Sulaiman Moola – The Mother Of The Believers

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The history and character of several women in Islam are discussed, including the birth of Islam in the West and the birth of Joemid. They also discuss legal systems and the negative impact of language in relationships, including instances of abuse and sexual harassment by various women. The segment ends with a discussion of the legal system in Nigeria and the legal system in the United States, and a brief advertisement for a video about a woman named Joemid.
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah who was during one movie he wanted to work on a one or the Villa

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fusina woman say Dr. Marina de la, la La,

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la de la la la ilaha illallah wa Ala

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Moana Chateau anessa de novo molana Mohammed Abu or a pseudo I'm about to call along with the Baraka tada

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upon me this Milan your Walkman your walk the walk organifi booth

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to Buddha

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Allah hawara Sudan in LA julio de Banco

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de la, we're calling the BU sallallahu alayhi wa salam

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ala Nisa, capozzoli $30

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to a Sarah honorable microm respected brothers and elders she says then to be over law so the law money was seldom was divinely selected by your law for profit would in the very same way every partner every wife, every spouse of navionics salam was the divine choice in the selection of Allah, hence the lives of the advisor Mata hora. I exemplary for woman till the day of the Yama Nebula Salam himself has said Martha's the word to say a meanness IE one has the word to Shamim bonacci. In love, he was in jail, he gibreel and Robbie as de la. I did not get married to any of my wives, nor did I get my daughters married to any of my son in laws. But through divine approval from Allah

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tala. There is no words that can do justice in describing the honor that is afforded to the honorable consorts of navire Salatu was salam, perhaps the furthest the English language would take you to speak of a first lady. That's about all it entails. What an honorable title Allah has afforded the wives of nearly Sam was who mahato and indeed the spouses of Nabila his Salaam are the mothers of the believers till the Day of Yama was Khurana ma Utila pico de Kooning, Amina Yaki la cama Allah conscient eyes is and remains the sponsors of the Vla Salaam to acknowledge the virtue that Allah has afforded them. And remember all the ways of knowing you have a lot you reside within

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those dwellings where Quran is revealed. You live in those homes with Quran is recited. And what did Allah say in nama you read

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it, it is the intention of Allah to purify you every wife of Nabhi of Allah what you thought here and favor you bless you honor you with sublime character, the opening verses of the 26th 22nd Jews of the Quran woman yakut min canal it was only me. Sorry Ha. When any one of you will conduct themselves in nobility, then she will enjoy your reward when the wife of nearly Sam served and viola she enjoy two rewards. One is as a wife serving a husband and the second angle is as a follower serving the Navy of Allah and every wife of nearly Salaam was unique in her own way and enjoyed her independent virtue design have been picked up on her when she was divorced by zebra via long run who

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and it was the choice of Allah that this woman will now come into wedlock of Nibiru Salaam. Allah revealed the verses for Lamar for those that you don't mean to have a foreign zoology Naka Haleakala Hakuna anymore meaning that all Mohammed when they need to divorce designer, we got her married to you. honeycomb was performed in the heavens. There was no formal marriage on this earth. This verse was revealed and she met with navy and he said I'm in seclusion. hafsa de la is the daughter of Amara Viola she comes into the niqab near a Salaam for whatever reason whenever you have a lot divorces or gibreel I mean descends and kills nearly Salam Hill Jr. For in the house of Ramadan.

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COVID Mattoon one nahezu Jetta capital Jenna, whenever you have Allah Allah has sent me to inform you that you must revoke hafsa and take her back in your nigga. This is not a matter of choice. It is the decree of Allah. For verily she fasts excessively and she stands in Salah for lengthy records and it is the decree of Allah she will be your partner in general whenever you have Allah revokes her, Omaha Viva La Juana, the wife of nearly Salaam displayed such loyalty that the word in its entirety cannot present the likes of whom they Habiba. She accepts Islam. She is the wife of an aviary ceram Her father is Abu sufian. He comes to Madina munawwara to reaffirm the peace treaty

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with the Muslims, because some of the Qureshi youth had violated the peace treaty for the BIA and from that time, whenever you have a line it becomes very bitter and very hostile towards the Quran. So when she comes to Medina when he comes to Medina, Abu sufian, who is not a Muslim at that stage, he says, Well, let me just go and visit my daughter Your daughter is the wife of navire salaam. He comes in the house he's got a great scene recently.

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Same with dignity entertains him welcome him. The father is about to sit down on the bidding of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam the wife pulls it aside. So the father asks, oh my daughter, have you moved the building because I am clean in this mattress is impure? Or is it vice versa that I am impure in the mattress is clean. She says oh my father with utmost respect to you, you are my biological father. I afford you all the respect that Islam commands me to display to you in the camera on Nigeria but you're an impure man, you worship idol This is the bidding of the master of both worlds such loyalty she displayed the world in its entirety cannot present the likes of whom a

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happy birthday Allah Maha, however, but if you study the lives, there are two ways of living a solemn, who secured such a love in his heart that no other wife could enjoy this honor. One was Khadija de la Mancha, the first woman to accept Islam. My interview said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, She is the mother of my children, my son and four daughters and two sons, namely Zainab Rupa young Mickelson and Fatima and Abdullah and Qasim six children and we are a son of God from Khadija de la Mancha. the only woman who enjoys the greater portion of the marital life of nearly Salaam. he marries at the age of 25. She passes away 25 years later, the 25 years get nearly tsunamis in the

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marriage of Khadija he doesn't take any other spouse in his nikka 25 years exclusively dedicated to Vietnam on her she's bringing a vessel some food in there. Sabrina mean desensitized from your wife Khadija is coming convey to her my salons in the salons of Allah and tell her gentleman has been decorated for her. That is the first wife of an aviary Salaam I swear by your law, this program of mines I dedicate to my sister, my sister let you understand, nevermind. National Woman's Day International this day, the honor Allah is the 14 you It is unfortunate that we haven't made the sponsors of nearly salamah point of reference in our life. We are not referring to Isola de la

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Juana. Let me tell you who is Ayesha? If you only knew the history of Ayesha, you wouldn't have asked me when the daughter was born in your house what name to give her. You would have named every daughter Ayesha if you knew how beloved she was to the lobby of a law. She comes into the niqab near Islam at the tender age of six. She gets married to the very ceramic age of six. At the age of nine. She comes into care of nabire ceram at the age of 18. She is widowed at the age of 18. She is widowed. She then lives on for 48 years. Bearing in mind the intention of the Quran is Allah and tancho as well as the human body he abota that the widow of nabire salam cannot remarry. She passes

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away at the age of 65 in the 58 year, Adriana, who performs the janaza namaaz at the tender age of 18 when she becomes widowed when my sister is barely coming to grips with the obligations of a law when the reality of availing herself is barely coming upon her. I Sharia law Juana conveys 2210 d to the soma.

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She says I have nine privileges that nobody else has. Number one look at him as alegebra loopy so Rocky, Rocky, prior to my nickel gibreel descent that was my appearance, atone Mohamed Salah lorrison This will be your wife and my libido Ayesha Curry took a pill Manami Salah Salah y'all. I saw for three consecutive nights you were shown to me in a dream and it was told to me this is your wife, this is your wife. That's my first virtue. What is wrong with me because what matters was a because at the end of Allah married me as the virgin as an unmarried girl and the only wife of his that was unmarried. What occurs to fear Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was not so lucky at

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the lobby of a lot takes his last breath and put farewell to this temporary abode and moves on his journey to Africa. I Serbian law says he is blessed that ahead was in my left left when he left this world. One of the COVID Rafi baikie He is buried in my house and in my room. What are the hot potato mela iica to Beatty and the angel surrounded my house we're in Canada Yun zero Allah e one.

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e i only spouse of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam who enjoys being in seclusion with him while he enjoyed revealed revelation. Open he would tell me I heard that jabril Maliki Salaam I showed this is gibreel he has come down with some revelation. He's greeting you. I'm the only one that was in seclusion when he received revelation. We're in Nila even though he was a deity, and I am the daughter of his first successor and his beloved friend Abu Bakar. My inner peace, Rahim Allah

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May Allah showing his choices blessings on Abubakar the Virginie vanetta, who he got me married to his daughter hi Melanie la de la he made arrangements for my convenience to Medina Sufi bunny Hill har he was my companion in the cave.

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me money and he released belonged with his own wealth, while aggressiveness Allah will remain a sama and my divine mind

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innocence. When I was accused with Xena came down divine from Allah in the form of Quran, which Imam could have to be explained so beautiful. Oh my sister Where are you running behind the people of this world? If you only know there are such woman in the annals of Islamic history, that nevermind, the woman even makes the male's of this woman proud and we have set woman in our ancestry. What did she say to me says Lamar, Rumia Bill farfisa when Yusuf Alayhi Salam was accused with Xena

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rissani Serbian film Marty, Allah proved his innocence on the tongue of a child that was resting in his cradle, ya know, Maria mela marumi yet build a shop and ring the Virgin Mary was accused of Xena, Bahama Allah.

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Allah proved her innocence and her chastity and her morality and her integrity on the tongue of Salim is Salam. We're in Nigeria Tara via La Mancha. marumi. Yes, Bill farfisa. But when the mother of the believers was accused with Xena forma de la Bharati Sabine wallaby, Allah was not pleased in revealing her innocence on the tongue of a child nor a prophet. Allah Himself revealed it in the form of Quran, ie Sharia law says I never considered myself so close to Allah. Only when Allah revealed verses regarding me there is the time I realized what regard May Allah has for me, and I wish you could comprehend Arabic to understand the sternness with which Allah revealed these

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tonal ovlc notic on what the colonna be equal, Melissa Lacombe here what's up Sabu hyena in the line when you circulated this slander against Ayesha and you considered the crime to be trivial, whereas in the eyes of Allah there could be no greater crime then accusing the mother of the believers in the wife of nearly Salaam

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Wanaka to collect through tayyiba and Allah created me pure

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derivative in Buhari, I came to an aviary, Salam and I said Yarrow Sona llaman Hakuna si la Who is the most beloved to you know really Salaam said Ayesha Of course, who Amina Rizal, I said what about the men nebulae Salaam said abou ha the father of Isaiah, the father of Isaiah in Bukhari and Muslim that why it appears that whenever nearly Salatu was salam, Allah had divinely exempted him, according to one commentary of this verse. So regime and Russia, I mean, when we come into Sha, then he did not have to maintain penis and, you know, equal distribution amongst the spouses along it divinely exempted him from this, however, the ration suggests that he never opted for this

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concession. And he maintained total fairness between all the spouses, but you would more than often say Allahu mahadasha this me FEMA, I'm like, Fallout 70, FEMA, Tom licola, Emily, Allah, I have maintained justice between all my wife, don't hold me responsible for that which you are in control, and I'm not in control. And there is the inclination of my heart towards Ayesha. Whenever the Sahaba wanted to give me an Islamic gift, they would wait for the day that it was a Sharia law and her stance by virtue of with the dead date and the viola was by shot it somehow did not go down very well with the other side the other wives of Libyan instead of natural subtle rivalry. So they sent

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me Selma did go and speak to me at a salon, that he must make a general statement and address the people and say they look here. If anybody at any time wants to give me a gift, then he must give it to me at any location and not restricted to the house of Iowa. This was the request of the other wives. So Mr. Murphy Ilana comes to an aviary Solomon says don't have a law I have been sent by the delegation of other woman just to ask you perhaps if you could tell the people that when they want to give you a gift, they must give it to anywhere. Maybe I need some sense the motive behind the statement. He said Young Miss Alma to the Navy, I saw Miss Alma do me one favor, don't hurt my

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feelings in regard to Ayesha don't offend my feelings with regards to Anisha. Then they said, Okay, let's send Fatima de la Fatima comes with the same request. Then have you ever held his daughter that his daughter and said Allah to have been an overcomer? Don't you love what I love? She said yes. So my father I love Neville Harrison said he'd be happy then do me a favor love my Ayesha verily, I love her. I love her with such knowledge and love Even though at the age of 18 she becomes the widow. She had no children. Again food for thought power sisters. Today often many women are crying May Allah bless them with normal healthy children. But let's make the

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point of reference in our life. Let's refer to their life or my sister when you pursuing a degree and you're trying to navigate your way in life. It's a high time you look at those women who have been divinely selected by your law.

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She one day throw in the release from all your other wives have children from the previous husbands and they have given their name a kidney at a pet name after their own children. I have no children. What name can I give myself? Literally Sam says nothing to cry about. You have a nice yard

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Dr. Asma has a son Zubair. So you are known as Abdullah, you are known as Omar Abdullah, give yourself the name of the mother of Abdullah Abdullah. He alone was the first child that was born after he did it. The kuffaar had passed the remark that since the Muslims have migrated, they women have become barren when he was born from the stomach of asthma, now, Vla, Salama rejoice and he says that today, the theory of the kuffaar has been defeated. Allah has favored our woman with children. I certainly allow her Allah favored her with such knowledge. Ivan Musashi says in the wake of pyramids, a much thicker gnarliness harbor rasulillah we the companions of Libya is Salam. Whenever

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we couldn't understand the Hadith, we directed it to Ayesha and she used to answer our questions, who said a woman has totally knocked the door of a man. Yes, they are such woman in the history of Islam, that eminent eminent Sahaba used to come and sit in the company and benefit from their knowledge. Mm. So he said, lo jumia. Mona's while Moses was in Libya, sallAllahu wasallam if the knowledge of everyone including all the wives of near Islam is put on one side, and the knowledge of Ayesha Siddiqa on the other side, Ghana's Osama bin Laden, ma Allah, his favorite her with more knowledge than all the wives of navion is salat wa salam. her generosity was so remarkable. her

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generosity was so remarkable. She took an active part in Islamic politics. She was in HUD when Osman Rolando was assassinated. When she returned, she was informed about the assassination of Whitman. Subsequently, she delivered many speeches in this regard that justice be meted out against the rebels who assassinated a man. My time doesn't pay me to elaborate on the lectures in the sermon she delivered. But what a woman who did is she in every part of Islamic history, mommy or daddy alone has sent 100,000 dirhams to her in the morning. She tells the slave girl start distributing at the time of iftaar there wasn't one date in the house to break the past. There wasn't one day and every

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every Savi from the for one of our toolkit they tried to make adequate arrangements for the financial well being of the wives of nearly ceram who use it has made mention of a narration in kitahara, which even Imam Hakeem has approved its authenticity that oh my god allow us to give 10,000 dirhams annually to all the wives of Newberry Salaam. But he used to give 12,000 twice out of the law. And he said the reason for this is different than the viola loved her more in acknowledgment to that I'm going to give him a 12,000 In fact, when the spoils of the war when Iraq was conquered, and the spoils of the walk into Madina munawwara there was a very beautiful necklace

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with pearls that came in. When we looked at this during his reign. He said it's going to be rather difficult for me to distribute this among all the spouses, he gets all the wives of nearly Salaam. He says if you consent I will pass this on to ICER via lavonne ha they all willingly agreed and this necklace was then given to our mother I saw the alarm on her. When it came before her she cried. And she said indeed Omar has been extremely kind to me after the death of nearly Salaam. And she acknowledged it she acknowledged it when Satan Omar was in his fatal illness. And he was about to take his last breath. He told his son Oh my son, go to Ayesha and ask her permission

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is asking permission to be buried in the neighborhood of Viva La Omar Omar the amount of sun up to like normal comes knocks on the door. So my mother and my father is in the throes of death. He's asking permission Do you consent for him to be buried next to an aviary Salaam she cries and she says this was my desire to be buried here. But Omar is the individual for whom all preferences can be given marhaba ameerul momineen Welcome to him tell him he can be buried next to me. But others modesty was such a modesty was such she says after the viola passed away next to his proper I slept there every day I used to sleep in their own room. Then my father passed away. I used to still sleep

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in that room. 13 years left. Then after he was born, he was brought in from that day onwards I never slept in that room and I never entered that room without covering my face. Because first it was only my husband and my father. I went there without a scar. Now there was the genesis of a strange man I never did and said oh my mother I know my sustains my time You understand? Let me leave you with a hurry that will make every hair on your body stand if you have the slightest shade of diamond. When I went this Hadid I couldn't control myself. The Wire comes in. I'll cover how to deal with the heavy narrated reinforced material on a say we came to the VLT. Salatu was Salam.

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For whatever now who you have the key book on city law, I found him crying uncontrollably. He was literally sobbing. I tapped him and I said Yasuda law mill levy of a card. Whenever you have a law what makes you cry in this manner? He said yeah, me laying in dato Sri abhi Illa sama Rai to Nisa aminomethyl WAP Anwar Illa de le I am recalling a moment when I when for me, Raj and I assume that the heavens then on that particular night I found six categories of the females have been subjected to such form of torment. Every time I think of that as our it makes me

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Cry, my sister your new baby cried for you and you still cannot cry for yourself. Then the Navy of Allah started explaining it to him Raja mala cotton beshara Yaga Li Maha. I seen a woman a hung by her hair suspended in the depths of janam. Yogi the Maha brains were boiling. What are you doing?

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Lisa Nina, and I seen a woman hung on her tongue. Well, I mean, when your sub booty helping her and the water was pouring down her throat, what are you to imagine?

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And I seen a woman hanging on the upper portion of her chest. What are you to imagine? What should that be? jalama da da da da da da da da da da. And I seen a woman her legs with tied to her chest and her hands were tied to her forehead. What are you in Brighton? urahara sukin de la putana Mr. La Fulani me is Eliza Fatima. What can I tell you? I see in one woman she was disfigured. She had the head of a Swain. She had the body of a donkey snakes was surrounding her and then I got into tears. What are you to imagine other sushi? And I seen a woman in the form of a dog in the form of a dog. What in Milan? Do you agree? bonamassa hobbema Tommy I mean not. And the angels were striking her

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Fatima stood up, cried embrace the father Makana Maha La La what was the crimes of these woman? What were the vices of these woman that they were subjected to some form of severe Azov. The Navy of Allah held his daughter and he said

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to be sorry, ha.

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Ha ha. Ha Nakano la Tova Tisha Amina Rita hakima. With regards to the woman who was hung by her hair and suspended engine. She walked around outside freely exposing and revealing her hair to strange man. Oh, Fatima, this is the condition that will she will suffer on the day of Yama. Oh, my Muslim sister, and oh brothers, the House said there are so many youth that are pursuing getting married, but emphatically will tell you I'm looking for a girl that doesn't dawn herself and doesn't cover herself and doesn't bail herself. And on the contrary, my sister is that girl who tells you I'm looking for a boy. But I don't want to bearded men. When the various criteria of selecting your

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partner is open violation to the commands of Allah. They don't bother asking us to make law for prosperity in those marriages. When the Crown's of selecting your partners, I don't want the girl in scar. Why I asked Allah to make dua for prosperity in your marriages. When you have chosen from the very beginning and Inception that you want to violate orders of Allah. So Fatima, the woman that was hung by her hair for in

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the shower Amina Rizal, she would reveal her hair brushes and lobby my witness. I often cry. I wonder in the few years that I am in this community on very few occasions, address the woman of this community. Mara tries me Guatemala May Allah guide my daughters my wife, my sister in the woman of the entire Mama, one mela pecan at mohalla Kitchen Villa sonica, one mela to my sister for let's say thing thing ponder the one who was hung by her tongue for in Nakhon tozi Zoda she used to verbally abuse her husband, that he when it comes into me the MAS if nature is the narrator every time a woman verbally abused as a husband statistics prove now that the husband is more on the receiving

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end in abusive relations then then on the giving end

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let me lay around said whenever a wife verbally abusive the husband in law Xhosa, to whom in a hotel in la de la tele que la for in nama who are in the key the key you shake when you fire a * Elena that may Allah destroy you a woman stop abusing your husband. Very soon he'll be separated from you and He will be united with us in gentlemen. What a multi Cournot model mala cotton with a D ha and that woman who was hung by the upper portion of her chest, what honor Have they given to the Muslim woman. They have made them a commodity to promote things. They have dropped them they have defame them they have disgraced them. Do not fall prey to the temptations that the world has put before yo

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my sister, that woman who is hung by the I'm using a respectable phrase it refers to the upper portion of her chest. More or less attempt with that. Do you have a knock on top Suraj so Jihad she was an immoral woman unchaste woman smiling with strange men who have been you know going out with strange men. Why Malachi?

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To shut down et la da da da da da da da da and that woman whose legs were tied to her chest in her hands were tied to her forehead and the scorpions that surrounded her for in our con la una de kupatana homina Genova what this does is it will be Salah this woman was very negligent when it comes to the aspect of purity. When it comes to our came to the period after her menstrual cycle she had to purify herself. There are two Messiah in Indian no

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We study there are very complex, one is inheritance and one is with regards to the bleeding of the woman. Allah has been so kind to that Sister 10 days of the week Allah is exempted her from namaz but understand the rulings of namaz if a woman becomes part 15 minutes before sunset after namaz becomes compulsory on her a woman delay till the next morning after it goes mother he goes he goes she takes a pocket 12 and she starts with dollar. Every time she becomes part. This is how she forgets her namaaz This is her condition that her hands will be tied to her chest and legs will be tied to her chest. It comes regarding the Sahaba they used to get up at midnight they used to light

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the Lenten and then they used to go in the bathroom and see have we become park or not. Our namaz will be compulsory upon us today my sister you enjoy all comforts in all luxurious, but yet you deny the sword over la de la suhara so Kinsey putana. Mr. And with regards to that woman who has been disfigured and been reduced to that of a donkey, fine knock on Athena ma Mattoon cassava. She was one who carried till she was one who carry tails. And she used to lie openly. How often doesn't it happen how often a man comes home nicely greets his mother meets with his wife, his wife employees in the mind of the husband against the against the mother. The son walks in the house. The mother

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realizes that his wife has instigated him against me. He changes his attitude. He's not polite to his mother. Why it is the nature of this woman she is carrying things hammers him Masha in a meme on the reverse in the the father in law comes home. He's polite with his daughter in law greets nicely goes in the kitchen, the mother in law poisons the mind of the father in law, you must tell your eldest son his daughter, his wife is like this. This daughter in law is like this. That daughter in law does this year the father comes he changes his attitude. I am not speaking on something I'm making up. I'm speaking in relation to what is coming before me brothers. I can combine the book

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with the with the cases in which I'm personally involved. There is now a hostile relation. Why because these women are carrying tails now Mama tunicate dava she used to carry his mind the papers by the grace of two Sahaba you have the ban. The ban if he Kabir Bala in no Kabir they have been subjected to severe azab it is not a major crime he is a major crime but they considered it not major Marfa Houma africanum shipping Jemima, one of them had the habit of carrying Is that why it is in Muslim Jose Why is the Narita law your mom one who carries tears will never into Gen enter gender and the second person suffering in his grave because of negligence with regards to the drops of

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urine I end with this honey then we have a legend said well I'm unlucky Allah surah tickle with regards to that woman who was disfigured and given the appearance of a dog for in manana tuna sada she was a woman who constantly harped on her fevers. I have done so much for you. I have. I have done so much for this family. I have done so much for my mother in law. I cook so much for my children. I bet I tolerate so much the nature of constantly reminding her husband or her favorite has sada and our heart is an abode of total jealousy. But this these claims can be also found in men, but relatively it is far more common in women. We may go to the Almighty Allah that He free our

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woman from all evils and vices male autonomy that we make this the turning point in our life and I implore my sisters at this juncture that takes something to heart for last a couple you hear from today for Allah sake, look at the cleanliness don't have jealousy in your heart. Today a woman is so hot is so narrow. They can't even park with a simple recipe they so obsessive about it. And I sat at the lawn I says I opened my house tell Omar he can be buried way I was to be very what a clean heart. What a vision she had. Allah gave her that honor and Allah gave her that rain that the Navy of Allah said the first to be with me in general from amongst my wife will be I shall be Allah,

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Allah. May Allah Allah inspire us with reality and reward the waves of nearly Salam and most befitting reward that he has ever rewarded anyone on behalf of anyone walk through that when it comes to the law of beyond me

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