Short Reflection in Arabic on Uzbekistan Visit

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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The transcript describes a variety of characters and their relationships, including a woman named Mrs.-sejji, a man named Manuel, and a woman named Mrs.Rana. The speakers also mention a woman named Mrs.Rana and her relationship with a man named Mr.Rana.

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Bismillah your Walkman you're walking

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you hopefully get on not know what the Shamrock Nam is zero the Camila Valentina

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mash Gurukul Jamia and Dizzy erotica Elena Lena Antonio Musa serve it feels like Stan

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summer confited

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woozy elmen

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Dusko known

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to share hidden

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and push on

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others Zhou Tong Allah had

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you hi Mona in Dubai to KO Manuel Ma Wan Valentina

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Jaden this era was Pakistan

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kind of guy that had he can always era

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mashallah and

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leave and play even Nevada

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cottage was

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involved in class people who've been nurse

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and personal personal Barbie and for some reason Wolfie

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Bahara are filtering worm in your main North Africa strength I'm gonna love with will I'm Celina Sora tomorrow

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on the topic of money

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well yo Martina whenever the

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legit happy but we haven't

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sorted to Allah and Nigeria Adam

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answer was it not?

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The walk to Pearl and mineralia arrived to an urge

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for handler manager guna Mina Paula woman

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I started our military scene we're sure you know as you do, who shared Jamila

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Makarov didn't have

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the will come in unstyled Lemna Kanaka. Caribbean come Samira body focusing Bernard or Chris McDuffie when Moodle resumed resume or national line. In fact, while Hadith Akula shahada if he hadn't been a de vida he has a Soviet T in Nigeria who Jaden Muhammad Allah Tala winnersh crew who were even a DACA recipient donor.

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A non Ebola

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inshallah Nura Mustafa villain Jaden Lin Muslim in Islam

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in short amount

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sugar on Nico Nanoka Selena Sanjana and Raju Ikumi, Lena, Murata nostra Ananda zero, Qumran hasta, luego Murata, Norfolk