Yahya Ibrahim – The Eloquence Of The Quran

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The history and meaning of "we" in the scope of Islam is discussed, including the use of "we" in title and various forms of the title. A woman named Lisa describes a nightmare where she is the victim and describes her actions and words as complete. The importance of removing " turmo"] and the " shops" in one's life is emphasized, along with giving gifts and sharing stories of love. The speakers also discuss the importance of giving gifts and sharing stories of love in one's life.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi. wa. Early he was actually he was certainly more about always and forever We begin with the praise of Allah. We send our prayers of peace upon the messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam solemn,

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we firmly state with conviction that there is none that is worthy of worship, but a law that Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wasallam is is worshipping slave and final messenger. I continually remind you and advise you and myself in admonition and in command to be from those who possess taqwa, which is piety of heart, sincerity of mind and conscience, so that we seek Allah subhanho wa Taala in all that we do, hoping that Allah Subhana Allah will allow us to depart this worldly life in no other condition than willful voluntary submission to him. Islam to him subhanho wa Taala now I have my dear brothers and my bad, just 20 minutes with you.

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And I'm supposed to talk about the eloquence of the Quran.

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And it's nearly impossible. So as I was seeking a little bit before Salatin method is Allah chef machete for his eloquent words in description of the introductions of the Quran at

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he recited the beginning of sort of pa Ha. And this is a sutra that I teach as a course every so often and one of the verses in the sutra, I decided to make the theme of our discussion. And it's an area where Allah subhanho wa Taala commands, Adam, be vigilant and to be on guard from the misguidance and the whisperings of the shape on. And this really, I wish to demonstrate the Bulava and the eloquence that is endowed in the Holy Quran, we're going to look at one area. In fact, we're going to look at part of the area due to the variety and the shortness of time and lots of hands on with either after commending the angels to Prostrate to Adam, and he believes will fully reject Abba

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Iblees, who was not an angel in species, but was an angel in conduct.

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So he was listed amongst the angels in his actions, but he was not of them in his species. Sometimes we look to our children and say Mashallah, your boy, he's like an angel. He's quiet. He's wonderful. He's intelligent. He doesn't give you trouble. Some of us were tested, and others look to our children and they say, Ivan, Allahu Allah, Allah protect us from this, right? So he was in action one thing, but not in species

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in there, at least ever. The idea we're going to look at is verse number 117 of Surah Taha, which is the 20th chapter of the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, For Khulna, we said, Now this word begins with the fact

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it's not Khulna, it was said it was Falconer meaning immediately when he bleeds rejected, this fat is fat.

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Immediately, the moment he bleeds rejected the command of a law, he became an enemy to Adam, even before he believes had determined to become an enemy of Adam. A lot warns Adam, for Khulna, we said no, you have to ask, you have to say brother Yeah, who is this weed? Is not Allah Subhana? Allah, Allah,

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the One who also pregnancy is for him. Why is there places in the Koran that are translated to me we Is this the Royal we how do we understand it? This is a part of our our feeder, this is the first word of the ayah. Whenever Allah Subhana, who went to Allah

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speaks of his that of his essence of himself. It is only in the singular.

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Only Allah.

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But when Allah speaks of an F and the actions that he orders to be done in his name, he says we,

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for colina, we said meaning a law ordered the angels Allah ordered all that was around to declare to Adam that this

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Iblees is your enemy, just by a law declaring it everything that he governs, which is all of us. All of all of his creation declares the same command. Do not ever be confused when you hear in unison avec we revealed the reminder down to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we means a lot ordered up to bring it down. So gibreel fulfilling the order of a law is part of Allah's command. So therefore separating the Quran, that that was the essence and the magnificence of a law where he speaks about his dominion and his authority. It is only for him. But when he speaks about instructions, he includes those who instruct as a part of his fulfillment of that desire that he has

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commanded subhana wa tada FA cola. So we've learned two things from this for first word. Yeah.

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Allah subhanaw taala is specifying who his instruction is. Now you have to say brother Yeah, Adam was alive and his wife however, we're alive. Yet a lot speaks to who?

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Alone, Adam. He doesn't say Yeah.

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This is your enemy. Allah chooses to put upon my brothers and I,

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us men, a great Amana.

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Whenever Allah subhana wa, Allah has put it an injunction upon Adam. It's actually also for who Hawa his wife, but Allah doesn't speak to her because Adam is going to be held accountable for himself and the one who is under his care and responsibility. This ayah when I teach it, when we do it in more detail, it gives nightmares to the students who study it. They wake up in the middle of the night for Tasha, Tasha, nightmare you're going to hear and understand why shortly in sha Allah. For Adam, Adam, I commend you Firstly, initially alone, but a part of a tie. There is the one who is under your care and guardianship. Remember the Hadith of the messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam narrated by Mr. Timothy, that on the Day of Judgment, yeah, Abdullah, your wife will hold you by your neck.

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It's going to take you there. I mean, your neck.

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To her he's have to do Rahu lol hisar. She's gonna pull you to her accounting for either su ILA. Whenever your wife is asked, Why did you do this? Why did you not do this? A job and her? Her husband has to answer for her. Huh? Tell answer. Why didn't I pray that? I was making your salad. You commended my salad, your salad to be before the awesome answer. Why did you allow such it to happen? Why did you wake up for failure and go to the gym and leave me asleep? Why didn't you attempt to wake me? Why did you not teach me to iron and pay for my lesson? Why did you deem it fit? That you and your friends and the brothers go out?

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And leave me at home ignorant?

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Why didn't you go to the gym and take notes and come back and teach me?

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Why didn't you take the children with you for a day and allow me to study something that will benefit you when I do you're an afro

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as you answer

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them, listen to this command

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in Nevada, this, this individual had to

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Allah uses the word of this one this he believes this shaitan he is a do.

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I do means repetitive in attack. Yeah, he comes back and again he never will give up. I do. Let well is this the first time you hear about his wife. So Adam, this one this a bleeds is your enemy and the enemy of your zellige this a beautiful word you know that word zellige in Adobe, it means two things that are complete but when they come together they actually become one that is complete. So on your own you're a complete man on your own on her own. She's a complete woman. But when you put them together they were a complete pair that are fit and come together. Perfect is della gel am

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Things that are puzzled, that come together become whole. If you see a puzzle and scattered pieces, and you put them together, you see the big picture. This is what the word zenwatch means. You my brother.

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Your wife feels the gap in your life.

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You are intent to put a seal and solidify the things that she has missing. cracks, completions. She's supposed to be the beautification of your life. You are supposed to be the cement of her life. Lisa logic laka he's an enemy to you and to your spouse.

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fella you hurry, Jen nakooma mina Elgin, Natasha. Now for those of you who are studying a little bit of Arabic, Arabic grammar. A lot here spoke singular, Adam, you're one. Then he said that we jack singular to singulars. Then he said it's almost as if they were to single, then they become a pair.

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You can region nakooma both of you together.

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Don't let the show you thought dissuade you, individually and individually or together.

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Or you alone, Adam singular again,

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will be in turmoil. We begin our discussion of that nightmare. For touch claw.

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You and I you my brother, I speak to you now fantastica because you're in the dunya and you put your hand in that brother's head. I'm not gonna marry your daughter.

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You put your hand with this man. And the woman is sitting there now for you single brothers. I want you to think now I want you to take this lesson well, and you said one word, your holy cow your whole life of halal and haram. The Haram became Khaled with what one word? The Prophet Mohammed Salim says in the Hadith narrated by the Buhari

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he says he stole suevey Nisa is Hydra treat your women Well, for him because you access to nabby Kelly Mattila. You took them by one word that you promised a lot. What's that one word? What's that one word? You repeated that the Zune the Imam he asks you to build to do you accept you accept what? You accept everything.

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Everything rather? Whoo, whoo.

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You accept and use it? Yes.

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Well, Allahu Akbar.

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All of a sudden, there is a freedom extended from the Father. And now there is a

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obligation put around your neck literally around your neck. Happy to accept that she is not just one for enjoyment, or for companionship, or for love or for producing children or for mothering, My children are looking after my needs hubby to accept

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earning a living for her,

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caring for her when she's sick, carrying her when she's down,

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picking her up when she has fallen,

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motivating her to eemaan

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in forcing upon myself the truth so that she can follow me without me requesting it. I will not be Mohamed Salah while he was seldom demonstrated the beauty of this word of how to relieve the Schuchat this turmoil for cash flow. Literally, my dear brother, you and I we're intent. Your whole life is meant to be vigilant and that attention for the needs of your wife,

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for the desires of your children, this is your purpose. And law says if you don't listen, and you exit this gentle yard and when you go to heaven down to earth, it's not her that you'd be obligated with hardship. It is you attach or so they were singular. Then they became a pair. And then when it comes to obligation, it is single. Later on in this surah I'm just going to give you this idea where Allah Subhana Allah says

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the Aquila minha. Adam and her and her work both of them. So Akela both of them ate from the tree.

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And after they ate from the tree, their privates were exposed.

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What's up

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Hey mom in watercolor gender, and then a law says, Wow saw Adam.

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Adam disobeyed his Lord, not Adam and her. Adam by himself.

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Adam is the one who disobeyed the law even though she ate from the tree, they both ate for Aqa lamb in her, both of them. But in because the order was Yeah, Adam, he is your enemy, inform your wife, you will be the one who is responsible for Tasha. Do you see the subtle You know, when you read this idea in the English translation, you don't this because you have to write a paper you have to write a 30 minute paragraph to explain this this eloquence of this one of these verses of those letters when they come together and this is just a section.

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It gives you a foundation of love for Allah and love for his word.

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I want because I know I have five minutes. I want to conclude with how to remove the Shaka How do I make sure that yes I'm working in the dunya

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but at home I'm in serenity look at the words we use in our in our faith in our culture as Muslims to talk about the home life. When when a brother says chef yeah can I visit you in your home? He says second intersec in fame you know what second means? It comes from sukoon your home in our culture is the abode of serenity.

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Outside is turmoil. Shaka you come home to Jenna inshallah.

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But a fantastical out there. Tasha, you come home second sukoon How do you when you want to describe your wife? What do you say to describe your wife? In our culture? You say

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celje the one who makes me whole luck above his knee. My fortress not this brother will point over here.

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his knee my fortress, and masana

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fortified me.

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You say

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Marathi in Marathi. My? My woman

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she's mine. Jani. She cannot be yours. She's only mine. She describes you she will say you know in English it's a very poor language. You know husband when you say is my husband. What? You don't want the word husband comes from

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any of any people know a little bit about agriculture and farming. Anyone know what husbandry is?

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husbandry is the science of mating of mating a bowl with a female cow? You say this man, he's a good husband. That's that's what that's where the word comes from. One who makes it like an animal not not in our language. We don't use this. We use that which has helped me. This is the one who everyone else has her arm she's mine.

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Look at I wanna be Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Our prophets I send them

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was the most loving, tender, caring, insightful men you could ever meet.

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If you were to ask any of his wives how he treated them, they would say that it's the difference between heaven and earth. It was a different kind of man. And I just want to conclude with a few statements that exemplify how the prophets I sell them demonstrates the removal of this turmoil that is spoken of in this ayah First,

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says

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either blind

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when you eat, eat with her. And when you read translations it says when you eat feed her like to throw some grass over that feed feed honey. Lola, either for him to eat with her.

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When you buy clothes, get her something. You say brother Yeah, here if you know my wife, you don't know she doesn't need me to buy nothing. She's already got all she needs. No, that's not the point. The profit so I sell them. His character was he was the Advil, hair giving have always good, he never would enjoy something when others did not receive similar. If he received the gift. He would receive it in the house of attache usually, and the wives of the Prophet you know his other ones that used to get jealous because they knew the Prophet love that issue. So

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much people when they would want to give him a gift they come to the house of outage or come to the house of outage. So she would get lots of gifts. When they complain to the prophet in masala masala, You're the eldest one in the process. Listen to your advice. Go tell them. The prophets I seldom said led to Sunni, Shia, why do

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people want to give gifts there, that sort of thing? That's her blessing.

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He was generous in that capacity. For this reason, the love of the prophets I seldom Why is uncomputable you know, people have this false notion of love. You know, people sell billions of dollars of movies and books about a story of vampires and wolves falling in love,

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Twilight series and all this kind of non our daughters are who vampire loves a human love. And then you have Isha and the Prophet salallahu alayhi. Salat. Here are some examples. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He in Arusha had code words for love.

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One day she asked him she says, Yeah, Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam had eaten avida would swiff rebbeck describe how you not tell me if you love me? Or how much describe it. That's some Roman stuff right there. How do you how do you love me? So the Prophet says

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it's like a knot that when it's tight, tight, cannot be released.

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The sisters in the back they like where's my husband to hear this right?

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So when I share the profit will be sitting in the measured like this. I shut the alarm on her. You know, she would ask from a distance or in front of the otherwise she'd say jasola summarizing them came for an afternoon. How's the knock today? No one knows what not what's happening. And the Prophet said, Oh, well, Yeoman robot. It's as tight as the first day I met you. Allahu Akbar. As some love man will

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ask the proper Hadith in Bukhari oblast the Prophet gives him a big mission. He thinks all the prophets Isaiah loves me. Why else would he choose me and not Rama? Why else would he choose me and not a Baba? So he comes in the masjid he thinks the Prophet is going to declare it. He says Yasuda lament to him. Who do you love?

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Prophet says, What's wrong with you? Well, the

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question is that now can you imagine one of the brothers here saying getting up as I love my wife? was wrong in his soft looking brother? love my wife. You don't say that kind of stuff. You don't even tell her? telling me that. Keep that stuff to yourself? Yes, he.

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The Prophet says I Isha. What do you love hon? I'm gonna blast. He says,

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honey, not not. I know you love a hot

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daddy. What a kidney

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from the menu and who do you hold in St. The prophet Isaiah Lim says abou her. Her father. He doesn't say Abu Bakr radiallahu. He says what? Her father meaning who's on his mind.

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I Isha.

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And the prophets I send them that love was not just between them, people would see it. I'm going to conclude with a lady who's married to the daughter of the Prophet Tyson. And he the cousin of the Prophet kurama, La Jolla. He says

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when he came home one day, he saw FEMA when the alarm goes off, like she doesn't know he's coming home early. He's come home from a day at work comes home early, faulty meds, their stack, she's brushing her teeth. Now it's not the most romantic kind of posture. You come home your wife's in the you know, brushing her teeth. He sees her when she can't see him.

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He sees that moment and enthralls him to declare his love and poetry for Cannella when he saw her brushing her teeth, he said yeah, oh, yeah. Oh, Rocky for aka. Oh, twig of the irretrievably work. How can I see you in this embrace? How can I see you intimate with my wife? No. kutaragi

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you were a man I would have killed you. Whoa, I some love man. You come home you see your wife brushing the dishes and and you're like, Man of those dishes were men and you were touching. Kill him.

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You will not have for Tasha. You will be in enjoyment and happiness.

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I will sooner is a student of love is a singer of companionship is a student of admiration and kindness. Now I know the brothers there's a couple of friends in the audience because you're saying brother

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Hey between the brothers quite hard today shall in the future we have something for the sisters. All right. What's up the law Houma, wa Sallim wa barik ala Sayyidina

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Muhammad Sallallahu either early or Safi, we're settling down and in hamdulillah horrible alameen wa salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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