Answering the Misconceptions #04 – Do Muslims Worship a Different God from Christians or Jews

Tom Facchine


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Some people think that Muslims worship a different God.

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In fact, I've had pastors tell me this when I was growing up, as a Christian, my pastor told me that Muslims worship a different God than we do. And that's just not true.

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Because Muslims worship the God of Abraham, the God of Moses, the god of Jesus, a God of Isaac, and Jacob, and job, and Solomon, David, all the prophets that you find in the Old Testament, they are our prophets to Islam, and we worship the God that they worshipped. So it's the same God. Now, if you want to talk about is our understanding of that God the same as your understanding, then no, that's different, right? But if you're going to say that because of that we worship a different God than you have to be ready to also say that other Christians that don't share the same understanding of God as you do also worship a different God, because there are Christians who are Unitarians and

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Christians who are Trinitarians. Christians who are Trinitarians, not all of them agree as to what is the Trinity? How do those different parts of the Trinity relate to each other? Right? So does that mean that they worship a different god? Ultimately, no, they worship the same God, but they have a different understanding as to the reality, or the nature of that God. And so Muslims are the same. We worship the same exact God, the God of Abraham, the God of Moses, the god of Jesus, but we might have a slightly different understanding of that God than you do.