Ramadan 2022 – Boost #09 – 10 Days are up! – Powerful Dua

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A third of Ramadan has passed…

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh my brothers, my sisters, do you realize that a third of Ramadan is already over? Has your life changed? Have you taken it seriously? Do you realize you may not witness the end of Ramadan? Do you realize this may just be the last Ramadan? May Allah make it easy for us? Do you engage in all sorts of acts of worship in Ramadan? The charity's the prayer, the recitation of the Quran, the vicar, the fasting, and whatever else you could do? Are you doing a lot in Ramadan? If not, take it seriously a few more days remaining to be honest, before you know it, it's going to be over my brothers my sisters, tonight I would like to share with you something

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powerful. Do you know the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him used to make some beautiful supplications the Imam insalata later reminded me of this beautiful dua that we always make and we should be learning it because it's a sunnah Allah Who Maka simula na minha sciatica. Mata who will be by in an hour by NMRC. Attic, Oh Allah,

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a portion for us, distribute to us, give us grant us a share of Hashem. Hashem is the author of Allah, the the fear of Allah to a degree, the combination of that fear of Allah where it makes you want to do the right thing, you're conscious of him, the cashier of Allah subhanho wa Taala I fear Allah and I'm conscious of him and I know that he is all able or capable, and he may punish and he can and would, if one would deserve it, but his mercy is greater than that. Inshallah. However, Oh Allah, give us a portion of Hashem, of this God consciousness of this fear of yours, Oh Allah, that is sufficient to keep us away from sin, for sciatica matter who be by now or by NMRC attic, that

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which creates a barrier between us and sin, that which is transgression against your command. So it means you're asking Allah to give you just enough, just the right portion of consciousness or should I say of the fear of his which is known as cashier that would keep you away from sin. My brothers and sisters, when you stay away from sin, it's definitely a sign of the love of Allah for you. When you are powerful enough to stay away from sin, it's the help of Allah that has kept you that way. And your determination that Allah granted you so be determined. And you should know that came from Allah be strong when it comes to sin just stay away. You don't need to Allahumma Similan I mean has

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sciatica matter who will be buying in our bein MRC attic, keep repeating that dua it will really really help you the DUA continues. Allah Who Maximilian Amin has sciatica matter who will be by in an hour by NAMA sciatic women party karma to believe wanna be genetic, grant us enough of your obedience that would help us to reach our goal which is paradise. So give us from the obedience that we from the obedience and acts of worship and the fulfilment of your commands. sufficiency that would allow us entry into paradise, obviously through the mercy of Allah mentor Attica, Manitoba Laguna Beach and netiq Wamena Leah keen ma to how we will be here Allah in Amasai. But dunya and O

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Allah, grant us enough conviction in you that would make easy for us the hardships and the difficulties of this world Subhan Allah Almighty and Allahumma bas Marina, what are beside you now what go Latina by the map data Nan, Oh Allah, grant us, grant us benefit and goodness and let us a big B come comforted by, let us benefit from the faculties of our hearing,

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and our sight and our strength and energies. For as long as you keep us alive. Imagine you're asking Allah, O Allah, grant us, goodness, in the use of these faculties make it such that when we use these faculties we use them to enhance our comfort in this world, the way I use my eyes, the way I use my ears, the way I use my energies, that's a powerful dua. So let's repeat this dua Allah hamaca Similan I'm in a sciatica matter who will be by in an hour by NAMA sciatic woman, TRT coma tuba live on RB Genetec Wamena Leah teen ma to how we know be here Elena Messiah Eva duniya wa mattina Allah Houma be Esma inner wa website in our Kuwa Tina EBITDA ma Katana. Well, John who will work with

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Amina and let it be that which is inherited from us

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and let us

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be that which is a mark for us and for those who are after us in sha Allah, may Allah Almighty make it easy in fact it continues let me spend a few moments

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what your Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah mana Juan sunnah Allah Maha Donna O Allah, let that sufficiency let the revenge and let you know enough energy enough power be against those who are against us. You know what y'all thought Rana Allah man Villa mana. Let us be victorious against those who have oppressed us, those who have harmed us. Give us that edge above them. Don't allow them to succeed over us on sadhana olam and Adana make us victorious against those who have portrayed enmity against us similar to our Walter jiamusi batana fie de Nina, oh Allah don't make it. Difficulty don't create difficulty in our faith in the practicing of our faith in our religion,

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or Allah help us that difficulty is not created for us in the practicing of our own faith. While at the jiamusi batana fie de Nina. A lot of people have difficulty practicing their faith, especially as Muslims be it reverts be it others. Here is a dua wala tagit animasi batana fi D Nina. That's an amazing to her Oh Allah don't make our difficulty our hardship, in our deen in the practice of our faith. While at agilely dunya Akbar Amina and don't make this worldly life, the main center point of our you know, worry and concern don't make it my main concern. What's your main concern on Earth? People say well to earn a living to have a lovely home to all worldly things. And Allah Almighty is

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telling you don't let that happen. Here's a dua the Prophet peace be upon him says it shouldn't be your main focus. Your main focus is the hereafter. But yes, that's a secondary focus. That is something you will live in temporarily. That's why he says well attach it dunya Akbar Homina wala bla Elmina don't make this world the height of our knowledge. We learn that everything we learn is only about this worldly life and we haven't learned anything about the hereafter. So many people are guilty of this way. They spend a large chunk of their lives learning about how to live the few more years that they will have when they are done with that with that, but they haven't learned about the

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hereafter which is to come. That's why Allah Almighty says wala terjadi dunya Akbar Homina wala Marbella Illumina wala Ilana remercie Rana. And don't let our final abode be hellfire. Wala Elena Remo. Sirona what Jacqueline Ginetta here Darren our Karana and let Paradise be our final abode there where we are going to live forever. So that is just a portion of the beautiful dua that we hear. I'm going to repeat it in the Arabic language for those of you who want to hear it.

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Allahumma Kasim Lana Amin has sciatica Mata who will be here by in an hour by NMRC attic woman thought it karma to believer wanna be Genetec Wamena Leah ki Nima to how will we know be here Allah in masa E but dunya Wilma Tyrion Allahumma be Esma Inna, what society now what? Tina Abba de ma Katana or JAL who will worry if I mean what your Aruna Allah Mangala mana one sooner

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than wala almasi button fee de Nina wala Jalan duniya Akbar Raha Mina wala mob la elimina wala Illa Nari merci Aruna wa Jalil, Jana Tahir dharana wa Karana. May Allah Almighty protect all of us and grant us the beauty of this dua. Remember the translation into the English language waters it down. I just wish that we could understand it straight from the Arabic so beautiful, so powerful. These words need to be repeated and they are in Knut in many places across the world. BarakAllahu li calm my brothers and sisters remember to take these nights seriously. Akula coldly had our Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.