Was Prophet Muhammad Commanded To Kill Non-Muslims

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Are we truly commanded to kill non- Muslims? Before we go around telling our siblings, friends, relatives that the Prophet s.a.w. instructed us to kill, read the Quran and hadith carefully. Understand the words used in the Hadith – it says ‘fight’. But it’s been interpreted by many to read ‘kill’. Do not redefine what Islam is but look for the proper interpretation and apply that. That is what Sheikh Tahir informs us in this almost eight minute talk.

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Doru son,

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Sherry, in English in English in English

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then the Prophet Elias Adam says, Tim, I have been commanded to fight.

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And notice that the prophets I send them did not say up to being commanded to kill. And there's a difference between ooh potty. And after any one of them is on the wasn't or the the

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strand of the verb, the form of the verb, which is Falah, which means that there is some type of participation. Yeah, I need that there needs to be there's two parties involved. Whereas octal, which means kill, does not need to necessarily involve active participation from both sides.

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And here, what we find is that some people, and Allah Subhana, Allah knows best intentionally or unintentionally, they've actually translated this Friday, to say, I've been commanded to kill people, and famous books that have been translated into English. And some of them that have not been translated by Muslims, but non Muslims and Muslims alike. Some of them translate this idea to saying, I've been commanded to kill people. And so it paints this picture of the Prophet ideas. Salatu was salam, and the Muslims as being this bloodthirsty group of people who are just out for perpetual warfare, and that they just want to fight everybody, and they want to kill everybody. And

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that this is the nature of the Muslims. And even if Muslims have today,

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the 1.51 point 6 billion Muslims on Earth are not actively following this hadith.

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They said, this is still part of their law. And if they could, they would.

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This is still part of the law of the Muslims that they are supposed to go out and indiscriminately kill non Muslims.

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This is what they would have. People believe, based on their faulty understanding of this hadith. Now, I'm going to go and show love point by point through this. The first thing is that

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first thing is that it is unnatural.

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to want to fight other people

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and allies we just said that in the crime. He said cookie by Alaykum looky loo wahoo acotar hula

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fighting has been prescribed for you, even though it is disliked by you who are called hula, Yanni. Naturally, no one wants to be involved in a situation where they're potentially going to lose their lives or their family or their wealth or these types of things. Could you violate them como que tanto como la comme fighting has been prescribed for you, even though you dislike it. So it is not something that a Muslim just wants to go out and fight other people. The Prophet is like you're saying, in fact, saying the Hadith led to the collected Bible, find a Muslim, let me know, because I do, don't wish to meet your enemy. This is not something that the Muslim looks forward to.

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there are situations that may dictate in necessity, that there be some type of fighting

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and that they become bad. And this is not something that is specific to Islam and the Muslims.

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Any ideological system that exists out there has a concept of defending their ideology and maybe even preemptive strikes

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in order to protect whatever ideology they may have. And that does not necessarily mean it is a religion. It can be some other type or form of system, an ideology, but even even the Christians themselves, they have developed what is known as just war theory.

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just war theory, and you can look that up because that's exactly what they call it.

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Which means that though, we view war as something that is

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terrible, something that we would prefer not to be involved in, there may be situations, atrocities that can be avoided.

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circumstances that need to be dealt with, where war is not the worst option

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where war is not the worst option, and therefore, it becomes a just war to prevent a greater evil.

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And this is something again that exists with Christians, but not only Christians, because it has trickled down into other people's systems. And if you just look at, and we need to, you know, as as Muslims, we shouldn't feel like we have to always be on defense. And when people quote these kind of ideas, and they say, Do you believe that? Yes, we believe in

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Chinese and Bukhari and Muslim we have no way of it's not naive. It's in the most authentic books after the book of Allah subhanaw taala. However, it is not a matter of simply quoting a Hadith, it is a matter of how is that text interpreted? How is that text interpreted? If you look at the last century, century and a half,

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and you compare how many people have been killed in the name of Islam,

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as compared to how many people have been killed in the name of Christianity,

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and the name of democracy.

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And the last 20 years, how many people have been killed in the name of freedom,

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of spreading freedom to these backward nations.

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And so therefore, we have to kill 10s of 1000s, hundreds of 1000s of people

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as compared to those who have supposedly been killed in the name of Islam, Oh, those people who constantly quote this type they are in genuis. They have no academic rigor whatsoever. And honestly, they need to be ashamed of themselves. And we as Muslims should not step back from our position as Muslims and our duty to call to the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because, because and we should be fully aware of this. There is a movement to actively redefine Islam,

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redefine what is acceptable as Islam.

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And we have to be amongst those who see this plaque and recognize that, no, we're not going to redefine Islam. We are going to look for the proper interpretation of Islam and spread that to the people obeyed the law, e to Allah.