Paradise #7 – Aiming for the Highest Levels of Paradise

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Have you ever been upgraded when you are flying internationally or you're flying domestically, some people absolutely love upgrades on planes. Some people check into their hotels, and they're surprised with an upgrade. And you think about upgrades and status in this life in general. And some people are looking for followers or influence or an upgrade in authority, let's say in terms of politics or an upgrade in terms of a promotion at work through a corporate ladder. Some people see it as an upgrade to change their marital status in their minds or an upgrade by having children. And some people might confuse and conflate their priorities in terms of the value of all of these

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worldly accomplishments versus the purpose of life. What matters most is where you end up. The home that you have here is a temporary home, the home that you have in the afterlife is eternal. The car that you drive here is a temporary car, it will follow you to the grave, the purse, clothes, brand name, things that people are all chasing, it's all temporary, it's all going to end. But the home of the afterlife is eternal. So why not prioritize it?

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Imagine you enter Jannah and you're immediately told you're going to be upgraded in ranks. And you ask why Allahu Akbar an upgrade in this world, people do anything for it. You're told you're being upgraded in Jannah. And the distance between the levels like the earth and the heavens and earth and the stars, you're upgraded in Jannah. So there is no limitation in terms of what could happen here. The difference between the levels and the next life is greater than any difference between statuses in this life. What did you do, and what is the status that you should in fact be seeking. The VIP status that you're chasing here is not one that you show off. It's not on social media. It's not

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something people are aware of. You don't care about praise, it is from Allah alone, because you're sincere. It is private, it is internal, your ambition to really want to help people for the sake of Allah and not any worldly benefit. For example, it comes through your sincerely when nobody's watching, that you cry for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala that your heart is moved. When you hear the name of Allah or you're reciting Quran or a specific lecture you hear specific reminder moved you for the sake of Allah. It's also because of your discipline, your willpower, your long term vision, you kept working on it, and you kept trying your best to reach the highest levels of Jannah.

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No matter what happened in this life, no matter what distractions came about. So imagine you enter agenda and you're told, recite the Quran, Quran and elevate in rank for every ayah you recite, recite like you used to recite in the previous life. So you start reciting the Quran, everything that you've memorized, and you died upon words of transformation, guidance, tranquility and healing, you hold on to them, you review them, you maintain them before you die, you implement them. So for every idea, every verse you recite, at that time, you will be upgraded or rank in general, and you will rise and rise and rise until you are done reciting from memory. And that is where you will

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remain. You've been told your act of worship, the nobody knew about elevated you. Maybe you sponsored an orphan, when orphans had nobody to watch over them, and society neglected them. You were there for them, not just financially, but emotionally. Maybe you took care of a widow when she had no support in society, even in the Muslim community. Maybe you took care of a newborn. See, maybe you help someone who was neglected and in need. And Allah bless you for seeking to help those who could not sustain themselves or help themselves at a difficult time. It might be others who are marginalized or neglected. Maybe you saw shahada martyrdom in many different forms in Islam. And

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you've granted that maybe it was because you never gave up. You just kept trying. You were ambitious, for the best of homes, not because you thought you were perfect, but because you recognize the perfection of Allah and His mercy that every time you fell short, you came back to him sincerely, and you had a passion, a desire to please Allah and to make it to the highest levels of Jannah. Maybe you enter if your dose the highest levels because of your love for Allah and love for what he gave you and love for the opportunity of life in this world to be tested. Meaning by Allah subhanaw taala to earn his mercy, love for the messenger and the message may Allah protect us from

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all difficulties. Maybe it was out of love and gratitude that you ended up reaching the highest levels of gender. But imagine your close as a neighbor to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, the messengers, the righteous, the truthful, the righteous men and women from every generation. So be ambitious, and let every deed you do in this world be linked to the highest level of Jannah intended as an act of worship. ask Allah for the greatest reward when you ask ask for another dose, ask for the highest levels and push yourself to do more. You are not like other people if you're aiming for unfair dose. The difference between those people from the time they wake up to the time that they

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sleep in the sleep itself is remarkable and the difference in the Ultra is beyond. You will relax there forever and that is a home that is truly a forever home. So keep moving forward. And may Allah subhanaw taala grant us all the highest levels of Jana Aloma me

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