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In this episode of the Deen Show, Eddie discuss which of the diets out there actually work, such as Paleo, Atkins, Keto and many others will be discussed.


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health educator,

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former chief nutritionists over at the Dr. mikolas office optimal Wellness Center Yeah. Can I get you a coffee?

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No, thank you. No but a freshly made organic vegetable juice. I'd be happy to take why not think about this. So how about how about a pop?

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No, thank you. No, no fake food. No fake food no only only real food for how about some some water? some water? Yes, that would be good filters tab. What would you prefer if it was if it was properly filtered, and the fluoride and the chlorine and any heavy metals and any other toxins were properly filtered out of the water I would certainly take that or I would also take some glass bottled spring water. Notice I emphasize glass bottled spring water. Don't drink water out of plastic bottles. Although that's very common for people to do that in modern day America. That's not the healthiest way to consume water because unfortunately the plastic from first time use bottles the plastic some

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of the plastic molecules will leach into the water and plastic molecules are not conducive to someone being in good health. Plastic is another toxic burden on the body. Plastic is known to be an endocrine disruptor endocrine disruptor means it messes with your hormones. And it's very common all too common in modern day America for people to have hormonal problems, hormonal imbalances, thyroid hormone problems, the sex hormone problems.

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Problems with testosterone estrogen, progesterone. So it's good to avoid plastic as much as you can as far as beverage containers and food containers. Yeah, well I got to be a good host and a good take care my guests I got it. What can I get you? I think last time before we didn't know and we educated we educated our viewers when I brought you that cake. Hmm. But you just brought you've been I mean, God bless you. You've been so kind and you've been bringing some some of these from from Adrian's farm his brother yes yeah Myra Myron plap. Now I know you wouldn't turn down a nice row ain't no way not No, not from not from now some people might not be happy chicken not commercial

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now. Right. So this is tell us a little bit about these eggs. Well, these eggs are from a true organic farmer who is Hold on a second I would actually like to take my egg and and demonstrate the eating of it. Yeah. What I call the warrior way. Yeah, the warrior way of doing raw egg nutrition so this is a fresh raw egg obviously not cooks not he hasn't been hard boiled fresh raw egg from a very healthy happy chicken I know these chickens every time I go to get these eggs is see them running around the barnyard with all the cats and you actually drive all the way to the farm. Yeah, yeah, well, all the way to the farm is about 90 miles west of Chicago and a farming community called

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Malta. But I know the the farmer I know his farming practice I know his raising practices for his chicken and these are the finest eggs that I know of. And when you have

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truly high quality, fresh eggs from from healthy chickens

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and you want to get the most nutritional value out of that egg.

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Consider consuming the egg totally non heat damage that is totally raw non heat damaged at all. Now there is a place for cooking food. But cooking does damage and destroy nutrients to some extent. There is still value in cooked food as long as the food is not overcooked. But there can be more nutritional value in a food that is raw. Now in in recent years, there has been a lot of attention in our American culture and in in the field of nutrition in regard to eating raw foods. Unfortunately, most of the books that address most of the books that address the practice of eating raw foods they limit the practice of eating raw foods to just raw plant foods raw vegetables

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raw fruits, raw nuts and seeds, raw sprouted grains and legumes, there certainly is value there. But one of the most important nutritional lessons I've learned and so I teach this is that the practice of eating raw foods should also be extended to raw animal foods, not just limited to raw plant foods, this is something we had great appreciation for, in my years at the optimal Wellness Center when, because of the popularity of Dr. mercola. His website we were certainly one of the busiest nutrition based health centers in the country, teaching our our patients how to use food, like their medicine to strengthen themselves where they were weak and bounced themselves they were they were

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out of balance and build their health and realize freedom from all kinds of different medical conditions. So our approach was basically to teach people

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how to build their health is the best way to overcome any type of chronic health problems.

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A way I came to phrase it that

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has a bit of of poetic

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vibe to it is

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the best way to overcome what you could call the darkness of disease is to turn on the light of health build your health

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raw egg nutrition is something I've recommended to 1000s and 1000s of people over the years and no one has ever gotten sick following my guidelines on eating right because most people think okay you get some salmonella or some No Not if the eggs are no one's ever gotten sick from no you're you're No wonder your watch no one has ever gotten sick following my guidelines guidelines and eating raw egg nutrition which the you know the basic guideline is only do this from very high quality. Fresh organically raised chicken not to commercial or dogs right now. I don't I don't recommend eating foods from the factory farms.

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foods from the conventional farming industry I don't recommend eating those foods cooked let alone raw. Okay, nothing wrong with that. Because most people I mean I cooked a eggs and you like to keep it more runny like sunny side up but what you're saying is that you get more bang for your buck because when you cook it is that proven scientifically that you actually destroy most of the nutrients Well no, no I'm not it's you're you're damaging. You're damaging damaging and destroying a significant amount of nutrients. I'm not gonna say most but you're also changing. You're changing the the the energy of the food you know this egg in a fresh raw state. It represents potential life.

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Okay, if this egg was was sat on by it by a chicken or properly incubated, it would hatch a chicken. If you cook the egg will hatch a chicken. No, because when you cook the egg, you kill the lifeforce energy value that's in the egg.

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You still get some nutritional value still get some calories to burn you get some some other supportive nutrients, some vitamins and minerals, but if you cook an egg you kill the lifeforce energy value. The best health building food has a lifeforce energy value to it. The fresher The food is, the higher the lifeforce energy value, and also when you eat the food in a non heat damaged raw state. There's also going to be more potential lifeforce energy value there. So,

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to get the maximum positive, not only nutritional benefits, but get that that lifeforce energy value which is related to the nutritional value, but not entirely

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dependent on it just like we have a physical body and when when someone dies, the physical body is still there, but what is gone What is gone is the lifeforce energy of of that of that, of that being of that of that body. So anyway, let me demonstrate the warrior way as I like to call it of doing a raw egg. You don't need a glass, you don't need a spoon, you don't need anything. You just need your your your teeth. And so what I'm going to do is I'm going to take the tip of the egg and I'm going to crack it on my canine tooth

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I've never seen this before

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I've never done this for you before. Okay, so see I got a I got a nice nice little hole there.

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In the the tip of the egg right now I'm gonna I'm gonna suck the most of the white out of the egg.

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You call this the Warriors way when you don't have the right the warrior way the ultimate fast food

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and great nutrition fast food right? Yes, the

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This is the real this is right. This is the real, the real fast food that's of great and very convenient, very nutritious. Look at that. Look at that beautiful egg yolk in there, you know a golden egg yolk that represents potential life. An egg, a lay an egg nutritionally, is about 60% fat calories, all of the fat is in the yolk.

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And about 35% protein value there's a small carbohydrate value to Eggs Eggs are about 5% carbohydrate value, lots of vitamins and minerals and enzymes in a raw state. Remember the first nutrients you knock out of any food when you cook it is the natural enzymes that are in that food. But anyway, so I've got this I've got this this really good, fresh raw nutrition and lifeforce energy value that I'm not going to put into my body All right, why not? Give it a try? Huh? All right, I've done it before. This is raw vegan estate again I'll I also eat the cook the eggs is no we're not saying you know, don't cook them. But why not try raw? Let's see sooner.

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Hmm, not bad. Not bad. Okay.

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All right. We've talked a lot about AIDS. We got a lot more to talk about here in the D show. Lady health educator Jim Marlowe. Don't go anywhere. We're right back. Don't forget to like, subscribe and share and do your best to help us reach our goal.

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More info in the description below. I said I'm on a call Peace be with you.

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Party said no pop, okay. And obviously I don't drink pop either coke. I heard by drinking just one coke or one of these pops daily, you increase yourself your chances of diabetes by 30%. So you actually like bringing harm upon yourself. But here, but this is a very nutritious if someone doesn't want to step up to this, like you said they can What do you prefer? If they cook it? Run it sunny side up? Yeah, well, the less you cook the egg the better. Yeah, the less you cook the egg. And it's very live someone can someone is it? Is this? Is this a controversial? Is this open for a debate? Or are there studies? I mean, most people they don't look into this stuff. I didn't either.

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You know, and but now we trust people like yourself who have dedicated their life. You're studying this in his area for I think around almost 40 years. You've dedicated your time your life while other people are dedicated to being experts in other fields. You have dedicated your life to be an expert in this field. So you've really done your homework, right? Yes, I have. Yeah, you have. So we wouldn't have you on the show? If you have it. Tell us is there is there? Is there science behind this is there anything where people wanted to research look more into it, they can go and I i've personally when I've looked at I've seen a lot of tremendous of athletes. I've seen many

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bodybuilders many people, Rocky Balboa was drinking this back bed, in the movie, Rocky, and most of us, were just kind of, you know, not in tune with this. But I've taken the advice of re educating my taste buds. And I really want to

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take care of the blessing that the Creator has given me this vehicle that gets me through life. And I have felt the benefits. I wanted to share this with others, again, not taking people away from from cooking anything. But this is another means that's that's out there that I think is very beneficial. It's very convenient also. And so what do you have say? Well, you mentioned science. Well, yes, the science behind this? Well, you know, the most underappreciated part of what science is, is simply knowledge gained from experience is a fundamental definition of what sciences

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I think a lot of people have been misled to believe that Sciences is mostly people in white lab coats, doing experiments and you know, with test tubes and petri dishes, and that's part of science too. But anytime you're learning from your own experience, you're gauging you're engaging in the basic scientific method. We're all scientists to some extent, if you're if you're learning from your life experience, you're you're basically you're engaging in the in the basis of what science really is knowledge gained from experience. So

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all over the world, there are what

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I think are appropriately called nourishing traditions for people consuming raw egg nutrition.

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There's especially a lot of appreciation for the value of giving raw egg nutrition to children.

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To support healthy growth and development, you know, nutrition is important for everybody throughout our entire lives. But nutrition actually has its biggest impact on the body when the body is still growing and developing. So there are nourishing traditions and all cultures around the world for giving consuming raw egg nutrition given it to children, sometimes they do it mixed with sugar or honey, which is not ideal. But if that helps to get the raw egg nutrition into a child that has its place in America, raw egg nutrition, unfortunately, is only

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relatively common and appreciated. In

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the field of athletes engaged in serious and often intense training Olympic caliber athletes or boxers you mentioned the classic scene from the original rocky movie 1976. Where this is a movie of course, but you know, Stallone was was was he he had familiarity with bodybuilding culture and boxing culture. And that's where he got that from to crack like six or eight eggs in a glass in chug that down. That was really the initiation of him starting his training in earnest, to get that nutrition into his body to build yourself up. You need to nourish yourself properly. You know, exercise is very important. But your nutritional fitness level actually makes a big impact on the

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progress you make with your physical training and your exercise, the better the better your nutrition, the better. You're going to build muscle burn fat, enhance your energy, your stamina, your ability to recover from an intense workout.

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Tell us a little bit about there's there's many different diets out there. Some are fad diets that come and go some of the popular ones that we hear about and then we can touch upon what you feel in your in your opinion is primary the best one. You've heard of that. Tell us a little bit if people haven't heard about it, kind of a condensed version. I'll name a few of them and then you tell me what they're about. Let's start off with a paleo diet. Have you heard of this paleo diet? Oh, sure. Yeah, the Paleo diet has been gaining in popularity over the last 20 years. The Paleo Diet is a diet where you try to emulate

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what Paleolithic man was eating what Paleolithic man was the the people Paleolithic women to Paleolithic Neolithic men and women, they This is what people were eating before the advent of agriculture, before the cultivation of grains and legumes and before the domestication of animals to get dairy products.

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And so the Paleo Diet is based on eating and eating meats, and fish, seafood, seafood being every anything, anything from the ocean that is not a fish, like shrimp and lobster and so forth.

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And then also eggs, and then lots of plant foods. Lots of vegetables, fruits and season. Nuts and seeds. But sounds like real food. I mean, it seems like Oh, yes. You talk about Yeah, those are you I never heard you mentioned paleo diet. I never heard you ever mentioned much that this is the Paleo diet. Well, it just seemed you you just talked about eating real food what the Creator has given us the what God Almighty has given us, right? Well, that's that's a starting point to always, if you want to get your nutrition, right, always start with giving faithful attention to the quality of food that you're eating. And young. As you know, I've shared with you on the very first time of

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Zonda Deen show. Getting nutrition right begins with this with having appreciation for this. If you want to be real healthy, then eat real food. And real food is simple food that does not come with a label with a list of ingredients. Yeah. Okay, we'll take a break and we'll come back with more we just touched upon one and just in a short amount of time, I want to touch upon maybe a couple more, and then get your opinion on what would be the best diet, you know, to start off with and end off with we'll grab back with more than one anyway, don't forget to like, subscribe and share and do your best to help us reach our goal.

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More info in the description below. I said I'm on a comb Peace be with you.

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Back here on the D show with health educator Jim Marlowe

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You got a lot of experience, you have an expansive amount of knowledge in this area. We've done some programs in the past we touched upon right now, the Paleo diet. What about Atkins diet? Well, the Atkins diet is a low carb diet where you actually get most of your calories from high quality, ideally, very importantly, high quality animal protein and animal fat. Like the Atkins diet, like the Paleo Diet does not include grains, really not lagoons either. And really not much in the way of fruits.

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There's many different versions of the Atkins diet depending on whether or not you're implementing the Atkins diet for very aggressive weight loss or whether you're doing the Atkins diet more in a maintenance phase. But the Atkins diet is basically it's a it's a lower carbohydrate diet,

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where you're getting most of your calories from animal protein and animal fat. And the best plant foods for someone on the inside are very low and low carb vegetables such as celery and spinach and asparagus and string beans and cauliflower. And although they're not formally vegetables,

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we can consider mushrooms a very low carb vegetable for practical reasons. But you have you have a ton. I mean, you have here on health.com. You have for instance, they boil what No wait, I don't know what website you're looking at. But I don't I don't have my own. Well, these are just some of the popular diets that are out there. I've never heard of most of these DASH diet mine diet TLC diet, Weight Watchers and Mayo Clinic.

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veggie diet, Jenny Craig diet, the Amish, Ornish, diet, vegetarian diet, slimfast, diet, fat, Flat Belly Diet, this diet that dice albies diet, and the list goes on. There are a lot of different diets. So how does someone pick the right diet for themselves? Well, what do we mean when we say diet? What does that actually mean? That's what you're eating and drinking, what you're eating and drinking. So how do you how do you pick? What is the what is the right one from all of these? How do you pick the right one? Well, you need to have some understanding, first of all, that

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in our very diverse population of people on this planet, there is a spectrum of possibilities for all things human, including the way we metabolize what we eat. And one of the reasons why there are so many different diets in the marketplace is because each one of those diets is actually addressing what is going to be at least generally right for people who have different kinds of metabolism. So one of the ways that I've been able to really help people get their nutrition right over the years, is to

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help them understand how to eat more in harmony with their metabolism, and how do you identify what's going on with your metabolism? Well, it has to do with, for me, from my perspective, as someone who does nutrition and health counseling, knowing the right questions to ask someone but also bringing bringing to someone's awareness about

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how they're really being affected by by various foods that they're eating. And also, learning from them. What are the most dominant characteristics of what I call a person's food personality? So you mentioned the Paleo diet. And you mentioned the Atkins diet. And I think it's it's it's important to mention that

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the dominant dietary dogma in America for the last 30 plus years is that everybody should be eating a low fat plant based diet. That's been the dominant dietary dogma and you also mentioned the Ornish Diet. The Ornish Diet certainly is a prime example of a low fat plant based diet. Dean Ornish

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promotes a actually a vegan diet, and a low fat vegan diet where you're getting all of your nutrition from from vegetables and and fruits, and, and grains and legumes, but not really much in the way of or any

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in the way of nuts and seeds are very little of that.

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And Dean Ornish writes books about his successes and Robert Atkins wrote books about his successes and the the advocates for the Paleo diet. They write books about about people who are successful doing that. And what this if you if you look at the big picture,

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rather than thinking, you know what diet you know what diet is best of those three,

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All have their value for some people, but there is no one diet that is right for everybody. It's not a one size fits all. No, of course not.

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Everybody, everybody knows that just from their own experience everybody, you've had enough life experience you've known somebody who did really well with a particular type of diet. But maybe you tried the same diet and it didn't work so well for you or, you know, other people that tried the diet of someone you know, that was doing well, but it doesn't there was no one diet that Well, how do you figure out from all of them which one is best for you, I like the concept of how you made it very simple, eat real food, avoid fake food, that's a great starting point. Right. And that's, that's a food quality issue. That is fundamental to everybody, no matter what's going on with your

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metabolism. But as far as whether you should be eating more vegetarian, or low fat, plant based diet, like like the Ornish Diet or many other diets, that that are similar to that, or whether you should be doing something very different from that doing more of a low carb,

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high animal food intake diet, like the Atkins diet, or whether you should be doing the Paleo diet. And there's different versions of the Paleo diet or whether you should be doing like a Mediterranean diet, which is kind of a more of a balanced approach with where animal food nutrition, including fish and plant food nutrition is considered to be of equal value. It has to do with what's going on with your metabolism at this time in your life. And there are ways of identifying Yeah, how do you figure that out? Yeah, well, first thing to do is think about all the different real food groups as I divide them, that's that would be meats, a specifically red meats, in organ meats, and poultry.

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And then also fish, and seafood and eggs, and dairy products and vegetables and fruits and nuts and seeds, and grains, and legumes. And sometimes it's, it's, it's pretty obvious to people what the dominant characteristics are of their food personality. For instance, someone who has what I call carbon metabolism, or someone who's on the carbon metabolism side of what I call the spectrum of possibilities for human metabolism. Someone who's really in carbon metabolism, will naturally gravitate toward toward eating salads. And if they have the opportunity to drink fresh, organic vegetable juice that will feel good to them. Or if they drink orange juice, orange juice, especially

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freshly squeezed organic orange juice, that will feel good to them, it'll be good for their energy, you know, it'll help to satisfy their their hunger, their their appetite, to some extent, I'm not saying always completely, but someone who naturally gravitates toward eating vegetarian, and that helps them to experience the best of health, you always have to, you always have to consider your your state of health in relation to what you're eating. If you're, if you're eating vegetarian, but you're not doing well consider that, that maybe you've taken on somebody else's belief about what you should be eating. And you're, you're, you're you're forcing a vegetarian diet on yourself, but

00:28:28--> 00:29:10

maybe a vegetarian diet is not really right for you. So it's, it's it's your level of health in relation to what you're eating. And when you're, when you're truly getting your nutrition, right, you'll feel completely satisfied with what you're eating, you'll be moving toward freedom from cravings, you'll have more consistently good energy, mood and mental clarity, you'll have a sense that yes, this is right for me. If you're listening to your body, rather than working with what I call dietary dogma, but if someone's on what I call the protein fat metabolism side of the spectrum, someone who has a biology that actually needs to follow more of an Atkins type diet, they're going

00:29:10--> 00:29:25

to gravitate toward eating meat of some kind, on a regular basis. And when I say regular basis, usually they're gonna need some meat every day. Some people actually have a biological need to eat meat several times a day. And

00:29:26--> 00:29:28

someone who has

00:29:29--> 00:29:34

a metabolism that really thrives on more of an Atkins type diet.

00:29:35--> 00:29:59

They're gonna, they have to be very careful with their carbohydrate intake. Very easy for someone in what I call protein fat metabolism to over consume carbohydrates. We're gonna have to curtail it. We're almost we're about out of time. I'd like to, I mean, this is a good topic to go ahead and expand on because there's a lot more to cover here. What's a lot more, a lot more to cover.

00:30:00--> 00:30:45

Someone wants to get in touch with you some resources, some personal counseling sessions. How's that work? Well, currently, I'm actually even busier than I want to be. You're all booked up. Yeah. But I do know, a wonderful nutritionist who's actually been a guest on the dean show in the past. Her name is Michelle Gillespie. You guys want that one? Yeah, that's right. And she has a really nice website. Unlike me, I've never been interested in having my own website, but her website is Michelle Gillespie. nutrition.com. And got some great information there. I do believe she is available to do phone consultations,

00:30:47--> 00:30:58

phone consultations and also to do Skype consultations. I think she's she's, she's connected to do that. She set up to do that, I should say. And so if someone's looking for more personal guidance,

00:30:59--> 00:31:12

I think you're you would great resource. Yeah, you you would get very good guidance from from Michelle Gillespie, thank you very much. We gained a lot here. nice example of the warrior. Warrior way of

00:31:13--> 00:31:52

checking check out so many benefits out there. Do some research. Stay away from fluoride in the water. Oh, yeah. filtered water. We talked about that. And then there's no one size that fits all. But that's all in the context, through real food in this fake process. You know, things have gone through all the additives or chemicals is destroying, destroying people real food or time on real food. Real Food is simple food that does not come with a label with a list of ingredients and the fresher. Your real food is the better. Yes. That's what we've been blessed with. And we've got this vehicle as it gets us through life. Let's take care of it. Let's honor it by putting in what the

00:31:52--> 00:31:57

Creator has blessed us with a real food. Thank you very much. We'll see you next time. Thank you, Jim. You're welcome.

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