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Abdul Nasir Jangda
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu this Avinash agenda from Kollam Institute coming to you once again, with the alum hangout 30 days 30 questions about the month of Ramadan. The question today is, do I have to pay the counterfeiter? First and foremost, you might know, you might know fitrah by another name, such as silica fitrah or the or do fatahna. Understand that it's all talking about the same thing as a cotton fitter. What is the cotton fitter and amount of money that is paid at the end of the month of Ramadan? The next question is, why do we pay the cotton fitter? So there are two things that are mentioned in a very beautiful narration. First and foremost, the

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counterfeiter serves as a means for making up the shortcomings that there might have been in our facts, much like doing it to fraud after the prayer, or even decision to sell the two senses of forgetfulness that are done at the end of the prayer, compensating for the shortcomings. The second reason is to help those in need to provide something for those people who otherwise might be struggling on the day of their aid so that they can also enjoy the end of the month of Ramadan and the day of our aid.

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Now getting to the question, who has to pay fitrah? Who has to pay the cultivator? So the answer to that question is, if you qualify to pay zakat, if you are have a financial status where you pay zakat, your basic needs are met and according to the difference of opinion, you have enough extra money in savings for at least a year and you pay yours a god. You also qualify to pay the counterfeiter. There's another opinion as well. But what I'm sharing with you is the general majority opinion that is given to folks. The next question is that how much capital Do you give? So there's a Hadith of the prophets allottee, some dimensions, different items of food, one star, which

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is about six pounds of wheat, barley, raisins, dates, etc. Now that creates quite a bit of a spectrum could be anything from eight bucks to $25. So just check with your local organization, Masjid community leader and go with whatever they are recommending because they'll be recommending something within that spectrum that is more applicable to your community in your situation. However, one thing that I have to mention here when talking about how much a counterfeiter that you give as a counterfeiter is paid on behalf of every member of the household. So the head of the household will pay for not only himself or herself, but they will pay for every member of the household, including

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small children, even babies. If a woman is pregnant in the home, you do not pay on behalf of the unborn child, but rather you pay for all the members of the household, including even a newborn baby but you do not pay for an unborn child. Who do you give a counterfeiter to? You gives a counterfeiter to whoever can receive is eligible to receive zakat. All right, the same person can also receive that counterfeiter. Start with your own community because that's where it's most preferable. When also talking about who you give your filter to, somebody might say, well, I just give it to the masjid. I just put in the donation box at the masjid that is labeled A counterfeiter.

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It is okay it is permissible to delegate somebody else to discharge there's a custom filter on your behalf. And that's basically what you're doing in that situation. The next question is, when do you give the counterfeiter so when talking about when you give it the profit or loss allottee some says there's a counterfeit that has to be discharged and taken care of before you stand for so often to aid. But what that basically means is before that it reaches the person who is eligible to receive it. It is delivered to such a person before you stand for their eight prayer. So if you arrive for their eight prayer, and you drop it in the box that is labeled as a cup, and at that time, that is

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not the same thing. So based off of that even the companions or narrations they talk about giving them fitted a day or two before aid difficult How have stated to scholars state that it can be given different opinions something can be given in the last half of Ramadan. Once the 15th arrives, you can give them from their something you can give it anytime during the month of Ramadan. My own personal recommendation, especially if you're going to be giving it to the masjid or to a local community to discharge it on your behalf. You're delegating them to deliver it on your behalf, then I would definitely have to recommend that you give it at least a couple of days in advance at the

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very least, so that they have enough time to deliver it on your behalf. Lastly, there's a question of what do you get out to the fifth or do you have to give those exact food items? Or can you give money in place of that? It's a classical difference of opinion. There are narrations from the companions from the practice of the companions and

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There are opinions and narrations even from the Tabby own, where they allow for other items even money to be given in place and those exact food items. Because that just might be more practical and even more beneficial for the recipients of the cup of butter. The same ruling is given by many contemporary scholars today. And I would recommend the same thing that it is most definitely permissible to give money instead, if you go ahead and give food items more power to you, but it is most definitely acceptable and permissible for you to give money, instead of that, in some cases might even be a little bit more easier beneficial for the recipients. So that kind of wraps up the

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issue of the counterfeiter. But to answer the original question Do I have to give, all you basically have to do is take a look at whether you are qualified to give the card or not. You have enough money, you have savings? On top of that. There's a difference of calculation of how do you calculate that silver or gold could be 400 or $4,000. But you have some savings outside of your needs and necessities that you've had at least for a year you qualified to give to the gods who qualified to give you a custom fitted, so take care of it. And don't forget to give it on behalf of your kids. Just akmola head on. This has been another session of the following Hangout. If you got any

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questions, please feel free to send them in to us via Twitter, Facebook, comments on this video, or you can email them to us questions at Elam institute.org desikan located on WhatsApp, Polycom. Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

Do I have to pay Zakat ul Fitr?

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