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The challenges faced by parents when their children are exposed to drugs and addictions are discussed, including negative consequences and the importance of parents embracing and embracing their children. The use of knowledge and sharing it across various social and political segments is emphasized, along with the negative consequences of parenting and the need for fearless " knowing." The use of serum in military events and the use of a " knowing" message is also discussed, as a way to avoid disciplinary measures and fearless behavior.

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In the guerrilla in Alhamdulillah,

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Allah Kalani

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Dr. Marina, Mayor de la dama de la

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de da de la ilaha illallah wa de Mola Shri kalon when I said when nessa de la Mulana Mohammed Abdul

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Hamid, rubella in ministry Pani rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim in nama

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one long winded drone hobby according to be useful Allahu taala was Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Masha Allah Subhana

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Allah alayhi salatu was Salam O Allah Allah v Masada para ser una de la Karim Allah de la camisa de nuestra Karina al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen honorable Ana microm respected brothers and elders to continue with our topic with regards to raising children in an Islamic way. hadith of NaVi Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in the Navy of Allah says, our bar mitzvah that will marry for qualities formed the good fortune of the men for qualities from the good fortune of a man and takuna soldier who sadly ha, number one that he has a pious wife, the very qualities we have to analyze it from a material perspective, then the good fortune of a man would be if he has a beautiful wife. But

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then we have a law says, and the Quran has suggested that he has a pious wife

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and he has obedient children who are obedient children.

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Who will wonder do we October 5, it is that offspring whom you find engaged in the service of Dean, these are indeed obedient offspring. wakulla Oh, Sally Hale, and his noble companions, what a cooler is Kofi benetti he and that he is sustenance and his income and his livelihood is in close proximity to his house, so he doesn't have to travel far Allah has made such arrangements that may appear to shop across the road, or the city adjacent to his house, those that enjoy these four privileges, but upon his wife, obedient children, noble companions, and the sustenance is very easily accessible and available to them. Indeed, this is the fortunate person that we Karima that I have quoted before you

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a lot of bullies, let's say in na, na, na, na na na,

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na, na, verily your wealth and your children is a great test from Allah. The creme de la ism substantiates the nature of this test. Last week we spoke on the aspect of children being a great boon and anamod in a favor from a lot. The reverse side the flip side of the coin, is that what this now means it is a great challenge from Allah. Allah says Allah Allah, Masha Allah, Masha Allah, Masha panettone. Many times children make their parents misers constantly because you have the desires of your children before you. You tend to become reluctant in spending in matters of Deen My son has asked me this, my daughter has asked me this, I promised my son a vacation. So what happens

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makalah you start holding on to your wealth myjalah many times your children make you ignorant in the profound love that you have for your children, at times when you start arguing with those people who are the well wishes of your child in the form of the start of that child, and one Labradors without digressing, may I add I had in the years of teaching numerous incidents, those parents who side with those dogs in the definition of the child don't admit of siding against the child is done in the interest of the child which further dislikes is died or which will start wants to prove a point. But those parents who will join hands with the respective will start in molding the child

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inshallah you will see that Dean will remain in that generation. On the contrary, I have seen, I have seen with my own eyes, those parents who come in have an attitude and feel they can silence that will start, perhaps in compliance to the regulations of that madressa that will start with silent himself. But I swear by a lot of control in my life, I make the statement in the house of Allah, you have ended and terminated the spiritual journey of your child that very day. That is the end of knowledge in that generation. We cannot let me just put things into perspective. Many of us are intellectual from an academic perspective, that the theme and the sequence of important Dean is

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totally different. I don't want to digress into that. Anyway, the levy of Allah says many times, children make their parents ignorant also, brothers the greatest question that today everybody is answered asking, and I wonder if anyone can answer is why are the youth of today so rebellious? Why are the youth becoming so disobedient? What is the future

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You know the medical perspective the child doesn't listen. It's up with a DD attention deficit disorder, medical, scientific terminology, medical connotation, physical expression, whatever it is. There are many reasons one is of course, the environment towards the child is exposed, that plays a vital role in bullying and misleading and beguiling the child. But before we go into those aspects, let us first in a live our own life as parents, is there any wrong on my part, because of which my child is suffering? While every father wishes to impress on his child, the good and hope that my child doesn't see my evil, and my child doesn't carry on with my evil, this must India, we must

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understand until you and I will not discipline ourselves. We are living in a fool's paradise. Very well said. But let us ask ourself is that workable, oh my son, do what I tell you to do and don't do what I do. It doesn't work that way.

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Oh, my son do what I tell you to do and don't do what I do. It doesn't work that way. Let us analyze in the light of Quran and Hadith what are the contributing factors from my own self? Because really brothers, fathering a child is just a challenge. It is a disciplinary measure not only for the child, but for the father as well. Every step every challenge is there to discipline you to start off with the first thing to be occurring sallallahu Sallam says, Bill row ABA,

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ABA now.

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Be kind and loyal and faithful to your parents, and allow will make your offering kind and loyal and faithful to you. Manasa awani de la Mira suru Meanwhile, at Eastern words, he would just obeys his parents will never see joy from his children. He would just obey his parents will never ever see joy from his children. May I hasten to add at this juncture, two things brothers. One is, generally when the child just obeys, then I say, you know, but I don't think I have ever done this to my father. I know I was naughty. And perhaps I had hurt my father, that wouldn't be upon my conscience that my father would have to speak that I cannot. I cannot decide who is a good child amongst my children,

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and at the same time decided that I was a lawyer sent to my father that my father has to decide. And my father knows how many times I've attended him or not. And another thing that may I add at this point, brothers, many times we are guilty that we have offended our parents. And then as the reality dawned upon us, we repented we abandon that we asked for forgiveness. And when we asked for forgiveness, we expect instant results that now my children must start complying to be the example of that I commonly given the following way ie the person driving on the road and is driving at a fast speed and the camera flashes him and he picks up a ticket. When you see the camera flashing. He

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said oh well, I'm driving faster, better drive slow. Something on was he can drive slow, but it does not mean the ticket will not come. Inevitably The camera has flashed. When you head cause pain to your father. Perhaps he had pot pot in you and he had forgiven you and that's the nature of a father. But the time that your father had to sign with pain, inevitably, the repercussion and the negative consequences of that pain will catch up with you in your own children.

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To move on another step. One pious person said, whenever I disobey Allah, I notice my children and my convenience rebelled against me. Whenever I disobey your law, I notice my environment my children, my convenience, my horse, camel, camel, whatever it is rebels against me to substantiate this aspect, Satanists rimane salam, O Allah had blessed with a vast kingdom, which extended beyond insaan and went into the gym, not in the animal kingdom as well.

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Allah one day he was examining and he was, you know, taking a roll call of his entire group, the follow with insaan did not in the animal, and there was a bird by the name of rosewood, which was tasked to find the exact location where there's water the bird with would indicate that there's water beneath the earth. degenerate would then come dig water would gush out buzu would be made and then they would perform Salah. So one day Sleeman le salat wa sallam realized that this bird is not yet so he said Mali la hora de Madame can Amina la Eb, Manila. What is it that I don't find this birth? What am I saying he first look into himself. And there's a petition in the feed under the

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commentary of this ayah is a

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loved one suffer alone. The quality of our great ancestors was whenever they failed to accomplish their objective, they first examined their actions. Whenever they failed to accomplish their objectives. They first examine their own actions. One person came to our late summer panorama to lolly brothers. I know personally of a man who came to me crying. He says manana. These are my sons. He invited me for lunch.

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I went there gave a talk. And then we had an informal discussion. He says, These are my children. Make note of why they are really disobedient to me, but I know why they are this obedient. I have filled their bellies with interest money. I know I'm just waiting for their systems to flush this haraam. I'm staring at the fate which inevitably comes my way, which is the consequences of my own evil. I'm hoping the systems can flush the this evil contaminated wealth that I had put in the bellies of my children, which I know why I'm what tears in his eyes he told me this himself.

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One person came to Berkeley I would like to make mention of this. He says, a son comes to a man comes to an alley and he says, My son has hurt me offended me. And he has even hit me. So that instead Subhanallah What did

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you mean the child is hitting the father? This is correct. Anyway, this album then asked the father

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Ron, have you taught your child Quran? This is not I haven't taught him Quran, Allah azza wa jal? Have you disseminated the knowledge of Deen to your children. He says no, is a beautiful discussion in the books of Hadith where people were debating which is a great legacy to leave behind. Well, so the knowledge of gain and then they directed this person to the light now but so then he gave the answer he said of course the knowledge of deal because wealth is the legacy of Pharaoh and the knowledge of the in is the legacy of prophets. Well, the more you spend it, the more it decreases while the more you disseminate, the more it increases wealth every cent you will be answerable

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knowledge for everything you need for everybody, your status will be elevated. So wonderful discussion. If you ever thought your son Quran, no. Have you thought

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Have you taught him moral values principles? No, he said even first corrupt but and number

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10 You should be grateful that your son hasn't killed you. When you haven't invested in this boy when you have any imparted anything to him. What do you expect from this child? One person came to say now more of your loved one. Oh, and he says oh my my son is very abrupt to me and very aggressive to me. So say Norma vilano admonished the son told him to do you know islamically with respect your father, and you shouldn't be harsh and you shouldn't be arrogant. So after the boy heard it, and he absorbed whatever what are the Alon who told him? Said Amina? No man, can I ask you a question? I acknowledge that my father has rights over me. My question to you is do I have any

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rights over my father? Like the Quran says, Well, I'm gonna be through Ludhiana a novel mangrove

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through lovey

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dovey john Jani nagaraja. The husband has rights over his wife, the wife also has the right over her husband, a black now petroliana under the commentary of the sign it says, whenever I come before my wife, I adorn myself because I want her to beautify herself for me in the same way. It's my obligation to her. If I want her to be striking in her appearance for me, I should also conform with her with her desire that I dress in a manner that is appealing to her. So I agree but on the contrary, Omar, may I ask you, does my Do I have any rights over my father say no more of Yolanda said of course you have rights. What what are the rights that I enjoy over my father signal Yolanda

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says three rights. Number one, it was the duty of your father is that when he got married to select a noble spouse, who will mother his children. That's the first duty of your father. Number two when you were born to give you a good Islamic name. And number three, as soon as you matured and you could understand and comprehend, to convey and impart the knowledge of Deen to you, but is the madrasa or any madressa across the world, they are helping you in fulfilling your duty. If your child dies without understanding Quran, Allah will hold no start responsible. Indeed they are your well wishes to join hands with you in fulfilling your desire in fulfilling your duty. Otherwise it

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is your responsibility responsibility as the Father, the child stands up and he says Omar with utmost respect to my father, I want to negate all three. My mother is a slave girl. My father has named me with such a name. I don't even understand what it means. And my father hasn't yet taught me Quran. Allah didn't turn to the Father and said, You have betrayed your son before he could betray you. You have been just loyal because of what you feel hatred is sorry, sir, oh, my Sahaba get married in a pious family because the traits of your wife and her family will be transmitted into your generation. Just not that woman, the family from where she comes to mind me says. Indeed, in

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essence, one of the greatest challenges is raising children. When we look at Quran and Hadith. And we understand, we find that every Nabhi was directly tutored by Allah was nurtured by Allah Neela be pasinetta Devi. And we find two elements that come across loud and clear in the nurturing of every one is the element of kindness which I spoke about in detail, the other aspect and that is from time to time to discipline, the levy of Allah Azza wa abarca

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Keep your rod in hangin tip room phila, in warn your children regarding the disobedience of Allah.

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Let us look at few incidents

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jambiani Masato Salam are the most beloved to Allah inocula whom the Holy Spirit in techradar Allah had favored them a lot what happened mo hydrea January sala de la la

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manga is a numerous verses which explained the love the Gambia ahead. Yet when it came to the need of disciplining, Allah did not Speight Allah did not spare, they can be no one more beloved to Allah than the VNA. Salatu was Salam. But in part of nurturing the Vla salat wa salam and mold in the lobby of Allah, I will go to three other ways the Quran is filled with it. So let me of Allah is sitting, there are some high profile kuffaar there is nothing that is trivial. When a child is doing something wrong, brother, with love with kindness, you have to stop it at that very time. Otherwise, that evil will grow into him to such an extent that might never be said either semitone bijapur,

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insula and makani if someone comes in tells you that a mountain has moved, kill the man I believe you. But if someone comes in tells you, this person has abandoned an evil practice, tell him I don't believe you. It's easier for a mountain to move in for a man to abandon an evil practice that evil with which the child is growing. As an American Estelle Maria llamando, the foster son of nearly Sam, he comes in the care of Sam because Sam got married to his mother. He says I was sitting there. And I was at the chain I was eating and my hands were moving around the plate plate and I was taking from here and from the who laughed at me. And he said you have the last samila what couldn't be a

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mean, it couldn't be my God. Take a last name, eat with your right hand and eat that which is in front of you. There'll be over lysaght in what I'm saying, speaking is about discipline. That is what is vitally important. Let not your closeness with your child ever provide a platform. Let not your closeness in your intimacy, and your love and your bond for your child ever provide a platform for him to take the courage to ask you concession in the matters of law.

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He must understand the limits of my love. The limits of my closeness is I can never ask my father Jenny, I want to go movies with my friends get further This is the time where you are at the crossroads. Are you a biological father? Or are you a father as well as a Muslim father? It doesn't say it will determine what role Are you playing in the eyes of Allah. This is the time where you are caught up you love. Nobody loves Elektra more than Allah. But there were moments where Allah had to shape his maybe for generations to come. So that this noble personality could reflect guidance, high profile capacity in the nephew of Allah is seated there. And he is having a discussion with Mr. Shea

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about what is a polyp and a blind Sahabi come and applause the hubby come. And then the viola found his presence at this critical moment to be slightly intruding and disturbing and this inner quality which he felt manifested on his face in the form that he he found there was a slight frown on the face of nearly Salaam that this is my hobby. I love him if he could just understand empathy with some influential people now, these are important if they can take on Islam. Islam can spread from here onwards, if he can just bear with me. But at this time, more important more important than these people accepting Islam was to discipline his navy and nothing gibreel what Quran Abba Sahaja

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well, la da Ma Ma de la jolla Dhaka oh yes

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decorah you are frowning attorney in your face and run into those whose hearts are heedless and shunning those who are running willingly to you one mom and Jackie yes ah he comes run into you up to lightning

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and he humbles himself and you feel uncomfortable after get the the books of Hadith record whenever this Nova Sahabi made a presence in the company of Nigeria Salaam, miner, betony marhaba monatshefte Nev Robbie, welcome come to that Sahabi regarding whom my lord has admonished me in the form of one. So yes, I love you but there has to be Satan or Mussolini salat wa salam Allah check him come to my door I will give you the Torah. And what do you bring 70 people as he's coming with them in the joy to meet the line the anticipation he hastens any come before the appointed time. As soon as he gets excited and you know anticipating anxiety, Allah Azza wa Taala can tomika Musa Musa I told you to

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come with your followers. Why did you come before them? In Romani? It is written that in this question and like it's certainly implication to Moosa disciplining him that as a senior, you have to travel with your people. You have to hasten and come here, but I have to discipline you now. Almost

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inaka nakoma coming in you hastening in the in your hurry in the process your nation got involved in worshipping the cup. Immediately Quran came down, say that bread is the point when stress is despite the love. If that is the way you see the university salat wa salam,

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the Beloved of Allah. He leaves his nation

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without the permission of Allah without the command of Allah.

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As he comes in he both went to the boat in other

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stone when he runs to the leading ship, and as they move in on the ship, the fear is going to sink. So they decided let's gas laws. When the cars they find the name of university Sam comes out for sama pecan and he jumps into the water by the Tacoma. Whoa, whoa, whoa emmalin Allah sends the fish to swallow University Salaam, not to punish him. Allah never punishes the Navy. It is our belief and it is Massoud is divinely protected against kovarik and industry Panama. So Allah speaks in the incident of use of a serum, we divert evil from nav when is to ship you from the planet and when you push up the fire from you. Allah says we divert evil from the Navy, so every Navy is divinely

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protected. But even as a disciplinary measure, Allah keeps even I used to use in the stomach of the fish for 40 days. And then he implored Allah and Allah says Allah and Allah must have been had he not employed me like a pizza fee but

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he would stay there till the Day of Tiamat for the personnel who pay law within costume on the naked show who was subpoenaed while he was sick. In essence, brother Satan annually syrup tells the law the storm is coming. The floods are coming safe my son, Allah said in no lace I mean, no, that is not your son. Don't ever ask me a question what you don't know what happened. Nothing Livio hyena la Mohamed Salah Salem we have the ability we can seize the knowledge we pay with you with in the person who can Allah Kabira however, Allah is kind and Allah has favored you. These are just few ideas that explain to us the need of disciplining, let us look at from the aspect of the salatu

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Take for example, as an American

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as a zebra Yolanda was the adopted son of Libyan Islam. Libyan Islam was very fond of him and likewise of his son has a Kusama liberalism was so fun and so attached to the style, the way it turns into the BBC second volume, one day delivery of an LA lB submucous flowing from the nose of Osama bin Laden, do you really have to love someone to clean the child's nose generally you're doing for your own children, but it's not easy to clean someone else's child. You know, the mucus that is coming out of that nose, that would denote love and affection. Because if you have an account that has a summer the Ilana there was some mucus dripping from his nose, literally some clot. And he was

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about to wipe the nose of us into summer of the Ilana slicer at the Atlantic in Sydney. We don't have Ebola, I will wipe it. The vlsm says no, no, it's okay. I will wipe it up at some with his blessing hands can wipe the nose and then the Visa Center Ayesha Ayesha, I love him. You also must love him. I love him. You also must love him, because he is the love of Allah. Allah said when I used to return from Germany, he would first kiss Osama then he would kiss me. Let me tell you when it came to the love of God came to the aspect of gain. There was a woman of status in the time of Nazareth Salaam, she was guilty of death. And then they decided that, you know, she's a woman of

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high profile, perhaps if delivery over law could work some leeway in concession and she could be exempted from the penalty. Indeed, it would be disgraced to chop the hands of such a senior and noble woman. But then who takes the courage who's going to put the bell who's going to go forward? After much contemplation they said Oussama liberalism love the myth, the pit of Nabeel Islam, he sits on his lap, get somebody alone to go or somebody can run into an aviary around. Only we have a law Can I ask you one thing? What is it Osama? Only we have a law this woman Fatima makuu. Mia, she's guilty of cap she's a woman of status. Perhaps if you can accommodate the situation in exempt,

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it comes into rewind Petula whenever a stolen law, baby wipes, the the mucus of safe and sound like butter, and his face turned pale. And he said yo sama, a trophy hunting Minho de la I love you, my baby, you're my child. But let it be that you ask concession in the messiness of a law. I swear if I allow you to control my life, you're talking to Fatima sumiya if Fatima My daughter has to stay, I will chop her hands in public view so the world can see the deen of Allah will prevail even at the cost of the hands of the total of the Beloved of Allah. Oh they are you asking for concession in the midst of the interview of Allah forgive me Stop fairly. ask Allah to forgive me. When I'm a

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Christian when a child does wrong immediately tell him to make boo and go under masala. Oh my son you've done wrong from childhood. Make dua to Allah ask Allah to forgive you know the incident brothers. Until

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one day he sees his nephew playing with a stone in the Chinese throwing the stone. So a bit like nimueh Phil told him you know what? nabire sam said You mustn't do that with a stone. You can hurt someone's eye. You can injure someone stood

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Don't ever do that. Sometime later he comes in he finds the boy doing the same thing as a pilot pneumococcal really alone who says that I told you the Navy of Allah said

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if I told you my nephew don't do it, now you're doing it again. Voila. Hello, can I make you my witness from today till the day I die when you die? I will never speak to you. Today when it comes into me this very first volume pays 207 kita Monica is an occasion of Nika get some woman some girls that are singing in the joy of Nepali from Venezuela. Some came to Medina also Talal Elena mutiny, Silva was a bird sukru Elena, the 14 Full Moon has has dawned upon us, and it's brought joy to us. So when I was in IndyCar, and these girls were singing some song, some poetry, cherishing the ancestors that were martyred in the Battle of weather, and then one of them came into an ecstasy and

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she said, Athena be your Nana, Mama, buddy, and we are so fortunate we have an nebia who has who also knows the future the future is uncertain who stopped that girl stop that girl was spooky and hottie wakulla kita coolin No, no my girl Mashallah very good. Today someone praise us even if it's wrong, we will accept it so long as they salute in us. The very same stuff the girl on the turn and said no, no, no, no, I don't know the future. Take out this year and keep on singing what you were singing brothers. Whenever it came to the aesthetic of being able to love the house and he was walking he picked up a pair of psutka let me throw it out what he said in Atlanta. Kudos sadaqa we

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don't eat sadaqa librettist we have to now bring in the aspect of Deen another very important thing My time has left in the aspect of law. How much do we make for our children? One pious man gave me this advice. I told him I said make the greatest fear perhaps with which many people I know definitely myself which we live in is Allah guide our children alike keep them on the straight path I asked him for advice. He told me manana make it a point from today till the day you die every day you read Torah cat namaz exclusively asking Allah to safeguard the man of your children.

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The children of iacobelli sam came to yaku with a strong following.

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In na kunafa party or father we have transgressed the limits of Allah we have just obeyed the law. ask Allah to forgive us.

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Something left his hands and make wiser parlour so for us.

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inshallah, in the near future, I will make dua for you. The commentators have written what was the wisdom in delaying the DA he delayed the dog to the movements of the hundreds. My child has come to me and asked me to make Los Alamos forgive him. The father disturbed his sleep, got up in the dead of night and then said, Oh Allah, these are my children forgive them. We make broth with Almighty Allah that He gives us the Tofig to become the correct role model to become the further like Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam or bunnahabhain I mean as wodgina Tina,

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Tina, Mama, Allah bless us with such spouses in such children was the coolness of our eyes and make us the leaders of the righteous family walk down on me