Tafseer of Surah Al-Qasas #14 – Construct a tower for me, so that I may peep at the lord of Moosa

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Well I will

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feed me the hall fee that was early

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on do more ala Yuki ones home in a mobile setting in

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order to build him in a shape on your Wajima Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim Allah Musab be Allah movie man.

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Bill I mean the woman the goon hula no more rp but to

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in no hula you've leveled Lottie Moon Sadhak Allahu La Vie him. So we discussed in relative detail verse 36, when Sedna, Musa alayhis salam presented the Dawa to Pharaoh how Pharaoh responded with arrogance with hostility with aggression with threat, you know, threatening Sedna, Musa alayhis, salam, etc. And then we reference the text of persons who have been, you know, combining the different verses. And we concluded on the note with Pharaoh set from our Bible, coronial Gula, which was, of course, a ploy from from Pharaoh. He was trying to, you know, stir the people around him and secure their support NT Musa. So what's your take on those that preceded us? If mousseline salaam

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were to reply by saying they are in paradise? Well, they did nothing different to what we did, then we will also go to paradise. And if Musa alayhis salam was going to say that they will be designed for Hell, then surely this will enrage all those people that were present, like in the moussaka and tell them in FIRA own. What kind of Musa Hallelu remember Rabin, but Musa Ali Salam was smart, he was wise He was intelligent. It was calculated he was divinely sent by Allah. He said, I will Mohan Dara beefy Kitab al Maha Rindler beefy Kitab la Abril, Laura B wala Yun, SA, the abode of those that preceded us is in the knowledge of Allah. And for the record label Laura B. Willa Yun, sa Allah does

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not earn and Allah does not forget. Allah does not earn and Allah does not forget when her judge had also read bin Jubair Rahim Allah

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a yo hola hola a Bernie Omega aren't terrible luck Are you Hola, Bunny Romania, Anja Bullock, which of the leaders are the rulers from the bunu Omega impress you the most so certainly been Jumeirah Talalay answered are lonely highly to him or lonely highly to him. The one from amongst them that pleases Allah the most. So hijab has been used have said for a young girl Holic Okay, from amongst them, which one of them from the rulers of the blue omega?

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The Omega Dynasty, which one of them has pleased Allah the most? So Saeed bin Jubair Rahmatullah Allah He said, I will Modelica in the levy your Allah Musa Ramana Jiang, the knowledge of that is by He who knows their secret they hidden and they open, meaning that is what Allah subhanho wa taala. So as much as Pharaoh was sinister, and Pharaoh was malicious and obnoxious, and he was manipulative and he was playing with semantics said now Musa Lindstrom was smart, it was wise He was intelligent. He was calculated through Mansa Musa your own Makana funeral Oh no, you're Phil Roman Hawaii at the hulless. But Musa Allah is Salatu was Salam then went on to continue in the doubt of Allah, I will

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Modelica the knowledge of those that preceded us is in the knowledge of Allah and who is Allah? Allah, Allah Allah Allah como. Maha was Salah kala confy ha su Buddha, or unzila, Mina Sama, e ma. Allah is the One who created the earth. Allah is the One who has created pathways. Allah is the One who has sent down water. Allah is the one who causes the vegetation and the fodder to grow so humans can eat and animals can graze with the high era Funeral Home wobbu heater while I'm yet dreamer, you're cool. Now Pharaoh is you know what frustrated to the limit, because every curveball that he wants to direct towards a dinner Musa Musa alayhis salam replies it and responds to it in a very,

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very calculated way. So then as it was, I mean, freak inanity MLOK. The last arrow in the Kings cover is violence. And that's where people buckle under pressure. Because you cannot retort with equal violence because he has the muscle you open your mouth, you'll be incarcerated, you open your mouth, your books will be taken away. You open your mouth you'll be beheaded you open your mouth, your family will be intercepted you'll be

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executed. So Pharaoh said to London UK I will kill you. So Musa alayhis salam said cada ology it took me che in moving and if I display to you a clear cut proof that I'm a newbie of allah God effectively in condemning Assad is clean. So Pharaoh said okay do it, show it display it produce it if you claim to be honest for alcohol for either he or thornborough movie, Musa alayhis salam then drop his staff and it was converted into a snake into a pipe and we explained and explored and reconciled between the different terminology.

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So immediately what Pharaoh said in the huddle, Asahi don't Aleem Oh this looks like a very skilled magician. You read a new creature coming out of the can be salary. He wants to expel you from your land through his you know what spell and his skill of magic from other maroon What do you feel called to RJ Hua Hua artefill muda in a harsh rain? Well then let's challenge magic with magic. Let's challenge magicians with magicians, and of course people will mobilize well and your shadow Natsu vo ha Carla Marie to come Yama, Xena the day of festival which many say it was the 10th of Muharram the day of festival and that people will assemble converge and congregate at four noon. So

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you know what, late morning early noon it's a holiday that's the day people would come people would generally have the functions will email reception etc. At that time. And of course people came in the numbers in the scores and the multitudes for alcohol Hey Bella, whom were CEO whom they came with their staff and they came with the ropes to challenge so you dinner Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam. Aloma Yong will empty Han were in Del Mar new Cromo Raja Oh Johan. Today the nation will see who will be victorious and who will be defeated. And Yun morale. Maliko Sania Anna al Yama Euro como Fabula Na, the nation will see our skill and the game you know, with pride with flamboyance with

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confidence and arrogance. And of course, they dropped their stuff, but the nature of their magic was you high elo la Iman salary him and Nahata sa it was an optical illusion. So they distorted the you know, the sight of people Sahara, or Yuna Nast, they cast a spell on division was starhub, whom they struck terror in the hearts which are all beside her in our VM, the Quran confessors they displayed great magic in terms of magic it was great, but what Satan or Musa had was divine and a miracle from Allah while you flip Versa Hirohito atta and a magician stands no chance in front of a prophet. So say no mo Salah is that I was told by Allah LP Murphy I mean, just drop what you have LK LP Wow LK

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mafia mean just drop what's in your hand, don't worry it and remember they had came, you know in 1000s and they dropped their stuff. And he became into what was perceived to be snakes. So 10s of 1000s of snakes, but in reality, it was not a snake. It's a type of magic, where you you know what tempo with division you tempo with division. I mean, just a simple analogy when we were kids, and you would open up a candy and you open up the wrapper, and then the wrapper would be you know what different colors and then you look at someone through that wrapper, and then you say, Oh, you're looking purple you look in orange, you look in blue, you look in green, but of course the individual

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remains the same. It is the roof the reflection of the wrapper of the candy that plays out on that individual is the mafia meaning droplets in your hand telegraph mas Sana oh it will follow whatever they have fabricated in Amazonia okay dosa hair. What they have displayed is nothing but magic and say dinner so let's say that I'm Musa alayhis salam dropped it. And Allahu Akbar, tell careful my fee goon. It started swallowing everything that they fabricated. And what happened to Pharaoh.

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Those that came to support him when they realize this. They fell in frustration and what did they say? No Assa T the funny imaginal funny with the authorities in this regard. You can't teach us magic. We know it all we know it's types its form its shapes in every regard. This is not magic. The bluefin tuna amama who come on YouTube and NEDA Amar mushrooms Wow. These words are amazing. The Aberfan Nona amama who come on YouTube and nada Amanda Shams, our skill has disappeared in front of the miracle of Musa like how the do Mel's Before the rising sun La ilaha illAllah.

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So, immediately what did the magician say I'm a nebula. I'm an abrupt Bill Alameen we bring a man on the Lord of All the Worlds in methodical Tenzin. It is mentioned when they said this federal was still trying to show him

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His cloud he said a year and a two a year and a tomb. Do you mean you reaffirming your faith on me because I'm the Lord of all the words so they said no Robbie moves our Haroon not you the lord of Musa and Harun. Can you begin to imagine the embarrassment, the disgrace the humiliation, the dejection of Pharaoh, you brought you mobilize the magician's to come they came in their scores and the multitudes and you know what the arrow backfires at you? What are my fear on what Baraka Farah on over rod for your own head lost himself totally, he was now just off it completely. Now what do I do the whole nation is here and I have been exposed and I have been embarrassed. So now he tries a

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new tactic he tries a new you know what approach in the sea Hama who irritated that I lay in Naseeha who said that Allah it's an Arabic proverb you know what your arrow shot back at you? You were aiming it at someone else like there's another proverb in the Arabic language men have a free answer and yada Fe if you dig a hole for someone else, the chances are you will fall in it before anyone else while you're April macro SEO, elaborate Lake and an evil plot harms the plotter before it harms anyone else. So now if your own wants to

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try something else so he tells his people in Nadella McCrone Makoto Moo hoo Phil Medina at little college Omaha for sofa Tala moon, I'm going to show you people I'm going to sever your right hand and I'm going to sever your left leg and I will crucify you and then you must see who has more power and might me or the lord of Musa and they say Fatima and taka in Nataliya the hill hieratic dunya go for it go for the kill, go for the jugular. We've tasted Iman we've brought Iman, whatever you can do is while we breathe in, and once we have left this word, you cannot touch us in any way in mana. Rabina li Yong Farah, Lana, Hapa Jana, Mama Accra and I lay him in a circle. You know we bring a man

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on Allah and we are convinced on the oneness of the Almighty. So now we move on verse 37. Sedna Musa alayhis salatu salam says what God Allah Musab be Allah movie my ninja Bill who damn in the woman taco Nola who are anti by to Dar. So Musa said Rob be a journeyman My Allah knows my Allah knows mangia Abril Who da who has brought guidance and who is the guy that person, woman takuna, Allahu Akbar, to Dar and who will enjoy a noble abode in Accra. you accusing me you saying your nasty things, but remember, Allah is watchful, you've been defeated. You've been humiliated. You know, sometimes a person is speaking alive. He's caught out. He's exposed, but he still wants to persist

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on his life, just because he's prominent or famous, or he's got no no, no, no, no, no. It blatantly denies the truth. Everybody can see it and realize it. He's uncomfortable in his chair. He's exposed the spotlight is on him. The camera has intercepted it, he's recorded. He's inconsistent. But still he chooses to lie in now. Hola, yo. Flippered Valley Moon verse 37. Sedna, Musa alayhis salam says Surely the oppressor, the evil doers, the tyrants the center's will never be successful. Now look at ferons new, latest latest. You know what? Tactical latest

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plan to try and divert the people. So we spoke about fuel now. He claimed us he said this year, your name was just creating his own conclusions. So now verse 38. We're gonna figure out when we are Johan Mela, ma Lim Tula Camila in Ryrie. And Pharaoh said, oh ministers, honestly, the truth be told, for all I care. I cannot imagine or believe that there is any god worthy of worship for all of us besides me, I mean, you would agree. I'm the absolute power ma Aleem to the comb. I am aware of any God any deity any power, any ism besides myself. And then after a period of time progressively he went on to say an Arab buko Allah I am the most supreme bead in this verse, verse 38 of chapter

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228. He says that Maleme Tala Coleman, Allah Hina lady, now look at the style. You know, this is arrogance. This is pride. This is haughtiness where you want to show your muscle. Okay, how man just come here. Just come here. Do me a favor. Hey, man, I need to talk to you. So how man was his minister? Hey, you know what this is Moses Xia is blurting things welcome

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You have a biller? Whenever you have a biller, and he's claiming that he has a God and the Lord and an almighty and a sovereign paid for all typically Muhammad Allah clean, just Kindle some flames for me fire for me on clay, meaning make some solid bricks for me bake a break and historian say the first person to build a solid structure was Pharaoh for otally Yahama and wahala 13 So Pharaoh Ohama and who was his minister? Built for me a a palace a tall building a tower and it must be a solid structure for our daily Aha I left brain fart generally sir ha. So make for me a tower make for me a high rise building. Make for me a high rise building. Remember the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam said one of the signs of the Yama and traveling the world you will see it

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that Yetta Luna Phil Boone Yan UTapao Aluna Phil Boone Yan, where people will start competing with one another in high rise buildings. Sometimes you just stand and you look out from your hotel window. And on your look into the center of the city. It says these tall high rise buildings well the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it alerted us that yet Ababa Luna Phil Boone Yan you know what? competing with one another in these high rise buildings

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for Charlie saraha so both these tower for me luckily at folio, Allah Allah He moves, look at that audacity and look at the clemency of Allah. Look at the grace and the respite of Allah. Perhaps maybe I can peek and peep at the lord of Musa So build something. Let's go up. Let's climb, let's ascend. Let's see what's there. He's saying the sovereign divine authority power. Let's see what's all this about? Lolly atelier? Illa Allah, he moves out, perhaps maybe who knows? I can peek I can ascend, I can Summit. And then I can peep at the lord of Musa or in Nila Guna, whom in alkazi be for all I gaze Elia. For all I care he is a liar. So that's verse 38. Now did Pharaoh both construct the

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stoer or not? There is no authentic narration in this regard. Verse 38, says, where he issued the decree to Harmon, who was the chief minister to action, the plan of the construction. And this was again just to try and remain anchored, you could see you know, his, his his power was crumbling, his might was falling, his empire was collapsing, the The grip was going, but he was just holding on to it and how many times you see today also, you know, what a leader is losing, you know, what is elections, but then you hear that the elections are rigged, and then there's mismanagement and then there is you know, what cheating taking place in the in the counts of the ballots and the votes etc.

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But though the laws he still tries to hold on to that power till the laws, he still clutches onto it, and for Pharaoh, it was game over for Pharaoh it was game over, but no, he was not going to surrender for it to be says and likewise I read in the footnotes of July lane, that

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then Harmon had employed 50,000 Masons 50,000 skilled workers who Rumia and know who it is mentioned that he then arranged for him Siena elf, 50,000, masons and skilled workers, and they started developing and building floor by floor, stage by stage phase by phase according to whatever the resources of that time was, according to the narration of portobay. Though I've mentioned that it's not in an authentic narration, but for today has recorded it, so I'm sharing it and likewise in the footnotes of Gela lane as well. And so after he completed the construction of this high rise tall building, in which he employed the skill of 50,000 masons, Allah subhanho, wa taala, sent Gibreel

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Alayhi Salatu was Salam, and with the side of one of his wings, he merely nudged that building, and it crumbled to the floor, causing the death of every individual