Saad Tasleem – The Last Time I’ll Be Teaching This Seminar

Saad Tasleem
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salary comm I want to talk to you real quick about my upcoming seminar called Quranic vibes. I'm very excited to teach it. But I'm also a little bit sad because I do believe this is the last time that this seminar will be taught.

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Whether it be online or in person, I don't believe this seminar will be taught in person. So if you have considered taking this seminar before, if you've thought about it, this is probably your last chance to do so. I am sad about it, as I said, because I have taught this seminar before a few times. And it's been so amazing watching those attending really connect with the Quran because this seminar is really about living the Quran. These principles are from Allah, who's penalty Allah, there are unyk principles, principles that are mentioned to us that are given to us in the Quran. And so the purpose of this seminar is to take these principles and to apply them in our lives to

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live our lives by these principles. And what's special about this seminar is that it is a little bit more of an interactive seminar. So not only is it just me teaching, we also take the time to really reflect upon these these principles from a law and apply them in our lives and have these discussions about how these seminars fit into our lives. And we cover actually quite a lot of contemporary issues issues that many of us, if not all of us are dealing with today. And really the place of the Quran, in our lives right now in this day and age and in our personal lives and the personal challenges that we're going through. So to be able to see that happen in real time to see

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students really reflect upon these verses of Allah, these principles given to us by Allah in real time and to see them working to really find the solution to a lot of their problems, in the Quran. Through these principles. It's been wonderful, it's been a great email and boost for me actually, on a personal level. It's been wonderful to hear, hear this, you know, hear these reflections and this this practical way of, you know, applying the Quran in our lives. It's been wonderful for me first and foremost, and I know the students have benefited and handled quite a bit as well. And they really been able to, as I said, connect with the Quran. So I'm kind of sad to see that this will be

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the last time that we'll be done. But hamdulillah inshallah, to Allah, Allah is giving us another opportunity to do it. So I would love for you to join me in sha Allah. So if you haven't taken the seminar before, or if you take him for and you want to do it again, you're welcome to do that as well. But if you haven't taken this seminar before, I would love to have you it is a virtual seminar, meaning it happens live. There is interaction it's not just like a recording of me teaching or it's not like you know, I'm on zoom and you just like sit and listen and you're done. It's a virtual seminar. So it is interactive, we talk to one another, we have discussions, we really get

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into you know, these principles and these issues, and I get to hear from you as well. So I'm excited about that. As I said I'm excited and said that it's the last time but I hope to see you there so if you haven't registered yet, go register now and inshallah I will see you Saturday morning. For the seminar. Take care said I'm on a compartment Allahu wa barakaatuh

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