The Descriptions of Jannah & Jahannam – #5 – The Food & Drink of The People of Jahannam

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Mina shavon hongji

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we're in

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woman has to do

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah, he was so happy woman while

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we are still doing our series about heaven and hell, and we are still discussing some of the aspects that are mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah about the reality of jahannam. And in our last lesson last week, I had mentioned a number of a hadith and a number of verses about specific punishments that Allah subhanaw taala mentions in jahannam. And in particular, the issue of the fire and the types of punishments and the types of verbs and adjectives used for the fire. Today, we're going to move on in the same category of punishments within jahannam. and discuss some of the verses and again, this cannot be an exhaustive lecture because that would be too much, but some of the verses

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that deals with the food and the drink of the people of jahannam. Now understand that this is actually a very beautiful contrast in the Quran. And that the Quran mentions the food and the drink of the people of agenda all the time. And when we get there in shallow dialogue, we will be mentioning the details of that it contrasts very perfectly with the opposite. So Allah azza wa jal is enticing us with the positives of gender. And then he is warning us of the negatives of Johanna. And one of the things that

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I don't like about the series that we have to do, there is no other alternative, because it needs to be done this way. But this is really the only way to teach. But what we should always keep in mind is that all of these punishments, they are never mentioned in the Quran, except in the context of the opposite, or I should say they're rarely mentioned almost always, whenever Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions these punishments, they come in the context of also mentioning the rewards. Now when you give a class about the details of jahannam you have to obviously you know, cut off the the the the good stuff about Jenna, we'll be doing that inshallah, when we talk about gender, when we

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compile all of the ayat and a hadith about gender, and talk about it. And the reason I say this is that there's no doubt that you know, these descriptions are very graphic, they are in they are meant to frighten, they are meant to discuss they are meant to make somebody not want to go there. But the religion of Islam and the Quran is not meant to only frightened it's also meant to encourage. So we need to understand that as we're doing this series of lectures, I am forced to anybody who's doing this has to be forced to mention all of these punishments, but we need to realize that they hardly ever occur in the Quran, except in the context of also mentioning the rewards and the mercy of Allah

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Subhana Allah. So Allah mentions the rewards of agenda, and he mentioned the food and the drink of the people of Jenna, obviously, and conversely, Allah subhanho wa Taala also mentioned the opposite. And that is the food and the drink of the people have jahannam. And the Quran mentions in particular, the main tree of jahannam. And it is a tree that is even called a name. And that is the name of boom, the name of the owner. And the verb Zakouma means generally it's used in a very negative sense it means you're swallowing something that you don't like you don't want to swallow swallowing something that is harmful for example, right? So you use the verb Zakouma when you're

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describing the act of swallowing that which is disgusting, maybe even poison and so the terms of own has literally been understood to mean the poisonous tree or the filthy tree. So Zakouma is a negative verb that indicates the swallowing very quickly and the the noun from it is the home is the name of the tree of jahannam that Allah mentions in the Koran multiple times. It is referenced by named in the haoran of them sort of a de Haan versus 43 to 46. Allah says in the haoran in Sharjah writers home the tree

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The home the tree now is the home again there is no proper way to translate it. One can say the tree of evil the tree of bitterness, the tree of poison the tree of filth. Allah calls its own inner shadow shadow to the home to

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a theme. It is the food of those that are criminals. It is the food of the sinful the food of the wicked and the unrighteous called Mohali elderly fillable tone, it is like molten lead, like molten lead that is boiling inside the deep bellies. Cuz I mean, like the boiling of water, social panda Allah, Allah subhana wa tada is describing the nature of the home. And he is saying the food of the people of jahannam will be the fruits that are coming from the tree of zoom in sheduled otters home for more a theme, so the time of the sinners, the food of the sinners is going to be the fruits of this particular tree. But the fruits of this tree, they are not going to be nourishing and luscious

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and ripe and beautiful. No, they will be like molten lead that is boiling inside the bellies, just like water that you put. And this is a very graphic image because lead or copper or iron, when it is melted down, it does not bubble and boil like water, the fires of this world cannot make it that hot. And yet the fire of jahannam will make the molten lead bubble and boil like a water that is put on a boiling fire. The boiling water when it is put on a hot fire Alize which it is describing the tree of the home and the fruits of the tree of the home in a similar manner and a lot of inches in sort of soft fat. He mentions the tree again, full of radical hiren I'm sure Joe to the home say

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that Is that better? Sorry, radical hydro New Zealand I'm sure Joe to the home. Allah describes gender. And then he says, Is this better for you? Or would you rather have the sheduled to zone and again notice, almost always whenever the punishment is mentioned, it comes after the reward after the good. So Allah wants to entice you and then frighten you. And so Allah mentions the good and Allah says, Would you have all of this? Or would you rather have that sheduled to his own? In Gianna? hafeet Natal lilavati mean, we have made this tree a test for the wicked and the unrighteous. It is an evil tree and it is going to be a fitna for the vitamin. What is schelotto is

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a home in Sharjah rotonda hora jiofi us little jehane it is a shujaa that grows from the bottom of the hell are all the Billa the roots of the comb, go to the depths of the pits of Hell, what an evil place to plant something and what evil is going to be sprouting from that place in nature that Allah is saying in the harsh edge rotonda Whoa, do you feel silly Austin jehane tada ruhakana whoo sushi all clean. Follow her the fruits of the st. Paula is the fruits, the fruits of this tree. They are like the heads of shale teen hanging from it or with a Billa. So the heads of shape are thin. Imagine the most terrifying structure the most terrifying face the most evil face that will induce

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disgust and fear and revolt. That is the shape of the fruits of this tree, that Allah xojo is saying that its roots go down to the very depths of jahannam. And its fruits are hanging like the heads of Shelton through her garden who also shout out to him for in the homeless. archy Luna minha these sinful people are going to be eating from it family on them in hell both own they will be forced to fill their bellies from the fruits of this tree. Some in the Himalaya show Birmingham and then on top of that, they will have a brew of boiling liquid from in Mr. Zhao home letter to him, and then they shall be returned back to the fire of Johanna. So Allah in this series of verses of pseudo soft

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facts mentioned some facts about this tree of Zaku of these facts is that the roots of this tree are planted in the depths of hell. So from this, we get an indication that this tree is branching throughout all of jahannam. And that every single level of jahannam will have access to this tree and it is not a blessing to have access to this tree. Rather it will be the primary source of food may be the sole source of food for the people of jahannam. And that is going to be the tree of its own and the fruit of this tree to look at them to gaze upon them will itself induce disgust and unrest because they will look like the heads of devils they will look like the most disgusting

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they're not going to look like beautiful apples and

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oranges and bananas and pineapples No, the very look of the fruits is enough to cause you to feel terrified. And that is why Allah calls this tree. The Cursed tree was shojiro telma luneta or uncertain israa that Allah says we're shedra Tillman. luneta Philip Oran, it is the cursed tree in the Quran. Allah has cursed this tree. It is a tree that is a cursed because there is no good from it. And anybody who eats from it is also not a good person. And there's a hadith in sunon activity that is an eye opening Hadith for us. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, lo Nakata minister Kumi karate daddy dunia have said that Allah dunya ma Yeshua whom for K through the menu,

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Khun Swami who wrote to me, I didn't tell me he says, No, I'm not Torah, if one drop of resume was dropped into this entire world, it would make this whole dounia putrid, it would make this whole dunia facet, it would corrupt and spoil this entire dounia. And it would make it impossible for people to go around back and forth. And then the profits of the law. Why do you sit him said so then what do you think will be the fate of the one who has to eat the fruits of this tree somehow no law. So the tree if one drop from this tree of his own one bit of it, or to be put into this dunya it would ruin the entire dunya and it would make life impossible. Nobody will be able to do anything

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after one bit of this tree were to come here. And so what do you think the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said I was the one who is forced to eat this tree. So all of this shows us that this home is a filthy, it is an evil, it is a curse to treat its roots go deep into jahannam. And its branches are spread all over Johanna, the fruits of this tree they resemble shape onic head satanic heads yet still. And this is the point Think about this, nobody will want to eat of this tree. And yet, despite how filthy and ugly and terrifying and putrid it is still, the people of jahannam will be forced to eat it because there will be no other fruits for them, no other source of food for them.

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And so because it is the only source, the hunger will not and not and not at the people of jahannam. And they will eventually have no option except to go to the tree of the own, thinking that at least something is better than nothing, and they will be forced to devour its fruits. Yet those fruits themselves looking upon it is terrifying. Imagine eating something that is resembling the shell clean and the heads of shells clean. And then when they eat it. As it goes into their stomachs as it goes into their bellies, it itself will become molten iron and it will itself boil like the boiling of water. And then of course they will have to quench their thirst with something. And so Allah

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subhanho wa Taala mentions that even the waters of jahannam they are not something to look forward to. Allah says what's your alma and hammy men for

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whom sort of Mohammed verse 15. And they they were they have been fed water that is boiling hot, so much so that their innards their organs will be shredded into bits. So the water will be so boiling hot that everything inside their bodies will be shredded into bits. Now, this verse by the way, it really underscores exactly what I'm saying that I said from the beginning of this lecture, this verse sort of Mohammed verse 15, look it up. And it really demonstrates and shows you You see, I go back to something I said last week and two weeks ago as well, I need to reiterate, in case we forget in case you're only logged on to this one episode. Indeed, the descriptions of janome are

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terrifying. But I've said this multiple times. Firstly, they are not as frequent as we imagine. In fact, Jenna is described much more than Johanna and secondly, they inevitably occur in the context of mentioning both gender and gender. Now this verse sudo, Mohammed is the perfect example. Look at the beginning of the verse, Allah says in the Koran method or generativity, we're dealing with on the example of the gender that is prepared for the believers in it our waters of sorry, are rivers of pure water, one Houghton may Lebanon and rivers of pure milk. Let me add the value of time Woohoo, that it's never going to spoil one How to Win humbly live that Alicia bean, and there's

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going to be rivers of wine that are delightful for the drinkers one how to an asset and most of us there's going to be rivers of purified honey, water homefree homunculus, a mirage and they're going to have all types of fruits and they shall have

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forgiveness from their Lord. Now all of this is one verse by the way, Allah mentions Four Rivers. alum mentions Four Rivers of agenda, pure water, milk that shall remain fresh forever wine that is delightful you're not going to become intoxicated, and honey that is strained and that is purified Four Rivers. And then Allah says on top of this every food they want, and then Allah says even on top of this, Allah she'll forgive them. Then at the very end, Allah says, Is this the same as the one who is being given was to Oman hammam of Qatar, Tama own is the one that is being given boiling water that is cutting up his insides. Notice here when I'm teaching you this class about jahannam Of

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course, I'm kind of forced to concentrate on the last bit of the verse. But the Quran does not mention only that punishment. The Quran mentions an entire paragraph of reward of descriptions that Koran emphasizes gender, and then to contrast with gender. Allah says these four rivers Would you rather have them? Or would you rather have and then half a verse, notice here the quantity of gender description and the beauty of gender description? And then at the very end, allegis squeezes in there and says, look, would you rather have this or rather have was to Oman Hanuman takapa. One simple phrase that the boiling water that is going to destroy their inner organs You see, here's the

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point here, Jana is never described in the haoran. Without the alternative, which is Jenna. And Jenna is described in more vivid imagery, and in more beautiful language, and it is meant to entice more. And it is therefore, of course, when you're teaching an academic class, which is what I'm doing, we have to concentrate on the jahannam site to teach you that you handle but we need to understand the psychology of the Quran and the psychology of religion. We don't just concentrate on that side, we actually have to look at the broader picture. Also, Allah subhanaw taala mentions other descriptions of the food and the drink of the people of Jenna, sort of de la Shia versus 16 to

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seven that lay sell a home for our moon, men body are you smelling what you only mean? Sure, they sell a home to the people of jahannam will not have any food except from body or body or this word buddy or it has it only occurs this once in the Quran. It does not occur anywhere else in the Quran, except in this verse, the word body later on found in lemon body. And so our scholars have to see it. They have tried to explain what is the meaning of body or the great professor and scholar of injury or poverty. He says that these people are going to be punished. They're going to be forced to eat body and body or he said it is a type of plant that outcrops No, that is called a sheep. It's a

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type of plant that is called a ship. And the people of Hijaz will call it a body and the and the thorns of it are poisonous. And so the idea is the poisonous thorns of this shrub that is found in central Arabia. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying that the people of jahannam will be forced to eat a thorn like substance that is poisonous, laced along with a lemon body. And as they eat it la use minnow. Wala Yoni I mean, sure, neither does it give you nourishment? And how does it make you fat give you nourishment? nor even does it satisfy your hunger Subhanallah You know, there are some things that they don't nourish you, but at least when you eat it, you feel full. So there's some

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things that not might not be that you know, calories, or you're not going to have a lot of benefit to eat it from a health perspective. But at least when you eat it, your stomach feels that you have eaten something. And Allah is saying, the time or the food or the people of jahannam you can eat and eat and eat, and it will neither give you nourishment, nor even will stave off your hunger. And we seek refuge and protection in a law and a law alone. And again, I reiterate all of these verses as we go over them and all of these ayat and these, they should impact us we should be thinking about this reality, and we should have a change in our lifestyle. We do not want to risk being punished in

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this manner. We want Allah's mercy and rahima we want to avoid this punishment. So we need to strive to avoid that. And by the way, Sharla in my next two lectures will be going over how we can avoid janam as well and what are the steps that we can do to make sure we are not going down that path and also the specific sins that Allah has linked to the fire of hell. So right now we're setting up the stage right now we're explaining some of the dangers some of the punishments, but all of that knowledge is for a goal and the goal is to make you a better person. The goal is to you we

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shaping our act act up we don't act in a manner that will lead us down this road for jahannam. And so Allah is mentioning that neither does it nourish nor does it satisfy their hunger and as sort of resemble Allah also describes the food of the people of jahannam verse 12 to 13 in Medina and Carolyn wager Hema that we have shackles and a fierce fire well thought um and the last slot in why the Ben Lima here we have another description of the food of the people of jahannam I'll Tom that is the will saw

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the meaning of salsa in in Arabic the meaning of all saw is that which chokes that which you cannot swallow down. So Allsopp means that which you have difficulty swallowing. And Allah is saying the food of the people of jahannam is a little slight, it is difficult to swallow. Now look at all of these descriptions of the food of the people of jahannam. First and foremost, it is terrifying to look at. Secondly, its source is the author's own which is a cursed treat. Thirdly, it is thorns and prickly it's sharp to eat. Fourthly, as you eat it, you cannot eat it, it is getting stuck in your throat and now all sudden fifthly when it goes down, it is boiling like the boiling water inside of

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you. And sixthly Allah subhanho wa Taala says, it doesn't give you nourishment, and seventh Li it doesn't even make you feel as if you've eaten anything. So panela look at all of these vivid punishments, seven different things that are specifically mentioned about the food. Nothing is positive about the food of jahannam from A to Z, everything is negative about the food of Johanna. Also Allah mentions in the Quran and sort of that how God Felice Allah Julio Maha hoonah hammy, what our moon Illa mini slean La Jolla kulu Enlil hottie own now we have another type of food of the people of jahannam. So there is deep food coming from the tree of the own. Now there is another food

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which is just as filthy or disgusting, if not more, so sort of that half court of law says he has no friend here in jahannam place alone, but how have you what else I

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mean his lien, and he shall have no food ever to eat, except from the food of this lien. And I'll explain this in a while, like aku Illa, hottie own, none shall eat this food, except those who have committed a major error in worshipping other than Allah subhana wa Tada. So Allah is saying that the arm of the people of jahannam is his slean. What is wrestling, wrestling, our scholars say every filthy and dirty thing that you wash, the water that comes from that washing is called the wrestling. This is what the wrestling because masala means to watch. And the wrestling is anything that is putrid, that is filthy, that is ledges, and then you pour water and the water comes and it

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is there, this water that comes down right that the remnants of the water that is used upon something that is dirty, filthy, that is called clean. And so the Tafseer given of his lien, is it is the remnants of what comes from the putrid wounds and the punishments and the filthy skins of the people of jahannam. To be loved. So all of that negative filth, all of that dirtiness that is called asleep. So the blood, the the, the vomiting, the the pus, all of this is going to be taken out and our altavilla that is needed to develop will form one of the types of punishment of the people of jahannam. And so Allah says that

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what what else was in them in this lien, and in sort of solid, a lot mentioned a similar thing, which is our scholar says the same thing, how that failure or honeymoon was up to me shortly as watch this and let them taste the boiling fire the fire of jahannam of the water and a sock as well. And the same thing goes for the south as well is that it is a similar

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thing like that that which comes from the wounds and the past of the people of Ghana. And the word of ourself actually also has another connotation that it is lean does not have and that is that the word hosaka lady oma

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was that well quality, the tastes of leather cover topics and on top of that the term varseq which is mentioned in the Koran, old bill Falak Mishima, holla Pasha sukrin either waka Bahasa is Vasa over here. So the meaning of the verb not this, not a sap over here, the meaning of Lhasa

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Is that which is dark or the darkness of the night? Right? And so loss it is that which comes at night. And so there's a sap over here how the honeymoon was set up. And this is why the ones who are solid versus 57 to 58, that Allah mentions that they're going to eat less. And this shows us that the color and the texture of this food is going to be filthy, murky, dirty Putra, that dark mixture of all the nasty stuff, that's what it is and the villa, what do you think is going to be when it is the past and the vomit and the putrid, you know, flesh and the remnants of the najat of the people of jahannam? What do you think that's gonna look like that is called a sock. And it is called this

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lien and we seek Allah's refuge. This is another source of food, which is not going to really be food, it is it self punishment, the food and water of jahannam is not a source of nourishment, it is a source of punishment. And Allah mentions as well. The concept of the water always being that which itself is going to punish, the water is not going to calm you the water is not going to satiate your thirst, rather the water itself is going to cut up your insights as Allah says in the Quran. And Allah mentions multiple times, the issue of boiling water, the issue of extremely hot water, and multiple nouns are used for this of them as sort of tin can verse 29 onwards

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that Allah subhana wa tada says, that will help them or become financial for human woman shaliach for that the truth has come from you, Lord, whoever wants to believe can believe whoever wants to disbelieve, let him disbelieve in

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the volume in and now on how to be hims Harajuku hub, we have prepared for the unjust, the wicked a fire, whose curtains are going to lock them up. We're in yesterday through the curtains meaning the flames or the fire going to lock them up. We're in yesterday through and if they call out for water, if they want relief, if they want to be fed some water you lost will be mine in Colorado, they will be given water that itself is like boiling copper or brass that yo Helen would you that the faces themselves are going to be burning from them bit Sasha Prabhu was at North Africa, what an evil drink that they have, and what a terrible place that they are in. So here again sort of telegraph we

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get this notion of the desperation of wanting something to eat and something to drink, even though they know that that food and that water will punish them, but after every so many 1000s of years or whatever, they will be forced to beg and when they beg so when you study through you or through the angels of jahannam will give them something and what would they be given the mountain Cal Morley the water itself is going to be burning like molten lead or copper and it is going to sculpt when you when you drink the water. The water is going to burn your mouth your tongue your whole face is going to be burnt It's so hot that's going to be burning What do you think is going to happen inside of

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the body and this is of course mentioned again in the Quran. Ibrahim verses 16 to 17 we use amin MA in studied yetta Gerardo who Wallah you can do you see who we are t Hill mo to include Luma cannon warmer who will be made yet woman was either born Odile is a very terrifying verse, sort of Ibrahim verses 16 to 17.

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That he shall be given water from so deed and we already said studied or we can say it is a type of the same thing of listening and a cell that's studied is according to another interpretation studied is that which comes from the wounds directly and it is similar to so his sleep that which is washed from the the the the body of a South that which looks filthy and nasty. So putting it all together, it's really the same substance, but Allah is using different nouns and different adjectives to describe this substance. And so for deed is the, the expulsions that come when a wound has festered, and it is oozing out. This is called the so deed. And Allah is saying that we'll use all menma in

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studied that the water that they're going to be forced to drink it is going to be this studied yetta Gerardo who while I occur, do you see who he will be forced to guzzle it in and he will not be able to enjoy as it goes down? So look at how precise the verbs are, that Allah is saying that something so disgusting, he's not going to just swallow it in gently and nicely. He's not going to take it

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The way that we drink water, no yet genre who is going to be forced to lap it up because it's not pleasant, and he thinks that is going to be better than the alternative. But in fact, it is not going to be better than the alternative. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Well, yeah, tea Hill mode to me, including Lima can in warmer, who will be made. This is a terrifying verse, He is surrounded by death, death comes to him from every angle, yet he shall never die. What a terrifying verse, one small fraction of jahannam would kill us in this dunya. The smallest infinitesimally small amount of jahannam would get rid of us knock us out in this dunya and Allah is saying, in the

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art here of the person of jahannam, he is going to be surrounded by death from all sides, and yet death shall never come unto him. So all of these verses and again they talk about the the water of the people of Johanna. And the same again a pseudo solid verse 57, hatha folio or Jaime moon was a cell here, Allah mentions two terms we've already mentioned before her meme and of course, that this is indeed jahannam and they are going to be tasting folia Dooku they're going to be tasting What are they going to be tasting honey moon was a sock that a boiling water that is filthy and dirty. And we're often with Shockley as watch and similar punishments of diverse kinds of natures. Notice how

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many different nouns Allah is using to describe the water or the drink of the people of jahannam the term have mean which is boiling water scalding water, the term and is also used for example, then pseudo human that your 200 Beinhart webinar Jaime min and and also this was the last year to come in I in in near near the feminine earn Ania what is an N is the hottest water right before it's going to just evaporate. So imagine if you're boiling boiling boiling, there comes a point where the water just evaporating right before the evaporates that is called and and so Allah azza wa jal is mentioning how mean and an are going to do what they're going to be drinking. Also the term as a

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South is mentioned, and I mentioned that the term itself means a putrid water that is murky, filthy, disgusting, all sorts of nasty things inside the water, also the term of his lean, and his lean, as we said is that which is washed and what comes from the washing, also the term studied, and the sodium is what comes from the wounds of jahannam. So all of this put together on a by the way, there are other terms as well for example called moholy. Yaniv Ableton and mohale is the burning oil. And some have said that the mohale is the remnants of the discarded and used oil you know, when you use oil to cook food and use it and use it after a while it becomes completely unusable and it becomes

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if you were to cook something in it, the food becomes sport as we know. So that somehow said is the meaning of alcohol and all of this again shows us the realities of the people of Japan them and their food and their drink. And this is also mentioned in the Hadith as well. For example in Sahih Muslim the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said reported by jab at him now Abdullah in no in Allah hi then dimensioni but musky rot the noosphere who lean at Allahabad, Allah Yasuda, la mattina to La la la, la la or resorted to old or solo to and in

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that Javid, Abdullah narrated that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah azza wa jal has promised a law has a covenant or an oath Allah has said this is going to happen that whoever drinks intoxicating drinks in this world shall drink from the Lena total Habad. Now to Habad is not a commonly used term and it basically means

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disgusting mud if you like something like this, it's not a commonly used term. So they said O Messenger of Allah, what is Lina total Habad by mud I mean a substance that is composed of water and so was the mixture okay? So they said O Messenger of Allah, what is this leader total Hubbard? What does it mean? So he said, it is the sweat of the people of jahannam or the excursions of the people of Jenna what is coming from their bodies? How would you be like imagine that I just sat and all of this that is the sweat or what is it being expelled from their bodies that is the the cleaner to Allahabad. Now by the way, this hadith should terrify us and make us very careful about not taking

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intoxications and include it in toxic ations is drugs. So all musky rot, or how long? Everything that intoxicated is how long and in this Hadith, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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said that Allah has taken an oath that whoever drinks them whiskey or art, our scholars say the only way that this is not going to occur is if the person repents in this world and turns over a new leaf. Otherwise, the one who was addicted and the one who was constantly involved in the sin, it is a major sin that leads to jahannam, as we will mention, and one of the causes of going to Johanna is to be an addict that is always drinking or taking drugs, and never repenting until you die in that state, the one who is mood mineral humbler, the one who is a constant alcoholic, this person has been threatened in this manner. Now obviously, Allah has the right to forgive, and that forgiveness

00:35:43--> 00:36:26

is guaranteed on the one who asks it sincerely. So anybody who has drank in the past anybody who has been intoxicated in the past, do not lose hope of Allah's mercy. And know that when you turn to Allah in repentance, Allah azzawajal will forgive you. No question about it in the law, yo food with vinoba Jamia, Allah shall forgive all of the sins. So we talked about the food and the drink of the people of jahannam. And this is a summary of the main verses There are of course others, I don't have time to go into all of them of the main verses about the food and the drink of the people of Johanna. We also know that the clothing of the people of Japan will also be a source of punishment.

00:36:26--> 00:36:38

So literally everything will be a source of punishment, and the clothing of the people of gender is also mentioned in the Quran and in the Sunnah. As for the Quran, in Surah, Al Hajj, verse 19.

00:36:41--> 00:37:28

Allah says in Surah, Al Hajj verse 19. For lady Anika photo, Thea boom in us for those who have committed coffer, garments of fire shall be tailor made and cut for them. At the home, they're going to be cut according to their sizes and their bodies, Thea sub garments made out of what men now from the five year one of the scholars of the past said of Hannah law, how powerful is a law that he can cut up the fire and turn it into a garment itself a law has the power to take fire and give you a custom made suit made out of the fire of the home theater boom in in every person in jahannam we seek Allah's refuge from being amongst them shall be what made to wear a tailor made perfect for the

00:37:28--> 00:37:58

size so that the body is completely punished with the album and now you saw both men folk who see him will mean and on top of them, boiling water is going to be poured and because of this, their skin and their insides are going to be boiled as the Quran mentions. And also Allah mentions another verse that has the the clothing of the people of jahannam and this is pseudo Ibrahim, verses 48 to 49. So they brought him verses 48 to 49.

00:37:59--> 00:38:19

That Allah subhana wa tada says, water always remain a den mokara Nina Phil Oxford, Serra de Lune Minh of Tehran in what OSHA would you home and now you're going to see on that day, the centers that they will be, they will be completely chained up. And

00:38:21--> 00:39:06

Makoto set sarabi to whom men are caught on in their garments are going to be made out of tar you know tar which is itself disgusting. And when it is hot, it becomes the most boiling the most difficult thing it is dangerous. And Allah is saying subtle EBU to whom an author on their Salah bill which is their garments will be made from that tar what who would you whom when now and the fire shall cover their faces. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also said that and he had to either LMT to public mot how to call Yokoyama t while he has his bathroom Anakata. Iranian will do their own main job, that the one who is wailing all the time, or the dead, or the one who made it

00:39:06--> 00:39:44

a lifelong profession that she was paid money to will over the dead. If she does not repent before she dies, she shall be and but the reason why it's female is because there was a profession back in the day, and it is still around in some cultures, not in Arab or Muslim cultures, but in some cultures, you hire people and generally it is ladies that go and they will and they say things that are and Islamic, and this has been forbidden in our religion. And so our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that they know how it applies to the man as well, but men generally didn't do that in that timeframe, but it applies if they were to do that, that the lady who is whaling professionally

00:39:44--> 00:39:59

as a tutor, she does it throughout her life unless she repents that on the Day of Judgment she will be placed in garments made out of copper and that she is going to be placed with a

00:40:00--> 00:40:49

full suit of leather that is again going to be boiling on that. So the garments of the people of jahannam will also be a source of punishment along with the food and along with the drink, as if that were not enough. Also we learn that the people of jahannam will be made far larger than they are a lot of xojo will expand their bodies and make them far larger than they are our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Roger I mean add in it, that you are far more than that the person of the of the fire of hell he shall be made bigger because or for the fire of hell so much so our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that his molar tooth it will become as big as the

00:40:49--> 00:41:32

mountain of his molar tooth will become as big as the mountain of Orford. Can you imagine a human being? That just the teeth, one tooth is going to be as big as the amount of water we seek Allah's refuge from that are with a biller? How big will the body be? And we learn in a hadith in Sahih, Muslim Medina men kybella carefully for nerima, zero to thelotter, yamla rakibul masuria, between the shoulder blades of the person of the fire of hell, there shall be the distance of three days of a quick rider that is galloping on a horse, it'll take him three days, that is how large the just the between the two shoulder blades Why is all of this even criterion mentions to increase the

00:41:32--> 00:42:15

punishment with seek Allah's refuge? So the body of the Kaffir will itself be expanded in 100, Ethan Timothy, our professor of law, why do you send them said that he shall sit down and it will be in a place as large as between Makkah and Medina Subhana. Allah, He, I need that massive distance that takes four hours by car, if you're zooming, it'll take you four hours by car, our Profit System said the body will be made so big that when the person sits down, it will be that distance between MK and Medina and all of this we seek Allah's refuge, but to increase the other job upon the one who rejected Allah subhanho wa Taala. So in today's lesson, we did a number of different aspects of the

00:42:15--> 00:42:49

punishment of the people of jahannam. We talked about the Quranic and the Hadees descriptions, especially of the food and the drink, and everything about it from the beginning to the end, even the fact that they will not want to, but they're going to be forced to ask for it. And when they asked for it, they will be given the most putrid and the most rancid, and the most festered of all drinks and food. And that food and drink is not going to help them it will in fact, make matters even worse. And so they're going to stop asking or eating or drinking, but then after an Eon, they're going to want to it again because they're going to think it's better than what they have. So

00:42:49--> 00:43:23

that infinite loop will be there. And to make matters even worse than this, the clothes that they're going to be wearing will be closed the punishment and then on top of all of this, the bodies that they will have are not going to be the regular bodies Rather, they will be something for larger now we will and shall have time to discuss some of the wisdoms because again, in the times that we live in people always raised this issue of why is there so much punishment and I've mentioned it before and I'll mention it again in a future lecture. And also we'll talk about the issue of the eternality of fandom and the controversy that existed over that So shall we we'll continue from where we left

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off this week. Until then Chuck moolah here on set I'm wandering to Lahore barakato.