To Fast Or Not to Fast – Traveling In Ramadan

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This clip discusses the different scenarios of fasting while traveling, including a look at some of the hadith on this topic that are often misunderstood.

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in English in English in English.

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So here, it's almost like the Shaykh is mentioning a fourth scenario. And that is where either one is the same to the to the to him whether he fast now, or he makes up the fascinators all the same time doesn't really make a difference in this case is best for him too fast, even though he's traveling. You see, and the reason why this is being brought up and it's important

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is because there are other ideas and people get confused, they don't they don't know how to, you know, bring the text together and harmonize between those texts. The profit is not the same. For example, setting a Heidi laser mineral bear, sem Christopher olesia, minimum bid mmcm from suffer, right. So it is not from righteousness that a person fast while traveling. Have you ever heard of that? Howdy. So a lot of people think that one day travel is better for them not too fast, or maybe it's even impermissible for them too fast. And that's because they haven't gathered up the all of the textual evidence on this particular point. That's, that's very important in every aspect of

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Islam. And we don't just take one eye, or we don't just take one Hadeeth and we cherry pick and we say that this is what this means, but that we look at all of the evidence and do our best to harmonize between them. So here in this scenario, if a person if it's if it doesn't really make a difference to him, whether he fast

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or he breaks his fast and makes it up later, then it is best for him to fast while traveling because this is what the profit is so not to sit in the know

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who said we went out with the profits or rather he was setting them in.

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under intense he conditions to the extent that each of us would put his hand over his head to cover to cover it.

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To cover it. Due to the extreme heat. No one was fasting except the profits

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and other was

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collected by a Muslim.

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A traveler is considered to be traveling light. So here

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the shave Rahim Allah mentions the head of Abu Dhabi that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam fasted when he was traveling, this is what the prophet is allowed to slam did.

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Likewise, another reason that Scott has mentioned that it is better in the scenario where it doesn't make a difference to the person. By the faster make it up later. It's all the same time it's all easy, we'll learn how

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they say that it is quicker in removing liability. Cuz if you do not fast in Ramadan, then you have to make it up later. That is a day. That is a debt that you owe to Allah subhana wa Tada. So you just fasted Ramadan and you don't owe you don't owe anything. Okay?

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Likewise, likewise, if you fasted Ramadan, you fasted in Ramadan, and it's a blessed month that you won't find another time, but it's a fast than in it. So these are some of the other reasons that the scholars mentioned, along with the fact that the Prophet is allowed to listen and play play. I'll take questions now related to fasting while traveling in ill because we're going to the shake is about to go on to another point. And that is what is traveling. What is the distance for traveling? How long can somebody be considered to be a traveler? We're going to deal with that next. So now Yes.

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A Jane.

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I sent very good. So the question is, how do we reconcile between the fact that they're probably selling himself fast while traveling some of the companions fast while traveling like for example,

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the hadith of Ennis of Amanda aromatic while the Allahu Sahil Buhari and Asahi Muslim,

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he says couldna Musashi Romana vehcile Aloha and he will send them we used to travel with the prophets of Aloha, they will sell them for them. Yeah, I saw him on them. After a while I moved to LA to sign. The one who was fasting did not criticize the one who broke his fast and the one who broke his fasting criticize the one who was fasting. Another man came to the prophecy Southern Messiah McCarty, another one of the campaign's

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He asked the Prophet sallallahu somewhere he informed the prophecy something he needed to travel in Ramadan should he fast or not fast the prophecy sometimes said to him and shipped to for some, what incentive

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or incentive often, if you wish them fast and if you wish, then breaking fast.

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So, you say how do we understand that with the statement of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam it is not from righteousness to fast wild travel

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and the reconciliation is easy will lead him and that is to understand

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that Hadith by the prophets of light, it was some setting they call it as fabuleux del Hadith

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the reason why the prophets like Selim said certain things so we look at the story behind it. When the prophets I saw him said this there was actually a man

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from the province while you send them promos to campaigns who the rest of the campaigns were shading him and he saw him laid out like he was tired exhausted,

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but they had been traveling and so the promise of lighter was sent him said What's wrong with him? What's going on? Is he okay? They told the Prophet I decided to send him he's fasting

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Prophet sallallahu wasallam said Lisa, we're gonna live a cm for suffer not from righteousness too fast while traveling. Why? Because it harmed this intimate he could he couldn't function. He couldn't function. He was sprawled out exhausted. So with a stylus says that, though this statement is a general statement from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam it is restricted to the person whose condition is like the condition of that campaign and the Prophet is a lot to be said and was addressing when he said that Howdy. So for and that's why we said that there are three scenarios if a person is being harmed as content defense. If it's difficult for him as best for him not too fast.

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But if it's easy for him to do it, then in this scenario, he chooses between fasting and not fasting Hello I

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shall hold on Ramadan

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