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AI: Summary © The importance of following Islam's teachings and avoiding dividing is emphasized, along with the need for people to get close to their values. The Day of Servicing Jesus is emphasized, along with forgiveness and goodness in life. The importance of taking action when faced with negative experiences, such as negative experiences during the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the birthday of the
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While earlier he was so happy he owned Warner. Brothers and sisters we have been blessed by Allah subhanaw taala that we are alive and it is for many people listening here live it is the eighth of the ninja Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah from 111 If we make it to the day of out of the most probably grants us life to that day, let us take full advantage of that blessing because there are many blessings and tests that people are given that they fail, they deprived themselves of a certain thing. And so I'll start off by actually sharing a short report Imago Hari Rama records this, that a Jewish man once came to remember Pablo,

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the long run and he spoke to him and it was a longer NARRATION But to summarize he said to him, there's a particular verse And if in your book which you recite if there had come to us meaning the Jewish community, we would have taken that day as a day a day of festivities read or model the law one said which I he said today I have perfected for you your magnitude of Medina commitment radical near material development Islam Medina, today I've perfected for you your religion and completed upon you my blessing and I have chosen for you Islam as your religion or morally Allahu unsaid. We surely know that day and the place where it was revealed upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam, he was standing at Talofa on a Friday.

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Imagine the feeling of the companions thinking back on that day when the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam passed away, it was a very dark and heavy day for them. Many Eyes were shedding tears, hearts were moved, it was a very dark and difficult day, when a beloved passes away, depending on how much you love that person, the memories of what they said and did start to come back to you. You start to see things and remember them you start to see certain places or certain things that they liked or spoke about or commented on something reminds you of them. May Allah have mercy on all of our loved ones who passed away before us.

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Imagine he stood there, Salah lorrison them he said this little ice and him he was standing on the Divan he said that. And if the one who departed is also a messenger, the role model for all of mankind, then those memories become even more precious and important to hold on to. If your heart today wishes to have been with the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam don't we all say we love we wish to have been there. We love the idea of having lived with a Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam experience life with him. And of course with that all of the great difficulties and struggles of the early Muslims, then it's important that we at least follow what he taught, if we're sincere in our

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claim of love, what he taught and what he conveyed of the revelation of Allah subhana wa Tada. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam gave the Companions a very powerful reminder that day, it was so powerful many of them who reported this and we were crying. Many of them said it was a very strong a diminishment. And he reminded the listeners of many things if we compile all of the authentic reports about the Farewell Sermon of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam, we find so many amazing gems that each of which could be an entire seminar. Amongst them, of course, is the need for people to get closer to their Creator, our need and our reliance upon him. Prepare for your meeting with

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Allah. He reminded them of the importance of unity in Islam and not dividing. He reminded them of the importance of brotherhood and how sacred the honor of a believer is he SallAllahu wasallam reminded the Companions as well, and those who were with him on the plains of Annika of the rights of women, this is a time in which women had no right. And he sallallahu alayhi salam with the revelation of Allah was in a way aggressively reforming all of that in society that they have right upon you as well. Yes, you know, you have rights upon them, they have rights upon you as well. The Prophet salallahu alayhi salam reminded the companions that we are all the children of Adam Hadees

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salaam, and no one is superior to anyone else, based on your skin color, your lineage or anything else, rather in a chromosome in the law here at Qualcomm, as Allah tells us, the most honorable amongst you are those who have the most God consciousness Tough luck, the Day of Arafah it's a very precious day, the greatest day of the year. I'm also Panatela swears by the State as an oath of custom in the Quran was similar either till Broadwell yo mill Mill Road, Russia, he didn't want to shoot by the sky containing constellations and by the Promised Day and by a witness and the one that is witnessed what is this referring to? autonomy. The reports that the Prophet Sall Allahu alayhi wa

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sallam said regarding these ayat from the opening of sola till borouge 85. The promise day yo millimolar who is the Day of Resurrection, Allah swears by the Day of Judgment. The one that is witnessed Masood is the Day of Arafah and the witness Shahid is Friday.

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This day that we are about to experience tomorrow that Ivanka is both a Juma and a Friday. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said the sun does not rise or set upon a day that is more virtuous than it

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than the Day of Arafah in it is a moment in which a believing servant does not make dua to Allah subhanaw taala for something good except that ALLAH will respond to that person. And that person does not seek refuge from any evil thing except that Allah will grant them refuge. This is a blessing of the blessings of blessings for us to make it to the Day of Arafah. If you make it to that day for longer runs this life, remember and acknowledge that Allah subhanaw taala gave us an opportunity that is so rare, meaning in terms of the number of days of the year this is the greatest single day, despite our sins despite all of our shortcomings, Allah subhanaw taala is blessing us

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with this opportunity. It is a day of immense forgiveness. And there's no day on which Allah subhanaw taala frees more people from the fire than on the day of autofair. Allah subhana wa Tada draws nearer to His servants and speaks to the angels in one of the reports and he says to them, what do my servants want? What do you want on the Day of Arafah? Do you want some of the Mercy of Allah? Do you want some change in your life? You want to feel better about who you are? Do you want forgiveness for your sins? Do you want some goodness in this life and the next? Do you want the hardship to be alleviated? Do you want Shiva from an illness? Do you want success victory for the

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OMA, what is it that you want? The best of dua is due on the day of offer. Now, sometimes, what we emphasize and for me, this has been my annual experience for the last seven, eight years or so aside from of course, the pandemic years was the experience of being with a group, right, the hedge groups that you heard about earlier referenced earlier. And usually the thought process there is very different because you're there in person. But we used to always remind people who are not there on social media in person, other places. That Anaka is not just for the Pilgrims at Hajj, of course, there's the sanctity of the place, and there's the standing on the day of honor, and it is the crux

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of the entirety of Hajj, the entirety of Hajj relies upon out of right I've had Jonathan as the prophet Salah licencing. But we always remind people, the blessings that we are talking about and the DUA that you make, and people being saved from the fire. It's not just for the Hajaj not just for the pilgrims, it is for Muslims all over the world. It is for those who feel like they are struggling, it's not just for the saints are the most righteous of people. No rather it is for the sinner just for the one who's struggling. It is the one who was far from Allah subhanaw taala for you to turn to him, Do not deprive yourself on that blessed day. Prophet salallahu Salam in his

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Farewell Sermon, is giving advice to the companions, and in a way to everyone else that will hear about the sermon or will hear about the final speech of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam until the end of times, when we talk about the day Avada we talk about making dua, we talk about emptying your heart out into your DUA speak to Allah subhanaw taala if you feel weak, if you feel lazy, at least raise your hands. So y'all I'm feeling lazy. I'm feeling weak. So help me aid me strengthen me. Y'all protect me.

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You know this out of and Jumeirah couldn't be our last.

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Can you imagine the one who was with us last time?

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And they departed may Allah have mercy on them, our brothers and sisters who departed before us. Imagine they could give you advice, one piece of advice about the day of art for tomorrow, like something you should know something you should pay attention to imagine that what would they tell you? Perhaps what they'll say is, Do not deprive yourself, do not miss out, take advantage. Push yourself, it's not going to be easy. You have many responsibilities, your family, your children, take advantage of the Day of Arafah This is the ultimate day of the year. Do not deprive yourself. There was a brother years ago, as soon as the group returned back here to Michigan, from hedge. I

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think the day after they return he had a heart attack and he passed away may Allah have mercy on it. The very last thing that he did was experience this wonderful act of worship this remarkable journey back to Allah subhanaw taala. We hope we pray that maybe he died with a clean slate. And it was just shortly after this magnificent act of worship. On the day of Autofit itself. We had a brother in my group, and Subhanallah he fell ill is much older, he felt ill to the extent that eventually he started falling unconscious. And there was no medic nearby. We waited for a while and eventually a medic made it and their brother was crying. He said I just want to be able to make do on this day. I

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just want my hunch to be accepted. I just do not want to miss the next stages of Hajj. That's all that I want. And Hamdulillah you know he may do I may do I may do it in and out of consciousness. It was very difficult for him in terms of his health.

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He lived at hamdulillah and he made a lot of DUA and he took advantage when we look back at it after Hajj ended he said I'm so grateful to masa pantalla that my do on the day of alpha even though I felt like my health should have failed me. My dua was responded to that y'all. I just want to make it today.

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And of hedge, yellow grant me shifa, so you don't know what your last opportunity will be, what can you do so that you are not wasting your time on the day Ivanova brothers and sisters, wherever you are, whether you have the ability to go to a masjid and Islamic center or you are within your home, regardless of where you are taking advantage especially of the second half of the day, and by the second half, I don't mean to slack off with the first but rather take advantage in a very practical way by going to a quiet place either in your home, in the masjid if possible. If you have children and you can multitask, try to take some time 1520 minutes at a time to make dua and just reflect

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quiet time between you and Allah SubhanAllah. Just making dua does not have to be loud just has to be sincere it has to be on the tongue raise your hands face the flip, if you can make Mikado you know the advocates of DUA and start with is still thought, start with asking Allah for forgiveness. If you want to take one of the lessons of the day of the farewell speech of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam. It is a summary of Islam that you have Taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala that you turn to Allah subhanaw taala that you ask Allah Subhana Allah for wellbeing, not just for yourself, but for the people around you. Some of the early Muslims in the first generations, some of them would go to

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the masjid and this was reported about Lebanon basketball, they log on, they would go to the masjid after Asada prayer on the Day of Arafah until military and they would make dua or worship Allah subhanaw taala. We don't have specifics about the reports of people doing this collectively but they did go to the masjid, some of the scholarship that is permissible because of that, that if you want to go to the masjid and spend some time there considered, you know, at Cafe it's not specified to another prophesy Selim in terms of doing anything in particular but making dua to Allah subhanaw taala ask Allah subhanaw taala he is generous and Allah subhanaw taala wants you to turn to him. One

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of the tricks of Shavon is to make people feel like they are too distant, like they're too bad. Like they have so much guilt and shame that they shouldn't turn to Allah when in fact that's a trick of Shavon Allah subhanaw taala does not tell you to lose hope he tells you the opposite. That's up not only Rahmatullah do not lose hope, Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanaw taala forgives all sins in a lot of young filled with the Nova Jamia. So do not lose hope in the Mercy of Allah. Allah forgives all sins, but you have an action item here which is that you ask Allah for forgiveness that you turn to him first, your heart is there. Your remorse is there. Don't think

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about the sin being minor. Don't think about the sin being one that is normalized in society. rather think about the Majesty of Allah subhanaw taala Imagine your meeting with a law and how you look back on the days of Arafa every artifact that you had in your life, how many do you think you'll have in total, for some people, maybe it was 100 outfits for others maybe 60. And for some it might have been only 30 Especially in the adult years of your life 30 out of us total that you took advantage of. This is not like the latest report. This is not like the last two nights of Ramadan, you have the greatest 10 days of the year and the Dave out of a specified and it is from the Mercy

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of Allah subhanaw taala and there's a wisdom in both for the day of often there's a mercy in knowing which day it is. And so take advantage of this day brothers and sisters, don't forget to make dua for others around you as well. And wherever you are in the world is the time that you should take advantage of so your offer is not based off of people 12 hours ahead or 10 hours ahead or five hours behind it's where you are take advantage of the time of from load all the way or tomorrow's Joomla until most of your time and fluctuate and come back to it and multitask make dua do other things make do out do other things daycare or and and all of that you know what you need to do practically

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speaking, but push yourself to take advantage in sha Allah to Allah and may last Repatha except from all of us and may Allah Subhana Allah was as we gather in different places around the world for Juma prayer for the judge on the plains of Ottawa, for Mildred as you break your fast if you're fasting tomorrow in sha Allah because there's a magnificent reward if you're able to May Allah Subhana Allah to gather on the Day of Judgment in a good standing safe and secure happy with no sadness in a state of optimism because we worked hard during this life does that and be MATCOM Yamato Let's work hard let's push ourselves we can inshallah Tada. Take advantage of the day may Allah Subhana Allah accept

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from you and us and may Allah subhanaw taala forgive us for all of our shortcomings and allow us to leave the day of Annika with pure hearts and a clean slate. Aloma Amin wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi igmi