What a Righteous Spouse Looks Like

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And that is to correct the misunderstanding of what a righteous man and a righteous woman looks like.

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A lot of us, sadly, especially perhaps the young ones amongst us are quite skin deep, which is surface level. A righteous woman in our eyes is simply the woman who wears the full hubba. And her face is veiled. This is the righteous woman that is my dream wife.

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Now hold on a minute, quick footnote here, no one can detract from the importance of the hijab and say it's not part of their religion, the hijab, and then you are they are a part of the hijab and they are part of the religion, no one can reduce there.

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So we're not into this business of Oh, I know such and such girl who wears them. But she's an absolute be, so I don't need to wear the hijab, because she wears it, what's it done for her? We're not about that life. We're saying the hijab is part of the religion and God is part of the religion don't get that twisted.

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But for you to limit your understanding of a righteous woman to that this is a mistake.

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Because what is behind this hijab? What if she is in a manner, a slander, moving from family to family and individual to individual spreading corruption between people and fake news?

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What if she's a woman who is inciting women to leave their husbands and turning them against one another? What if she is a backstabber?

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What if she is vital in her column? What if she does not know how to show affection to her husband or to her loved ones? What if she has no interest in ever rearing a family? A chameleon

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changing color according to the context that she's in, if she's with the righteous people, she's a righteous person. If she's with backstabbers and slander, she's just like them. This is a righteous woman because she wears the hijab and niqab.

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This is Shavon and hijab.

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And that's why the prophet is when I said live when he was asked about a woman he was asked about two women, ya rasool Allah, He inner food, anything

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to suddenly Elena. What are sumo and Mahara? What are the sub Doku? Whatever I do, were to the G Rania heavy Lisa Neha Messenger of Allah We know of a woman who prays so much in the night. She fasts during the day, she gives abundant charity, she has a lot of iboga, but her only downfall is that she harms her neighbors with her talk. He said, luckily raffia there is no good enough woman here phenol, she's in hell.

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She's in hell. And then they said, Well, if we learn a tune, to suddenly Max tuba, what the sub daku be at war? Well, they are to the Haida or messenger of Allah. We know of another woman who prays her five prays, that's it basic Alhamdulillah she prays for fine. And she gives bits of curd in charity of war. But she doesn't harm anyone with her talk. He said she is in paradise.

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What is righteousness, you have a good woman of color and religion and she's wearing this ideal hijab. Alhamdulillah Light upon light, but what is a righteous woman in your eyes? Righteousness is also about Muhammad and dealing with people. It's also about a purity of heart. It's also about restraining your tongue from harming people. It's also about minding your own business.

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And then what is a righteous man? What is the righteous man look like? Dear sister?

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Is it just the individual who has a welcome beard and some sort of the head covering on his head? And perhaps he has a platform delivering talks here or there? This is the righteous man. This is perhaps part of righteousness, but is it righteousness? What do you know about this person behind his Imam and behind his stolen behind closed doors? What does he do? We don't want to think bad of people. Have you done your investigation? Or is it just a question of a DM please marry me You're so righteous? How do you know? What about his finances? Where does he get his money from? Many of his brothers who looked like prophets mashallah

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serving up crack to their community when they leave the masjid

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so hola brothers saying to me all of the time, you'd be surprised the Isley Brothers on the front row while they're doing behind closed doors.

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Is this person at odds with his mom and dad? Well, Allah Alhamdulillah I pray I fast I have some gala mashallah, you know, I'm studying knowledge and I keep everything in place, Mashallah. Yeah, but I don't speak to my dad. What type of religion is that?

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What type of a hoax is that? You don't speak to your dad sure that can I'm what is this? I have fallen out with my mom. What religion do you follow?

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Allah he's practicing this is what I'm saying what is religious man and woman look like