Reviving The Sunnah #23

Muhammad Salah


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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back. Good evening. As you see, it got really dark here. But the weather is amazing. I feel like I want to stand up Mikado and keep praying. How many rockers I want to pray for the employer might wait a minute. Do you normally do this or this is your first time? No, I feel like after I listened to the che, when he was speaking about keyamo light, and the virtue of the 100 From now on, I'm going to, to pray on every single night for the entire night. You know what, I will wake up at midnight, and I will not sleep until federal.

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And also I heard the share talking about the virtue of fasting. And he said that each day your first few subby Lila it will keep you away and distance you away from hellfire, the travel distance of 70 years. So what I'm going to focus on every other day, wait a minute, now I gotta ask you to slow down.

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I gotta ask you to slow down and follow the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem, which is forgotten

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by many people, which is to be consistent on doing the good deed even if it is a little

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I shout out the Allahu anha narrated in the sound Hadith, which was agreed upon its authenticity, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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when he was asked about what is the best of deeds, he said Edwin who were in

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the best of the good deeds are those which are persistent, consistent, you do them on regular basis, even if they are brief Euro. I'll give you a few examples. Which one is better? Somebody who's been doing this for an entire year, masha Allah, he gets up at night, or 20 minutes before fetch. And he prays to or forecasts then what? And then he prays the federal sunnah and Federal News and he goes to work. And this is fitting perfectly his schedule of Masha Allah versus somebody who have been affected, encouraged and he got very enthusiastic, when he heard the hotbar about the fatwa of pmla. So we prayed one night, two nights, three nights, and he quit. Why? Because he's not used to it.

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Today, I was doing horseback riding, I haven't been doing horseback riding for a while, your muscles get sore, your thighs hurt. Why? Because, you know, all of a sudden you're switching. But if you've been doing this on a regular basis, even 15 minutes every day, you won't feel anything, because you're used to it. But when you start all of a sudden, and you push yourself to the edge, and you start fasting, every other day, you will get bored, you will get tired, and you will quit. This is a human nature. That's why Allah Almighty says in Surah Al Mohler, Allah, Allah Moolman, Hala kava, who will love to eat full Hobie

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his own homemade us and he's the one who knows our nature very well. And eventually he knows what suits us best. He transmitted that to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, then the Prophet Salah salem said, will clue for mineral oil in your code in Allah, Allah and Allah had that a man look, do have the good deeds as much as you can afford. We're talking about the voluntary good deeds though. Nobody should say okay. The Prophet SAW Selim says so I can only pray French or I can only pray Asia. No, no, no, we're talking about the extra the voluntary acts of worship. But Ramadan, you must first that the care must be paid. The mandatory prayers should be offered. So we're talking about

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and now after

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attending a dance or hotbar you get very

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excited when the Sheikh was talking about the fatwa you will have given any charity and there was a fundraise. So you wrote a pledge. What you're given $50,000 Do you have $50,000? I have about 100. So we'll give it away. Have you wealth? Yeah, because the Sheikh was talking about Abu Bakr Siddiq when he donated all his wealth, and he donated half of his wealth and have managed not fair.

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But you have the Eman of a new form? No. Would he feel regret?

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After you do so, maybe. So why don't you just write a check or make a page of something that you know for certain that you can afford it. And that's why most of the pledges are not being fulfilled. Once you go home shaitan makes you think about it. And instead of paying 10,000, you vow to pay 50,000. And you know, that paid the 50,000, not even the 10,000 a person neither maintain two rockers for an entire year. Nor did he pray what he promised to pray for an hour or two every night it's obvious. So the best is to do what the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, when he was asked about what is the best of deeds, he said, Eduardo, were in college.

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Every month you receive your salary and he decided to give away in a charity 5% May Allah bless you This is beautiful. Your Eman has increased has become more solid. And you realize that Allah is giving you more than what you have spent in his course, he decided to make them 10% Great.

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A year later, you have seen the fortune that Allah Almighty bestowed upon you because of the blessings of given 10% You decided to make them 20% 30% 50% And I know some people who will give 50% and more off their earning few sebelah

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How could they know that? Because you have experienced that the Almighty Allah gives them more.

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You have not experienced that yet. So start slowly, gradually, do as much as you can afford but maintain it Eduardo, who were in call the best deed and the most beloved to Allah the one which is consistent, even if it is Hello, or Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh