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Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the negative qualities of envy and jealousy, which lead to negative behavior and negative emotions. It also describes the negative influence of jealousy on human anatomy and the potential for negative behavior to be present in future generations. The transcript uses historical examples and references to teach the audience that jealousy is a natural habit and should be addressed by treating it as a habit.
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Bismillah he was Salatu was Salam O Allah Rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were about one of the qualities which are intrinsic to human anatomy inherent to our temperament. And part of our makeup and composition is that of envy and jealousy, a fine line between the two, and we give enough positive energy jealousy given off negative energy. Envy allows us to up our act. It safeguards us against stagnation. I look at others I envy him, I need to intensify my efforts. Jealousy, on the other hand is negative. It's toxic, it's poisonous, it's venomous. Why? Because my aim is to curtail the growth of others. In the fourth chapter of the Quran in the first Jews in verse 32, Allah

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subhanho wa Taala says,

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Allah Allah,

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subhanho wa denisa in Makkah, sadly, let not one gender aspire to to be like another gender for the men is the reward what Allah for the men is the reward of the good they do for the woman is the reward for the good that they perform was Allah amin fatherly and collectively asked Allah for his boon and his grace. In the last chapter of the Quran, woman Sherry has it in his or her said, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala impresses upon us to seek refuge in Allah from the jealous person. But now just look at the amazing words of the Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala said woman surely has it and seek refuge in Allah from the jealous either has said when he starts venting his jealousy. So

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the ayah releases a hint that to a certain extent, envy and jealousy will remain within us that we are creatures designed like this. Yeah, it only becomes the repugnant, deplorable detestable when we start venting it and we want to curtail the growth of others. Remember the famous Hadith in Sahih Muslim when the slander was leveled against our Chateau de la Miranda? And she could not reconcile how people could say such nasty obnoxious, bizarre and ludicrous things about her. So she said yeah, Mata Mata had done so. Oh my mum but what are people saying about me? What are people saying about me? And Omar Omar Maria lava and has said Latin America and it was de la Julian you have boo ha ha

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ha ha

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ha ha. Oh, my daughter. You're a beautiful woman you loved by the greatest man. You are obviously going to attract envy, you're going to attract envy. The Arabic poet said colada with a pottery jar is Allah Illa de with human I document sad. There is a formula to convert every enmity into friendship. But there is no recipe to convert the enmity which stems from jealousy into friendship, because the only way you can appease a jealous person is to inflict harm upon yourself, and no sane human will do this. What's the definition of a jealous person Kapha Bill Murray has done a doctor Suri, the one who is said on your happy occasions, he is a jealous person. But here comes the harm

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of jealousy. And this is what the scholars write, that this is one of those evil traits that harms the person who has jealousy more than your enemy and your foe. So your Knights will be more restless than he is you will suffer insomnia more than Him you will be depressed more than that person. And hence I leave you with these words of Abu Hamid al ghazali Rahim Allah for each de la Luca be palpable. McCullough's Anil hallak Hamish de la liga, been a word the real furui milho sumathi or my brother or my sister, it is more important to preoccupy yourself by reading your heart of these evil traits, primarily jealousy then to engage in optional acts of worship. May Allah read our heart from

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all these evil traits. I mean, you're

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