Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah An Naml #10 Humility and gratitude

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The Sunni Muslim discusses the history and meaning behind the Bible, including the origin of the term "hars" and the origin of the term "hars" in Arabic language. The speakers also discuss the importance of protecting one's name and doing things that one doesn't want to do, such as La Ilaha for guidance and being a good person to avoid wasting water and be generous to others. The segment also touches on the negative impact of people doing things that one doesn't want to do, such as trying to encourage people to prereads.
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our solar Eema knowing what all Al Hamdulillah

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also been lining him in a shaytani R rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim vegtables sama BA.

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Kohli have a call out of BOC Ernie and escallonia and Metical at Ananda Anna yoga and lead they are an arm Allah Saleh and tabal Babu Delphine be ratiometric Fei buddy kosali Me Sadhak Allahu La Lim Yup, I know we concluded on a point where probably you just held your breath in. And that's the nature of the Quran. It's riveting. It's intriguing. It just mesmerizes you and it is absolute and it's divine and the lessons are so many it's just not entertainment. Right now that I've been hardly thrilled all the people in this mentioned reference in Surah Lachman Mohamed Salah ism has given you stories can I give you stories, but Muhammad Salah is some stories conclude with a moral and a

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lesson and a motivation. I'll just entertain you. And in Islam, there's no there's no less. There's no storytelling without motivation. You can't have exclusive laughter There's no room for that. There is time for banter, but in the end, there must be some greater purpose to it. It can't be just for the sake of laughing No. To make you feel like to refresh you to rejuvenate you to take out some depression and get you focused again to give you a story so that you can process things will mean a Nassima yesterday Allahu Allah Hadith he Leoben LANSA Bailey Allah, there are those who purchase idle tales and it was music etc. And stories and just to entertain people know in Islam, it's a

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story indeed. And these are the tales of the Gambia Allahi wa Salatu was Salam, the best of all stories XML pluses the noblest of all Dales. But yes, in the end, the Quran says fat who will absorb or people of intellect, realize and understand in nephila Nicola Yatta. Literally no ha, there's a lot lessons here is great for you to reflect for people who've got wisdom.

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In Nevada, Ayatollah Khomeini pantaloon for people of wisdom for people of intellect in America that crude oil Bob, it is people of lube, lube intellect who realize who are people of lube, who are people of lube, chapter 13, Surah Terada, Allah says, and let me know your phone number they love who under the Promise of Allah, Allah in Kaduna mythique who do not break the promise of Allah will Latina yo saloon, Amma Amara Allah who became a useful who joined ties with the family will show neuropil whom they fear Allah wa funa su al hisab and yet they are afraid of a severe Lehkonen they are afraid of a severe reckoning. Okay, so verse 19. Let's get back into it. Verse 18, we concluded

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so the man is what he is entered charge his armies, he got there, the end alerts the fellow ends and says, get into your dwellings and we explored the different grammar and different perspectives. So the manual is Sam is walking and he over years this Allahu Akbar,

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the baraka Levy, or some Roo, who could, let's say, oh, man, I just have a flash of this year. Now ilaha illAllah. This is the blessings of, of Allah and the daughters of my parents. So there was a woman, and I'm sorry, I'm digressing here, but you need to appreciate what I want to say. There was a woman by the name of hola Radi Allahu anha. She came to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam and she was asking for some concession in the divorce that her husband had pronounced against her which was the ancient form of divorce, which was the heart and it is the opening verses of Surah medalla, the 28th Juice of the Quran and she's complaining and she said only of Allah gave birth to his

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children I attended to him. Now when the kids are old and you know, they've grown up etc. He's just divorced me. And,

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you know, how do we reconcile a calamari Athena Shabaab in a thorough tuna who Bethany Cabrera Sydney, when Katara Villa de la Jara Mini Oh my word if you have to appreciate the Arabic dia says mind boggling.

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Afternoon Aisha Bobby, My youth is ruined. Nathanael Turner who Bethany my Tammy has just been given birth to kids had in a cupboard Sydney now that I've age, VA had a mini I'm divorced. Only we have Allah please give me some ruling and concession. And the results have said well if he's divorced, this is it which was the ancient form we have meaning back and theology recovery on me you are to me like the back of my mom, meaning forbidden

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I'm and shadow the Alana says she's coming there complaining to the Prophet of Allah I'm close by I couldn't hear everything in detail and Allah subhanho wa Taala years everything in absolute detail and then revelation comes down by the Sami I love Hong Kong Leti to the local fees Oh Jae Ha watashi tacky Illa Allah, what Allah we are smart with the HA ora Kuma in Allah has semi Roomba slit your hearts will burst called the semi out my word. Look at that. Surely, absolutely, definitely. Certainly Allah has heard Cole the speech, the utterance allottee, the woman to judge De Luca who is arguing with you Feasel Jihad regarding her spouse and her husband with the king Illa Allah and

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presenting her complaint and her plea and her grievance before Allah. What Allah Who Yes, smart Ruta ha whare Kuma, and Allah is listening to your discussion and your dialogue.

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So the NT is communicating. Allah gives you the nasally man the strength and the ability to intercept this information. And then Allah relays this entire incident to us in the Quran that we can enjoy benefit and learn from it. So verse 19, of chapter 27. The Quran codes the reaction of Soleimani Lai salaam when he overheard the end, speaking about his mind and his entourage, fit the best summer bah he come in Foley her.

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amused, impressed by the alert of this end, Sulaiman Alayhis Salam smiles into a form of laughter my word. So the Quran doesn't say his smile. The Quran doesn't say he loved the Quran says he smiled into laughter. Yeah, this is another whole explanation here. To say that the Umbria principally did not love there was a smile. And if it was the turbidity in our jitsu with the teeth would be exposed. It was very soft. It was very gentle to very modest, it was very respectful. There was no form of you know, like giggling and laughter and when people just lose themselves and they completely go, no, no, it was very respectful. And that's good. That's natural and that's beautiful.

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Mohammed Dibner serine was a great scholar. Ghana is a state the Baja Yun ZIL Allah su kill bassra for you was the URL bus summit where you must stay home. When it was hot for noon, he would go to the marketplace he would smile to people bring a cheer on the face bring some laughter to them. And this was the catalyst because of which people were attracted to his personality that he's Arab, was rich with many other scholars of Hadith, but people would gravitate towards him because of his personality. Well, he has a harsher roofie Darcy he fit the best some. I mean,

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it's an insult to make any comparison. It's an insult, let's be frank. But sometimes you come in on stage, right? I'm just trying to create some analogy Dockery, Bilal faham, and you've been escorted with your host, etc. And the entire congregation assembly hall is in anticipation of your arrival. And, you know, they use marshals to guide the traffic and as you come in, they say, okay, the guest speaker has arrived, the dignitaries have arrived, or you know, what the minister has arrived, or the Prime Minister has whoever whatever it is, and the welcome machine has been sung, and people queue up to welcome you to celebrate the moment etc. It's a humbling moment. It's a humbling moment,

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because you know how we can feeble and sinful you are, and your people have come out in the numbers in the numbers. And I'm grateful to Allah this has happened to me in many parts of the world. Sometimes at late hours, early hours of the morning scores multitudes of people in you know that you don't deserve this. You don't deserve this, but it's only the Grace of Allah. But again, there's no comparison. This is the nubby of Allah subhanho wa Taala He is pure he is you know what blessed and favored. And this is the communication Yeah, so verse 19, there we go further best sama ba Hagen Colina. He smiles amused impress what God and He says I'll be oh, I need Oh my Lord give me the

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ability. This is it. What's the point? Yeah, this is the point. We somebody praise us and sometimes they praise also is fake just to appease us because if we don't get that praise, you know what, then we will be backing away the whole day. The Arabic proverb is Latin Tatem in Nova Hill kelp. in Lubbock. A strategy comes into play sometimes the only way to appease a barking dog is to drop a bone or to put a slice of bread. So the dog might think you feed in it, but it's actually not you

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Need to just put that back in sound to be? So the proverbial, of course feed the animals. That's what our teachings are, I'm just giving the proverbial sometimes you just got to massage some people's ego, just so that your own work gets done. You know, oh no, this guy Oh, this guy's amazing. Well, this is next level, so that whatever work you have, you know, that's the only way you're going to you're going to able to get it by massaging him and you know, saying few words in his favor.

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What's the response of a newbie, a newbie immediately. He's always in gratitude mode. But he goes deeper into gratitude mode. We always sit in there, you know what? Half proud, half arrogant. And when somebody praises us, oh, there's no limit to our gear. There's no limit to our arrogance. It just doesn't end. It just doesn't end and, man, let me share with you a reflection, you know, when the daughter of Chevrolet salatu salam in chapter 28, right.

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When she came home and she told her father about Sedna, Musa and subsequently he was called. And she then said, why don't we employ him because the best employee is an honest person and a hardworking person. Now she avoided a direct compliment to a strange man.

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She said a strategy who employed this man, then she did. She did not say only a manatee weapon, but he he because he's strong and he's honest. She said, Because a good employee is an honest employee and a good employee is a strong employee. She made a subtle reference to his honesty and a subtle reference to his strength. But she avoided a dialect praise. And that's what the scholars say. Because when a strange woman praises a strange man and of course Musa Sam was a newbie, so you know, in the making, so he was protected, but the teachings of the Quran is if a strange woman is going to praise a strange man, it's going to be exploited on a common average level your your ego is going to

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feel inflated, and how often this is what happens. It becomes a breakup in marriages. Oh, no, you don't praise me. She really is fond of me. And she always compliments me or he always says my cooking is good. Or he always says I got tasted my dress. Or she always says I got smart, I'm elegant. I'm impressive. So a strange a compliment from a strange woman to a man or vice versa. What happens to the ego of a man or a woman to another level altogether? Look at the humility of unabIe leave the humans praise and leave the Jannah at the ends are paving the way. He goes into deep gratitude mode. Always in gratitude. Rob baozi Ernie, oh my lord, allow me the ability and Escoda

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now I'm gonna take a look at an amygdala here to be grateful for the bounty is upon me. And at that time, he now enumerates all the other bounties, all the other bounties. One situation of challenges bring up or make you reflect other challenges. One moment of joy makes you reflect over other moments of joy and ash caranya mythicality and I'm Talia your favor upon me what Allah when they are in your favor is upon my parents because the favor on the parents is favor on the children. The favor on the children is favor on the parents and Alchemilla

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an escrow now I'm Attica Lee and I'm telling ya la Vallee de Yeah, what an umbrella Sally hon. Oh My Allah gave me the ability to do good meaning gives me the ability to continue to do doing good because anybody is perpetually in doing good. So allow me the worm allow me continuously and acmella Salah Han. Every word is guidance here, Turbo who allow me the opportunity to continue performing good deeds that Allah who would which you are pleased. What's the need to add this on? Allah allow me to do good deeds. That's it why turbo who which pleases you which impresses you? Meaning that it satisfies all the requirements because you couldn't be doing a good deed. But if you did not do it

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with the necessary etiquettes then he doesn't please Allah.

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So you come into the masjid, but You're obstructing someone, you've become a blockage for someone.

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You you you get enough with the hatchet but you're disturbing the entire house.

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So you engage in in tahajjud but but you're not doing it with the necessary etiquettes you perform in salah but you're wasting water. You're giving generous you're being generous to people but to but then also Ducati con Bellman, you will either you destroy in your good bye reminders of your generosity. So look, my word La Ilaha illa Allah I hope somebody can understand what I'm saying. Every word every letter, every expression is guidance, guidance guidance.

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Allah is absolute. He's perfect. He's infallible, he's impeccable. He is flawless. The humans we need to learn. We need guidance. We are desperate and Taman Pokhara are in Allah Allah who was an eel Hamid

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Humans Allah is self sufficient. He is independent. He is Hamid. He means me Hamid means worthy of praise even if you don't praise him

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even if you don't praise Him is still the greatest.

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So Allah gave me the ability to do good or bajo which pleases you. That means it must satisfy the requirements and that I'm reminded of Al Baqarah Mohammed Wow. So we commonly translate this I am into a bill has entered if I love what I should do, I'm fairly whoever performs a good deed for him is 10 rewards. But Allah didn't say whoever performs Allah said Manjaro or be whoever performs preserves it and brings it along with him when he comes to me. Then for him is 10 rewards

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did you get that my brother did you comprehend that my sister Allah didn't say mana mela Bill Hassan Allah said men jah jah means to come. And when it's followed by ba it means to bring so you have to protect that preserve that safeguard that Yeah. How many times you buy a thing by the time you get home? Oh, I didn't know. I don't always check this back. Check that but oh, I left it. I left it in the cabin. Oh, I left it at the airport. I left it on the counter. Well, if you're doing good deeds, and you're not doing it correctly, then these negative impacts doing kindness and speaking about it, it erodes it eats up it destroys hazard. It's a virtue like Hellfire eats abroad. So by the time you

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come by Allah there's nothing left.

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When Allah subhanaw taala who, oh, Allah gives me the ability

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to do good. That Allah Who which is pleasing to you. We're at the hill knee barometric Fei bedika Sally hain. And enter me

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through your mercy and your kindness amongst your buyer servants, meaning amongst the MBI and he was from amongst the MBA who was Salatu was Salam. So yeah, you have it my brother, what a spectacle what a display. What a welcome. What a salute to slay man la salaam, the Jena behind him, the humans are behind him by the press of a button by the twitch of an AI by just one signal. He can mobilize everything, even the ends are paving the way and that also with so much humility, and we learned so much about the ends, how much mutual care for each other, how much care for each other one was for that end to say let me just get into my hole and that's it and whatever happens to other stuff luck.

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No, that's how humans have become today. Unfortunately, take your own gov and take your own shelter Tough luck if somebody else is going how many times today unfortunately, people are doing frauds. Right? You know, this travel agent is going down you know in people's mind you still don't alert anyone and you yourself doing that. How would you fare to Allah when you answer to Allah in Africa hug Pam and Ghana magic woman Euro NAFSA holy and fact woman era was the man who sat duck shut delta V Hisham, la Hooli edgemarc. Your true brother is one who will break himself together you who will take pain upon himself to remove your pain. And that was the message we got from the end. And that's

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the message of gratitude. So take a guess what happens when Solomon Ali salaam hears this? He holds the entire army. You know it is sometimes that diet traffic stops because it's a it's a zebra crossing for kindergarten, and a four year old child is crossing and the lorry and the truck and the cars and the cycles and the cyclists and everyone is stopping and this cute little four year old is crossing the road. You know why? Because that's he Stein is oblivious of the traffic and the marshal and the traffic officer etc. But it's just amazing that diet traffic comes to a halt for a four year old child crossing the road. Well so the man and his salaam puts a halt to everyone the Janata

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impose. The humans are in halt. The birds are suspended in the air and he gives the signal to the ends that we will not crush you. We will not crumble you entered peacefully into your dwellings. May Allah make us that despite the wealth and the prominence and the fame and the recognition that Allah gives us. We do not become heedless and oblivious of the poor of the weak and the vulnerable after all, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, well, Halton Soluna in Labrador Alpha EComm. The catalyst to attract the Mercy of Allah is aid, assist and empower the poor, the weak and the vulnerable.

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