The Spiritual Ladder – Praise Is Like Perfume

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Refreshing, Provided You Don’t Swallow It


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The speaker discusses the history of the Hadith of the Prophet sallama, which is a praises for a person who is truly praising others on their faces. The speaker suggests that the prizes will not inflate the individual's ego and that others should be motivated by their own values. The speaker also mentions a drama about a man named Sayid and a woman named Maria.

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Bismillah he was Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah salam alayhi wa sallam were banned, everyone would agree that it is incorrect and premature to pronounce a judgment on the character of a person after meeting him or her on one instance only. After multiple engagements, meetings interactions, then you can say is a great person or otherwise. Likewise, it is equally incorrect to extract a ruling from a hadith and an ayah. in isolation, you cannot stand at the shore and estimate the depth of the water. The jurors, they make the top bar of the new suit, they look at all the ahaadeeth in this regard, all the verses, and then they pronounce a ruling. So there is a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam in Sahih Muslim in which he said it are a toma de hain philosophy, Torah that if you see someone praising a another than Earl sand in the face of those that are praising now often people take this hadith and they say how incorrect how sinful how impermissible? How do we praise the scholars or the aroma in the Josiah etc. The Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is that when you see someone prays in another than hurl sand in his face? Yes, that's a hadith. It's authentic. It's irrefutable. However Imam nawawi, the commentator of the Hadith he writes what Khadija at aha de su Kathie Lee Haney bill Madhavan was he on the other hand, there are so many a

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hadith in both Bukhari and Muslim which indicate the explicit permissibility of praising people on their faces. So how do we reconcile between the two Imam nawawi Rahim Allah right Carlin Allah all the scholars say what are equally generally Bina Huma? And Nana mamula lol moja Fetty Phil Maddy, hey, Ziad I will is the will of Safi that the prohibition will be in the case where someone is praising someone just recklessly or you are exaggerating the praises or alimony

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or you praising someone who you are afraid that by praising him, it will inflate his ego in our job and he will become guilty of conceit and he'll become proud and arrogant. Well, Amanda has really hit a lick lick Amanita kwahu. So he actually he fella here de Medici he beloved he and even is a noble, pious person by praising him It will not inflate him, then there is no reason for it to be forbidden to praise such a person on his face name I know he goes on to say belly in Canada yasunaga Delica masala Hatton canister he'll hide well is the demon who was the one mean? He will mean who can stop and voila Harlem. In fact, if you achieve something good out of praising someone that means

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you motivate him to a greater level or you inspire others to do it, then it will not only be permissible now it will be preferable and meritorious. So let us be amongst those who can acknowledge the good of others and motivate them the teachings of Islam are for both the one that's receiving the praises shouldn't feel inflated. Yeah, that's me. That's that's that's how great I am. You can continue counting my accolades. No rather evening Marina Rahim. Allah said menara Vanessa, who lent me a good role model. When people praise you reflect over your sins which is unknown to him, and that then then the praises will not inflate you. And I leave you with this profound drama

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of Satan Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu if anyone deserved the praises, it was Satan abubaker yet whenever he was praised, he would respond to the praises with such humility. He would make the following Allahumma and lm ob min FC Allah you know me more than I know myself Well, enough seeming home, and I know myself more than others Allahumma Dayal nee Hiram me Maya Subhan Allah make me better than their expectation are better than the notion about me what they think about me make me better than that was fatally malaria, the moon and forgive me for my sins, which is unknown to them. What are his knee Bhima yaku loon and don't hold me accountable for their lavish prizes.