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I began my last football club, speaking about the hadith of our Prophet sallallahu early he was sending him in which he predicts the future. And he tells us, you check into the

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camera to the

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idea. He said that perhaps there will come a day where the nations will call one another against you, just as you invite others to eat from your plates. And we spoke about how Subhanallah this hadith

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is something we have seen play out in our history. We've seen the Sykes pico agreement where the English and the French and the Russians sat down on a map. And they carved out the Muslim world. And they drew the borders that we abide by today. And they said the British will have this land and the French will have that land and the Russians will have that land. Just as the Prophet sallallahu ala us in the mansion. I mentioned that there's even a painting in the British Museum of different European

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monarchs standing in front of a plate of a turkey, a cooked turkey, but the head of the turkey is the head of the Ottoman so on the honey from the Muslims, and they're talking about how they're going to eat from this plate, and which part they like to eat the most. The prophets of Allah where it will send them speaking about this, the companions were amazed and they said Elementen that in Yama in India Rasul Allah, they said on this messenger of Allah, is this going to happen to us because we are few in number because we're being persecuted because there's so few of us. He's a fundable engineer, amazing caffiend He's a no rather you are many on that day. But you are like the

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scum upon the sea, you're not bringing value.

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The companions the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, what ends allow humans to do the I do recommend my habit of income, and that God is going to remove from the hearts of your enemies fear of you, meaning once upon a time they feared you, but today, they will not fear you anymore, when you have to defend a few Kulu

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and Allah will put in your hearts and when the weakness and the companions did not understand what the prophet meant when he said this, what do you mean we will have the weakness and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and when the weakness is heard the dunya Pokhara hatin note he said it is to love this dunya this temporary world and is to hate death. And we spoke in the last book. I began with the st Hadith, but I focused on the latter part of what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Khurana hits and melts the hatred of death. And we spoke about how coward dice is not the characteristic of the believer to be a coward.

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But there's another aspect to this, the Prophet said of the weakness, the weakness, the reason we're going to be in this situation, the reason why there are 2 billion Muslims who cannot even give 2 million Muslims a cup of water to drink.

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Why do we have this weakness that we are seeing in front of our eyes, the prophet gives you the root causes, we can sit and talk about the external reasons of why the Muslim ummah has become weak. We can talk about education levels, literary levels, we can talk about armies and how they are trained and funded or not trained and not funded and all these different things. But the root of it is what the prophet is telling you in this hadith. The root of our problems is this one, this weakness. And this weakness is two things her dunya baccarat here to note, the overwhelming love of the dunya and the hatred of death. And so the last couple we talked about the hatred of death aspect being a

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coward. But in this clip, I want to talk about the first aspect the love of the dunya. Why do we have this love of the dunya? Because it also contributes to being a coward. When we love the dunya too much. What is it that makes people say, Well, I'm not going to talk about these issues, because I'm afraid I'm gonna get in trouble. I'm not going to talk about freedom and lose my job. I'd like to talk about this because it's going to limit my dunya my job prospects, my ability to make money.

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And Jana Allah says you, you love wealth with an immense love and overwhelming love.

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We have to understand that this is not an individual flaw. The entire owner suffers when we love the dunya more than the ASPCA. The entire Ummah suffers when we love this world more than the next world. The entire OMA suffers when we care more about our paycheck than we do about our son.

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The entire OMA suffers when we care more about our well

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Some possessions than we do about what we're gonna say when we stand in front of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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This is what removes the fear of you, the respect of you from the hearts of others, what allows them to persecute us and process and harm the Muslims because we fallen into this major weakness, the love of the dunya and the hatred of death. So we have to remedy the roots if we want real results and real change, and we remedy that roots by going back to the Quran and Sunnah. We break this mold by looking to the Quran and Sunnah. And one of the most fundamental things that our Prophet sallallahu wasallam taught

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was the nature of the dunya and our relationship to it. The prophets of Allah Islam came to people in Polish, what did they say? We'll call it.

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We'll call it OMA here in dunya.

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they said their belief system was in the year in

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Estonia, we only have this one life. We only have the life of this Estonia, we have this world, and nothing will destroy us except time. Eventually everyone will die. And that's it. You have this life, and there's nothing beyond it.

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And perhaps Muslims don't believe this. If we put a microphone in the face of every, you know, Muslim out there, and we say, Do you believe there's only the dunya? And that's it. There's nothing after that. They will all say no, we believe there's enough. But sometimes, we believe in our actions, not necessarily, in our words.

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What is it that causes young men and women to be seduced into a lifestyle that is wrong? What is it that convinces them to use drugs? Or to go clubbing? What is it that causes them to smoke or to enter haram relationships? It is the death of Kufa it is you only live once Are you really gonna live your whole life, you're not even going to try this. You're not even going to see what it feels like. This is the Tao of if you only have one dunya you only have one chance. It's a philosophy of disbelief to be exclusively focused on the dunya the all that exists is this world.

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And so when we act like this is true, even if we don't say it with our tongues,

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we're following the philosophy of disbelief.

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It's not by chance that the last verse that was revealed to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was to tell us to focus on the next slide. What's Up for Yeoman tutor Giroud Fe il Allah so much was left in Makkah so that

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Allah's paradise is in fear today, be conscious of the day that you will return back to Allah subhanaw taala. And then every soul will be compensated for what it has earned, and they will not be treated unjustly. This world dystonia, it is funnier, it is fading, it is vanishing. It's like a fleeting memory. As you want to hear in this in this room today. You can sit back and think about your memories in the past. If you're in your 60s, you can think about your memories in your 40s. If you're in your 30s, you can think about when you were a teenager, if you're a teenager, you can think about when you were a child, if you're a child, you can think about a few years ago, everyone

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can think about their past memories. Now I asked you what are the nature of those memories? You think back for the decades that you lived. You can think of just a few memories here and they're fleeting. And incident here something that happened then. And even those memories that you think about you can't even remember everything that happened, you only remember a few things that took place

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that's the nature of the dunya. One day your life will end.

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And if you think back to the entirety of your life, it's just fleeting moments that vanish away.

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So much so that when the people are in the hellfire, and they think back to the life of the dunya they think all of it was just one day or less than a day.

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We'll call this Nyoman Elba bloom invested in it.

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They say to Allah, we were on Earth only for one day, or even part of a day, not even the full day first and then they're serious about this. They tell ALLAH ask the angels that counts.

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We demand to recount we we're not on Earth for 6070 years. We're only on earth for one day.

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Because it feels like that at the end. Just like when you're in your 50s and you think back to your 30s

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That entire decade felt like one memory fleeted by so quickly.

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And throughout the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala tries to explain to you the nature of this world,

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he tells you that this dunya all of it is

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one of the verses, one level higher to dunya

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was enough to be enough on what

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Allah says Aaron mo no, this is a commandment, you must have knowledgeable this you must know this, know that the life of this world is only valuable when will play and amusement

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is playfulness that can have benefits. Like you play basketball, you benefit from it, your body becomes stronger. Lao is amusement that has no benefit whatsoever, like things that are haram. Allah tells you indeed this world is only played and amusement

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was easy. It is outwardly beautiful. The outward aspects of it seem attractive and beautiful. What's if alpha and beta come and it is boasting against each other.

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It's boasting and showing off, what's the cathode in hoarding. And gathering and hoarding, wealth and children.

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To is the quality of your possessions to cathode is the quantity of it. So people are just showing off and competing. He has a nice car, I want to have a nice car, he has a nice house, I want to get that nice house. And it's all driven by the ego or mostly driven by the ego. That's what this world is.

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Allah subhanaw taala gives you in the same verse, He gives you an example. He says, Give us the right analogy and then confirm

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to me eju for Tara homes.

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He says this dunya is like a single rainfall that makes the farmer happy.

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He's overwhelmed with happiness by it. But the rain that falls in that single rainfall causes a little bit of greenery to come out.

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And then it'll die. They'll turn yellow, they'll turn to dust and they'll scatter in the wind. And now a farmer

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who decides to invest everything into one single rainfall. They buy as many barrels as they can to get as many water from one single rainfall. And they decide they're gonna make their entire focus on one rainfall and try to plant their plants in their crops out of one rainfall. People would say you are stupid. in your lifetime there's going to be hundreds of rainfalls, why are you investing in betting only on a single rainfall, whatever water comes down in that one rainfall even if it's a lot of water, it's not enough, the plants will die.

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But that's the example of the dunya dunya is one rainfall compared to the 1000s that will come after it. The dunya is nothing compared to everything that will come after it. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Madonia era Electra yet

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for the unknown, he says the example of the dunya is like a man who puts his finger in the ocean.

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And then the Prophet said, Let him consider how much water did he take out? If you dip your finger in the ocean and bring it out how much water is on your finger and how much water is in the ocean? The dunya is the drop in the ocean is the Aspera it's incomparable. And this is why Allah says a woman hired to dunya Illa Matera road the life of this world is the pleasure of deception. it deceives you think it's a lot? You think it's a long time? It's nothing. It's short and it's little. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, The dinar, which is after that ruined is the one who worships the dinar and the one who worships the dinar is the one who ruined himself. He tripped on

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his own feet. He took himself down ties he ruined himself who is the one who worships the dinar in the Quran. And he says it is the worship because they have made it their focus. It is their life goal. It is all that they care about.

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They've been ruined, they've ruined themselves. And then the Prophet said

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to ISIL in tickets way that she can interpret she's a phrase in Arabic that they would say at the time, that he if he is pricked by a thorn, he will never find relief, if he's pricked by authority will never find relief, which is very interesting, because the person who worships money, they think the solution to their problem is money. But in reality, their problems is probably because of their unhealthy relationship to money. So every time he has a problem

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problem, he thinks I need to get more money to solve my problem, but it only increases their problems, they become even more sad, even more depressed, even more upset. So the Prophet said, if he's pricked by a thorn, he'll never be able to remove it. What a pitiful situation this person is in the one who doesn't have a lot, they really have nothing. And yet Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran,

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you know, different verses McKenny leads to dunya was known for any email Madeline Thea, whoever wants the life of this world and all of its splendor, we will give it to them, you will see it as we will repay them anything good they do, we will give it to them in the dunya mechanically.

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Whoever wants what is immediate, meaning the dunya, we will give it to them immediately, will give them the immediacy, woman Alhadeff Kira was that

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kind of suffering from a squatter, and whoever is working for the next life, and they are believers, that Allah says then that work is going to be appreciated. But here's what's powerful. After this, Allah has given you two groups here. Mechanically, the idea that the ones who want the immediacy, they want this world, the hastening of this world, Allah will give them this world and whoever's working for the outfit on the second group, Allah says, We will appreciate their work, we will give them the avatar. And then he tells you, Quinlan, we do have

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both of these groups, the one who wants to dunya and the one who wants the, Allah says both of them, we will give them the dunya. No need to

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pick, we will extend to both groups, both categories, the gifts of your Lord.

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So the one who wants to dunya will get the dunya. And that's it. And the one who works for the athlete will get the athlete, but they'll also get the dunya. Allah will give both of them. And so the believer has the double price. By focusing on the era, Allah will give them the dunya as well. This is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said men can add to dunya mechanically into dunya. Whoever's the other intention is the dunya Allah will federoff Allahu Allah will make sure their their world there will be affairs all over the place. They'll scatterings

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he makes his poverty in his eyes, all that he can see as his poverty, even if he's rich, he thinks tomorrow I'm gonna go bankrupt. Every day. The only thing he sees is poverty. What I'm yet to dunya

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team in dunya Atlanta, and he will still will not gain from the dunya except that which Allah has written for him. Women can Fira and whoever's desire and focus is the athlete. Gemma Allahu Allah will make their affairs in order he'll bring it together. Well, Jana,

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and Allah will make His richness in his heart, whether he has a lot of possessions or moderate or small amount of possessions, he feels rich, he feels it in his heart. Well, I touched with dunya when he arrived, and the dunya will come to him meekly, the dunya will come to him submissively meaning the other person maybe has to work 100 hours to get with the second person gets in 50 hours. Most of them after work yes, you're not gonna get things sitting on your couch. But with the person whose focus is the dunya is mainly has to work double as the one who's focused as the athlete Allah gives him the dunya easily

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through in Allah for right.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who are the hurry he was supposed to be here woman while

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when we say that the dunya the love of the dunya is one of the weaknesses of our Ummah, we also have to consider that our relationship with the dunya is not a healthy or Islamic relationship. So there are those who are focused on the dunya it is their focus in this world. And that is a huge faults and flaw. But there's another group that thinks in order to be away from the dunya I must be a hermit living alone, living in a monastery worshiping in that sits not working, not burning.

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And this is also the wrong understanding of how a Muslims relationship to money should be like, Oh my God, Allah when he entered the Masjid. He found people sitting in the middle of the day during the workday. They're sitting in the masjid. He said, What are you doing? They said, Kadena and Allah we are the people who rely upon Allah we're just gonna worship and we trust Allah subhanaw taala is gonna give us and I'm gonna have bumps in the

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Keep going. He said, No, you're not. And there's different areas that you are reliant. Here's your moochers, you're relying on others to do to give you your moochers. That's what you are in the middle of.

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Winter isn't the one who really trusts Allah is the One who planted the seed. And he trusts Allah subhanaw taala to help them grow it. People think that it's righteous to not earn

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if someone is religious and they're giving their, you know, giving Dawa or they're gonna go into the masjid and then they have a nice car, then everybody's awaited to have a nice car. Why did they give it all the way for the sake of Allah?

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Why do you even have money, you shouldn't have any money.

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This is not the right way to think about money.

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he was a scholar, breed scholar,

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he used to wear like wearing nice clothes. One day a Jewish man was really poor and his clothes were in tatters. He sees a bit harder. He says, Why is it that people like you say that a Dunia said you didn't movement agenda, some Catholic? Why is it that people like you say that this world is the prison of the believer, and it is the paradise of the disbeliever. He's in look at your clothes. They're so nice. And look at me, my clothes are torn up. So if it had just said to him, Michaels compared to what Allah will give the believer in the this is like a prison and you're close compared to what Allah will give you in the house. It is like Jana.

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The mentality doesn't mean I can't have any money. And in fact, what we have to understand is that by earning money you are doing what the Prophet salallahu Salam is expecting you to do. We know the story of Hakeem

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when he just accepted Islam and the Prophet was giving gifts to those who accepted Islam. So he went in he got money from the Prophet. Then he decided to stand in line again. They came a second time to the prophets of Allah giving me so the Prophet gave him a second time. Then he decided it's a good deal he came back the third time I'm gonna get the third money from the prophet and he tells the Prophet give me and the third time the Prophet SAW Allah Where do you send them tells him yeah keen, and now has the dunya era Oh Hakeem this dunya it is splendid. It is attractive. It is you know a sweet it's it's it's something that people want. He said from an alpha

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v. Shroff, enough's. Mubarak. Allahu Allah Hafiz Sophia, whoever takes it with honor in their self meaning they're working for their money, Allah will give them baraka in it. And whoever takes the dunya without that honor, Allah will not put Baraka in it. When the ended earlier Hiuen mineralia is Sophia and the upper hand the hand that is giving charity and that is giving is better than the lower hand the hand that is taking. And so he says, Don't be the person every time you know, you're sticking out your hand for money, work for your money earnings. And it's important for us to understand because we want to Dunia in our hands, we don't want the dunya in our hearts. And one of

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the very interesting individuals or figures in our history is Savannah filthy, the greatest scholars of Hadith one of the scholars of the center, he's a female and the man.

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He said in the past, we used to tell people that money is something you should hate. Why did he say this? Because he comes after the time of when the owner was had an incredible amount of wealth. During the time. Bob, I've met him in our fan, the Muslim ummah was swimming in well, there was so much money. He said, so we used to tell people get away from the money, the money is gonna corrupt you give the money away, he said and milliohm finolhu and Mal toolson. Woman. He said As for today we say that money is the shield of the believer. It protects the believers to have money to spend for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala to build the misogyny to give Dawa to protect the Muslims from

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those who want to harm the A man came to Sofia and authority and they said oh Sophia, what do you say about a man? If he misses Salaam

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and he works he will gain a dinner with that did he will spend upon his children and his family. But if he prays tonight in the masjid with the congregation, he will earn less than it and he doesn't have enough money to spend on his family. Savannah thought he said yesterday at dinner. Well you will Sunday rather let him earn that did him so you can spend on his family and let him pray by himself. People don't imagine that a chef would say this. He's one of the greatest scholars in our faith because he understands you have to spend on yourself and on your family. You can't be the one asking you have to be independent you have to be working. This is an important thing for us to think

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When he Sofia thought we had some money, somebody said to him, oh Sophia, you have money fear Allah

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Ah, the same mentality How can you a religious person and Imam have money in your hand go, you know, give it away? How dare you have money? And Sophia answered it, squid Falola hada NurseLine. And he said, be quiet for it not if it were not for the fact that I've earned some money. The kings would descend upon us. What does he mean by that? If we don't have money, the powers that be like the Kings, we're gonna have to go to them and say, Give us money. We don't have any money. And what are the kings gonna do? It's okay, I'll give you money. If you do this for me, and you do this for me, and you do this for me. I don't want to be dependent on them. I want to be independent. And that's

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really important. We've been talking about, we've been talking about Palestine for all of these weeks. One of the things for us to understand why did the Europeans give Palestine to the Zionists? One of the reasons is Rothschild, and his wealth, one of the wealthiest families that dominate finance. Chaim Weizmann, who was the first President of Israel invented a form of bio agriculture that the British needed for World War One.

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Right, they were the British needed things from them.

00:26:17--> 00:26:37

When we became like, the scum, on the on the ocean, we don't have our own power. We don't have money, we don't have technologies of our own, so that we can defend ourselves like Sophia nfld, said, the shield of the Muslims, when we didn't have that we became so weak.

00:26:38--> 00:26:46

That's something for us to understand. So when we say we don't want to love the dunya dunya is not our focus, we gain the dunya

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as a means to get closer to Allah subhanaw taala. We gain money so we spend for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. So we get to gender, because gender is our focus. But we don't say we have nothing to do with the dunya then what does that mean? Then you get colonized, then you become dependent on the colonizing power, then you become the one who's weak and you ask the colonizer for support, and then you have to do whatever they tell you to do.

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So like Sophia is saying, we don't want to be dependent on other people, we as an OMA have to be independent. That means we earn our own money. That means we strive for our own selves. We try to be the leaders in technology, loop leaders and finance the leaders in this leaders, we have to become the leaders in order for us to gain our own independence. We're not the ones asking for handouts.

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In this way, when a young man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, I don't have any I don't have any money. The Prophet said, you I'm not gonna give you money to do something. You don't have any things that have shoes, because it's so your shoes and they bought an X. The Prophet took him up a mountain, and they cut down a tree, and they took the wood to the marketplace and they sold it a profit taught him how to make money. And then he said a hadith after this, that a person were to climb the tree and cut the tree and sell the wood and feed their family and give some is better than if they were to ask people for money. This hadith of our prophets, Little Rock were

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names. So this is the mentality that we have to have when it comes to the dunya. The dunya should not dominate our hearts. We understand that this dunya is nothing compared to the Afghan we also understand we utilize the dunya for the sake of getting the Afghan for the sake of building the masajid building the assembly schools teaching people the Dow protecting the Muslims who are weak, we have to be leaders in the dunya not because we like the dunya are focused on the dunya but because we want to use it as a means to get closer to Allah subhanaw taala