What Is The Difference Between Humanity & Spirituality

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Is there a difference between humanity and Spirituality? Do they overlap? What are the differences we should be aware of?

Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda answers

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What is the difference between humanity and spirituality? And is there a difference? Do they overlap? Do they encompass one another? And why is there such a prevalence of the idea of humanity on one side and spirituality on the other?

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What's really, really interesting and very remarkable is that Allah subhanho wa Taala. When he speaks about the prophets and the messengers in the Quran, he identifies them as human beings. He identifies them as human beings. laka jochum rasuluh men and forsaken Aziz and Allah Kimani tumhari, Sana alikum, Bill momineen, are often rahima. He described them as being empathetic as being merciful as being caring as being kind and generous, and compassionate, right. So it always frames them in terms of their humanity. And like it talks about the prophet SAW Selim katakana, leconfield, rasulillah, he has enough. There's the ultimate example and role model for all of you completely

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embedded within the profits allottee system. So today, we are dealing with this contradiction, this paradox of either I can be a religious person, ie a spiritual person, or I can just practice my humanity, there seems to be a gap and a difference there that feeling bad for someone, just because they're struggling and suffering is a human reaction. But that isn't necessarily rooted within spirituality. And that's completely false. What my, what I would what I would venture to say, and what I would like to suggest is, spirituality is encompassing of our humanity. It is inclusive of our humanity, and then more, because then it invokes the divine, and it connects us to something

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greater than ourselves. But it absolutely is rooted within our humanity. Some of the most basic human impulses and basic human ideas, like just feeling compassion for another creature, feeling somebody else's pain, wanting to hug somebody when you see them cry, getting teared up, when you see somebody else in pain, when you're eating something and someone else looks at you to just kind of share it and push it forward with them. Like these very basic human impulses. They are so deeply rooted within our spiritual tradition. That is remarkable. The prophets a lot of them said to him and why DFE his name? Food for one is enough for to the prophets, a lot of them talked about empathy

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and feeling somebody else's pain. The prophets a lot even talks about smiling in your brother's faces that type of Southern charity, like what is this, this is very basic smile on a child. And once that child smile back at you,

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right. And so, this is a very problematic, problematic notion today that is very prevalent in Muslim community. But we have to correct this and understand that our spirituality is actually inclusive and rooted within our humanity.