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Slow hungry level salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was happy he woman writer let us resume Suraj will call them first in terms of the name of the surah. Obviously, it is named after the opening verses the Penn Law subhanaw taala swears by it. So the surah is is called Surah to column or sort of noon, after the opening verse, and we'll talk about exactly what this means in shallow in terms of when this surah was revealed. So, going back to the chronology of the Sierra, keep in mind some of the previous sword, we discussed in general and when we discuss, discuss Surah, two in Mulk. We talked about the importance of the context. So some background information. This

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surah is one of the earliest songs to be revealed in Mecca. However, keep in mind that this surah was likely revealed. Based on the subject matter, it was likely revealed and it came down when the opposition to the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam increased significantly. So the harshness of the enemies of Islam is found it's mentioned it's referenced in the Surah as well as the responses and refutations to to some of their accusations, as well as mentioning the character, the amazing moral exalted character of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the greatest role model for mankind. Now a question here for you to think about. And if you have not thought about this already, this is an

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opportunity opportunistic time. What is the link between the beginning of Surah 12 column and the end of surah? Turmeric, you may recall if your notes are not open, you may recall the end of Surah two and Malik speaking about and through rhetorical questions speaking about the blessings of Allah, if Allah does not give you such and such, who is going to give it to you, if Allah stops the water from running the water cycle from operating, who's going to provide you with water to sustain life on Earth? These types of rhetorical questions so that people will reflect and think and so that their hearts will be humbled, their football will be awakened and they will come back to common

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sense they will come back to intuition they will come back to Allah subhanaw taala. So the end of that surah is speaking about Allah subhanaw taala his power and all of his blessings. So there are two links here. Amongst them is the emphasis on the power of Allah and the beginning of Surah Al Kalam speaking about the truthfulness of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So again, they were attacking Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, and Allah Subhana Allah is refuting them, almost swears by the pen, correct. What they are claiming about the Prophet SAW Selim response to it. If Allah subhanaw taala, the all powerful the Creator of the heavens and the earth and all that is in

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between, he testifies to the truthfulness of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, then we don't care about what other people say. But that seems like an obvious thing. Let's take things a step further. If you are upon the truth, and you are with Allah subhanaw taala and you are following the message of God, don't worry about what people say about you. Meaning there will always be people who attack you for being righteous for being Muslim for doing this for doing that. There will always be enemies of so and so. If you are upon the truth, you must be realizing and acknowledging you must be cognizant that with guidance, there will be enemies and devils of the human and the jinn who are not

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happy displeased, angry, hateful towards you. May Allah protect you and protect all of us. This is the reality of being a Muslim. And it does not mean that you are necessarily out there spreading Islam which we should all be doing in our own ways in different ways. But even if you are simply a Muslim, trying to live as a Muslim, there are people who will always hate that you are upon the truth, who will hate that you worship Allah subhanho wa Taala but if Allah is with you, then none of that matters. If Allah is protecting you, none of that matters. You are following the final message from God to all of mankind. You are following the final messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so

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you are upon the truth. If Allah subhanaw taala chose the prophets lie Selim for this message, the message will spread regardless of what people say or what they want, in a few are following that same message. So you are a messenger of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam then you have nothing to worry about. The message will spread inevitably May Allah subhanaw taala utilize us for the spread of Islam and the spread of the truth in this world alarm me another link between the opening the end of salted milk and the beginning of pseudo phylum. At the end of salt will melt Allah subhanaw taala says all who are off Manu ermine be Rolla Utah. I can say Indeed, He is the

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Lord of Mercy. We believe in him and we put our trust in Him. And here's the part first Tada Munna men who are fueled on early moving, you will come to see and know who is truly upon misguidance clear misguidance you will see who is really wrong in this discussion. In the beginning of sorrows have fallen as seven in North Dakota who are on level B member lands, ideally he would be monitoring your Lord knows who is upon the truth and who is upon misguidance In other words, those

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Who are misguided and those who are guided Allah subhanaw taala is aware of that. So the point here is that usually there is a common thread or a link between the endings of some of the sword and the openings and beginnings of other sword. But this is with regards to sort of to invoke and sort of column. And the last point before we begin with the surah itself, what is the surah about in three very short points, the themes subject matter, all come down to three things. Number one, it responds to the objections of the enemies of Islam. So there's a response here. Number two, there is a set of warnings and also admonitions, a type of threat to those who are attacking the truth and those who

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are misguided, there's a reminder, and this reminder can be a blessing for those who take it as a blessing. For those who are arrogant, it will end up being what a it will testify against them. So this is something that they basically double down on, may Allah protect us. And number three, there's also an exhortation to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, as a reminder to stay patient and remain constant stay patient regardless of what happens around you. This is a summary but of course with this there's so much more in solitude upon which we will delve into the vanilla, we will try to complete at least 10 Today possibly more than that, Inshallah, if we have the time. Let us begin

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with the recitation of at least the first 10 verses inshallah. So, you can follow along with your own translation, if you prefer, or you can utilize the one we are sharing here in Selma.

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Our old will be, he means shining upon your oggi. Bismillah, Hiroshima and your wahi name. No.

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Going back to the beginning of the new one, while economy one is still. So first here you have a letter noon, one letter. This is part of the opening of many Surah of the Quran and a trivia question here is coming up about the disjointed or disconnected letters. So there are many names for these in the books of TF seed and many of the commentaries even from the earliest of scholars and some of the Sahaba the whole roof the letters that aren't pa two they are disconnected or disjointed. So it's oftentimes simply one letter or several letters or two letters have mean noon. What does this mean and how many songs begin with disjointed letters 29 of the 114 sort of begin

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with disjointed letters 29 That's approximately 25% of the soul. So this is a significant amount and it's good to understand just at least once every now and then to be reminded of what this represents. So you have openings such as alpha meme, and if I'm wrong or higher seen sawed off here you have noon. What does this mean? There are more than 20 different opinions about this mm ahwazi Rahim Allah alone listed more than 20 opinions, the safest opinion and I'm summarizing a much longer discussion. The safest opinion is the one attributed to a mobile hotspot, as well as Abdullah bin ibis, Radi Allahu Anhu Emma, these are great companions who studied this perhaps from the Prophet

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sallallahu Sallam therefore we take this opinion and say this is the safest for us to move forward with. They said and proven more Katara

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The disjointed letters mean and Maktoum Isla de la you first. So this is from the hidden secrets that cannot be interpreted by us meaning, we don't really know the true nature of these letters. We don't know why they are here. However, there are some indications there are some possibilities, we might say could be taken from this. For example, one of the most important is the challenge to hottie that challenge to the people of courage to the people who are known for the ability to be eloquent and for the rhetoric and for their poetry. These were the greatest Arab poets throughout history, and this cannot be denied as a fact. And they used to debate things using poetry, they used

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to talk about history using poetry, they used to show off with their poetry, so depending on who it was, but generally speaking, they were the most eloquent poets of the Arabic language throughout history. There is a challenge here, a challenge for them to utilize the letters of the Arabic language, the letters that they are aware of these are not a secret, the same letters that are used in the Quran. There is a challenge for the people who are rejecting the Quran and rejecting God, to go ahead and try to come up with something like its meaning they cannot. Because the Quran has many facets, many types of jazz, it is miraculous in so many ways. Why? Because it's the speech of Allah

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subhanaw taala would it make sense for any human being, that the speech of the human being the creation is like the speech of the Creator like God? Of course not. And so there is a challenge here for them not to even know what these letters represent, first of all, and second of all, that they cannot utilize the very same letters, and the same rules of the Arabic language to come up with anything remotely like the Quran, meaning with with images with a miraculous nature, predicting the future giving contents that affect the hearts and move all of society, universally accepted in terms of the Maxim's and morals they impact on the world of the Quran throughout the last 1400 plus years,

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and so on and so forth. Many other things within the Quran that no other human being can possibly do. Try to utilize this letter noon or any other letter to come up with something like it. So there's a challenge here to hottie. And it's interesting that Allah subhanaw taala begins with noon one on me one is to learn in the very opening ayah Allah subhanaw taala is swearing by the pen. And this is as far as we know the only time in the Quran that Allah subhanaw taala swears by the pen like this. And there are several things to take from this and I'm going to ask you a question about this in terms of application. So one of the early scholars of Tafseer Mujaddid Rahim Allah, He said,

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the pen here by the pen Allah has is referring to the pen with which the Quran was being written down. And from this automatically follows that that which was being written implies the Quran itself, while economy one is to rule. Having said that, keep in mind there are many opinions about what this exactly means this opening. But we know for sure what's not doubted what's very clear, is that Allah is swearing by the pen, Allah swearing by the pen. And we have a number of amazing lessons and reflections here sometimes people recite sort of balance or any sort of new economy one milestone and then they move on pause and reflect this is what the point of that book is that you

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contemplate. So I will share with you seven reflections and ask you at the end of these reflections, how can you apply this am I in number one in your daily life, what is a very practical thing you can do with this I just so we are thinking more critically and applying the Quran in our daily lives. So reflection number one, the same individuals who ignore God and reject the Quran. These people are exposed when they are challenged to bring about a single Surah like the Quran, with just with a miraculous nature, despite the fact that they can speak and they can write with the pen, they can speak and they have poetry, they have a language they have a tongue they can hear, they can see they

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can speak and they can write and many of them were writing and some of them especially the elite of Porsche used to have this what they thought was an advantage in society. And yet there are pens can never and will never write anything remotely like the speech of God SubhanaHu wa, another reflection number two, Allah subhanaw taala swears by the pen. And here there's a powerful reminder and a warning and a threat against and to those who use their pens and the writings in this world to attack and oppose God and the truth. There's a responsibility with the pen. Number three, do not be little, the blessing of writing. This is one of the greatest blessings of Allah upon human beings

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that we are able to write look at the animal kingdom, nothing can write like the human being. And that this is an important point in terms of language, how language simply abruptly appeared throughout history. Even even you know when when we talk to evolutionary biologists and atheists and others talking about their claims of evolution ridiculous claims meaning there are so many gaps. One of the

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Interesting things that you look deeper into the study into what some of them realized through the research, seemingly abruptly language appeared, it did not happen gradually. And it did not occur with other existing beings on this earth, despite the fact that biologically and physiologically it seemed like they had the potential to learn language. This is because of the paradigm that some atheist or Darwinist are looking at history and are studying science through their philosophical interpretation or through their belief system. And they're trying to look for something to justify their belief system. And it came about almost abruptly. Why because we know Allah subhanaw taala

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created an MIT Salam and Hauer and brought them down to this earth. And this is not something any human being could have possibly done. This is not something that could have evolved. This is not something that is biological molecules cannot create language and the miracle of language. Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us the blessing of language. And with this, we say, the blessing of writing. Use this blessing wisely. Number four,

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pens are considered small and insignificant, but are indeed some of the most powerful tools in the world. Right. Sometimes the pen is mightier than the sword. Sometimes the pen is mightier than millions of dollars trying to do something or accomplish something in this world. The lesson here is that it's not always about the quantity or the size of something or the physical property. It is about the quality and the potential of that thing, the potential for pens to change the world, the potential for you to change the world through the pen mainly through writing, through speech through what you leave behind through education. And number five, someone might use the power of the pen to

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commit evil and oppression in this world, as many people do today. And they fund this in the millions of dollars to disobey God to oppose God to oppose his love to spread corruption, to spread immorality, through different channels and platforms, while other people will use the power of the pen to bring people to God, to bring people to knowledge to bring people to light to bring people to truth, to liberate human beings from the worship of their own desires, and the worship of societal demands and pressures from other people, and to bring them about to the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala the Wonder creator, number six, every letter you write is magnified online and offline. Be

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careful what you write online. Be careful what you type. Be careful what you text in what you leave behind. Make it count with sincerity and accuracy. There are many people who passed away may Allah have mercy on our brothers and sisters who departed before see I mean, they passed away and as soon as they passed away, people went to their social media pages to see what did they write, what were some of the things they left behind? What was their last post about if your post generally speaking are not things you will be happy dying upon, clean it up, meaning clean up what you've had before, go through what you have to go through deleted, don't leave something behind that you would be

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embarrassed to see on the day of judgment that you will be embarrassed to show to Allah Subhana Allah and Allah subhana sees all things that you'd be embarrassed to the Prophet size of them would see, erase anything that you don't want to leave behind something harmful, something displeasing to Allah and post that which is beneficial. Utilize the blessing of social media and the blessing of typing the blessing of text to only say that which is pleasing when you leave behind. Number seven and the last point here. Be strong in what you write. Be confident as a Muslim, be powerful in your speech. Know your audience know you're intense, stay sincere and strategize when it comes to Dawa.

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Strategize when it comes to your use of social media, strategized. 345 10, steps beyond what you are currently writing with foresight, looking ahead and saying, is this something that I will regret posting? Is this something beneficial? Is it something that can affect people in a positive way? Is this something that can increase my sadaqa jariya strategize and this is just not only on a minor scale in terms of one person's posts on individual social media, but collectively, how do we think how do we post what do we say who's our target audience and so on and so forth? utilize these blessings wisely. Moran Tavenner material b2b marketing profit so I said and is being addressed and

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you are Mohamed Salah Salem in your material we can imagine you are not by the grace of your Lord, You are not insane. Why is this being mentioned? They used to attack the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam with many attacks. Now for the first 40 years of his life. He is known as the truthful of Sadiq. He is known as El Amin the trustworthy, he is loved by all people. He comes from a noble background, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam receives revelation and starts calling people to Islam and the people at the top of society, the people who are wealthiest, not all of them, but many of them. Those elites have Qureshi who had something to lose of power and hierarchy over others, in

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those who had slaves and so on and so forth. They did not want to lose what they had. And they started attacking the Prophet SAW Selim after a certain point, they started calling him names. They called him crazy. They said he was insane. How can he be

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Same, what are you talking about insane. You cannot imitate a single Surah of the Quran and you're calling him insane. The person that you used to trust with matters that were important for all of what is the one who helped with the manner of placing the Blackstone on the carpet and bringing people together. So there are several reflections here first, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam was chosen for profit. And with that the final revelation for mankind, and therefore there will be people and there were people and there will always be people with their own agendas who are evil, who will reject it and attack him. So in the long run, he was another reflection. There is an oath

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here that was sworn by the pen and by the book, and when Allah subhanaw taala swears by something, there's an emphasis for you to pay attention. In this Quran, which has been inscribed by the hands of the writers of Revelation is by itself sufficient to refute the people who are slandering the prophets to lie Salam, claiming that he is a madman are insane. Number three before his claim to Prophet the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam was looked upon by all of the people of Mecca as the best of their men and the most trustworthy, the most honest, the most intelligent of people. Nobody would ever call him insane. Nobody would ever accuse him of sorcery, nobody would say this is not from

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him. But when he started reciting the Quran, and some of them had something to lose, financially and in terms of power, what did they do, they started to call him a madman, they started to attack and this shows you who they truly are. Number four, this meant that the Quran itself in their sight was the cause because of which they accused him of madness, meaning, their real issue is their attack on the truth. It's not necessarily in the Prophet sallallahu wasallam they simply don't like what Allah is telling them what Allah is telling mankind, what Allah is telling people about equality, but also people about submission. They don't like that. That is what the real issue is. And since the Prophet

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salallahu Salam is the one who was convenient, their attacks were redirected to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And another point to keep in mind, the Quran on its own suffices as a rational, powerful proof against people who need to be refuted as a proof against those who lie and there are many themes in Salton column and throughout the Quran, to expose these people for their lives. So nobody should wonder or doubt when it comes to these matters, including the prophets lie Selim. He didn't need to wonder he didn't need to worry that this was somehow an accusation that he should consider you didn't care about the accusation, although perhaps as a human being it affected

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But the point is, the slander here against Rasulullah sallallahu. wasallam is simply their way of attacking the Quran and attacking the prophets. I said them and trying their best Allah was ridiculous, to try to stop people from listening to him. And in fact, what ended up happening more and more people listened, said this is intelligent speech. This is beyond human speech. This is clearly from out of this world. How can you call him a madman? How can you call him a liar? How can you call him a sorcerer? Clearly the speeches from God, how can you deny what is so obvious? And I want you to keep in mind here since we're doing Tafseer, there's a

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synthesis here between other ions on the Quran and this idea when it comes to the accusation of insanity and accusations in general, in Surah, to pour at the end of sort of tour, there is a propaganda of the people of our age that is exposed that is similar to the propaganda of people today, Orientalist and others who try to attack Islam or attack religion. And I'm going to try to summarize it as much as possible in terms of the combination of verses altogether and sort of the poor. The elders have boorish, tend to pose as very intelligent people. And there are people today who try to pose as intelligent as people have intellect and honesty and nobility when in fact, they

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are not. And they should have known better than to call the Prophet SAW Selim many different things in salt him in many different ways at the same time in their strategy. So what was their strategy? They tried to stop him by offering in money, power, wealth, any kind of temptation, and he refused. Why? Because the message is not his, it's from Allah subhanaw taala. They call him a poet. They call him a madman, they call them insane. They call him crazy, they call them a sorcerer. Now, what is the problem with this multifaceted strategy, where they're trying to stop people from listening to him, so they start coming up with all these false accusations? If you are passing these judgments

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against another human being against the Prophet sallallahu sallam, on the basis of your intellect if you're accusing someone of something, and this is basically the question to them, it's a rhetorical question. You couldn't have passed one judgment if you believed it to be true and stuck with it. But they are passing contradictory insults all at the same time, contradictory judgments all at the same time. How can the man that you're claiming to be a poet is also a sorcerer? Because these are two very different things that when you are calling a sorcerer cannot also be insane. The one who is insane

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In cannot also be the poet and the sorcerer. So in other words, you are contradicting yourself because these are very different things, different themes, different approaches, different types of poetry, all of these accusations are contradicting one another and exposing the people of Qureshi in terms of their strategy and their plot against the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, that their attack is not one on the basis of intellect or reason they're attacked is because their attack is because of stubbornness, pride and arrogance, because they don't want to lose their position as the big chiefs, the elite of the nation, the people of Quraysh, these people who are blinded by their

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prejudice and their enmity, and they are basically throwing as many accusations as possible, and seeing what will work and what will stick. And yes, they were very desperate. Why? Because they had something worldly to lose, and they had arrogance. So they were not humbly submissive towards the law, and therefore they were willing to do whatever it took. Remember, that was the first phase. First they were kind, they offered worldly things. They tried to stop him, they tried to negotiate, they tried to say, can you compromise on half your religion, and we'll give you half of our religion, they tried everything. And then they started attacking insulting, names left and right.

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And then it became physical aggression. And then it became violent aggression to the point where now they were attacking physically and harming the Muslims, and they were few in number and harming the Prophet sallallahu Sallam assassination attempts and then a full on attack against the Muslims. And then they hit on the immigration to the place and they left. So everything that escalated, escalated because they were desperate and they did not want to lose something worldly. And eventually, Allah Subhanallah protecting the believers commanded the prophets lie Selim to emigrate, they emigrated to Medina. And when they came back from Mecca, the liberation of Mecca, they came back and they did not

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they basically let people go, they did not force all the people to become Muslim, rather, those who wanted to become Muslim became Muslim, but they came back and they liberated Mecca. And this was a blessing to the Prophet sallallaahu Salam, any proof that their attacks on the truth would fail inevitably, this is a proof that the message of truth will always prevail, whether now or in 10, or 50, or 100 years, stick with truth 40 will always prevail in this life, and especially, of course, clearly in the next life. Now, with this, having said that, the Prophet SAW Selim is being consoled as well and reminded but mostly this is being redirected or directed at those who are lying. The

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prophets lie Selim by the Grace of Allah is upon the truth. So he has nothing to worry about. But they who go against the Quran, and claim that the prophet is a moment they are in fact that they are in fact, the people who are insane for going against what is obviously from God. And this is why the next day Allah says we're in a local agilon Wait a minute, wait a minute, you will certainly have a reward that is uninterrupted a reward in Jannah, that is never ending. So you will have all of this, so do not be discouraged by the attacks on Islam. When your brothers and sisters this applies to all of us as well. Do not be discouraged by attacks on Islam, truth and falsehood will never work with

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one another, they will always be at war. And this is the nature of a dunya the nature of this life. There are people who are very evil, and they will always exist, they will always be people of evil trying to attack the people of goodness, be upon the truth, be upon the truth be upon the truth you are with Allah subhanho wa Taala and you have nothing to worry about. And the reward for you is eternal, the reward for them is punishment. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us and be patient for the reward is lasting and uninterrupted. Whereas their attacks on you are temporary. Their attacks on you are limited, their attacks are on you are nothing compared to what they will get as a

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consequence in compensation in the next life. And on this note, it is important to realize that many movements today, within academia within General mainstream discussions, many movements today are movements that are pseudo profound. The word profound means they are very profound and so on. And so these are pseudo meaning they are not truly profound. But they come off as people of intellect. They fake their intellect like the people of Koresh. And they come up they come about and they come upon people who may not know any better Muslims and others as well and try to take them away from Islam they try to trick them through what through arguments that seem to be profound that seem to be

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intellectual, and they throw in at times bigger words they throw in at times what seems to be a logical argument and what seems to be undermining what you believe as a belief system and how you got to your conclusion. And the reality is these very same people as we mentioned, salt and Malik think they are using the reasoning in the right way but they will realize they will confess on the day of judgment for all you know Hakuna Ness, smile oh now, if only we used to listen to the truth. Finally, we used to listen to the reminder and the advice and the warning mechana feels hand side and we use our reasoning or intellect we will not be in the hellfire. They will always attack the

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truth. Do not do not allow people with sudo

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are found arguments to get to be wiser than that. This is one of many tactics and it is a very desperate one. It is one of many desperate tactics. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us if you fall into a trap or a doubt or you wander or you come across something, ask someone of knowledge and don't be afraid ask someone have knowledge be sincere, be genuine say I know this is probably nothing but I'm going to ask someone and see what the explanation is and don't delve into these matters. Don't play with fire. Don't play with something that can affect your afterlife. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us. We're in Nicola Allah hookah naughty. Oh, you're number four. We're in

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Nicola Anna, hello open rd. You are truly of outstanding moral character. So the Prophet salallahu Salam is being reminded and the people who are lying against him and calling him a madman are being exposed, and yet his response when they attack him and insult him, when they attack him in the insulting with false accusations. He's still upon the most exalted moral character. And this is important to keep in mind for a number of reasons why Okay, so number four is one we should live by what you Nicola hood, okay, now when we can take several things, number one, that you stand exalted to a high and noble character. And that is why you are enduring these hardships in your mission of

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guiding people to Islam. Otherwise, a man of weak character could not have accomplished what you are accomplishing or messenger of Allah, this is the first meaning. The second thing you can add to this is that besides the Quran, your high and noble character is also a clear proof that the accusation of insanity that the disbelievers are claiming is absolutely false. Because high morals and insanity do not coexist in the same person, meaning what you cannot be claiming all of this and you are not upon the truth, you are not somebody who is righteous, you're not somebody who is balanced, you are not somebody who is losing, let's say their temperament in terms of the equilibrium that they have.

00:31:56--> 00:32:35

So a person of high morals and morality at the highest levels, is right minded, sound natured in terms of their ability to react in a certain way, because they are not, let's say affected by certain things outside of their control, physiologically or psychologically. So the people of Mecca, we're not on aware of the morals of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Therefore, when Allah references them, and when you reference them in general, it causes the person who amongst them may be a little reasonable and stop and think you know what? The prophets lie Selim was the greatest person in character, how can I now claim otherwise? How can anyone claim otherwise the people of Quraysh How

00:32:35--> 00:33:12

can suddenly now when he's reciting these new words, which are out of this world with information he could not have access to? How can now the accusation be that he is not a person of good character that is not a person who is selling that he's not a person of equilibrium? So this does not make any sense? It is, in fact, an argument against them. And I will share this with you very bluntly, the earliest oriental scholars of let's say, various backgrounds, Christians, Jews and others who attacked Islam. Many of these Orientalist when they attacked Islam, they would use weak resources, they would use fabricated sources, they would attack the character of the prophets lie Selim, and

00:33:12--> 00:33:50

every single generation thereafter, when more and more oriental studied the CETOL and also studied what their predecessors wrote, they started to correct that. They said, this is a man of integrity. This is a man clearly of integrity, he does not lie and they know him to be amount of truth. The more you study his life, the more you realize the great exalted moral character of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. So all of these acquisitions mean nothing when you know exactly who you're referring to. The the prophets, Eliza Lim, terms of his character, was described by Aisha while the Aloha Anna, that his character was like the Quran, kind of hold over the Quran. And this is reported

00:33:50--> 00:34:29

by Muslim this is something we should strive for that when we, when we implement what we learn when we practice Islam properly and fully rituals and character interactions with others, there's theory there's practice, that your character should reflect the Quran. We're in Nicola, Allah, Holyoake, and Halim, the Prophet SAW Selim was already reflecting many of the virtues of morality and the virtues of the fifth draw in terms of his character before he even became a prophet and before he received the message, a prophet saw Selim, many times they came to kill him, and he let them go, he let people live. The Prophet slicin was insulted and he responded with what was best it viability

00:34:29--> 00:34:59

here Assa and many times when he responded this way, they became Muslim. This is the character of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam it was mentioned about him by NSL on the long run, he said, I served the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for 10 years. He never did so much as expressed even a slight disgust over anything that I did or anything that I said. He never asked why I had done anything why I had done such and such and he never inquired why I had not done something or what I had done as reported by Bocconi. So in

00:35:00--> 00:35:09

In other words, the Prophet sallallahu sallam was the most pleasing person to be around. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to follow in his footsteps sal Allahu Allah Himself.

00:35:10--> 00:35:51

Now we want to take a few reflections and then I will ask you once again and I want you to prepare in sha Allah, how can you take this verse and implement it practically, I will share with you five reflections. Inshallah. Number one, you are not greater than the Prophet in intellect or lineage and yet Allah did not praise either a trait, he praised him for his moral character. So you are defined by your practice of Islam, including character, not by your looks, your appearance, your social media, following your degrees, your wealth, where you live, your zip code, none of that matters in the sight of Allah, meaning what you are judged by your god consciousness, which includes you're a

00:35:51--> 00:36:30

badass your rituals and includes, of course, a big part of it, your character. Number two, the greatest thing you can do for yourself with a short life that you have, is to follow in the moral footsteps of the Prophet sallallahu. So to follow in his character, if he was the most perfect in character than it is only a wise and reasonable for all human beings after him to emulate him. So that means what you have to study his life and work hard for that. Number three, your character will define you in the sight of Allah in many significant ways. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his character became magnificent and spotlighted and his enemies became insignificant and disgraced.

00:36:30--> 00:37:06

So you are lifted and defined and spotlighted in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala in ways you cannot imagine because of good character, character that is good as defined by Allah. So your good character will elevate who you truly are as a servant of Allah. Number four. How many people do we see in this world in general, how many people are chasing worldly things, in order to be known for them chasing status and fame in different ways? How many people are constantly boasting about their wealth, and they're sharing everything on social media in terms of their wealth, their status, their power, who they were with, they want to be seen with people of power, or their credentials, or

00:37:06--> 00:37:44

worldly achievements, and they are ignoring everything else of character, so they have ill character, who would want to be like that, when the proper measurement is your noble character as defined by law. And number five, the prophets character SallAllahu Sallam is testified to by Allah subhanaw taala. Therefore, anyone who insults or attacks the messenger Salallahu Salam is insulting God is insulting Allah. And this is not something that believer takes lightly in the heart, nor on the tongue, nor by the pen, be strong in your writing and be firm, and know what it means to follow the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in his character. First to zero if you don't be a common enough tune.

00:37:45--> 00:38:27

Soon you will see and they will see which of you is afflicted with badness which of you was truly upon falsehood, faster tools, where you will see it on you will see and they will see, meaning what be patient soon what is true will prevail over everything else, everyone will see. And there'll be no doubt whatsoever, a day will come soon in which everything will be exposed and revealed and seen by all people, for what it truly is and what it truly was even in this world, the good and the evil. And so this is a reminder for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and a reminder for us by extension his followers, that you need to be patient with all that is happening in the world with all that happens

00:38:27--> 00:39:08

with the opposition to Islam as well as with your own experiences. Be patient, be patient, be patient. One day soon everything will be revealed for what it truly was. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us this patient's ultimum a number seven in Narok, Becca, who are Al and will be one Bala and sahbihi wa who are Allah mobile notary. So these people can insult and they can lie and they can try to twist the truth. Ultimately, Allah subhanaw taala is the one who matters why? Because Allah subhanaw taala is the one who knows whose upon truth and falsehood and he revealed to us all that we need to be upon that truth. Remember the link between this and the end of Surah verse Attallah,

00:39:08--> 00:39:46

Munna men who have your Mala and it will be, you will all see very soon those who are attacking Islam you will see very soon who is truly upon misguidance we cannot sugarcoat this. This is the ultimate matter of truth, the ultimate brute fact of reality, that there is a truth with a capital T meaning a truth that is not subjective. And there are many falsehoods there is one node and there are many lodo Matt, the holy Jehovah minute video Marty either knew what Allah subhanaw taala gave us messengers and the final messenger and a message to bring people out of many darkness into the one light. The one path so often was stuck in the straight path that operate path may Allah subhanaw

00:39:46--> 00:39:59

taala guide us and protect us, along with me. A number eight fella toward the end McKenzie B so do not give in to those who are liars, meaning those who deny the truth and look at the bean can then hear the one who lies is the one

00:40:00--> 00:40:35

who's lying about what is true and false, there are many people who know something is true, and they will still deny it, they will still ignore it. As was mentioned before, as well, there are many people who have a feeling that something is true, but their arrogance or their temptations or their doubts, or their friends or social pressure, they are allowing these other things to dictate their final decision. So they ignore what is true. Allah subhanaw taala saying fella took that and how can they be? So do not incline and give in to those who deny the truth? Why, what do you allow to the hidden for you? Do you know? What do they want from you? The liars? In this case? The people? Of

00:40:35--> 00:41:12

course, some of the elites have arranged what do they really want? And think of the examples that are happening today. And I will ask you in Sharla some questions as well. What do we'll have to do for you to renew it means they want you to compromise with them, and then they will compromise with you. Here's what this means. If you slacking a little bit in your data, if you stop maybe getting this part of down, then maybe they will slack off and start to give you some more flexibility and space when it comes to their opposition to you. So if you back off a little with your Dawa, to Islam, your propagation of truth, maybe they will stop opposing you as much. So in other words, they

00:41:12--> 00:41:57

are saying, stop doing what you're doing, and we will stop opposing you. Or if you become inclined to effect some changes in your faith to suit these people, they too would affect a compromise with you. So if you start to try to give him parts of Islam or the message in general, they will start to get into some things as well. The word that used here to the new for you, Dino muda Hana it means to incline away from the truth muda Hana again, is to incline away from the truth so to start to compromise an incline away from Islam, and it must be avoided at all costs, our institutions as Muslims today, our scholars, our activist our students of knowledge, our organizations, our Islamic

00:41:57--> 00:42:36

centers, the board members of our mosques and Islamic organizations, the people are running important positions in terms of effect that impact all of this must be preserved within the the Command of Allah subhanaw taala eight and nine fella tubular animal can the mean what do you know to do for your dinner. And of course, you may not be a part of any of these, but you may be a participant, a member, you are listening to a lecture today, hosted by an Islamic center, you are listening to someone talk about hepsia. All of this comes with a high level of responsibility. So this goes back to our parents as well, the community as well, that you are showcasing Islam and

00:42:36--> 00:43:12

teaching Islam to your children and not compromising on Islam. What do you love to do, you know, for us, you know, and if you start to compromise a little, maybe they'll compromise and this is the feeling some Muslims have. And that is dangerous, that is dangerous, they want you to compromise so you will lose part of your religion, and then they will what start to give in to you. This is something we really cannot afford to overlook. Here are some other reflections. So that was the first the second in our times, the enemies of Islam would love for Muslims to compromise without even having to compromise back for Muslims. Meaning they love to be in control at all times. So have

00:43:12--> 00:43:52

the upper hand and change how Muslims understand and practice Islam. And if you study history, philosophy, theology, you studied politics, you see that this is one of the main objectives of non Muslims today who don't like Islam. So groups of non Muslims who are well funded at times, many of them in government positions, many of them who have political agendas, capitalistic agendas, communist agendas, whatever it may be. They have objectives in which they want Muslims to be disconnected from Islam to give into parts of things, to some things to reform, something that cannot be reformed. So keep this in mind that this is a constant strategy that is being being

00:43:52--> 00:44:33

utilized today. Number three, a person might compromise on worldly things. You might compromise in your job on something you might compromise any negotiation, let's say for a job, a contract something with let's say finances, you might compromise on anything else that is worldly, but the believer does not and cannot compromise on the truth. You cannot take parts of it and split it up into parts and say I will compromise on this part of Islam but I will keep that part of Islam because that's convenient for me and convenient for my non Muslim enemy of Islam. The truth comes as a whole package submission is logically consistent. It is not based on my desires, your desires,

00:44:33--> 00:44:59

this organization, not organization or rationale or philosophy or any other compromise. It is a complete package a way of life that brings people out from darkness into light out from misguidance into guidance away from the hellfire and into paradise away from Allah and to Allah, meaning it brings people to Allah subhanaw taala as an entire package. Yeah. Are you a Latina and who are you who believe Allah is giving us a reminder of command, or the holy Rufus sunic

00:45:00--> 00:45:46

A fatten wallet a tabula hotwater shape on enter into a cell submission to God, a sin Islam they are linked submission to God as a whole Kapha complete package complete way of life and do not follow the tricks and the footsteps of shape on one at a time your hot water should one. Be cautious, be cautious, be cautious, it is objectively important for us to take all of Islam in not to compromise on parts of it. Number four, compromising on parts of your faith is dangerous because it could cause a person to lose their Islam altogether. There are many people keep this in mind, who started compromising on one or two or three parts of Islam to please a non Muslim audience to please a non

00:45:46--> 00:46:25

Muslim in their life. And they ended up losing all of their hedaya altogether their Islam altogether. Do not compromise on your religion for the effects of compromising on your religion are infinite. You're talking here about eternal Jannah and eternal afterlife and there's also an eternal hell May Allah protect us. So it is not a small thing. We're talking about compromising. This is the most important thing in our existence, the afterlife, why we were created our purpose, why there are messengers why there's a final message, do not give in and do not compromise. Number five, some enemies of Islam today do not care at all about compromising on anything in order to get Muslims to

00:46:25--> 00:47:02

start practicing Islam, meaning what they are willing to give up on certain things because they don't really matter. They violate their principles they give in to worldly things, because all they really want is for Muslims to stop practicing. And they will continue to attack Islam in different ways. It's not always violent. Sometimes they will spend millions of dollars and an entire generations will focus on this to create industries of shadow at temptations. This is one of the biggest industries of ShaVonne, temptations and distractions or industries of doubts and confusions about Islam, or outright attacks against the practice of Islam. As you've seen East Turkistan,

00:47:02--> 00:47:41

China. And as you see in many other places around the world, the forces of evil do not exhaust or get tired of opposing the truth, so do not get tired from preserving it. And from protecting it in full. Number six and the last point, have some little for Islam, some protective jealousy for Islam as a whole. This is the truth you are upon the truth. Allah bless you and chose you to be upon the truth. People have shame and evil and immorality. They're not embarrassed, they have no leader they're not embarrassed when it comes to exposing their immorality their false so they're not embarrassed to talk about it or to display it in media or online. So how can the believer upon the

00:47:41--> 00:48:21

one truth, the only truth in this world be ashamed or embarrassed to defend this lamp? When a child sees his parents pay attention to this last night in sha Allah? When a child sees his mother or his father, or older siblings, embarrassed about Islam or hiding their Islam or having no leader over Islam? No protective jealousy? How can you expect them then to suddenly have a strong love of Islam or their religion altogether? What happens if more and more Muslims lose their protective jealousy, their lead over Islam? What happens? What happens to the Muslim ummah to our children? You know that many times the reason that many children stop practicing altogether is because they see their

00:48:21--> 00:48:55

parents hiding everything about Islam possible. And I don't mean living in somewhere where you are literally physically going to be killed like an East Turkistan. I'm referring to here in the United States, for example, that some children tell us and many children have told us as they were college students and adults later on, that one of the things that affected them most in terms of their perception of Islam, was that their parents did not seem to really care for it or defend it alone. It was the truth that their parents didn't used to remove their religious practice or appearance, because they wanted to avoid, you know, displeasing anyone. I don't want anyone to look at us weird.

00:48:55--> 00:49:25

So the child's like, well, there must be something we're hiding. I don't want anyone to look weird at me for wearing hijab, well, then there must be something wrong with the future. I don't want anyone to see us praying, there must be something weird about prayer. So the child starts to mimic what the parents do, and they start to believe in it, even if the parent has full conviction that what they are doing is the truth. And I know that sounds very harsh, but Allah who we are dealing with the after effects of many college students and many adults as well, who looked down on Islam or gave up on Islam altogether, because their parents were embarrassed or ashamed of Islam. What are

00:49:25--> 00:49:59

you embarrassed about? Who are you embarrassed in front of people are Allah subhanaw taala who will judge you on the Day of Judgment, who will reward you who will forgive you who will protect you? Allah subhanaw taala so we turn back to Allah with a love a strong love for Islam. If you find yourself struggling with honey lira or protective jealousy over Islam, study the religion properly. Surround yourself with good people, people who will inspire you to do that. listen to lectures regularly study the Quran, understand the Prophet slicin and struggles in life and the Companions as well and how much they defended in love Islam. Now, the next set of verses are all like

00:50:00--> 00:50:45

one set. There's a context here. The verses 10 to 16 is one entire set. This this part of the Soran is referring to the individuals of Kadesh, who used to attack the Prophet SAW Salem. And specifically, some scholars say it's referring to one person. And when he Molitor, one of the worst enemies of Islam, he constantly oppose the Prophet slicer. He called him crazy. He called him a sorcerer, he insulted the Quran, he rejected the truth. Allah listed in these next six verses, keep this in mind. And notice that if you'd like Allah listed subhanaw, Taala 10 qualities of this man's evil, meaning 10 Different negative traits or evil qualities of this individual. Again, he's not

00:50:45--> 00:51:25

named what many scholars say it was, perhaps, and what he and what he did in Module Two of which two of the 10 qualities the man did not even know about, how does he not know about them? The first is the fact that he was born outside of marriage. He did not know this until the first came down. And the second is that his nose would be chopped off. Then this happened after several years in the middle of bedded three of his 10 sons, at least three if not more, I believe at least three of his 10 sons accepted Islam, and yet he was one of the worst enemies of Islam. So three of his 10 sons who are some of them, you know, at least call it a bit worried to sort of Allah highlighting what it

00:51:25--> 00:52:02

was his son he accepted Islam as well as his brother, and what he did and what it probably Allahu Allah, they accepted Islam and this is reported by Alberto de la mala in his Tafseer. So, verses 10 to 16. You have 10 traits here we will start with the verses today and we will see how far we can get inshallah. Allah says, Well, I took the Kula her love in my head. So first Allah saying, do not give in do not compromise. Why sometimes they would come and say, if you worship our idols for a year, then we will worship your God for the Prophet slicin cannot do that it's not in his hands. The message in the framework is from God, it is objective, right? kuliah un cafiero. I don't worship

00:52:02--> 00:52:43

what you worship, you don't worship what I worship, and then at the end of the surah let them do Kumbaya, the meaning there's a religion that you have in a religion that I have, I cannot compromise on what I have. This is from Allah subhanaw taala so go your way and I will go mine 10 to 16 Allah says Allah Tala Aquila, her love may do not yield you and do not give it to any person who is constantly swearing. Her laughing Maheen the word Maheen is used for a person who is degraded, harsh, mean contemptible. So this is indeed a necessary quality of a person who swears many oaths, constantly swearing by Allah, his swearing for everything major and of course many minor things.

00:52:43--> 00:52:56

Why? Why is someone constantly swearing I swear, I swear, I swear by God, this person is swearing because he himself has the feeling that people are taking him for a liar and would not believe him unless he swore an oath.

00:52:57--> 00:53:36

And for this reason, the person becomes degraded in his own eyes, and commands no respect in society either. Meaning think of the following points number one, if you reflect on liars, pathological liars today, and how often they swear, you see that of course the devil is a liar or liar that Jan is a liar, all the false. Basically, every false the joy that came about was a lie. We see that they at times do have followers, and they have many followers today in politics, social media influence in different ways. New Atheists and others. Oftentimes they are swearing. Think about people who utilize social media and are constantly swearing, constantly swearing, constantly swearing, and when

00:53:36--> 00:54:02

they're making claims or exaggerating their claims. Number two, lying regularly reduces a person's trustworthiness. Why is lying so dangerous? When it comes to sociology, when it comes to all of society, the fabric of the world and how humans operate in society? Why is life such a serious thing? It's not because of only one person or one relationship and that's severe, one lie is severe.

00:54:03--> 00:54:39

It's because it destroys trust in all of society. It makes people paranoid in all of their relationships. It makes life difficult to manage everyday life. It makes financial transactions every single one of them very risky. You don't know if they're lying to you, if they're stealing from you if this is a scam, it creates dangerous situations in all relationships. It breaks apart families all the time. So lying is a very serious thing that has many ripple effects. May Allah protect us and make us amongst a Saudi. And this brings us to the third point Allah commands you. Yeah, you Alladhina I'm not talking a lot what Kumar sonically Oh Allah Oh, you who believe Allah

00:54:39--> 00:54:59

saying, Are you who believe or believers fear Allah and be amongst those who always speak the truth those who are honest. Number four, the truthful person does not find the need to keep swearing by Allah. You don't need to keep saying well Wallah. I'm from Dearborn, Michigan, and many of you if not all of you, I believe at least 90% of you here are from Dearborn, Michigan. And we know that there

00:55:00--> 00:55:37

is a running joke amongst people in Dearborn to always be saying Walbro. And the reality is yes, it may seem to be a funny thing. But in fact, it's a very dangerous thing to constantly be swearing. And how many times have we known people growing up in the city, many people in schools, who will be people amongst these wala bros are constantly swearing by Allah, and their lies are left and right. They're one liberal means nothing at all. They're one left and right means what they are definitely lie. And this is what this is problematic because you are swearing by God. A person who's telling the truth does not find the need to convert this to swear by God to prove that they are telling the

00:55:37--> 00:56:15

truth do not lie. And you don't have to constantly swear by Allah when you tell them the truth. And the fifth and last point, one of the advices of the Quran is to not trust the one who's constantly lying, even if they swear by God, or the one who slanders or the one who gossips and the one who prevents people from good things. manner and in highly monitored in a theme. A preventer of height is someone who if you consider, for example, the meaning here with with regards to wealth, this person is very stingy. This person is very miserly he wouldn't spend on anyone he wouldn't give into the poor he wouldn't give into an opportunity in his community. And if height is taken in the

00:56:15--> 00:56:53

meaning of goodness and virtual general height in society, it means that this person manera live as someone who is active and stopping people from Islam or from morality in general. So these three verses here are describing and Walid Amin will lead on if that is the person that is being referenced, or generally one of the worst enemies of Islam with 10 different characteristics again, while to the Aquila Khalifa man do not get into this kind of person, have magazine Masha in bieniemy This person is backed by their slander monger. So do not follow this type of person now Mima the one who spreads and gossip somebody said something about you and now I'm telling you, she said this

00:56:53--> 00:57:22

about you. I just want you to not know you're spreading facade and fitna and again manera and LinHai. In this person's of preventer of heightened society, more attending a theme, this person is sinful and they are aggressive in their sinfulness and against the truth. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us all May Allah subhanho wa Taala guide us may Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst those who benefit from what we hear and may Allah subhanaw taala utilize all of us for that which is pleasing to Him. Allahumma Amin does, Solomonic Mohammed Omar he