The Spiritual Ladder – Every Soul Shall Taste Death

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a disturbing incident from the previous year where a man named Jesus Messiah killed a woman named Shia after the death of Shia's son. The speaker describes the event and how it affected their personal relationships with Jesus Messiah. They also mention a woman named Nina who had a tragic experience and had to die in a similar way.
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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah his sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were banned. We all are concerned and we preoccupy ourselves by trying to design and shape a good life. When you look at the lives of our buyers predecessors, then a common thread amongst them all was the passion and desire for a good death name. I can say they would preoccupy themselves in trying to shape a good ending for themselves more than we preoccupy ourselves to have a good stay on Earth.

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I shared with you a very amazing

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incident from the Hadith regarding one of the great legends of Islam, one of the great sons of Islam. I'm originally asked for the Allahu anhu and his final moments as he's bidding farewell to his son relatives and leaving this world. So, his son is close by the father and he's about to leave this world. So the son asked the father safely alamode or my dad explained to me, the pains the feelings, the emotions of death. So he says and ajibola dunya fo Casa de Oh my son, it is as though the mountains of the world are resting on my chest. It's as though the mountains of the world are resting on my chest. What can I need at an FSO min fit to build a bra, and I'm trying to gasp for

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breath from the eye of a needle.

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He then narrates to his son in law at the balcony fell off to three phases in my life three Islam.

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What am I mean? Unless you mean I had an avocado, lemon rasulillah at that time, Allah forbid, I despise the Prophet sallallahu wasallam the most fellow me to Allah tilaka Papa Pelican to me le na. If I were to die in that state, surely I would have been doomed for hell. But Allah patted me, and he blessed me with Islam. And that was the best era of my life. I came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, I said, Absolutely, Amina, give me a blessed hand. He extended his hand, and I was about to put my hand on and then I would throw my hand. So he said, Do you have second thoughts or armor? I said, Rs two and ashtoreth. I would like to make a condition before reverting to Islam. And the

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messenger Salim said and what's your condition? And I said that my condition is that I must be forgiven. And the prophets Allah Islam said that's a given amount alimta under Islam it meccanica blah,

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blah, blah, that when you revert to Islam, all your relations between you and your Creator are forgiven, and that was the best part of my life. Follow me to Allah tilaka Tabata, if I do pass away, while in the time, the period the era of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, then I would have been optimistic of my entry into Jenna. And then the messengers of Allah lives and moved on Thumbelina, Shia and the wealth of the world open up to us. And the son says, I looked around my dad, and there was nothing much in terms of wealth and assets. And then he said to him for either an admit to failure, yet Bernie Madoff does have Nina when I pass away or my son, I don't want people

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to come and flatter me and praise me. And I would love you to stand by my grave side for the duration in which a camera is slotted and the meat is distribute that for me as that needs to be cometa origin obihiro solara Bay, so your presence can assess me in trying to respond to the angels that will visit me in my grave and asked me the questions. And then he said allow me in America never say no when I hate and ferment the hyena when he laughs look, whoa, what a legend. What a great person. How many glad tidings from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam? Oh my Lord, you instructed me to do many things, but unfortunately I did not comply. You prohibited me but I did not desist.

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And the only thing I hope for today is your merci Allahu Allah tawi young fantasy Allah I'm not strong to challenge the angel of death when our very own and I'm not in the sense that I can argue my innocence. In a sense, what a Mustang Kiran Bella Mustafa, Iran and I do not deny my false I concede guilt and I asked for your pardon. saying these words he left this world. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to bless us with a noble death, a wonderful death and an enviable death. I mean, you're allowed me