To Stop Eating Before Fajr Is Bidah

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“In regards to suhoor, is it considered makrooh to eat right until the athaan or is it just preferable to stop five minutes before?” This clip addresses that question and also looks at how to properly understand the statement of the Prophet (ﷺ), “…so eat and drink until Ibn Umm Maktoom calls the athaan.”

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Doru son

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Sherry in English in English in English

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assalamu Aleikum, Mubarak along with equal mana family who the man culture, is it considered my crew to eat way until the event? Or is it? Or is it just preferable to start five minutes before? Also the strict opinion of the memenuhi and others in regards to spitting out the food when the event is heard? Is that based off of them considering the Hadith, of completing what is in your hands when you hear the event as a weak narration or Cologne, Pico? Second? So the question is about

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civil war. So the question is about support. And there was a chapter, I guess we dealt with the issue of support previously.

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And mentioned the hadith of NSF ematic probably Allahu n, who said that he asked zaven sabut not the Allahu en what was the time

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between when you stopped eating savour with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And the time that you stood up for salado the time that it was the time for the event of solid time of the event. And so he said, they've been having said it was cut through come Sina I it was the time that it takes

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to read 50 eyes.

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And we mentioned the statement of the scholars

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that some of them said that that's approximately four minutes. Others said approximately six minutes.

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And that it is preferable therefore to do as the Prophet is selected was to them did and to stop approximately four to six minutes or five minutes, if you will, before the event of

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five. The question it says is that is it makrooh to eat after that time? And the answer is no. No, it's not my crew. It's permissible. Because the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said I want you to understand this it is critical to understand is heavy in the vilella and you as the Ruby lay

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the LAO for the low end cause the event at night.

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Sorry, let's stop right there. What do you think that some of the companions thoughts when they heard the event of be loud?

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They were thinking stop stop eating.

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Stop eating in the banana but the problem is something clarified to them in the bill Allen you as the OB lay. And when he calls the dad it's not funny yet it's still it's still nighttime.

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Still night for kulu was Rabu. Hector, you Athena, if and only Mattoon. So keep eating and drinking until even omega tune cause the then

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some people have said based on this, Heidi,

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I need you to follow I want you to follow me step by step here. Some people said that based on this, Heidi, it's better to stop eating early.

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Because the prophets I send them say eat and drink until in Mattoon calls the event. I'll get back to that point. Let's go to a side point quickly. Since we're dealing with Ramadan.

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Allah subhanaw taala says or Hillel accumulated Tafseer. above what we learned he said he can only live so

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then he says so he says that is permissible to go to your to your wives in the in the nights that you're fasting right in the nights of Ramadan.

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But at some point it had become it was impermissible for a person if they had gone to sleep

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to wake up and then to approach their wives intimately and all the way until the next night. So a lot of data says ln habashi ruhuna woba to Mecca to biloela. So now

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go to them have intimate relations with them and see what Allah has written for you.

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So is it now when we say because Allah commanded us in this ayah to go to them that in the nights of Ramadan Gani, a man must go to his wife and seek a child

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Because a lot commanded in the Koran, they're gonna say that because here there is a command that has come after a prohibition

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and the scholars of sola sola.

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They say that when a command comes after a prohibition,

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that indicates permissibility. So let me give you another example that we can all relate to. On Joomla on Joomla

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either new deal is on it Miyama Joomla first,

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oh, you believe when the call for Juma has been made? Then race to the remembrance of Allah and leave off buying and selling leave off trade.

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Okay, what's the next I play there could be a law firm tissue to fill out.

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He will fill up the Waterloo lymphopenia site.

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We want the part of the itis before that anyway. So it says if the salad is complete, thin tissue will fill up, then go out in the land, any to buy and sell to me for the last Buying and selling. So does that mean that after July, you can't sit into measure and record

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and sit until McVicker until I sometime well No no, because it says since as you fill out so you have to go out and you have to buy and sell after July.

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Because this is a command that came after a prohibition we were prohibited from buying and selling once the exam for Juma was was called

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so now now in order to relieve the or, or to wipe away the misconception that it's still haram to buy and sell. Eliza Joe says since he will fill up so God so the command the command that comes after prohibition is an indication of permissibility not that you have to do it.

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So let's go back to our headings here for kulu wash Rabu Hector you add in an Akuma

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so he didn't drink until

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it been on Maxim kasi, they're

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here it's a command after a presumed prohibition. Because some of them were thinking that we have to stop now because we now called the event.

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So that was a presumed even though it wasn't there wasn't an actual prohibition, it was presumed. And so the prophets, I said I was telling them to eat and drink it, it's permissible for you to eat and drink until even Oh Mattoon cause the then

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So therefore,

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for those who say that you have to stop eating, I need to put out these charts for example, emtek chart 15 minutes before fudges something like this. There's no basis of that. There's no basis for that in Islam.

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For those who,

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as a matter of fact, there's no basis in the first place to put a time for check. Yanni, the time that we stop eating, the time that we have to stop eating, is once the time for fudging comes in the we know that time that we know that four or five, six minutes beforehand, for example, that we're going to me I need to in order to be as the guy in line with the practice of the province to live with. So we stop at that particular time. If a person wants to eat after that, or wants to drink, then there's no harm in doing so.

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But to say that it is better to stop when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam himself stopped, then that's, that's far fetched, as far fetched to make it. I need to say that it's whadjuk to start five minutes before a budget that is in and of itself. Yes, that would be considered an innovation Islam because we can eat all the way up until the time for selection project. Chateau Rama on the villa

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in cinema Vienna in Milan

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