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Ramadan 2019 Reminder 01 – The Purpose of Fasting

Bilal Philips


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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Well, this time of year is come around again.

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Ramadan is only a few days away.

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The question is,

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do we want to do another Ramadan? Like the Ramadan before?

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Or do we want to do a different Ramadan?

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Ramadan, where we come out of Ramadan feeling we have achieved something spiritually,

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Is that what we want? Or do we just want to enjoy Ramadan? The time of festivities, celebration of Ramadan nights shopping, partying?

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Isn't the time that we stop for a minute and think about this? What is it that we really want from Ramadan?

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Because Allah didn't prescribe Ramadan

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as a month of festivities, yes, there is aid. At the end of Ramadan, there is eat. That's the festival.

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A yearly annual festival.

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Fine that day

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that's been prescribed for that.

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Ending Ramadan.

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Not that Ramadan should be like eat that all the 30 days or 29 days of Ramadan. We should be celebrating and joining.

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That's not really what Ramadan was prescribed for.

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We all know the verse we're in a lot of said that. He prescribed fasting for us as he prescribed fasting for those before us. Christians, the Jews.

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All of the various religions have some element of fasting in it.

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La La Quinta taco in order that you would become more conscious of God.

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This is what Ramadan is supposed to be about.

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taqwa is not

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It's not festivity, celebration.

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It is a state

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of mind

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of heart of soul.

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This is what Ramadan is supposed to be about.

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So how do we get there?

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That's what we should be thinking about.

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We should be aware of what Ramadan was intended for.

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So that we can

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find the necessary components take the necessary steps to get there.

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This is the thought for today

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that we stopped for a minute and think about Ramadan.

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So I want a Kumar Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh