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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses the details of the second migration to Abyssinia and the events that transpired in the course of this happening.

As discussed earlier, the Muslims returned from Abyssinia due to the rumour of the Satanic verses which proved to be wrong. The main point is that, from the immediate sahaba, Umar RA was still not Muslim, Uthman RA immigrated and Ali ibn Abi Talib was too young to immigrate.

How about Abu Bakr RA? He initially decided to immigrate and accompany Uthman. But he saw a change in plan when the leader of the neighboring tribe, Ibn Ad-Daghin offered protection to Abu Bakr RA. So he stayed back in Mecca. But later he was removed from this protection. Why did this happen? Listen to unravel the details.

The incident of Uthman ibn Madhoon and the famous poet, Labeed is another interesting story that should be heard to fully fathom the firm belief of the Muslims in the message of the Prophet ﷺ from Allah.

So the situation in Mecca remained status quo, and the Quraysh continued to torture and persecute the Muslims, so the people saw it in their best interest to go back to Abyssinia. The Quraysh; the strongest tribe, the strongest, the custodians of the Haram considered this to be the ultimate embarrassment and hence decided that they cannot allow this immigration. So they decided to send two people to Abyssinia and appeal directly to the Najashi - the leader of Abyssinia. The Najashi - the leader of Abyssinia named Ashuma, Amr ibn Al-As RA and Ja'far ibn Abi Talib RA are the key people in this monumental dialogue that transpired in Abyssinia.

What was the outcome of this conversation? How did Islam emerge victorious once again even in the wake of the ultimate bribery methods sought by the Quraysh?

Shaykh yasir answers all of the above.

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