Paradise #5 – Mama I’ll see you Later

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Children in Jannah

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A few years ago, I was at Hajj with my group and I was walking to the masjid. And a woman on the way to the masjid suddenly fell down. We were on the way to prayer and she started screaming and crying. She was alone. We walked by her. And at first we didn't know what happened. But it was really devastating. And of course, we couldn't keep walking. So with another Imam, we turned back and we tried speaking with her. We tried talking to her. Some people had gathered around now because she was crying. She wasn't very coherent. She had a phone in her hand. And then she said really loudly with tears coming down. She said, Yeah, what are the what are the my son, my son, and then

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eventually we found out her son had passed away. And she was just informed of that, that news while she was at Hajj, her son was a few years old. We tried to console her and comfort her and give her the glad tidings as the Prophet sallallahu eyeson give the companions that children who die young before the age of accountability are in Jannah. And the parents who are patients when that calamity strikes, when they hear the news when they experience it, for the first time, the two will be in Ghana. I never saw that woman again. We don't know what happened with her. But I always wondered if someone had told her about the house of praise. And if you haven't heard of about the house of

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praise, it was mentioned authentic hadith, that when the child of a believer dies, and the person responds with Alhamdulillah, Allah subhana wa Tada tells the angels you've taken the coolness of their eyes. And he asked them, What did my servant say they say they respond to Allah, they said of hamdulillah and Inshallah, we're in the era of your own loss as to the angels build for that servant to house in Jannah. And call it the house of praise. There are many Hadith like this. Another of them is that some of the children will meet their parents on the day of judgment and hold on to their clothes or their hands. And Allah will tell them to enter Jannah and they won't let go, they

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will not let go until Allah admits the parents with the children to Paradise because the parents were patient. Prophet salallahu alayhi salam said the children of the believers will be in Jannah, being cared for by Ibrahim Ali Salaam and Sorrell, until they give them back to their parents on the Day of Resurrection. And Allah subhanaw taala reminds the parents of this life who are believers, and raising their children upon Islam and hopefully praying for them, to remain upon it and to be consistent and to spread it to others and future offspring, that they will be gathered together in Jannah. When Medina and what other attended RIA to those who believe and whose offspring follow them

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in faith, Allah subhanaw taala says we will join them together, and no one will be decreased in the reward, and every person is a pledge for that which he has earned. And so even our best says about this idea in solo to applaud, he says, Indeed, Allah elevates the ranks of the believers, children, their offspring to the rank of the parents, even though the latter have not performed as well as the former so that the eyes of the parents are comforted, in other words, so that they are happy in Jannah. And what this really means is if the parent or the child regardless of the individual, if they are more righteous or closer to Allah subhanaw taala in terms of the ranks of Jana, the

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families who will be gathered together, may Allah subhanaw taala grant patience and perseverance so that many parents around the world whose children have died at a young age may Allah reward those parents for their attempt to heal for their perseverance for their resilience and reward them for it with the highest levels of Jannah. For that child now is cared for by Ibraheem Alehissalaam and that child is well may intercede for the mother and the father on the Day of Judgment, refusing to enter Jannah until Allah admits the parents as well.