Modern Day Moriscos – Muslim Crisis

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One thing that I've noticed since being back to the states is the lack of youth participation in the massage it on a regular basis. And yes, there are 100 LED youth programs. So you find like on the weekend, and a lot of them a Saturday are things that are going on for the youth. But I particularly noticed that for the regular silhouette that there aren't many youth in domestic and even on yomo. Juma and this is something that is critical for us as Muslims to pay attention to, because the reality is, is that many communities do not have an Islamic school, or a viable option other than public school. And so a lot of people are putting their children in public school, but the reality

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is, and this is something that many people don't pay attention to, that the children are facing, I'm saying our children, Muslim children in these environments are facing a lot of micro aggressions against Islam, sometimes even from their teachers, but not to mention the peer pressure that they're dealing with all types of misinformation about Islam. It's the point that many of the children do not want to be identified as Muslim, they do everything that they can not to be recognized as Muslim, they may even go to their teacher on the side. If his name is Yaqoob, he might tell the teacher just call me Jacob Don't call me Yaqoob don't on the role sheet or whatever like that. So a

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lot of times x children are not even identifying with Islam, if we add on to that, not bringing them to the masjid at all, or only bringing them to the masjid on the weekends. We are risking losing our children, or at the very least, you know, creating this dual identity like they one way at home and another way at school. And they're torn between these two identities and lots of hands on his toes in a corner on young Latina and you know, cool and full circle and the from now. Oh you believe Save yourselves and your family's from the fire and the Prophet is allowed to Senator kulu Kumar kulu. Missoula. Yes, he, each one of you is a shepherd is a caretaker and you're going to be asked about

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you're responsible for and will be asked about those who are under your care. So our children, we are responsible for them. And one of the greatest responsibilities that we have to them is to help them learn their Deen so that they can have that relationship that they need with the loss of Hannah was added to be happy in this life and to be successful in the hereafter. So if there's anything that I noticed, that is just glaring, in terms of responsibility that we have, it is to make sure that we do better to get our children around the Muslim community and especially the obligation of Juma, it is a strong stance to take, you know, for a parent, or even I mean, if the children are

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older if they're in high school or something like this, where they can actually petition the school and in a lot of public schools is already the case they allow the children to go for dramatic can't stop them. But if that's not the case, in a particular school, that that the the youth petition their particular school and explain to them that we need to be allowed to go to Salatu. Juma, if there is enough time to get back to school after July so bit if not, then they just stay out of school for the remainder of the day on Friday, to stay up on their studies to do well in school to even the classes that they miss, that they get the work that was missed, and to be exemplary

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students, Allah subhana wa tada has written a sand for cliche the Prophet alayhi salatu wa sallam said that he's written that everything be done well, and that you try to work towards perfection and that you try to work towards precision. And so we should be encouraging our youth to go to July and to do good in school. And what I'm saying is, is that this is a strong position to take, because if a Muslim child does this, they're going to be on that path to preserve the identity to be recognized as being Muslim, but at the same time, do well in their classes and in school, because nobody's saying don't do well in school. But we shouldn't be creating this dichotomy like, well, if you want

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to do well in school, you can't go to gym or you don't have a choice because you are in school. No, you do have a choice. And you should take responsibility for yourself. I'm saying this to the youth, because you are responsible in front of us parents, as well as the parents who are responsible for making it easy for the children to the best of their ability to practice their Deen. This to me is of paramount importance. I think we have to do better as parents to be involved.

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In the school, otherwise, what message are we sending to the children? If we're saying to them, no go to school and don't go to Juma even though this is the most obligatory of all of the silhouette of the week in terms of praying and congregation lost parent Allah knows best