Abdullah Oduro – Hadith #15 The Rights of Living, Navigating Justice in Faith, Self, and Family

Abdullah Oduro
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On the authority of Abu Hanifa Radi Allahu Anhu. He narrates a beautiful story that took place during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam. And this hadith is an editable hottie. Hadith 1968.

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As we know the prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam with join between the Mohajer the mohajir and the unsavoury basically the people that migrated with the promise of salam from Mecca to Medina, who would gather them with an unsavoury with a person from the Al unser to help them upon their arrival. And this is the one of the signs of brotherhood, that you're helping someone that is need to bow down oh man, amen. Amen. Amen club copy him, that you have bounnam and Hajra Ilim you have bought them and Hajra into him. They love those. They made hijra to them that came from Mecca to Medina, for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. The Prophet SAW Selim would join them together pairs with

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people this Mahajan would join with this Ansari that's in Medina to help them and one would teach the deen and the other would primarily help them in whatever situations they needed because they came without nothing.

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So the Prophet SAW Selim this this story is a beautiful story in regards to masculinity. And talking about the hook or the rights which we've been talking about where he says a hadith

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where the prophets of Allah there was some of the myths of Abu Hanifa he said the Prophet SAW Selim made a bond of brotherhood between Salman and Abu darda. Salman paid a visit to Abu Dhabi and found an ohmmeter that dressed in shabby clothes and asked her why she was in that state. She replied, your brother, a Buddha that is not interested in the luxuries of this world. Okay.

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In the meantime, a Buddha came and prepared a meal for Sandman, Southern man requested a Buddha that eat to eat, and a Buddha that said, No, I'm fasting. Salman said, I'm not going to eat unless you eat. So Buddha ate with Sandman, when it was night and a part of the night passed a Buddha that got up and offered the night prayer, but southern man told him to sleep. And then Buddha that slept after some time, a Buddha that again got up but southern man told him to sleep, when it was the last hours of the night, said man told him to get up then. And both of them offered the prayer sudden man told a Buddha that your Lord has a right upon you. Your soul has a right upon you, and your family

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has a right on you. So you should give the rights of all of those who have rights on you.

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This hadith is so important in regards to equity. This concept of equity is so important for you young men, for you, husbands, for you, young professionals to understand equity. I don't want to use the word balance because sometimes we miss understand that even though it's essentially correct, but the word equity is important. You give everything its do right. This is important, and that is the epitome of justice, giving it its due, right. If you have a 17 year old son and a seven year old son, you will give them the same allowance, the same food, the same conversation, even equity giving it its due amount, rather than equality. So here, the province of Allah Allah was selling made the

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bond between them to and it's a Buddha. So so the man goes to visit him. And the first thing happens, he opens the door, or he knocks on the door or no addresses himself. He sees a Buddha does wife dressed in shabby clothing? And she replied, you're a Buddha lacet little handwritten he had he dunya that he has no need in this dunya Why is she expressing this because a Buddha that was known to be a person of worship. He was always fasting, praying, gave no time to his wife gave no time to his wife. And this is at Radi Allahu Anhu. But this is important because the amount of time she needed was not being fulfilled. There is no universal time. When you get married, you will

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understand that your wife and that's what the chemistry is about. It's a certain science that's between you to the love and the mercy you know when she needs your help. You know, when she doesn't, you know what she needs your affection. It is important to study your wife and young men, the way that you can understand women, the strongest way is for you to study your mom, how she treats you. If you have sisters understand when to be quiet, when to walk away, when to demand a right and a wise way, not in an authoritative aggressive way. Because it may come back to bite you. But to understand women, the female, you have to understand them in order to have good chemistry in your

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house with your future wife. So she said lace up little hydrogen if you had to hit dunya. So he understood, okay, there's something going on. And it says here later. In the meantime, a Buddha came and prepared a meal for some men. So men requested a Buddha to eat and a Buddha that said I'm fasting so Buddha, as mentioned, he is fasting which is a

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interesting because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says In another Hadith

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yeah mashallah Shabbat Minister time in combat affiliates as well which whoever amongst you Oh young men, whoever amongst you is able to physically primarily and financially to get married then they should do it and he said well and he mentions later in the Hadith when one of them yesterday for Allah He was sown for in the hula hoop puja, he said whoever is not able to they then they should fast the scholars mentioned that fasting is a way of lessening or lightening the desire for the opposite gender. And the Prophet saw some said in the hula hula we jet for verily it is a protection being that they fasting serves as a protective mechanism to lighten the strong intense desire that

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one may have there we say lighten the effects of the testosterone or lessen the testosterone count alone.

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So when he said I'm fasting, Sandman told him what he said

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I am not going to eat unless you eat. So he basically told him Look break your fast and eat and this is allowed because scholars mentioned this is most likely an optional fast if you break an optional fast, it's okay you don't have to make it up. When it was the nighttime past, a Buddha that got up to offer the night prayer again, man have a bad day. But some man told him to go to sleep interesting because the nighttime is most of the time most of the time out of the course of 24 hours, day or night is the nighttime is a time that you would most likely be with your wife to be with her intimately. He got up to pray sentimental and go to sleep. Basically, some scholars would

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say to be with your family, because she made that complaint earlier. Look at the wisdom of Sandman or the Allah one. So he said no, go to sleep when it was the last hours of the night so not sentimental them to get up. And both of them offered the prayer. Both of them offered the prayer which shows again, the position of the companions at the nighttime said man got up to pray. And they offered the prayer together. Instead of man gave him advice your Lord has right upon you. In the lead up bucolic a haka. Well, the NFC Kalik and your soul has a right upon you, and your family has a right on you. So give everything it's right. For our two equally the hackin haka. Give everything

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it's right. This is equity. Your family has a right upon you. Yes, Your Lord has a right upon you and you're fulfilling that your soul has a right upon you fulfilling that your family has a right upon you. And it's important to fulfill that this is responsibility. We talk about the purpose of life, yes, is to worship Allah subhana wa Tada. But make no mistake, giving your wife her rights is worshiping Allah. Fulfilling your desires with your wife can be worship of Allah, when you realize your wife has been given by Allah, and you prioritize your worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala without neglecting the rights of your wife, by having mercy, conversing with her making her laugh,

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smiling, providing for protecting her, letting her see that you're intentional with this understanding her love language, is it provision? Is it good conversation? Is it helping her around the house, the province that Elijah was in would help her on the house? So you young men, make it be intentional with helping your mom asking her does she need help bringing the groceries in the house, if you're married, knowing what your wife likes, if you know what I mean, understanding how to fulfill the needs of your wife. This is important. This is all worship when one has the intention. And that's important for you young men when looking for a wife. The first priority which we'll talk

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about is the priority of her relationship with Allah. But understanding that she still has needs and those needs is part of her fitrah and fulfilling those needs is your responsibility as he husband, may Allah subhanho wa Taala make us of those that are like Salman and even a Buddha. Because later in the Hadith, it says a Buddha that came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and related the whole story to make sure are the Allahu Allah and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, said a man has spoken the truth. So remember, the rule that one's right is someone else's responsibility. And also, the natural desires need to be steered and guided. And lastly, the

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importance of being just being just giving everything it's due right. May Allah subhanaw taala make us men of wisdom. Men of Honor men of respect, men of justice Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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