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Christianity the Feminist movement and Islam

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The Deen Show

Channel: The Deen Show

Episode Notes

Ever wonder how the Feminist movement originally started and it’s beginnings? Check this out to learn some very interesting and amazing facts about Christianity and the Feminist movement and Islam.

Episode Transcript

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One of the things that was very interesting that I discovered was when I was preparing for a lecture for one of my speeches in Canada, I needed to research feminism and the feminist movement there. And it was really interesting to find out that the whole movement in that country actually started from a group of Christian women, who were not happy with the fact that the missionary work had been actually designated for men only. And, you know, that's something very interesting because in Islam, since the advent of Islam, women have had the opportunity to teach and to go forth and give Dawa and share the message of Islam and even today, I travel all over and share the message of Islam with

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people in in every type of venue. So it's it's very interesting that that, you know, existed at that time, the need to have this feministic movement to be able to practice their religion fully, whereas Muslim women have enjoyed this for you know, 14 135 years.