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Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the ecstasy of the spiritual realm, including the physical and mental aspects of the beast. They also talk about the use of words in religion and the desire for spiritual clarity. The speaker mentions a woman in a city who wants to be a god, but is hesitant to engage in religion.
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Bismillah he was salatu salam, ala rasulillah salam wa alayhi wa sallam were bad. There is surely a difference between merely discharging an obligation and doing so passionately. speak to someone who is an avid reader or an ardent golfer or a passionate cyclist. Each one of them can speak to you and speak you into that particular passion or sport. They will speak about the ecstasy they enjoy, they will speak about the adrenaline rush they experienced during that particular sport, etc. Well, my brother Well, my sister Have we ever paused and reflected about the spiritual ecstasy that the pious derive when worshipping the Almighty Allah which will Eamon so we all know about the narrative and

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the tale of the magicians that came to challenge satana Musa alayhi salatu was salam, a caballo before Yella him well firstly, him. They came with the pomp and glory and Yama, Yama, Malika Sani Anna angiomyolipoma fabula now, they were flexing their muscles was a day of flamboyance a day of opulence a day, a day of fame, saved now masala salatu salam told them to drop first. So they dropped their staffs sorrow, unanimous they cast the spell on the eyes of people was starting to boom, they struck terror in the hearts, which will be sacred in rbwm. Allah says they displayed great magic, then can say that our Messiah by the will of the Almighty and he dropped his stuff. And

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this was not magic. This was a divine miracle. What are you flipping sir Hirohito Adam, when the magician seen the display of the miracle by Satan are Mussa only thing Yes, Sahara to Sujata they were compelled into prostration and that translation is incorporated in the adoption of the expression of old Thea they were compelled into prostration. This was now a moment of spiritual ecstasy when they raise their heads from prostration. Devil, Pharaoh throughout his threat, Afro salmon fakie Nana Tillman Lulu, the last arrow in the Kings quiver is violence. He said I will catch your right hand and sever your left leg. Now we talked about the ecstasy of a man and May Allah

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bless us with it. What did these magicians say? They said to Pharaoh fuck Lima and the call. Wow. Fuck Lima tacos in

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Denali Fira La Jolla. Now, why are you limiting it to one hand and one leg? Two as you please chop both my hands sever both my legs. We've brought him on at no cost. Will we back off from our faith? In 10. We will as hon I read the quotation of Hassan bacillary Rahim Allah, He said I shut down carefully in a coup for all these people were notorious in the disbelief. They were magicians in the morning. They were opponents of the Prophet, saboteur fee Punahou behemoth. A matter of fact, I imagine entered their heart. It reads a level of spiritual ecstasy, and they were ready to put their necks on the line, but they were not ready to forsake their faith. We're in the other woman is haben

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Khurana city in an AMA thumb in the hula Joby rodina who be feminine hottie. Sadly today, we engage in the service of the Quran for six decades. And then we forsake our faith for something trivial, insignificant and paltry. We ask the almighty to preserve our faith and to bless us with the sweetness of a man. I mean, you're humble. I mean

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