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The segment discusses various topics related to marriage, including the negative impact of marriage on society and the importance of staying in love. A woman named Kadiya was married to a man named docu La, but the couple was not formalized. The segment also touches on false statements made by various speakers, including a woman named Holly who wanted to propose to her daughter and a woman named Jani who had a romantic relationship with a man named Monica. The segment also touches on the origin of WhatsApp and its use by younger generation.

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I'm about to fall protocol along with the Baraka with

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Procore in Hamid

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ministry porn you're watching me Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim.

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Allah to pasito affiliate chromapop Allah Nisa, you must know what to look

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for in crypto Aleta de Lucia Omar malakut Emma Newcomb, Danica Jenna rulu we're calling the BU sallallahu taala Ali was Salam

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ala Luca ha ha ha Jetta who Papa and taco de Jetta fella Gil ha ha taco v ha Jetta. Oh kumbhakarna helenius Salatu was salam, honorable hora microm respected brothers and elders to continue with our topic on Nika. As I previously made mentioned, the greatest gift that husband and wife can share on the first night is the past life of fidelity morality and chastity and a commitment to a life of fidelity. You know, on a lighter note, they say this cricketer got married. So on the first night after consuming the religion using cricket terminology, he asked his wife How was my fine shots? She said, brilliant, but I must tell you, you want the opening batsman.

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Anyway, another major area of concern, unfortunately, in our marriage is the delay of marriage. The delay of marriage, one youngster I told him get married. He said no when prepaid is available when I say take a contract. I told him that prepaid is more expensive and there's no roaming facilities on that also. Anyway,

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one of the major areas of concern also is the dealing in nica. We find unfortunately, both by the bachelor and the spinster and likewise by the widow in the widower, it is because we assume marriage to be based on lust only. Hence, if a man decides to get married months after the loss of his wife, society frowns upon him how unfaithful can men be? How evil of him to get married at the lightning muscle with Robbie Allen who said Lola Yaga comin agilely illa Sriracha, yam, Wali todo nada Nika letters awaji to cara,

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de la Subbu. If I knew I am going to die in 10 days, I only have 10 days left in my life, and I have access to Nika, I will get married knowing very well that I'm going to die after 10 days. For the simple reason I do not want to meet my Allah and marriage minddata xavante de la Uriel Islam, he who invites you to the delaine of marriage, that's the sure he invites you to something which is totally an Islamic. So that is the teachings of maybe a creme de la vida and you will send them that Islam in Canada is both the bachelor and the spinster the widow in the widow work. We take for example the incident just to make mention of few there was a woman by the name of Article vintage leader of the

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Allahu taala and her a woman of exceptional beauty who was in the wedlock of Abdullah Abner because the Allahu taala who the son of Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu. And he loved her very dearly, very passionately. He was very fond of his spouse in the pattern of trial and error came in struck him on his chest, because of which he became very sick and 40 days after the death of Navy salani was seldom the very injury that he had sustained in the Battle of five proved to be fatal and claimed his life. Can we imagine how trying a time it was for Abu Bakar who barely lost Nabi sallallahu, wasallam and 40 days after that he loses his son of the life Navy backer, on the occasion of the

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death of this great soldier of Islam. His wife artica been delayed. Definitely overpowered by emotions. She mentioned few statements, and she's saying few couplets.

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She said what are the two lesson for me has been a Jin

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Jin de Barra method de Roma Hamamatsu aka mama Tata Li Lu Saba una hora, that wildlife staying in lemon, the death of my late husband, let it be known to your soul, oh, my husband, these eyes will never stop tearing, and this body will never see adornment and beautification and Marvin Hamamatsu aka as long as the birds of Aiko will chirp and as long as night will be followed by your love will keep me restless. These were the couplets she made mentioned after the death of her husband after the period of it that he had left satana O'Meara the Alon who came to her and proposed to her that I intend getting married to you. So she said you know what? Cut out Bonnie haha Allah Allah azza wa

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jal, my late husband had given me a garden in conditions that I don't remarry after him. So say no matter the amount, this is the first time I'm hearing something like this, but anyway, first, if you speak to somebody

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Sahaba and get some clarity on the method. Is it correct for a man to give a gift to his wife and ask him not to remarry? She spoke to Satan Ari Ravi Allahu Allah villalon who said no, he returned the garden back to the heirs of your late husband. What does he and by all means you can get married Satan Omar, or the Alon, who then got married to this very same woman, this widow in Islam, it is encouraged, it is totally correct. The strange thing of our society is we say, well, life has to continue, you got to go back to work. You got to eat, you got to sleep you've got to look at life has to continue to everything but marriage. How does society relate to this theory? It's beyond my

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comprehension. All right, you lost your partner, we share your sentiments, but life is life. You got to be back in work. Everything has to continue. Why not be married? Anyway, when say Brown, Yolanda gets married, he has a wedding. And indeed he invites the Sahaba and among them he calls even earlier the love and vote. So at the very most even on your lawn, who says to Homer, would you permit me behind the veil? I just want to say a few words to your wife. So Sandra O'Meara, Yolanda said, no problem, you can go for it. So from behind the veil, he started singing this couplets early to Latin for crying he has Xena, Ali cola and for Cucinelli the Bara no artega I thought you said

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beauty will never come on your body. And I thought I heard you saying you will never stop crying again. When she heard this financial jet next gen Alia. You know she became hysterical. Satan Homer said Ali I didn't call you to do this Yella to see Dahlia ugly. I came here to eat in my walima please if you over Leave, leave me and my wife alone. It's my first night. This is the teachings Anyway, she gets married to say that

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many years later, and this is Satan Alma Yolanda's you know we're talking about polygamy is not that he did not have his wife This is what is otherwise after that Satan audience even Yolanda is assassinated is performing the Fatah Salah Abu Medusa comes with the spear and strike Satan Amara, the Allahu anhu it proves to be fatal. It claims the life of Satan Amaro the Allahu anhu again this woman overpowered by sentiments and emotions, she loses her husband she cries again and she thinks couplets she says I you know God, when a GB or my eyes send forth your tears generously, to Mr. Amina GB don't die or lamenting the death of a great soldier of Islam. Indeed, the sudden death Bill

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fari Sylmar lemmie the sudden death of a skilled or horsemen has left me shocked. Jamelia gee what a three B on a day of regret and mourn. And then she says fully emulated fully Emily Barbara, you will see moto say unto the world, you may just as well die in all that armor is gone. What good is there in life. She goes through the period of that Satan has Zubair if now comes to propose to her. She gets married to Zubair Ebner hombre de Allahu anhu. Again, after a period of time, martyrdom claims the life of this brave soldier, she sings couplets again in the death of Satan, so bear with me. What I'm saying was, this was the order of the day Nika, continued after so there is now one passes

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away, she goes into that state and it comes to propose, so she says, I don't mind getting married to you provided you ready for martyrdom. Anybody who is coming in my Nika is, you know, this is one and in the end, she did not get married. In fact, he said, I don't want to be generous with your life. These are the words I don't want to be generous with your life, say to him while

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he had two wives both passed away at the same time in a play in an epidemic. At the same time, he lost both of his life. But shortly they after he told he saw his companions, that while I am lamenting the death of my partners, but life cannot continue without a wife. Brothers reflect for a moment when Satan Adam was in gentlemen to enhance his joy. Allah in favor him with parents, but rather Allah gave him a partner. Let him give him a mother I didn't give him a father Allah gave him a partner.

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Nevermind to speak of anyone else. Let us just look at our levy. So the law while he was seldom after the death of Khadija the law, regarding whom he said in the Rosarito, Baja, I was inspired with her love holed up into hakima de la says, I came to Libya a sermon I said Allah azza wa jal su de la una Viola you looking very sad. Don't you think? Perhaps you should re marry again only be over La La VSA. Some said Yeah. But you know my Khadija she was so unique and she seen my children so nicely. I wonder if anybody would able to match her. So then hold on I'll be alone I said okay. I want to be over like if that's the case in a big crowd when

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we get to an elderly woman that was previously married, that that would help you and see to your children as well. We're in a big rock and if you want to be over law, we will get you an unmarried spin stone and we have a lot of you said a lot It was seldom said men will break through who is the unmarried girl. So how old are the Alanna said I said a minute to a heartbeat. multilang la the daughter

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Abu Bakar Who is the most beloved to you? Let me set some set money save who is the married woman that you are suggesting for me so hold on the Alanna said so who is Mr. Speaker with the bad gala mama and daddy she brought him on on your despite the fact that parents or brother had not accepted Islam and she very diligently has followed your teachings so I can take the proposal Libya restaurants it okay it's insane you are mentioning is the hubby first puri Holly you go to them respectively and mention it to them about Monica and see what develops they onwards holed up into hakima Viola Juana comes. How simple how basic. she knocks on the door, O'Meara Monrovia la the wife

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of Abu Bakar, the mother of Isaiah opens the door, she says As salam o Alaikum Mother adicolor la de la Riva Baraka Houma Roman, congratulations. What our honor what the honor, she said what do you mean congratulations. She says our center near our sewer line is Allah Valley. He was set up to qualify Shah levy sasami has sent me to take the daughter hand of your daughter Ayesha in hand in his makeup. She was so happy she said what do you do? It was always a hidden desire in my heart. Allah has made it a reality. interviewee Ababa, Korean, but let's wait Abubakar will be coming the father of my daughter for in no RT you present the case to Abu Bakar and from there we take it

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onwards, Abubakar comes she congratulates Abu Bakar Subhana Allah to keep the integrity of Abu Bakar what an honorable proposal comes to his house, but he tells this woman Listen, this is my greatest privilege is to give my daughter but I know a person by the name of Muslim Ebner ID he had indicated that he is interested in my daughter for his son. So I need to get confirmation from him is a processing this proposal or not. If he declines Of course, it's my honor at this time and you know if it would have been any other person he would he would ignore, he would cancel he would forget about other commitments. So Satan aboubaker goes to this person. He says listen, I have a proposal

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for my daughter. You have once mentioned that you were interested regarding my daughter. I just wanted clarity on the matter are you intended in Do you intend processing the proposal or not? He declines then a viola comes Danica is performed. hodari Alanna says I didn't go to the house of Saud sama she was a Muslim. She was a friend of mine. Her father was not a Muslim. I congratulate I said what the honor for you she says What do you mean in honor says well, then we have Allah has sent to you know propose to you? She says okay, there is my father in the room worker advocate who say no, he was fairly elderly, you go and speak to him. So she comes in, she greets him according to his the

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customs woman, the Arab and then she says suddenly, Muhammad Abdullah Abdullah Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam has sent me to propose to your daughter sewed up in desert Mr. de la ohana. So the father says, Well, if my daughter is happy, I guess I'm also happy. Anyway, the Nico was performed.

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To live in Asia. Mahabharata was not present at that time. He was not a Muslim, when he returned, and he heard that his daughter got married sister got married to Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he said, Oh, well What a silly thing My sister has done. Why did she ever get married to this man? And later he then embraced Islam? For the latter part of his life. He used to say lambri in Nila Sufi when Yama Allah see a Rob mean and as I was also learning sallallahu wasallam so they've been lifelong. He says, How foolish could I be that when my sister got married to Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, I said that she made a wrong move. Least realizing the privilege Allah brought into our

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family at that time I was not a Muslim. So I did not appreciate what our honor Allah brought but now that I've accepted Islam, I regret why I had made that statement in this way then I got married to many many wives. And it is regarding test that the Quran says um you have to don't and Salama Tahoma long woman fatherly that the kuffaar became very jealous that Allah had given him so many wives in gelada it is written they became very jealous. And polygamy was a common thing in the lives of all the prophets, not to speak of a man in a salon where 100 spouses his father, who had nothing less than 90, and hence this was a common thing amongst all the prophets. So they became very jealous

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that ally had favorite movies or a lot he would send them with many wives. And today I thought I just want to branch off from this topic of jealousy related to woman. And I think first we need to do some soul searching. Unfortunately, given the fact that the world is running on lust in emotions, we also at times become victims of becoming jealous of other women. In doing so we hurt the feelings of our wives. There are certain men there are so blatant that actually tell the wife that I seen a woman so beautiful, so attractive. After all, do we forget like that one woman came and complained to navionics salaam that my husband has divorced me because I've lost my beauty. Forgetting I lost

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forgetting the fact that I've lost my beauty giving birth to his children. And you know the irony of the whole thing is you find a man

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No, I left my wife What happened? Now she's a mother of three children when she's looking old, but the woman is after she's a mother of five children. That is the reality of our life. Now what how do we justify this logic?

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Undoubtedly, it is the passion of every man to have the most beautiful wife, that is nature. Allah speaks up all over Africa, Africa has no need to be attracted by beauty. But brothers, you know, like they say there's some side effects also to a beautiful wife. There's some side effects also, let me tell you two things about the side effects. You know, sometimes a woman can be very beautiful, but if a tongue is not beautiful, then believe me it tarnishes that beauty totally. I read an incident in Akita Now you tell me your wife is the most beautiful but if she tells you something like this, well how would you react? So one day this woman is sitting with her husband,

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and they relaxing and she looks at him and she says, oh my darling, you know what we both are in gentlemen, inshallah. So he says 100 illawarra. Nice thing you know, so kind of you but perhaps a bit of explanation to why we both intended. She says if she tells him Liana, kawakita mithali fasciculata were to lead to be mythlink for supper to they look at me, I'm so beautiful. I like it was such a beautiful wife and you are grateful for that. Allah says those that are grateful will be in gentlemen. You are so ugly and I'm making supper over there. And Allah says those that will be patient I in general, so you intended for your gratefulness. I'm in general for my patience. Now,

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you will tell me the beauty you tell me the beauty I read another incident in a Kitab called 10 v rule as the harm there was a person in Bani Israel Rahul and Sally a very, very pious person, and he had a wife your husband cheated and he loved very dearly. One day Allah gave him the choice that you make three, two hours, whatever you want, it is accepted. So you know, the biggest mistake you can make is tell your wife You got your bonus check to come home and tell her you know what i got a what what should we do? Forget about getting a sin out of the check. Anyway, he came to his wife he said How are he kathira you know, I got so many needs but I got some good news for you. Allah told me

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three was and it's accepted. What should we what what should we make? So she said Listen, my husband, you make one draw for me and the other two you can make for yourself? So he says Okay, no problem. That's a fair compromise. What's the draw? You want my wife? She says you make draw llamas make me so beautiful. so attractive, so wonderful. That never did your eyes ever see such a beautiful woman. So you got even more happy you said because that is actually like another point for me it's not really for you. It is for me I'm at the Quran speaks about this year, where Allah speaks about what the stock return affiliate and persona. Allah says you extract pearls from the ocean, and

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you wear it in your jewelry scholars right under the commentary of this is that these pearls are more commonly worn on rings by woman, whereas the texts of the Quran says that it is worn by men. The explanation to this is that woman wear it but to impress men. So it is as if you will. So he said I mean this request is as good as making a request for myself. He said let me hit the shot and make the drop and instantly Allah gave her beauty and she became ready to Nikita by definite authenticity I'm quoting it but I guess it served the purpose. Anyway, she became very, very beautiful. So behind Allah young, attractive and everything, the the desire of every man for karma

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Lita fruits, she stood up to excuse herself. This is excuse me where you have to. She says I'm not going to be a fool to waste my beauty with you, and allow you to Jamali be mythic. I mean if I'm so beautiful, I'm sure one king will also propose to me. He said Allah. Allah that's why they say you don't know if a quickie wife is yours or not an ugly one easier. Allahu Neruda kumbhakarna Allah, may Allah make a big omega into our ape, and she was disfigured totally. Then you realize whatever I said your alemannic of back where she is. Three Wishes are gone. No good for him. No good for her. So brothers. What I'm saying is we need to appreciate our partners, we need to acknowledge them. And

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those statements are very inflammatory. Those statements are very insulting. Those are very offensive statements that we made, that we actually make comparisons with. I will tell you the harms of that. Let me tell you two incidents from the life of Sahaba Ekrem. There was a woman by the name of Barrera Yolanda three white comes in Buhari, and the husband was by the name of movie, she was a slave girl. And the rule is that a slave girl can be married contrary to her wishes, because, you know, she's under the rule of her master. So while she was a slave, she was married to a person by the name of movie through the Allahu taala and who,

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and when a woman gains her independence and freedom, then she is at liberty to process that relation or to terminate it because she was married contrary to her desire. Subsequently, this woman by the name of Berea was married to a Sahabi called McGee when she gained her freedom. She said, No, I want out of this religion. I was married contrary to my wishes, and this marriage was then canceled and enough. But this hobby loved her very, very dearly. And it comes into her life now passes under Oh, I can actually see him

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You have to alpha walking behind her the seal hula to the ceiling oh two more Oh Allah Allah yet he he used to actually stop in his beard became red going behind her nobody saw some looked at this year and he put it the condition and the visa lollywood Selim told her lo Raja he doesn't worry la Petit your husband have mercy on him. You don't want to look into the metal again. She said oh no viola, is that the command? Or is that a suggestion? how clean Islam is? Let me start some says no, no, no, no, I'm not at liberty to impose. It is a mere suggestion and intercession and nothing beyond that. under no obligation which is looking at the desperate situation of your husband. I'm

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suggesting she says well if it is your command, I take him back but if it is your suggestion with utmost respect I'm better off without him. Let me start something called to live now bus and he said I

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mean hobby movies Berea woman book the barrier movies of the life now but are you not astonished how much this man loves this woman and how much this woman loves this this homage this woman hates this man. So in the end, there wasn't compatibility. There wasn't compatibility. What I'm saying is we forget the favors of our wife. That other woman might look more attractive but we forget what what you know from our relation how we've grown with our children, what our challenges how we've matured, there has to be compatibility also, you wish to have the most beautiful woman but then again, let's let's be Let's face reality. I give you another incident. There was a Sahabi by the name of therapy

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dignitary signature must love your loved one hope. He liked physical beauty but a great orator, a very dynamic speaker. So somebody went to this woman by the name of Habib intestinal. And you told her there is a man is a very talented man. And he's a wonderful man. And you know, like woman say what the like the what is a very cute man.

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He's got a very cute personality, whatever it is, anyway, so they told this woman that is this person by the name of tabatabaei, please. I was reading a very nice article, the desire of a woman at 22 what she wants from a man. The 32 is the revised version 42 the revised you must read this brother. Don't read it to your wife, of course. But you anyway at 22 He must be handsome. He must be wealthy. He must be moving with the time by 32 he says that he must have a bit of time He mustn't drive too late. Don't jump in. He must wait with the children. I don't mind if some hair falls off but he mustn't be totally bald at 42. If you have bald, it's okay. But he must laugh when I make

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jokes at 52 he has no way he left his teeth when he takes it out.

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So this woman thought we developed a signature must gets married to this woman. When when she seen him when he was performed. She realized that this is a bit of a different person. Yeah. So she one day came to the Vla Salaam and she said only Viola I don't have a problem with demand. He's a wonderful person. Be mineral Jamali matara. You can see what beauty Allah has given me. And you know, my husband likes beauty totally. In fact, I caught one rewired, she said, I seen him coming in a group of people. I said to him sawada Apsara, whom cometan appa, whom was the one I found him to be the most dark skinned, I found him to be the shortest. I found him to lead beauty totally one

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line he Lola macafem de la la paz up to fee what he, I swear by Allah, if I didn't feel alone, when you walked into the house, maybe I would even spit on his face. I can't see compatibility. I'm a very beautiful woman. This man lacks that beauty. I don't want to create problems. How about making a clock and separating? Now he says himself, are you prepared to give him back his dowry? She said, I am prepared to give him even more than that power, the only view of Allah but separated and this separation took place. Let me leave you with an incident to make us understand that when a person is jealous of the wife of someone else, how painful it is to his own wife. And that's not all. What is

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the outcome of that? Does not the Quran remind us of the tragedy of the two sons of Adam, what's wrong even

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if Robin and Bill Amina hajima, well, Amitabh Ballymena for that just briefly, Nicosia makes mentioned that whenever assimilates Salatu was Salam. His wife, however, would give birth she would give birth to twins, there would be a boy and a girl and the marriage of the twin brother with his twin sister would be forbidden. He would have to get married to the sister bond they after or previously, but not to his twin sister. In this regard, many children were born marriage took place in degeneration started the project started flourish in

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Germany. salams eldest son was a boy by the name of kaabil and his twin sister was a girl of exceptional beauty. The twins that were born after was a child by the name of a hobby, and his sister was fairly beautiful but not that attractive. So he his twin sister, the second brother, his twin sister was not so beautiful, and the elder brother now had to get married to his younger brother, his twin sister, and the younger brother was going to get married to the elder brothers sister, the twin sister, but the elder brother could not accept that my brother's wife is more beautiful than my wife. Why, why the poet says it's so beautifully Aha, suddenly

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I met a gentleman

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he hooked me, Leon McCallum, Tarawa Lima haba. Oh jealous men over what Allah has given me. Do you know to whom you have shown disregard, not to me, you've actually dishonored the distribution of Allah because you have expressed unhappiness on ease Divine Decree in my favor. So copy could not accept that my brother's wife is more beautiful. Why? Why is she more beautiful? Anyway, this argument continued, it became very painful for them. He said, Let's resolve it both of you state some sacrifice presented in the court of a law who's ever sacrifice will be accepted. Whatever he says will go in that will be final. The Quran then paints the picture if Baba corbon and Philomena

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hajima wala Musa top Bellman Allah. tala tala tala in nama takaku la luminometer ke ha happier the younger brother took a beautiful sheep from his livestock and presented it in the course of a lot. They are the product of some inferior food and something that he had of a very inferior quality. He presented it in the course of Allah, Allah accepted the lecture that he's happy and not that of qabil which emulated him even more. So the brothers said, Don't get upset with me. Allah accepts if you have Taqwa, perhaps you lack the cause. That is why you're like not accepting. He says, well, well I can't handle this. I just can't take it. This is jealousy. Like Satan, I almost said Kappa

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Bill Murray hasta la vaca pseudo Suri, it is sufficient to classify a man jealous if he cannot be happy on your happy occasions. something good happens in your life and he cannot be happy. That's a jealous man. So he said I will kill you, my brother. I will kill you if I don't get that woman. You look at the cause of the assassination of satana Yahya. He was assassinated a year prior to at least have been lifted to the heavens. The King of the time, wanted to get married to the wife of his foster brother who was late which was forbidden in those teachings. Satan is said it's incorrect and I will never condone it in the end just to justify this marriage. He killed Jani salatu salam

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jealousy that I want that woman that is more beautiful. So anyway, happy puppy comes in tells his brother I'm going to kill you. So behind the Lucha brothers save la embosser de la Caleta tolani ma vivocity de la la apertura. If you will stretch your hand to kill me my brother. That's the show I will never ever kill you. You want to do what you want to do so be it fatawa Laguna de la ke. The Quran says he was provoked by nice evil in the crave of the beauty of this woman for catella who he took the most evil step and killed his own brother. First bahaman Alpha Syrian. Now when this merger took place, it was just not the first merger. It was the first death on this earth. He looked at the

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corpse of his brother. he regretted what he did. So he looked at the corpse of his brother, I have read in tafsir. They is it is stated that they in Damascus, north of domesticus. There is a place called Jabba kasun. On one of my visits to Syria. I had the privilege of going to this location and we went to this exact spot. They say this was the place where the set transpired. He carried the course of his brother and he walked around until a lesson a crow and a crowd dug a hole. And then the CRO showed him how to better bury the body of his dead brother. And then guess what he says? I just do an akuna Mithra has a Rob if I stoop so low that I don't even know how to hide my son. I

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don't know how to conceal my wrong, he buries his brother they have to immediately scholars right in the color of his body started turning pale. And within three days he also died. So in the end, nobody got that woman but that boy died innocent. And this one year, the one that died he was 20 years old Harvey is the one that died innocent. The elder brother w sallallahu. wasallam said every unjust murder that will take place on this earth today of Tiamat will go on the eldest son of Adam that is stopping because he started this evil practice. So brothers it was as a result of jealousy. May Allah give us the ability we appreciate our partners. What a clean religion we have like him you

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know sure I got the same. I seen people hitting their wives for nothing. Maybe it's a nice couplets I leave you can flick through your wife but it also he says a lot of work but for you to return and every bone and Nisa home for sure. Let Yamini hyena three Bossa Nova. I've seen people abusing their wives for no reason. I think if I will lift my hand against my wife, my hand will be paralyzed before I touch her. Our three bar means it didn't mean he must add monisha and heater for no crime she has committed from a large looming neighbor woman a smoother niba than what justice Can I execute and claim when I haven't maintained justice in my house. First day in Abu chanson one Nisa

00:29:50--> 00:29:59

kawakubo he says lesson My zeyneb is the son the other woman our stars is that Allah has to beat him in hoonah coca when magazine that makes a presence all

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The stars become dull. The number 11 lie leave you with this hadith. He said Be faithful in your relation is our Dharma to come Allah who, when you have conjugal relation with your wife, then be honest to her. The words of mine have been football sooner for either kapa haka, Tocopilla and the HA Jetta Ha. If you've satisfied yourself and she hasn't satisfied then don't abruptly leave her wait and satisfy her until she also is satisfied. What a complete Dean when our nippy has exhausted us to be faithful in the intimacy of our relation, how nasty can a man be to come in blatantly telling his wife of other woman that he has seen? May Allah save us bring modesty and chastity into

00:30:39--> 00:30:46

our lives in our gaze, and give us the ability to acknowledge our partners for their contribution work with the one on $100 bill on me