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While we're waiting, while we're waiting, I'm just going to say something

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important to him.

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Recently, just a few days ago, in New Jersey, I spoke about the importance of

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developing a system of imbalance.

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Why? Because most of our institutions are donor based institutions, meaning

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how do we raise money on Friday and tell people, please donate, don't forget to donate to the message, donate, donate, donate, we do it every day, and then around them, don't start telling me until we want to raise $20,000, close the doors, nobody needs, nobody can raise the money, right. And we've been doing this for 30 years, 40 years. And we're about to do that in two minutes.

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The issue is discipline, that this is not a sustainable method, nobody would do that.

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No businessman will find his business

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and our institutions, for the survival of our institutions of political quality of our institutions, we are going to have to change that narrative, we cannot continue like that. And we should that we should be ashamed of ourselves that we allow another 20 years ago by an AI, the next generation of Muslims is doing the exact same thing that we can write down, who, you know, I mentioned, do you know that it's not on a tight budget?

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I'm just I'm just being honest. Do you know

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that and I'm just gonna, I'm gonna be real with you have immense that have studied for eight years, right? Eight years is the equivalent in this part of the world of at least a master's degree. And they want to pay any man $40,000 $50,000, right. And think they don't see.

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This man study, dedicated a quarter of his life or more to the study of this man. And we want to build quality institutions. And we want to encourage the best minds.

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Because this is, this is this is important. If you look at, you look at a place like Sweden, for example, where

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education, they weren't like anywhere near the top, in the field of education.

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So what did they they looked at the social engineering of the people, they weren't able to get the best minds, because they weren't paying their teachers enough. And so a person that actually wants to have a decent living for himself and for his family will go into law and engineering and this type of thing like that. So then they started saying, Well, wait a minute, if we can change the way people think about education, then we can attract some of the better minds. So what did they do they require the government require that every teacher has a Master's, and they're going to pay them a salary that is on the same tier, as other professionals, like lawyers, and then guess what happened,

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they started getting some of the better minds going into education. The teachers therefore became better teachers, and passed that educational exam to the students and it changed their whole structure,

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we have to do the same thing. We you know, what happens a lot of time this is this is the reality in the Arab world.

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You know, if you're extra smart, and Dr. admin can verify this, if you are extra smart, you know, you get the 99% of time that they push you into the medical field.

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If you're below that, they push you into engineering doubt about that. And if you really just don't show any attitude, they encourage you to study religion.

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And so, we get this whole class of mediocrity when it comes to beam. And to be honest with you, that may have been okay for a certain period of our history as human beings, what it Well, it wasn't changing a lot. So you may have it 400 500 year period, where there was not much change in the world, and therefore we didn't need the brightest minds because there wasn't one. But now, after the Industrial Revolution and electricity, and now with the internet, things are changing daily. We need the best and the brightest minds to deal with the challenges that he faces, Muslims in this country and around the world. We're not dealing right now. The Muslims are not dealing with issues of Oh, we

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got Muslims becoming Christians and Muslims. We're coming out with dealing with some

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Powerful atheist, agnostic arguments, post enlightenment views of religion, and nobody's talking about this stuff.

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the one does not have connected.

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But we've created that mediocrity, because we be found in the position of man and teacher, and so on and so forth. And it's not that we, it's not that we've intentionally devalued it, but our institutions cannot financially support. Why because we base everything on a dumbest.

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Man, let's reverse the trend.

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And let's say we're going to do this, like the Muslims didn't have the patent, and like the Americans do it now, which is that every institution has an endowment.

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And you will not be an accredited institution without an endowment.

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This, this is an American, it's become part of the American culture, but it was the part of the Muslim culture first.

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And that is, the dinosaur encouraged us to do those things which are Southern cartoon genuine, right? They've had his constant, you know, residual revenue that comes from so far, what we are doing, humbling myself and a number of other black. Along the professionals, we have learned that we are educators, and education, education, people in the field of education and research, and investments and business people and entrepreneurs and medical staff to the end the company. Right now we have a team of approximately 80 professionals who are working towards this effort of establishing index.

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Because this is the way forward, we have to turn the page on a donor basis and move towards and dance. What does that what is an endowment it means is very simple concept. It means that we put our money into something that has a return on the investment. That may be property that may be a farm, it may be many different things. And just to give you an example, is the same concept with people who flip homes, you go buy something for 100,000. You put 40,000 in, you sell it for 200,000. Or you rent it if the rent is enough that it makes sense and it gives a proper return on that investment. And that stays with you.

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That stays with the concept. Fair enough.

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So nowadays, I'll just give you another words. You go to the masjid because I've been I've been here you go to the mansion, and a guy tells him the 27th night around.

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We're not going to start our week until we raise $100,000

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now I'm serious. So then you get this guy.

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Now finally the guy comes to save the day.

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Okay, what do they do with the 100,000? Well,

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they put some asphalt on the parking lot. Okay.

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They put the they put the tar down. They bought a nice chandelier. You know, whatever they make the outside fancy $100,000 one like that.

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Now, can we live without the new carpet in the chandelier? Normally we can live without that. Take that 100,000 Okay, buy a house at the very bottom. I bought a house for 50,000. put 30,000 in it. Okay, so we still got 20 left. That's an $80,000 that we put it, let it sit, let it rent for $1,000 put it

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down now. When will it stop bringing you $1,000 a month

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shall you be given that $1,000 a month for the next 20 years? 30 years, 50 years until you decide that that is that that is not as efficient as flipping it or whatever you're talking about the flip of the understand the difference in the past. So far, if you understand, because we're moving forward, we'll come to the end we had met people in different areas that are that want to do this. All we got to do is pull our resources to get if you're interested in you don't have to. But if you want because this is paving the new way for how we do things in this country is all the time. Take out your cell phones.

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Go to your

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go to G

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Go see doesn't come on.

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He has an email.

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You there

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you there

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at the top?

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Right let's face

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GCM, a

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Survey Monkey. Okay.

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It's going to take 45 seconds, start now.

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And don't ask which name

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you can put whatever you can put your government name.

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Okay, so it says if you're here is because you believe that the way forward for the Muslim community in America is to highly focused and collected efforts led by strategic and religious minded meant that the way forward

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for the Muslim community in America is through highly focused and collective efforts led by strategic and religious minded men. Listen to one, we're not doing stuff the way stuffs been done for the last 20 years, the last 40 years and expecting things to change. And this is not a slap

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to the brothers who have been working hard to establish his name in this country is not slang. It's just to say that the Times have changed. And because the Times have changed, we have to be ahead of the curve. We can't keep doing things the way that they knew we would not be here today, if you were not for the efforts of the brothers and the sisters, who for the last, you know, three, four decades, put a lot of sweat equity and a lot of money down so that we can have these type of institutions that we have right now. But this is not a sustainable model, not not going forward. So

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the educational problems, the educational initiatives that we want to take place that will be hosted in Mexico will be funded by these old coffee shops.

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Okay, so basically what was your name,

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email address,

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ah, gender expertise. Why because we need to start, a lot of us don't know each other. We need to pull our resources together and let everybody stay in his or her lane. That's another problem at the end. Everybody trying to do everything. If we have a more focused approach speaking that entire will be a lot more successful. And sorry for the layman to sign in.