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Tahir Wyatt
AI: Summary © The importance of balancing fear and control is emphasized in difficult situations, as it can lead to loss of mental health. The success of Islam fasting has been a cultural obligation for Muslims, and fasting benefits individuals. Prayerers are encouraged to recite the Quran and pray in English, as it is a means of socialization and personal development. The importance of avoiding distraction, staying true to one's desires, and not allowing anyone to pray in their homes is emphasized.
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Hello. So I just said Amato's will allow on early. He was saying, you know what I'm about the sound clear.

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Martial Law, sound and lighting. I tell them I have a light train. So she has light just official lighting Stop. Don't Don't do that.

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I mean, to, to to answer your question, I think that it's is very important that we temper our expectations as a whole, for this particular Ramadan coming. A lot of people and I've seen this kind of

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I don't know, I think there's some of the do I, in their attempt to excite people and to remove the despair that you talked about. They say yeah, this can be the best Ramadan ever.

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Let's be realistic. It's

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the best one of mine when you can't pray totally, and then massage it with the rest of the Muslims when you can't make our own water. When there's not that spirit of community that we often get from Ramadan, it's difficult to say that this is going to be the best Ramadan ever. At the same time, we have to realize that Allah subhana wa tada does not put any burden on us that we can't bear. That's not what Allah Subhana Allah does. And he mentions throughout the Koran that you can do for low enough sent in levels. Right before I've sent in lemma. So Allah Subhana, Allah is not going to burden us with anything that is greater than what we have the ability to bear. We also have to

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recognize that in every difficulty with every difficulty, there's ease, and not just not just some ease, but there's more ease than the difficulty. And this is why I lost my hands out it says in the my little story you saw in the grocery you saw that with the roster with the difficulty is easy. With that difficulty there is more east. So the reality is is that even in difficult situations, there is ease. The question that we need to be asking ourselves is how do we make the best out of a difficult situation? Now how can we make this the best Ramadan ever last month Allah knows best if it'll be our best Ramadan ever not. But the reality is, is that there's so much that we can do to

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make this Ramadan, one that is a special Ramadan, Ramadan, that fulfills the objective of what fasting is, as most of you just talked about, which is

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that you are to attain a taqwa. So, I think that I think the question that we have to ask ourselves, I'm on and I'll let you get back to continue asking, but I think the question that we really need to be asking ourselves is, do I need somebody else?

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To help fortify my relationship with Allah subhana wa, tada, let's frame let's frame the question differently. Do I need other people? I mean, are we practicing a different religion where I have to have a savior I have to have somebody between me and a loss?

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Or is the reality that I can have my own personal bond with Rob Bula me and Allah subhana wa tada when he

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made the fasting obligatory upon the Muslims in the fasting of Ramadan, that is, in the second year after the hegi law, the Muslims were not praying. They weren't praying. Tada, we're in July, and the third year in the fourth year, if you look at the nine Ramadan, that our Prophet is allowed to sit and fasting the companions fast with him when he was alive. If you look at those nine Ramadan, how many days or I mean, I just gave away the answer. But we can say weeks months, whatever, how many times did they actually pray Tada, we're

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in nine years they paid three nights of total we're with the Prophet Allah is selected was sitting in the masjid, the rest of the time, they were praying by themselves. So if we look at, I think it's important for us

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to take a step back

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and say, what is it that I really want to get out of Ramadan? What is it that I want to get out of that? Forget the community aspect.

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Forget everybody else for a minute, because on your malkia you're going to stand with the last two panelists. Adda alone

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is not going to be anyone between you and him and there's not going to be anybody to translate

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there's not gonna be anybody to back you up in fact a lot of fans out there when describing that day says you only a federal model and he will only he will ever be able to have any any a person is going to run away from the people that are most beloved to him. The people who he loves the most his brother, his mother's father, his wife, his children, he's gonna run away from them enough's enough. See everybody has their own Chattanooga need and I mean everybody has their own situation that they have to deal with. They're not worried about anybody else. So

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if we look at Ramadan and we say, Well, what is it what what am I looking to get out of Ramadan? I want to be forgiven. I want to be for most of the people whom Allah subhana wa tada has forgiven because of allies with Joe forgives us of our sins. There is no barrier between us and Allah azza wa jal what what is it that what is it that your suit do Babbitt do I what is it that prevents that from being accepted when I call upon last minute that how do you as somebody who used to say how do you expect you to I to be accepted when you're black the past with my Aussie? You you black that that ability not gonna last me out it doesn't have the ability, but you put a barrier between you

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and Allah Subhana Allah barrier of since if Allah azza wa jal forgives me for all of my sins in the month of Ramadan, then Allahu Akbar, I mean that what else would I want out of Ramadan? What else could I ask? Well, the prophet alayhi salatu salam

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told us that we can be forgiven of our sins, and Ramadan has nothing to do with anybody else. No other human being. If nobody else in your house, nobody else in your block, nobody else in your neighborhood in your city was fasting, you could still get these rewards that the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam talked about the process of learning was subsegments sama, Rama bonnet he men and what he said, but let's look at the condition who ever does work fast the month of Ramadan? So that's number one. Can you do that? Do you need anybody else to fast? Nope, you can do that by yourself. However fast the month of Ramadan for those of us from Han Allah, who just takes some days

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out the year other than Ramadan whether this is Utah, the fasting of of the six of Shadwell for example, the fasting of Yom autofac the 10th of Muharram some Monday, some Thursdays throughout the year, when not everybody else is fast and then you know what it's like to fast and not everybody else's faster. Okay, and then we're Muslims living in the West. The reality is that for some Muslims in different locations, they may feel like they're the only Muslims that are fast I mean, they still go to work majority of the people they work with are not Muslim. Point is we've gotten accustomed to that. Anyway fasting when other people are not fasting masama Ramadan it IE men and you're fat you

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fast out of E men. belief, true faith that Allah Subhana Allah has made this an obligation upon you. And should I mode if you don't mind? I'm just gonna digress for a minute. I'm trying to keep my eye on the clock. No, no, no, you have a low you have. We have you all night hunger.

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So just take one second one second. If you look at this, he the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam said, Amen. And Amen. Okay. What is it mean? That you fast, amen. And it means that your fast is based on the fact that you truly believe that aligns with jello has made this an obligation for you. You're not fasting because it's a cultural thing that you do. And you've handled it The problem is some Muslims fast culturally,

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which is why you see him on Yom alene there's no semblance of Islam upon upon them at all. It's just that it's almost as if Ramadan is part of their identity. They don't pray 11 months out the year, that even in Ramadan, they're, you know, they only praying, you know, sometimes, but they fast every day. But is that that is that fast based on he meant that Allah Subhana Allah made this an obligation and I recognize that I'm a slave of a loss of hand without too much of the dollar here in America, and in the West, in general, and perhaps throughout the world has has we refocused a bed, a bed that now has become focused on me, what do I get out of it? Right? And not that I am a slave of

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Allah by identity. I'm proud of being a worshipper of Allah subhana wa Tada. And I fast because Allah made it an obligation upon me. I'm not fasting because I recognize that there's this benefit of that benefit and it's almost this thought of via his coffee, or I'm just trying to make a point here, that to nurture people

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to the point that he bad that we only do it because we understand

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There's some benefit for me in it, what do I get out of it? Oh, this is what you get out of salaat Mashallah, if you make these different positions, you know, you can, you'll be flexible or something, you know, whatever people make up to try to make you feel good about some type of event that well, the reality is, is that yes, we perform these acts of events and we will benefit ultimately, because it is connecting you to your Creator, and there's nothing that fills that void that's in the heart, except that you have a bond with the loss of data without that bond, you're going to fill a void, you're going to feel that void no matter what you you could try to fill it

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with entertainment, you would try to fill it with with activism and social justice and you halala Hara, you're going to try to fill that void that you feel in your chest, but the only thing that's going to fill the void is that connection to a loss of habitat. And so ultimately, every activity bad that helps you to get closer to a loss. Fantastic point is here, we fast imagine one to seven, seeking a loss of hands Alice reward lowfield Allahu Mehta condemning them be, all of his previous sins will be forgiven Alo ecwa if that's all we get out of Ramadan, that's a lot. And that's sufficient as a reward from Allah subhanaw taala. If I never was able to be with anybody in the

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community or anything else, I can still get that reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala, that all my sins will be forgiven, that my connection with him will be strong, that I'll be able to have that self reflection that is necessary during Ramadan, as well. So that's number one. The prophet SAW a sentiment that same Hadith went on to say, woman comment on Medina. Amen and watch the seven who fear Allah who met them in Zambia, he and whoever stands Rama bond. That's a literal translation with true faith in Allah subhana wa tada seeking for his reward than all of his previous sins will be forgiven. Okay, now here's the one that requires a little bit more thought. What does it mean to

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stand the month of Ramadan the scholars of Hadith, in explaining this Heidi mentioned that standing Ramadan here refers to the night prayers, pm or later,

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and pm will lay is the voluntary prayer that is made after salicylate Isha. And before selecting fudger. So that's the timeframe that we're looking at between after you finish so lots of Asia and before selected,

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that prayer is called pm will lay it then Normally, we go in Ramadan, normally we go to the masjid. And we find the man there. He prays, we pray behind him.

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If the man cries, we cry with the man when the man does this coup, we say me, we feel real good. We go home and we say we've stood in Ramadan. Right

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I think that what's going to happen this year

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is that we're going to realize

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that we can't put the burden and allow the man to do all the heavy lifting, we got to do some work ourselves this year, if we want to be from most the people who can truly say that they've stood Ramadan, that they've stood in the month that they prayed that night prayer, because this is this has been taken away from us. Hopefully, we'll be able to

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drag go out for a second. Yes.

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You know, hopefully will be I need to just try to see if I can. Okay, sorry about that.

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Okay, so my, the point I was trying to make here is that this part has been taken away from us and hopefully we'll grow in gratitude for the messages for the man who needs us in the salon, for those who remind us and so for all of those things that have been taken away, most of the time when a blessing is taken away, we tend to appreciate it a little bit more.

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But we don't need the man to get that reward of standing in the month of Ramadan. So each Muslim

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or each household for example, can do their own title when they can do their own pm that no matter I mean, if you're if you're living you know just you and somebody else Okay, you might need this a lot. The other person might need the Salah. If you know perhaps you have children in the house. 1314 years old, they memorize the portion of the Quran, they can lead some nights you lead other nights.

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The point here

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Is that it is not a condition that there be a hutzpah that you read the entire core on in the night prayer in order for it to count as night prayer. So some people some handle have memorized very little from the Quran and maybe this is also something that would be a wake up call and say, wait a minute, man I i've been Muslim You know, I've been practicing for this many years and I don't know a lot of Quran. If you're not a habit, but you've memorized a few Jews of Quran that's sufficient to panela recite one Jews from what you memorize. Let's say you memorize three Jews

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from Jews god semia for example, first night start with cut semia second night we just about a third night reduce I'ma fourth night reduce cut semia fifth night we just about it and just repeat it.

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Or you can take half pages, that what I'm what I'm looking for. And what I'm encouraging for people to do this year is to focus on the quality of the salaat and not the quantity of this a lot. Will law he he? If If we have somebody, they may not even been practicing that long. They say shit, but I only know from soda to Lhasa to sort of the next. I don't know 12 sorters. Okay, no problem. You know what you're gonna do every night, pray with those 12 suitors. But what I want you to do is from tonight, start reading the Tafseer of soda philosophy, and then move on and read the texts either way lowly Coloma's at Illumina, read the text, read the to fasciae look for videos online that deal

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with the Tafseer. So now,

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as you recite the Quran, you know, it's it's what when you say lm, Saraki for five or buka be us having feed.

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You're not rushing through the saliva, you're thinking about how Allah subhanho wa Taala elements, and how ironic It is, in the year of the virus. You think about those, those people who were attacking the Kaaba with elephants? I mean, there was, what are these little people gonna do? Have you checked out? Have you ever seen an elephant in real like, up close? I'm not somebody that Zoo I'm talking about, like,

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wasn't good at all.

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And there was an elephant ran right in front and as a panelist, you say, and I thought about I said, Man, these things were, were attacking the Kaaba. And Allah subhanaw taala did what sent his own army of birds, right. But what I'm saying is, as you recite now, this is the only part of the Quran you know, okay. But, but take it and make it something that is beautiful for you. So now, your recitation is not gonna be that long. I mean, it's not gonna take that long to read from sort of philosophy, your first record, home isn't the second record. And the third record, you read it, you know, just will feel, you know, to the end of it, but you can make your record longer, you can make

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your sujood longer. And the correct opinion of the scholars is that if you learn to send a logo to lobbyists, you don't know, the Arabic language enough to make do it in the Arabic language, then in your sujood, you can make do and whatever languages you're proficient with. So if you if, if you only know English, then in sujood, you can make your own English but the point is, you can stay there for a minute, two minutes. Now, think about if if you pray, 12 Records, anything from soda to acid soda to NASA, that's 12 soldiers, you pray 12 records you finish it off with so lots of witches, and so that you make 13 rock acts as our Prophet is allowed to sit and did on some nights.

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And then each one, so that's 26 sizes, right? And each of those sizes does you stay in such that for a minute making.

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That's 26 minutes, just in size. Right? Meaning that your prayer is going to be at least 45 minutes, maybe close to an hour, which is what it would normally be in the masjid anyway, right? So you're still standing those nights of Ramadan. But my only point is this yonni we have to start looking at things that you can do today to start preparing for tomorrow.

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And by tomorrow, I mean this coming Ramadan. That's a lie. So don't you believe in a shadow of a bunny. in MMA Sumo, we meant what he said. We asked a lot of data to make us almost those reached a month of Ramadan and fasting he met with a man in St. sab seeking his reward. The we have to start preparing now for that and the PM. For a lot of us who are not used to praying by themselves and I used to pray in the night prayer. This is going to this is going to be the part that is different for us, but we can still do it.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam don't think that we can't do that we can do this in the nighttime, and I guarantee you

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that you're going to find it at the end of the day, you're going to find it more rewarding, in a sense,

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then a lot of the lazy prayer that we wind up doing a lot of times and you know what I'm talking about, it's one of those ones where you go have what if taught at a very nice one, you know, and

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after you finish eating, you know, you don't even feel like standing up. So panela Not to mention leading the slot. So again, let the man do all the heavy lifting, you just stand in a prayer.

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Like, well, you know, follow his movements, but you're not really in it. This is going to be different. And the reason why I say it could be more rewarding, in a sense, is because we didn't latch on to that habit of praying at night, and Sharla will stick with you after Ramadan. Because now you are in charge of yourself. The reason why a lot of people pray the night in Ramadan, and then after Ramadan is over they not praying the night anymore is because they're waiting for the man to leave them. Period. It's not you ma'am after Ramadan. So you just leave the nightmare. But now you're in charge of yourself. You have to pray tonight prayer. And so be like Tyler that's a habit

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that you'll develop that will stick with you even after the month of Ramadan beating the lights out. I'll finish off the last part of the prophet Isaiah Salatu was Salam said woman comma Lena tell cadet Eamon and why Lupita hometel cut them in them. And whoever stands laying the terracotta with Amen, and seeking the reward of Allah subhanho wa Taala Stan Laila toccata Gianni they spend the majority of the night of labor to cut it in the bed and prayer and do I advocate over loss turns out a recitation of the core and so forth, that they spend the majority of the night doing that later to cut up Allah Subhana Allah will forgive them of their previous sins. All of this being said we need

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the help of a loss of Hannah who which it is not just about your willpower. It's about Allah subhana wa tada guiding you to that. It's about Allah subhanaw taala giving you the strength to do that. And so calling upon Allah Subhana Allah earnestly asking him to make you from amongst those who sins are forgiven in the month of Ramadan and from those who attained tuplets, who they're fast. These are very important things, you know, to think about and to turn to Allah subhana wa Tada. It's also you know, if there's one last thing I can mention, in terms of preparation for Ramadan, you want to set aside $1 a day or every other day that you memorize and incorporate in your life. You want to look

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at those two hours for things that you do on a daily basis, like Salah will walk out of the lantana and we went to the prophet Isaiah select with scenario he told he told the prophecy selling he or he asked the prophecy some Teach me that I can say in my salon and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said to Abu Bakar

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to say Aloma in either limb to enough see dolmen kathira wilayah novella and fulfilling multivitamin indico harmony and again so over him

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several others to ask him to translate that the point is that what if take the time to memorize do I incorporate them in your life make them something that is a part of what you do even after the month of Ramadan and that is the way in short lozada that we can make this Ramadan one that is memorable for us and we make the best out of a difficult situation we'll honor it here zercher from Solihull all the healthy men and muscular so I can clarify after your clarification and the Clyde also Lee I can go against it

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lacking same thing that you gave you gave you for a second I'll leave it to me as a question for Shekinah before inshallah with the benefit from brother or shift use of mm use of essential law. And I wanted to ask Mufti but I think he escaped out so we'll see you You made the Imams live between fear and hope which is a sin also. I feared for a second that you're saying we don't need the meme no more so worried about that. And then the hope where you say again after a meme leading and taking all the hard work because that's a lot higher on my last battle except for mutual love brother family, we have a question shall coming to an empire inshallah. I know he would love to leave now

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because it's late for him. Oh, we're gonna try to keep him few more minutes and shall let the we get the question answered. And I mean, we're gonna miss him on the screen, but it shall look

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like a lot

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I think that was an excellent point just to re emphasize that with this virus or the isolation that we have to implement by staying at home. It has actually led to a positive outcome with many families now trying to plan and prepare

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I'll move on by stepping up there half of their, their their night prayers have been given some of their younger children or teenage sons also leading slaughter. So I love that point. So, to that point chef, find, somebody had asked, Can I pretend a weird while holding a mustache in my hand? If you could just elaborate on that? Sure. So the the quick answer to that question without going into a lot of detail, is that if the, if a person is has the ability to read from the mishap, but has not memorized anything from the coroner, they don't memorize enough that they feel comfortable, leading with what they have memorized, and there's no harm in them holding the most half, according to the

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majority of the scholars of Islam, and that includes now holding the phone that has almost half on the phone, which which many people find easier than than actual, you know, the holding of the paper back or hardback must have, it's easier for them to turn the pages and so forth. So, even electronic must have if you will, that is permissible for them to hold a law item. No, unless, you know, airplane mode.

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attention to that because messages coming in and there is the reading. I know Shama is gonna jump in with the humble email hub right now he's looking at me, so I'll leave that to the end inshallah. But I wanted to ask you, inshallah, we have our shift brother use of St. He's going to speak about the Quran. But I want to ask him or her a question before we move on inshallah to use of Shekinah.

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Just to be very clear, you know, knowing that a lot of people want to hear the answer, and they know the answer, but we want to hear it shall the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala? Is it only at the massage?

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And is this a concept that people should have? Where if they miss Torah, we know regardless of how much they do at home, it's not enough.

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Is that the noun? Is that have a look at it? Not Not, not only isn't that the case. I mean, the reality is that the best of generations,

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Amato, the Allahu Tana and who gathered the people behind the babe and cow,

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others from us to have as well. And that son of praying, so lots of total year was revived during the life of Roma. And it has stayed in this oma until now, though, that is the case, the best of generations, which were those who work directly with the profit is aligned to the center. And then during the financial, every bucket has to be on the long side. And they did not do totally the way that we do total where, and they were forgiven by a loss of hands on it in the best of generations and allows parents out of promise agenda. And so,

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again, there's no doubt and I mentioned this at the very beginning of the talk. These are not ideal circumstances. And I don't think that we should push the idea that this is the best Ramadan ever. No. I just don't i don't think that that's a healthy thing. No, because though the ultimate objective is to obtain taqwa. And though the ultimate, you know, the ultimate objective, as well as what we do individually. There are secondary benefits that come through Ramadan, that that, you know, coming together and congregation is something that is not only legislated, but of course, with some of them in their head when it comes to the Salawat rule that the five daily prayers, it's an

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obligation. Why is it an obligation Can I get you know, isn't my slot valid? If I pray my house? Well, yeah, it's valid. But the reality is, is that there's strength in numbers that we benefit from the communal efforts, you know, we benefit from the communal if tars for example, these are things that are that are beneficial. And so we're missing that this Ramadan, but that doesn't mean that we can't get the forgiveness of Allah subhanahu wa Tada. And then we also have to look at is this voluntary? No, it's not voluntary. We're forced to tour we're doing we're not we don't we're not trying to bend the message. We're not trying to you know, not be together. It is the situation that

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is muffled and I don't know it's it's been, you know, made an obligation on us. It's the situation has been dictated to us. It's handed down to us. So how again, do we make the best out of a difficult situation? I just want to end with something I know we're gonna go to make use of saying I can't afford it. Before I forget Molly, she the answer. Is it is it right to say Alhamdulillah this might be the first year that we are doing this soon after we let him deliver

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Is it

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Malala Masai? No, we're not, we're not going to,

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we're not going to praise a last minute I always say Alhamdulillah for closing the Maasai. Right? Now Allah Subhana Allah you met. Danny Eliza gel is praised for all of his actions, but not for the actions of his creation. He understands. So go Allah, Allah has decreed this to happen. Our profit is locked with Sam himself set and took me in a little cut that he hated. He was showing me that we believe in the cutter the good and the bad of it, right. So not everything that is the creed. And from the from the stance of or from the perspective of the fact that it has happened. Not everything that happens is good. Right? So the closing of the massage is not something that's good, nor should

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we say that this is the son of tunnel we, as if oh my god alone Tada. And who didn't know what the sooner was.

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He was the one that revived that sunnah of our Prophet It is so it was in it, you understand? So? So we're not going to call it sooner. Now. Okay, there are some of the sellers who prefer praying in their homes. But they were a minority. If you really look back at the the, for example, the second century history, and you look back at some of those scholars who prefer to pray in their homes, they were few. And the majority preferred the gymnasts.

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Let me see. Let me I do want to, there was a point that I wanted to make that I forgot to mention. Before we go on to say, and excuse me from Sheikh Yusuf Hussein and Balu who sent me if he can't hear me, he's all the way up there on the screen, and he's smiling, so happy for you taking his time.

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He say give him all the time that he wants.

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I only see you I only see. But

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what what I what I was going what I was going to say was just kind of piggybacking off of something that he talked about before me I only caught the end of his talk. But when he was talking about tequila, I think it's very important for us to realize and to to hammer this point home, that tequila is not just about what you do. It's also about what you do not do. And a lot of people get that wrong because they go in and they're like okay, during Ramadan when they think about what they want to accomplish in Ramadan. It's usually a checkoff list of increasing in certain acts of a bed, you know, praying more than OFM, making sure that I pray in July, you know, for totally, I'm making

00:32:37 --> 00:33:24

sure I do ABC and D. I'm gonna make it to cast this year. You know, I'm saying in normal circumstances, the checkoff list is usually about things that I want to that I want to increase in or I want to add to my, to my a bad routine. The reality is, is that Tacoma is also about an even more so about what you refrain from and that's what we look at with fasting is Aslan. What is fasting fasting is you're doing something less fasting is you're not doing something, you're refraining from something. So you have these desires that you naturally we illustrate Allah created us that Healthy People need to eat and want to eat like if we need to eat we their triggers that let

00:33:24 --> 00:33:27

you know, if you need to drink, there are triggers that let you know.

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can you hear me? So yes, here and so. So we leave off these things. We leave off these things for the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala why we're curving those desires we're taming you know those appetites, okay, but But what is it we're just leaving off something and that is taqwa. Now, the same thing and Aquinas This is advice to myself advice to the rest of you, we're going to have to leave off some things that we do right now that are halau

00:34:03 --> 00:34:06

we're gonna have to leave them off if we want to get the full benefit of Ramadan.

00:34:07 --> 00:34:50

Certain aspects of social media, you either have to cut it out or cut it way down. The your children for example, and the video games and the Netflix and it is something that you have to cut that stuff out. If you want to really get Tuckwell, it's not just going to be about what you increasing. It's also going to be about what you take out of your daily regimen, it's going to be about getting rid of the fluff and cutting some of the fat. And that's going to be very important for our character refinement, and moving towards the self discipline that is required for us from Tacoma items to pentacle over humbucker Chateau de la the intercept protocol to retake that is the best advice for

00:34:50 --> 00:34:53

leaving and I'm out. Okay.

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let's hear from Allah

00:35:06 --> 00:35:16

to reward you all with the best for hosting this, this event and I pray that loss fans out to make it beneficial for all of us who are speaking and all of those who are listening

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