The importance of Al-Isti’aathah before reciting the Quran

Abu Bakr Zoud


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The speaker discusses the concept of "overbrows," which is used to describe individuals as evil. They explain that "overbrows means" is a term used to describe individuals as evil, and that individuals are not only evil, they also have negative consequences. The speaker suggests that individuals should not be treated like an enemy and should be treated like a normal person.

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Before you read the Quran, before you read the Quran,

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say are over belaire him in a shade upon your regime. What about you my brothers and sisters in Islam you need to understand how important this word is over below him in a shepherd regime This is known as Alistair either, which means that you are seeking a loss protection from this devil that has been cursed an outcast, ology means he's been thrown out from the mercy of Allah. And that happened when Allah azza wa jal removed him from the paradise and when Allah sosial cursed him, he became a regime from them a lot of social threw him out of his mercy. So, make this is the either before you read the oh and say oh Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. say that this is a dua in

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essence, you are asking Allah sosial you're saying Allah protect me from a shade upon? Why is this important? Because it is the shade upon that distracts you from your relationship with this color and it is the shade upon that sits between you and developing a relationship with this.

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So what better than turning to Allah, the One who created the shape bar and telling him and asking him Allah protect me from the shape on that he come to me as I read the Quran and distract me and disturb me when I read the Quran. He keep away from me, because when I want to read the Quran, I want to focus I want to concentrate. I want to understand what Allah social is telling me. And I want to feel the special effect that the word of Lord social has upon me for charity important to start with our Overby let him in a shape on your regime. Understanding that the greatest enemy enemy you have in life, the greatest enemy you have in life isn't the person you blocked on Instagram.

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It's not the person you've blocked on Facebook. It's not the person you've blocked his messages and calls from your phone. The greatest enemy you have is a shape or form. You should block him, block him from your life as Allah social says in the shape upon Allah Komodo

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that a shape on is an enemy to you. So treat him as an enemy. Treat him as an enemy. You know my brothers and sisters, I don't have to explain to you how to treat an enemy. Each and every single one of you knows how to treat an enemy. Any I'm sure there are people that you don't like to associate with? How do you treat them with nice exact manner you treat them treat a Shabbat that's what a man is saying.

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And the best way, the best way to protect yourself from the evil of a Shabbat is to say our will be lay him in a shape on your regime. Because you're asking a while social to protect you from this evil shavon over Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. I must say this before you read the Quran, if you truly want to benefit from the Quran that you're going to read on that day that you read the Quran

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and understand, understand that if you continue to follow the shape on and you continue to follow down his path and understand if you continuously obey or Switzer to shape or if you continuously obey his evil whispering and you follow Him and every sin he calls you to do you do every evil he calls you to you do then understand you soon become like him. What was the end of a show pod? ology him? The outcast Allah cursed him and threw him out of the paradise. This is exactly what will happen to those who follow the shape on blindly without ever turning back to Allah innocency Toba.

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Understand when you read our will be lay him in a shade upon your regime. You're asking Allah social to protect you from this evil devil. That otherwise if Allah didn't protect you from him, your life would have been ruined by now and you would have have had absolute no relationship with