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Bismillah he was salatu salam O Allah Rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bad. They can be no two opinions on the fact that Islam has attached great importance, merit and significance with parents. Your mom is your paradise and your dad is your doorway to gender. But does this mean that parents are infallible? No, not at all. As humans as mortals we all are prone to error, with the exception of the galaxy of mBiA. Hemos Salatu was Salam. Now, let me explain why I'm driving my point and share with you a verse of the Quran and Hadith of Bokhari and then put flesh to the theory. So, Martin igneous Allah The Allahu anhu had wedded his sister to be originally men and

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muslimeen, a companion whether your loved one animal, and after a period of time, there was some difference of opinion and it resulted in divorce. I must qualify one single divorce and not three divorces. Hatton Casa de la, the period of varied the headlamps, and then the husband and wife, the former spouses. They had a desire to get together again Fatah so this person proposed to his former spouse, so the family intervene and more particular Mark liplay Asara the Allahu anhu. He said, Well, la isla de la cabeza, my sister will not return to your wedlock at any cost. Now often as parents we make this mistake, and we claim certainty in the decision that we make. If you get

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married to this boy, well, that's it. I'm not your dad and you are not my daughter or vice versa. Subsequently, the verse was revealed whatever palapa to manisa palava agenda, nephila taboo on Indian Ghana as one when you've divorced a woman and the period of ryda has lapsed the period of agda has lamps and then they mutually inclined to each other financial una then do not prohibit them from getting married to each other, when they mutually have interest for each other. How we how we get to the verse was revealed macademia sort of the angles at some angle Robbie Oh my Lord, I apologize, I oblige and I comply and I happily arrange for my sister to get married to my former

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brother in law and they lived happily ever after. Under this ayah. In biannual Quran it is mentioned fi unelma Ba La em buddy, I don't feel mandatory and who la si Yama is an empty, narrow and who Illa Masada. And that's my point of reflection. We learn from this idea when something is principally permissible, then let us not persistently and adamantly for bed from it. More so when the prohibition could potentially result in something more grave serious and horrific. So if you are unhappy with a prospective spouse, for religious reasons, for character reasons, then that is merited. But let it not be that you deny your son or your daughter, a prospective union simply

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because you have a gripe with an elder in that family or for some personal motives, and by you denying them it will open up potentially a door of Xena and cause serious consequences. So nobody denies as parents we have the interests of our children at heart. But let our decisions be motivated by wisdom and knowledge and not by resentment and jealousy. May Allah inspire us in all the decisions we make. I mean your anatomy