00:30:44--> 00:30:55

to Abyssinia, now, the kurush decided we cannot allow this emigration we need to stop it. We need to stop it. So what did they do? They decided to send to people to avicennia

00:30:57--> 00:31:40

and appeal directly to the new joshy Naja. She is the title of the person who rules Abyssinia like Caesar is the title of the ruler of Rome, like Pharaoh is the title of the ruler of Egypt. This is not the name that joshy is not his name. And in fact, his name was out humor. His name was our stoma, the name of the new joshy with a sword and a half stroma this is what we have narrated and by the way, the grave of Najafi of Australia is still well known to this day. And some of my friends have visited it. I have not gone to that land. But some of my friends have visited they said this is a well known the grave of the joshy is well known in the in the land of Abyssinia. So they sent two

00:31:40--> 00:31:57

delegates hominid that house and another person scholars have differed who the second person was in the house, for those of you who know who he is, you know who he is, for those who don't know who he is. He was a very intelligent and shrewd politician.

00:31:58--> 00:32:39

And when he accepted Islam, he retained that know how of how to rule and he became more are we his main advisor would have been announced. And of course, he's a companion so we say nothing but good about him. But at this stage, he is not a Muslim, obviously. And he was a very cunning person at this stage. Later on, he man came and so hamdulillah he accepted Islam. And as a Sahaba. We say nothing but good of him, but he had that mind of a politician. And he was he had that blood in him he had that. That prestige of being a ruler in him this is out here. So I would have done house was sent by the courage because they know who he is. And they sent one more person with him. So they

00:32:39--> 00:33:26

traveled all the way to Abbey senior now. Almost sedima who was to become our mother, oma Selma has left us many reports about life in Abyssinia and about the details and hamdulillah we thank Allah for this because she's the main reporter of the events of avicennia and oma Selma. Narrated and this isn't it. Oh my Selma narrated when we landed and ever seen it. This is the second hedgerow. When we landed in Abyssinia, we retreated very hospitably. With the by the negus. He granted us security and our religion. He allowed us to worship a law without persecution or any hindrance. In fact, we did not even hear one ridicule against us by the people, you know that when you're a minority in a

00:33:26--> 00:34:08

majority, usually there's racial slurs. Usually there's a look at what's happening in America now. Right? You know, these people are taking our jobs. They're this they're that you know, what's happening, you know, is the common thing. So almost never saying that we didn't even hear one word spoken against us. But then the Quraysh heard of our status that we have reserved. And so they plotted against us, and they decided to send two strong men by strong she meant people who would do their job not physically strong, that two strong men, and they gave them precious gifts. They loaded them with gifts. What were the gifts of mcca primarily leather skins. maccha was known for a special

00:34:08--> 00:34:59

type of camel leather, which was obviously I mean, you're not going to get that type of weather in Abyssinia. And so mcuh was very well known for exporting. The main export of moko was that type of leather the main export of Medina always was dates. So they sent out all of these luxurious camels, skins and many other gifts, and the two dignitaries emissaries arrived in Abyssinia, the first thing that they did was they went to all of the visitors, the ministers of the joshy and they gave each of them expensive gifts and leather. Basically bribe them. They gave each of them expensive gifts and letter, and they said to them, that we have in your midst, a group of renegades and rebels

00:35:00--> 00:35:47

We will speak to the Najafi tomorrow about their case. And we want you to hand them back to us and support us in this court. So basically, it is open bribery. Okay, this is open bribery. And so make sure that you help us out in this regard. When we give the negus his gifts, remember our gifts to you, because they're gonna bribe the negus tomorrow and somehow look at the hatred really, of the race here that they can't even bear to see the Muslims live in a foreign land, it affects them that they have so much freedom. So the next day, they approach the negus. And they said, some foolish youth from amongst our nation have emigrated to your country, they have left our religion and they

00:35:47--> 00:36:30

have not embraced your religion, they've invented a new religion, they have left our religion, and they have neither embraced your religion, nor any of the other religions that we are aware of, and the leaders of our community have sent us to you, in order that you hand these young foolish people back to us, so that we can deal with them, because we are more knowledgeable of their faults than anybody else. And so they presented the negus with lots of fine gifts and incense, and they present them with all of these leather goods as a palette. This is the reality of in our towns, we call this lobbying basically, right. And our times we call this lobbying that you go, and you give politicians

00:36:30--> 00:37:09

money, and when you give them money for their campaigns for their funds, and this is perfectly legal in this land, as you know, it's perfectly but in fact, that's the way the system works, right. And somehow I just as a commentary, it's not directly to the CEOs, the commentary is parallel, our religion is so perfect, that our profits are seldom before all of this modern system came with all the promises to them strictly forbade what we now call lobbying strictly with the most harshest words, you're not allowed to give a public servant money. You're not allowed to in our religion, I'm talking about in an Islamic State, we're not allowed to give the employees of the state any money at

00:37:09--> 00:37:43

all their money comes from the Treasury from the state, because their employees, they have no right to get any money from you, because that is gonna sway them from their job, right. This is basically the essence of bribery, and some power law in this land. This is not called bribery, it's called lobbying. It's completely legit, even though and this is the the irony here, if you pay them money directly to their pocket, this is bribery. But if you pay to their campaign, this is or you pay something else, this is lobbying, and they just have their ways around it. And you all know the famous Hadith of the process of that he appointed somebody to go collect Zakat, right. And there's a

00:37:43--> 00:38:23

cat collector came back. And he said, all of this is for you. And I was given a gift of something small, I was good. This is my gift. Right? This is my lobbying, I got the profitsystem became so enraged that he stood up and he called the people to come to the message that he gave a hotel in the middle of the day, not on Friday, he gave a hold about this. And he said What is wrong with some of you? He didn't mention the personnel because he didn't never did that. What is wrong with some of you that we appoint him to do a job and we get we pay his salary. And then he comes back and he says, This is for you. And this gift is for me. And then the president said something that is very,

00:38:24--> 00:38:32

very blunt, but it shows how angry he was? Why didn't this man sit in his mother's house and see if a gift would then come to him?

00:38:33--> 00:39:09

This is really the essence of Islamic political science. Why didn't he sit in his house? And then see if somebody would give him a gift, right? You have no right for the public's money, you're getting paid to do your job, do it. You're not getting paid to take the people's gifts and, and and take a cut from them. Right. But somehow the way that you know other systems work, it's a completely different system. And that's why money talks in this part of the world. And that's why if you have money, you will be able to get things passed even at the highest levels of political power. And if you don't have money, even if the truth is on your side, and so the courage know this tactic very

00:39:09--> 00:39:18

well. And they're basically greasing the hands of Natasha and all of the and all of the people there. Now notice here, they are frightening than a joshy

00:39:20--> 00:39:59

by religious differences, political differences, social differences, and perhaps even some scholars say economic bribery and differences, religious differences. The Joshua and his followers are all Christian. So they come in they say these guys are religious fanatics. They're neither our religion nor yours. They're a cult. social differences. They say they have broken away from the elders. There are a bunch of youngsters, they're just dismissing them. Economic differences, well, perhaps not differences, but they're attempting to bribe and some scholars tried to say that and Allah knows how true this is that there was also insinuation that the economic treaties between avicennia and maccha

00:39:59--> 00:40:00

would be weakened.

00:40:00--> 00:40:37

And Allah knows how true this is political as well, that these are a group of strangers, we don't know what's going to happen, we can control them, send them back to us. And every government in power is scared of unknowns. Every government is scared of unknown. And so they're trying to frighten the joshy. religiously, socially, politically, culturally, these guys are all weirdos. And to this day, that's the common tactic that these people we don't know what they are and who they are. So when they finish their petition, the Vizier stood up, they've been bribed. And they said, or ruler, rarely what they have said makes complete sense. These are strangers in our land, we don't

00:40:37--> 00:40:55

know anything about them, return them back to their people, let them deal with their affairs as part of the money talks, but they were bribed, and they listened to the bribe. So the visitors, all of them that had been bribed, stood up and agreed with the, with the two quarter she's

00:40:57--> 00:41:33

joshy said, No, by Allah, I cannot just hand them back, after they have chosen my land. Now remember, when they entered every senior, even though the books don't mention this, but it must have happened, they must have sent a petition to the joshy asking permission to live because there's no other way you can live in that land. And the joshy must have granted that petition even though the books of zero, don't explicitly write it out. But it's understood. There's no other way. So the joshy is aware of what's happening that there's a group here from from Africa. So he's so he said, These people have chosen me over all the other lands they could have chosen. And they asked for my

00:41:33--> 00:41:47

protection, the least that I can do is to listen to their side of the story. soprano, Luke is a king, he doesn't need to listen to 80 people, right? But what did the process of say, medical?

00:41:48--> 00:42:24

Says he didn't he say that he is a just kink. and adjust, King will listen to both sides and decide what is right and wrong, did not decide what is in his power or what is in his benefit. So he said, I will not return them back until I listened to them. He didn't say I'm not going to return them. I said, Let me see what they have to say. And then we'll make up our minds. I can't just and somehow Look at this. I mean, this is way before we have modern law that joshy has common sense that you have to listen to both sides of the story. And so the joshy says that we need to listen to their listen to their site. And this shows us

00:42:26--> 00:42:45

how true the Prophet system was when he said he is a just King. And it also shows us that when a law is on your side, Allah will plot and plan no matter what the others plot and plan. Well, Makoto Mercado La La who hated marketing. So the nega sent a messenger Naja, she sent a messenger to Jaffa.

00:42:46--> 00:43:27

And they said, he said, Come all of you to the palace tomorrow, and explained to us why your people are opposed to you. Now, they had never seen the new Joshua, Joshua is the king, right? They had never had any direct contact with him. Now they're being told the Emperor himself wants to meet you come to the palace, all of you. And so they became frightened, which is only natural. And they said, what are we going to say? What are we going to tell him? And so john fuller said, we will only say what our Prophet system told us to say, and we're not going to change the truth No matter what happens, He will speak the truth. And it shows that when Muslims stand up for the truth, Allah

00:43:27--> 00:44:09

subhana wa tada will protect them and stand up for them. So when they arrived at the palace, they found the negus surrounded by his advisors, by his the Arabic word is Battaglia. And Bhopal, Yoko actually has a Latin original, which was then made into English, which is patriarch, the word patriarchates from methodic. That's the same thing. So the patriarch patriarchs are basically the senior figures of the religion, right, there are the ministers. So he was surrounded by the visitors and the patriarchs. This is an official meeting, all the congressmen and senators are present if you like, they all come to the palace, and they have unlimited hours and you have his companion on one

00:44:09--> 00:44:43

side, and you have jack for him to be thought of and that the delegation of the Muslims on the other side, now I'm going to be the last entered first, and him and his companion as was the customer of the new joshy. They prostrated in front of him because as with most Emperor's even the Roman Emperor, the Persian Emperor, the Emperor, people always prostrated in front of the king. This was the common practice of all kings of the time. And I mean, these people are pagans, if they prostrating to rocks and stones prostrating to a living being makes more sense than prostrating slugs and stuff. They don't mind who cares? It's just it's all the same to them. So they prostrated

00:44:43--> 00:44:59

in front of the joshy jafra him who entered and he walked in erect, firm and he did not lower his head one inch. The minister said, How dare you walk in without prostrating

00:45:00--> 00:45:01

To the joshy

00:45:03--> 00:45:38

and SubhanAllah. This was at a time where their life hangs in the balance their future and every senior hangs in the balance. But they have a principle. And that principle is we cannot worship other than a lion. We cannot bow our heads to other than Oh, this is not an issue of compromise here. We can change that. And they're coming at a state of weakness. This is not the state of strength, right. But they're not going to compromise their Eman. And so Jaffer says, Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has told us that we can all be prostrate to our Lord.

00:45:40--> 00:46:14

This is our religion, we can only prostrate to our Lord. And so the Joshua says, and obviously all of this is through a translator because they couldn't speak up a city that he could they could not he could not speak Arabic. Now joshy says, tell me, what is this religion of yours that you have now invented? Now? This is your showing me this religion might not prostrating? What is this new religion that you have invented? And what is the matter that you have forsaken the religion of your people? And you haven't embraced my religion? No. Have you embraced the other religions on earth? Right? If you had become Christian, we understand if you become Jewish, there are people that are

00:46:14--> 00:46:52

Jews. But how about this new religion? What is it? And so Jaffa gave that eloquent response that all of you have read and have heard so many times, it is well like the pinnacle of eloquence, and it shows us why the profitsystem chose Jaffer to be the leader. Because to be a leader, you need to have a personality. And you need to have eloquence. Without this, you really cannot be a leader. And Jaffa had both. And that's why Jonathan marches in firm, he's not going to bow his head down had had been others, maybe they would have collapsed under the pressure, not Jaffa. And when he was sincere to his faith, that sincerity automatically brings about respect. And you know, the fact of the

00:46:52--> 00:47:27

matter, brothers and sisters, when you stand up for what you believe, even if your opponent doesn't agree with you, they will in some sense, even if they hate your guts, they must respect you for being firm to your principles. This is just a fact of human life. It doesn't matter whether they agree or disagree, they could hate you more for being so stubborn, but one part of them will respect and this is what Jaffa is basically doing. He's staying firm to his religion. So Jaffa responds. And you know, you all know this beautiful passage, which really should be read many times and memorize. I'll just narrate it. And it's something that we have read since we were kids, Your Highness, we

00:47:27--> 00:48:11

used to be a nation steeped in Jah helia and we would worship idols and we will eat this dead meat, you know, animal dies, we'll eat it. Now, of course, the people of our seniors are Christians, right? And they have some sense of ethics and morality. And they have some civilization. You know, they have structure they have buildings, they have society they have morals, MK as we said over and over again, really and truly was just completely backward. And it's something many Muslims don't doesn't click for them on educated backward peel. They have no clue what is civilization. So Jaffa is trying to explain. We were basically you know, jacket we're living in Jamia as exactly the word

00:48:11--> 00:48:53

he uses we were living in j Leah, and we used to perform a fashion we didn't have a sense of right and wrong. Fashion means sexual immorality. We didn't have laws, we just go do Xena. It's not something we had ethics to do. And we would break the ties of kinship and treat our neighbors in contempt. The strong amongst us would eat up and devour the weak. It was all about who was the stronger one. And we remained in this state until Allah subhanho wa Taala sent a messenger to us. Now, again is very wise here because the negus knows what is a messenger. The Quran had never seen a messenger. It's not in their culture, the negus as a Christian, he knows very well what a messenger

00:48:53--> 00:49:41

is right. And the whole speech of Jaffer shows that he understands the psychology of negus. And he shows how to give doubt. So it says Allah sent us a messenger. This messenger was known to us, he's from our community, we know his house and his lineage. And we know his truthfulness. And he never spoke one light in his life. And he invited us to believe in one God alone. This was the religion of Christianity and Judaism monotheism and to leave idol worship. And he told us to abandon the ways of our forefathers that are and to leave the worship of stones and statues. And he commanded us to be true when we speak, and to fulfill our promises and to fulfill the ties of kinship. He told us to be

00:49:41--> 00:50:00

good to our neighbors, and he commanded us to avoid all evils. He told us to not spill blood to give true testimony. He forbade us from eating the property of orphans. He forbade us from accusing others of adultery and he commanded us to worship Allah alone without associating anything with him.

00:50:00--> 00:50:47

He told us to pray, and to fast and to give charity. So we believed in him, and we followed him. And we had faith in him. And we worshipped Allah alone. And we gave up worshipping idols. And we forbade upon ourselves everything that he told us to, to forbade, and we made permissible all that team allowed for us. But our people opposed us. And they showed hatred towards us, and they tortured us. And they punished us. And they tried to force us back into idol worship. And they were unjust to us, and they made life miserable. And they prevented us from being who we were. So when they did this, we emigrated to your land. And we chose you above all other rulers, and we wish to come under your

00:50:47--> 00:51:34

generosity and hospitality. And we put our trust in you that we would not be shown in justice in your land, Exalted highness. Now, the whole speech is, you couldn't have invented a better one, if you had the imagination of the time to do so. And he did it on the spur of the moment, right? He appeals to the emotions, the justice, the generosity, the common sense, the religion of the negus, he puts instantaneously himself in the positive, and the two emissaries in the negative in a five minute speech, the whole table has turned. Even the Arabic is eloquent. And this shows us why the process of chose Jaffa Abbey taught him. And again, the point of praising the joshy. And praising

00:51:34--> 00:52:01

the intelligence and wisdom of an adjuster is a part of that it shows you are you need to appeal to the court of Najafi. And so this speech swayed the judge, and it moved him. And he said to the Muslims, do you have any revelation that this prophet says he has? Do you have any speech that he says that Allah gave to him? So Jaffa said, Yes, I do. And so he said, recite it for me. And so jafra

00:52:02--> 00:52:06

recited the beginning few pages of surah, Maria.

00:52:08--> 00:52:50

And even in this, of course, I mean, it's obvious the choice here could have chosen a million suitors. Well, I'm not a million, but you get my point could have chosen so many students, but he chose the one surah that talks about the virgin birth, talks about Mary talks about Jesus beautiful. And again, can you imagine the voice of Jaffa booming in the halls of the joshy reciting Quran in that beautiful, melodious voice, all of the priests and ministers all of the the the elite people are hushed and humbled. And the walls of the palace are reverberating with that to our which must have gone on for at least 10 minutes, 15 minutes, do them, you know, do the math, as they say, three

00:52:50--> 00:53:35

and a half pages of sort of material would be the story of Jesus, right? And he's reciting all of it. It's not just a one minute thing here. Imagine again, put yourself in that shoes for 15 minutes, beautiful flower. And obviously, it is said, even as he himself says this that even the methodical even the patriarchs, without even understanding what was being recited. They were moved to tears. I mean, this is the Koran. And we believe that Iran has this impact. And so even the patriarchs were moved to tears. And the joshy himself began to cry when it was translated to him, he began to cry. And then he said, I swear by God, this recitation, this devour. And the messages of Moses and Jesus

00:53:35--> 00:54:21

have sprung forth from the same fountain. This is the same source. And he spoke to the two emissaries and said, Go away from me, because I'm not going to hand these people over to you. And I'm not even going to think about it. Basically, don't even think about handing these people back. So that Allison is companion exited in humiliation. And as they were leaving, Amber whispered over to his companion and said, don't give up yet. I have one final trick. Tomorrow, I will come back and bring one final trick out of my hat. his companion said now his companion Some people say was eliminated brr brr. Others say it was his cousin or Mater midway lead. Allahu Adam, who it was

00:54:21--> 00:54:51

there's a little bit of a difference with a competitor was his companion was the more gentle of the two and his companion said leave it Yama call us leave it and we tried we failed because look, even if we don't agree with them in the end, they are our relatives. I mean, realize this is your cousin your brothers your uncle's your nephews, there are our relatives. I mean leave it alone from now. But this is Ahmedabad house and at this time he's not a Muslim so I'm going to said that no, one more attempt just wait tomorrow. So the next day they sought permission again.

00:54:52--> 00:54:59

And the nega said what do you want, we already decided and you're not going to get them back. And so I almost said that. Oh

00:55:00--> 00:55:11

All the Emperor, we forgot to mention to you one thing that they say something blasphemous about the God that you worship Jesus Christ.

00:55:12--> 00:55:41

They didn't tell you that bit, go ask them what they believe about Jesus Christ. Now what is blasphemous? He's not the Son of God. Right? This is blasphemous, because it's not Christianity. And so the Joshua is now interested, like, What is this, so that Joshua sent the emissary again, on the next day, and said, Come immediately to the palace. Come immediately to the palace, we're waiting for you. Now. We want to know what your position is on Jesus Christ.

00:55:42--> 00:56:26

At this, the Sahaba were struck with terror, much more than they were on the day before, because now this is like, Come right now. And they know this is now I'm just doing because what else is going to happen? You know? And so once again, they say, what are we going to say your Java. And so Java said, we will say exactly as what the prophet system told us to say. And that is that Jesus Christ is the abbot of Allah. He is the servant of Allah, and he is the Rasulullah. And he is the hula. And he is born of the Virgin Mary. And we will not change this for them. So Pamela is not going to change what they believe just because he wants to please the joshy. And this is the way of the believer because

00:56:26--> 00:56:30

they stood up for the truth, Allah subhana wa, tada protected them. And

00:56:31--> 00:56:48

they went to the Emperor again, and by way, before we move on to the story itself, somehow one of the most important lessons we learned from this whole story is that the Sahaba used the system of the time to fight the oppression of the time.

00:56:50--> 00:56:56

It's not an Islamic state visit. Right? Now, Joshua is not a Muslim. Not now he's not.

00:56:57--> 00:57:32

And they are being charged, if you like in a matter of the system of the joshy. And I say this, because we have some people still left, you know, honestly, pre 911, there were much more post 911, most of the scholars have had to wake up and smell the coffee. And I speak as being a part of that group that used to say similar things many, many years ago, this ultra conservative vision of Islam, that's not going to be realistic or practical. There were still people, there are still people who say, You're not allowed to be a part of the system. You're not allowed to be a part of the democratic process. You're not allowed to do this. And there are still some minority of scholars who

00:57:32--> 00:58:16

say this before. For those of you who were active in the past, this used to be much more common, and it was very common to hear asked, Is it halal or haram to vote? Right? Now, here we find that jaffery butala is using the system of the land, to fight against oppression and to fight for his freedom, is he not right? And nobody is saying, Oh, hold on a sec. The ways of Natasha are the ways of Kufa. These are democracy or this with no, you have no choice. This is the way you need to fight for the truth. And you have to use the resources given to you and the land that whatever system it has you use it and Jaffer had no qualms using the system. So we will do the same thing in this land.

00:58:16--> 00:58:49

We will fight against oppression through the courts through the media through the public pressure, the same opportunities that everybody has we to have them. And we must do so like Jacqueline who did. Jaffa used his opportunities, we need to use our opportunities, and therefore jasminum to be thought of said that we're not gonna change the truth. And so they come back to the Najafi and the joshy is a bit irritated. And he asks them, what is this, that I've heard that you have a blasphemous opinion about Jesus Christ.

00:58:50--> 00:59:31

So Jaffa said, Your Royal Highness, we say exactly what our Prophet said, notice he said this phrase multiple times. And this also shows us that he's trying to impress upon the joshy. I am remaining firm to my principles. This is what I believe. And he's quoting what is an evidence for him, and the joshy should understand that isn't evidence for him. And we should also not be embarrassed to say the same thing. Why do your women wear hijab? Because our God told them to do so? Why do you pray five times a day? Because our book tells us to do so. This is an evidence that even if you don't agree with the book, you must understand this is a legitimate evidence for us. Correct? Right. It's

00:59:31--> 00:59:59

nothing wrong. And in fact, it's a watertight evidence in its own way. And I've spoken about this in other lectures that I've given the best evidence that we can give to any non Muslim is to say, because the Lord that I believe in, who created me, told me to do this, and that's why I do it. So watertight argument you cannot attack this argument. You have to go back and say well, I don't believe in that God. And that's what we say yes, you don't we say different religion. So the point being, he says, Our Prophet told us that

01:00:00--> 01:00:46

Jesus Christ is the abbot and are soon Abdullah and Rasulullah and Kadima to law that he gave to motilium. Alba to draw the the Virgin, the innocent, the chaste Maria, and that he was a righteous prophet. Now, he stopped here. Notice, and this is a key point as well, that what he said was absolutely true. But he didn't go and be on the offensive and say, and we say that the Trinity is blasphemous. And we say that saying that the Jesus Christ, the Son of God is insulting, even though that's what the Quran says, right? But he didn't get there. Because, look, you don't need to go to that level yet. He's not hiding the truth. But he's telling it in a wise manner. And we do have some

01:00:46--> 01:01:26

who really don't understand how to give that look right now you just need to establish your credentials. He's not lying. Everything he says is positive. But he just stops before he gets to the point of saying what you guys believe is blasphemous in our religion. He says there's no need to say that. Right? He says what he believes. And he gets the point. You don't think he's the son of God, basically, because he doesn't say that. And even in this is wisdom, that, and I've said this many times before, we're never allowed to lie. But there's also a manner of speaking and an audience in which we speak in and a methodology and a wording. And Jaffer uses the appropriate wording. And so

01:01:26--> 01:02:12

when Jaffer said the truth, now it comes out. And we can read into the lines here, that the negus was not, in fact, a believer in the Trinity. And he didn't believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. And in this he resembled heraclius, his contemporary and colleague, the emperor of Rome, in that once upon a time politicians were educated, those were fairy tales of the past, they no longer exist in our times, you know, we, we must believe that once upon a time, politicians used to be smart people, that was a time long gone. So politicians actually were intellectuals. And both the joshy and heraclius believed in versions of Christianity that their own priests did not believe. And

01:02:12--> 01:02:27

so when Jaffer speaks the truth, the joshy is even more impressed. Because this is what he himself has been believing all this time. And so he picks up a little branch that was in front of him a twig, and he says, will lie.

01:02:29--> 01:02:53

What you have just said, does not exceed what Jesus Christ said, by this much of a branch. In other words, your message is the message of Jesus Christ. He never said, He's the Son of God. He never said that he's a third of a trinity. And there are many Christians who secretly believe this or who know this, but then society is simply too much of a pressure upon them.

01:02:54--> 01:03:37

And so when he says basically what he himself believes, then the joshy now makes a final decision. And he turns to the emissaries and he says to omniplan, how's that? Be gone from here and take all of your gifts back with you, I have no need for them. He returned the gifts at least the day before he kept the gifts right now to add insult to injury, right? I don't need your cheap bribes, go return all of these gifts to them. And so Ole Miss Ella is narrating all of this. And she concludes by saying the two emissaries left, humiliated, debased and degraded colors, that's like, you know, they've lost everything having been returned, the gifts that they had come lately with all that they

01:03:37--> 01:04:16

came with, they went back with and this is, really, it's a slap in the face, because gifts are typically accepted, right. And the day before, had they left, the gifts would have been there. But now every gift, even the ministers gifts was returned, nobody's allowed to take anything from them. And we remained in the land receiving the best hospitality and the most neighborly treatment, until we finally returned to the Prophet system in Mecca. Few more points. charlo will go for another 10 minutes and then stop faurecia because we need to finish the story of Natasha. Now, when the joshy said this, that he picked up the twig and he said, Jesus Christ never said anything more than this.

01:04:18--> 01:04:50

rumor spread that Nick joshy has become a hermetic. He has abandoned the religion of our forefathers, the joshy has become a heretic. And so the ministers and you know how politicians are and there's always internal battles and a lot of people, there's always inner struggles and intercourse. So another group began to speak against an A joshy, privately, and they began to taint him that he's not Christian enough. And he has heretical beliefs. And there was a possibility of a coup d'etat.

01:04:51--> 01:04:59

And the Joshua is aware of what's happening. He has his own sympathizers telling him and so one day, he decided to confront that batch of

01:05:00--> 01:05:05

instigators and he wrote on a parchment,

01:05:06--> 01:05:44

a shadow in his own language and shadow Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, that I bear witness that light of the law. And that Isa is the rule of law and the Kadima to law. And Abdullah is a Christian is what he believes, right. And this is what we believe. And he put this parchment inside his robe, you know, he's wearing all of this fine robe, he put it inside his rope. And then he calls these instigators, and he brings them into his private chambers. And he says, What is your problem with me? What is the matter? Have I not been a good king to you? They said, Yes. Have I not been adjust ruler? They said, Yes. Have I not improved the situation? This economically, whatever. And overall,

01:05:44--> 01:06:27

everybody loved the joshy overall, he was one of the better kings? They said, Yes. So he said, What is your problem with me come out with it? Tell me what is your problem. And he knows because of the his own sympathizer, so they finally come out and they say, you have abandoned our religion. And you have heretical beliefs. So he asked them, What do you say what do you believe? And so they say, we believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, he's our Lord, he's our Savior is the third of the Trinity. It's basically Christianity. And so Naja, she said, and I swear by Allah, that this and he pointed to the piece of paper, which was on his heart, that this is exactly what I believe.

01:06:28--> 01:07:11

And he left it at that. Now, this is, of course, totally a complete double meaning completely, he said something which is true, right, but the way they understood it is completely different, right? I swear by a lot, this is what I believe. And by this, he means what is in the parchment that is next to my heart. Right. And so when he swore by a law, that this is what they believe that he believes, the Christians were satisfied, because of course, what he had said before was, I agree with you on Muslims, that Jesus Christ is not the Son of God basically, right. And so, when he said this, that that internal struggle stopped, it is mentioned that before he had this meeting, he sent

01:07:11--> 01:07:38

a messenger secret messenger to the Muslims. And he said to them, that I am having issues and problems and it is possible that I will be killed soon. So this was a major issue, right? And if you hear news of my death, I have instructed one of my ships to be at such and such a place as soon as you hear that I have been killed, go to that place, that ship will be yours with its captain, go wherever you please.

01:07:39--> 01:08:13

But he actually won the battle and so that plan was not needed, but look at how much he man he had a look at where he he has thinking about the the the Muslims and at bay, how can he narrates in his Sunnah. Sorry, in his new book, that the Prophet system eventually wrote him a letter when he emigrated to Medina, the process of voting the Joshua letter, and he invited him to Islam. And the joshy wrote back to the Prophet says that I'm saying that I am a Muslim. And I believe in you. And I believe in all that you say, and if you command me out of Sula, I will come right now to Medina and serve you.

01:08:15--> 01:08:51

If you command me, I will come right now to Medina and serve you seen that joshy publicly, well, not publicly, privately to the profitsystem said that he is a a Muslim. And there's only I have tried to look as much as I can in the stories of the Sierra for the stories of Abyssinia because the Muslims lived there for more than 10 years. For more than 10 years. The Muslims were in Abyssinia, in fact, four to 12 years old, obviously. And unfortunately, we don't have very many stories. There's one more story mentioned about the Muslims were very senior. And that is a story that involves a pretender to the throne.

01:08:52--> 01:09:40

Not an internal struggle within the palace. No, another force, another Abyssinian royal family was struggling with the new joshy and trying to seek power in the land. And matters began to get bigger and bigger. And it was all heading towards the Civil War. And oma Selma narrates that we began to be scared that the joshy would be defeated, and an enemy, our enemy or somebody else would be installed in his place, and we didn't know what to do. And we began making dua to Allah subhana wa tada to help the joshy win and remain in power. And the situation finally reached the level that there was a civil war, there was a battle between the two sides. And so we had a meeting in which we said, what

01:09:40--> 01:09:59

are we going to do? And so we said, Who is going to find out what happens at the Battle so that we hear before somebody else comes and tells us right? In other words, let some one of us go and spy on the battle, see who wins and then if, if the other side wins, we need to get out of here, right? So Zubaydah, then I want another cousin of the process, and I'm volunteered

01:10:00--> 01:10:40

He was raised as a strong man. And so he said, I volunteered, he packed his stuff. He took some food and stuff. And he went, the battle was taking place the book, say, on the banks of the river Nile, the Nile goes all the way down into avicennia. As you know, it's not just in Egypt keeps on going all the way down to into Africa. And so the battle was on the banks of the Nile. So debatable, I want to count on one side as far away as he could. And he waited to see who would win the battle. And when we sat him, I said, in the meantime, we were praying to Allah, the most serious prayer, that oh law allowing the joshy to remain in power and give him Tim key and Phil have given him

01:10:40--> 01:11:27

authority in the earth. And Zubaydah Juan came back in a few days, with a great smile on his face. And he said, I'm sure to rejoice that indeed, the joshy has won the battle. And so he will remain in power. And this shows us as well, that, I mean, of course, in this era, it's black and white, and the joshy is a secret Muslim, the Muslims know this, the joshy will support them. But one important point here, the joshy, and his contemporary, were not fighting over Islam. This was not a Jihad being fought. This was pure politics, pure politics, and the Muslims sided with one over the other emotionally. Right now, they couldn't get involved in any other way, because they're not citizens of

01:11:27--> 01:12:09

the land. This is not their war to be fought, right? This is not their battle. Let's extrapolate to 2011, soon to be 2012. There is nothing wrong when there's two parties in the land, one of whom is more sympathetic to Muslims, that you want that sympathetic party to win. And have the Abyssinian Muslims been in a position to help in a joshy? Do you think they would have not helped him? Right? Of course they would. And again, when you read the zero thinking about the modern world changes your whole perspective, it's a matter of survival. This is not just the American way, it is the Islamic way, that when you have an opportunity to defend your rights, to defend your freedoms, you must do

01:12:09--> 01:12:45

so whether it's through the media, whether it's through campaigning, whether it's through public awareness, whatever it might be, but there is a party that is sympathetic to your needs. In this case, instead of joshy in our cases, we'll talk case by case basis. Right? But for sure, one of the two parties in our era. Yeah, neither like leapfrogs which one is going to be more Islamophobic You know, every one of them says every Muslim must be, you know, profiled in the airport. One of them running for president said this as you know, every Muslim should be profiled all of them are racist against non white people. As you know, this even the one who's not white himself said that he wants

01:12:45--> 01:13:23

a fence that's gonna electrocute every single Mexican that dares to cross the border. I mean, this is down insanity, sheer stupidity. It is everybody knows this, you know, everybody's making fun of this. Do you know how much it's gonna cost to build a fence to anyone going into my tangent here, but my point being it shows how, you know, my bringing to reality. What is wrong, in fact, it is Islamic, that you want a party that will be more sympathetic to you and your rights as a Muslim, right? That you make dua to Allah that you facilitate the affairs and more than the Muslims were Brasilia could not do anything more than that, because they're not citizens. Right? They are

01:13:23--> 01:13:52

foreigners there and they're on visa status. It's not their battle to be fought. What if they were citizens? What would they do? Would they just sit on their backs and do nothing? No, oh, Masada said we were never as terrified as we were when we heard that the Natasha you might lose. So they are desperate to get their freedom. Well, we are in similar Well, not not that similar. But nonetheless, we have some types of similarities here. The final point is Sharla. And then we will conclude that the joshy eventually died

01:13:53--> 01:13:57

a number of years later, and the prophets of the lahardee, who was setting them.

01:13:58--> 01:14:11

The Prophet salallahu idea he was send them came out one day in Medina. And he said, God has come and informed me that a pious brother of yours has died in a neighboring land.

01:14:13--> 01:14:23

before anybody could come and tell him two weeks journey instantaneously. on that very minute, the Profit System was informed that Nick joshy has died.

01:14:24--> 01:14:37

And he commanded the Sahaba to come and pray. The one and only prayer that was ever prayed in the life of the Prophet system, so that the genocidal hype

01:14:38--> 01:14:59

The only time ever, in the history of Islam, that the Prophet system prayed over somebody without a body being present. It's called salata. janaza lol, live, never before, after except over the joshy. And I've written a long article on this, you can google it online or I can send you the link or maybe you can send it here.

01:15:00--> 01:15:47

about a fifth of praying slots are required, when should it be prayed? The format has all have different opinions. The question arises Why did the prophets isn't only pray over in a joshy? Was it because a he was a famous person so that anytime a famous person who helps Islam let me say, a famous person who helps Islam, anytime a famous person who helps Islam dies, then the whole world should pay genocidal liable for him. Or was it because be nobody in Abyssinia pray Jenna's over him because he was a secret Muslim. And so because nobody prayed over him and Senia the Prophet says and prayed over him in Medina, based on this stuff, the format has had their own opinions and even

01:15:47--> 01:16:09

within the four you have more, and I have written an article about this, you can find it online. In my humble opinion. The reason is because nobody else prayed over him. And that is because many famous Sahaba died in the lifetime of the process of them and he didn't pray and they died in either in battles or in other places. And he didn't pray janazah over them and therefore the shows that Allah knows best that we pray janazah

01:16:10--> 01:16:35

selected over people whose janazah was not prayed over. But if somebody has prayed and has over somebody then it doesn't make sense to praise Allah to justify nonetheless This is the issue of things we would see it I'm just saying as a point of interest, inshallah we have gone slightly over our time. We'll take some questions next week inshallah tada just remember them and write them down. And there's an announcement to make and inshallah we'll see you all next week have shoulders.

01:16:37--> 01:16:37


01:16:47--> 01:16:50

very pertinent question already running late inshallah we'll do a short sell as well then.

01:16:52--> 01:17:33

This is of course, the month of Muharram. And it is the year 1433. And the month of Muharram is a very special month. It is a month that the Prophet system has said, here it is the only month that the Prophet system has called it the month of Allah. The Prophet system said sha Allah Hill more how to run Shahada law Hill, how come there is no other month that has been ascribed to Allah shouto law Hill more and more haram was chosen by Rama kebab to be the first month of the calendar year. You all know that the calendar year was decided by moving up in the 16th year of the digital to 16th year of the digital.

01:17:35--> 01:17:35

One of

01:17:36--> 01:17:43

Musashi, sent a letter to Omar and he said to Omar, that Omar amuro, meaning your letter comes to us.

01:17:45--> 01:18:23

But we don't know when it was written. And when you want us to do something by there's no dates, ie. So please set for us a schedule or a calendar that we can implement the commands by. And so almost that this is a great idea. So he called the gathering of the Sahaba. And he asked them when should we begin our numbering system. And there were many opinions at the birth of the process about the death of the process of them and at the hedgerow, and it said you should be at the hedgerow. I've never thought of suggest that the hedgerow and he said because this was when Allah changed the situation of Islam from being persecuted to being protected from being humiliated to being at a

01:18:23--> 01:18:52

state of Israel. It's the hedgerow that was when things change. So let's make the digital the first year okay, the history was the first year was the first month because they didn't have a, they don't have a first month right? The 12 months, the names were in pre Islam, but because there's no calendar, no month is the first month. So one opinion says Ramadan, because that's the holiest month. Another opinion says, Elijah, because of our job is the only of the four I should have told him that is by itself, right? Another says,

01:18:53--> 01:18:55

little card, another show, sorry.

01:18:57--> 01:19:26

Show one show? Well, because that's the first no sorry, the card, the card who moharram and others is harder because the three holy months, there's four holy months to Harlem and and Roger by itself, right? So one opinion was we choose Roger, another opinion, his words, we choose the car there because that's the first of the three. Another video was doing a good job because that's when the hedge takes place, because there's lots of opinions now, until finally, it was rumored as well who suggested and others than agreed, almost said it shall be more how to run why

01:19:27--> 01:19:48

scholars have different the What did he why in my opinion is very clear, that later scholars have said because in Muharram newerth was saved with the ship and Moosa was saved with the Pharaoh, this was all valid, but that's not why or whatever kebab chose it. He said very clearly, this is because

01:19:49--> 01:19:59

the judge returned home and so basically a new life begins for the judge the very interesting point here, right? Yeah, you when you come back from had you turn over and

01:20:00--> 01:20:43

relief. Right. And so Bible hedger, when you're in hajj now you come home, that's when you change. So it should be when the judge return. And in those days most of the Sahaba would do Hajj. Right. I mean, this is maka Medina. It's not like American Timbuktu is McCann, Medina, Moses, how about going for Hajj every year. So every year should be like a new beginning basically. Right? And so moharram should be chosen as the first of the year. Later scholars then tried to bring it back to the hijra that the knee to make the hedgerow by the process of them was actually formulated in hedger. And so the first month that was seen was the month of Muharram. But again, this is reading back, what Omar

01:20:43--> 01:21:22

himself said makes the most sense. So I've gone into my tangent as usual, but it shall be benefited with this Muharram is a blessed month, it is a sacred month, I should have said that I have never seen the Profit System fast in any month other than our mobile and as much as much as moharram. And the Profit System said that fasting on the 10th of Muharram, forgives the sins of the year before, don't get confused, always the fast of the ninth and 10th of Dhul hijjah both years, back and forth, the 10th of well, how long is the year before, only the year before which is big enough? We're saying only but the whole, the minus ends of the whole year. And on this day, as we know Moosa will

01:21:22--> 01:22:01

say from from another version adds that new ship landed on Judy on Mount Judy, North ship Alice, this ship was saved on Judy, and frown was destroyed on this day. And as for the sad event that happened in Canada on that day, it is a time of sadness, there's no question about it, but it has nothing to do with the 10th of Muharram being sacred. It was just a coincidence that it happened on that day, and our heart bleeds for the evil that happened, but it has nothing to do with the sacredness and sanctity of that day that was made sacred before what happened at that instance, and so inshallah remind myself and all of you too fast on the 10th of Muharram if it is possible to