Tafseer of Surah Maryam #06 – Labour Pains drove her to the trunk of a palm tree

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what's going on feeding Kitabi?

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Sheldon dia

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rose we'll be laying him in a shape on your Ragini Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim, Allah Quranic bhandara buki Hua Alania Yun, Adina Johanna who?

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See what I mean? What can

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we saw that Allah will have him? So yes, we left you on a cliff if I can say so. And you know what hanging in the air to know what's the way forward? It was verse 20 that we concluded within the communication ended at the point where Meriam Alayhis Salam asked Gibreel How is it possible for me to have a child when I'm not married, and nor have I committed an act of immorality? There are different places in the Quran where Allah subhanaw taala speaks about how the good news was conferred. To you know, what be the prophet or the wife of a prophet in chapter 11. In surah houte Allah subhanho wa Taala says, One had to imagine for the hate, God forbid Sharna Herbie is happy

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when new ally is hardly Yonko. Then when the angels came to Ebrahim Alayhis Salam, and they conveyed to Ibrahim alayhis salam spose, that is Surah that she will expect and she will have a child for about Shanna hub is hard for dakika she laughed out of joy that she will be blessed with a child by the name of his heart when you are a is Harka young boob and after his heart she will be subsequently blessed with with a grandchild by the name of Jakob Allen Salatu was Salam Khaled she said Yawei letter Ali do a little while Anna I do soon we'll have that barely ha ha a little while I give birth whether they really do to give birth to Arabic poet says Lee Doolittle motiva Boolean

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give birth only to die and both only to demolish this is what we refer to Islamic arty but in academic language little little mouthy. What the new little hobby meaning the outcome of birth is one day you have to you have to leave this world and you build because one day it has to be demolished. But anyway well in the year they do like we did in surveys last let me a little while a Mulan a little while I give birth What are Jews and I'm old was a battery and this is my husband che how old in the huddle a che when hygiene and concluding verses of the 26th Jews of the Quran in surah Daria for soccer to whet your haha she she kind of slept her face in astonishment. And she

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says socket what Java card that I use on our team I use on our team own and Baron old and barren, old and barren. But yes by Luca Dalek. The angel said yes it will happen. And of course Allah subhanaw taala blessed and endow them with his help. Alayhi Salatu was Salam.

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Okay, so now we have it here in verse 20. Maria Maria Allah Allah asked is Ali Salam and how is this going to happen? Well, mem says new Bashar no mail has touched me. no human has touched me. Well, I'm a code buggy. Yeah, buddy. Yeah.

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And I have not been unchanged and I have not been immortal and I've not been adulterous. Okay, verse 21, the angel Jibreel Alayhi Salatu was Salam responds, And subhanAllah This is the favor remember Allah tells us repeatedly in the Quran, Allah Ahuja GTB, la he Manisha wala who Yatta super Rama de Mejia Shah, what up Buka young nakoma Yasha over Yatta Allahu Allah Mojave through your January Salat, it's the choice of Allah. It's the prerogative of Allah whoever he wants to select, he will select that is his choice and selection, but his justice is that whoever will turn to Him you will never deny that person guidance we are the LA human unit. So Maria Marathi Allahu anha was the

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choice of the Almighty. And of course, every prophet is the selection of the Almighty Allah Ahuja JTB. Elaine Jiminy sha Allah Ahuja stuffing mineral Mala Ekati ro Solon Wamena NAS Okay, verse 21. Kala he said Can I lick it shall be so it shall be so meaning you will remain like this year, the command of Europe has come to pass even though the means are not present. Europe says giving a child without a father is simple for me. Karla cathodic it will happen like the scholarship book Yahuwah Allah Yin Rob booking your Lord has said, Who will lay your hand and we've mentioned this again, in one of the previous segments in detail in the narrative of sexuality Sara Lee and it's not like now

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we a child needs to be created.

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add different to the regular pattern. So this is more difficult or it's more complex No, not at all. Allah subhanaw taala sutra and power is He created Adam Alayhi Salatu was Salam, without

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a male and a female. He created how wa alayhi salam without a female because she was created from Adam alayhis Salatu was Salam. And then he created an ISA Alayhis Salam without a male he created recyling Salam without the male. And of course he created the general people. Each one is a manifestation of His Qudra in a different form. Each one is a manifestation of His portra in a different form.

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Father of buki Hua Alia hanging your Lord said it is easy for him one in Nigeria who tell in US Okay, so what's the purpose of the miraculous birth of recycling in salaam, this is key. This is key. Well in Nigeria who only utterly Nursey Allah could Latina so that we make this Risa Alayhis Salam and his miraculous birth etc. And his life, a reflection of our greatness. The point is that Lisa will be created amazing and unique, so that you look at Risa Elaine salaams life and teachings and you marvel at the greatness of the Almighty. Surely recyling Salaam is a great person, but he's a human. He's a prophet. And the greatness that was given to him was given to him by the Almighty.

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Allah is the Greatest and Allah's Greatness is by himself. Everybody else Allah gives them Allah conveys it Allah confers it

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in Surah Yunus in Surah Yunus Allah subhanaw taala makes mention chapter 10 to 11. Allah in Allah is utterly Allah He Jamia honor belongs to the Almighty. Under this idea in biannual Quran it is written wama Utara Oliveira he who Allahu Hatikvah and whatever respect and reverence and honor you see given to anyone else belongs to Allah in reality Wolmar Utara early Ryrie who Allahu Haqiqa were in a methodical veil, a huddle, Marva hearing resent de for husband, and that particular individual is no more than a manifestation and expression of that result and the honor of Allah that's it. So there is the end the glory belongs to Allah. Give Lea a who will is Shamcey Haqiqa brightness and

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brilliance and II fulgens is the quality of the Sun we're living to Hashem Satya in the same chapter and so the universe Allah subhanaw taala says it is he has made the sun radiant cos Shamcey got Leah a coalition see Hatha we're in nama you're the hero I'll already be no immediate and Lo Fi us lonely mess. ality motherhood iya like you know him Allah Allah. So now you see brightness on the earth, the brightness on the earth is a reflection of the brightness of the sun. That's it. It's not it's not the Earth has has lit up. It's a reflection from there. Likewise, you see any person being dignified and honored and privileged and respected and revered in the truest sense of the word. And

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I say that in a qualifying statement, because one of the signs of the Yama is okay, Mr. Raja Maha Fanta, surely, that a person would be honored out of fear from his evil, which will not be honor in the true sense of the word superficial. You know what, just salute him, respect him, revere him so that you cover your interest, but respect in the true sense. And of course, this is absolute honor, that Allah subhanaw taala is blessing. So you need to know Maria Maria has Salam worth, so

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honor belongs to the Almighty and everybody else that has that honor. It is a manifestation of the honor of the Almighty Allah in the law is that Allah Allah He Jamia respect, honor, glory is is the share of the Almighty exclusive and then to whom Allah has conveyed it or conferred it upon

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in the law is utterly Allah he will he Rasool he will not meet him is that belongs to Allah and then to his Nebby he's maybe because of the MACOM and the status that Allah has given to Habib sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the true believers because of the compliance to the teachings of Allah and His Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So we have made it Risa linage, Allahu Allah assign Allah Petra, Tina that this is our power, this is how great this is how our strength is we can do anything. What are committed Mina and he is a mercy. He is a mercy from Us. Mercy to anyone who will follow Him those who will take to the teachings of recycling in salatu salam, then

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that will be a mercy for him anybody who will follow them

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Be of his time, that will be a source of mercy. Of course the messenger SallAllahu wasallam is Ramadan lil Alameen he is a mercy unto all mankind. So that is verse number 21 Allah Dalek that your Lord it will happen in the same way. Cholera buki who were Allah yeah hi in your Lord said it is easy for me and the purpose and the object of the miraculous birth of Isa alayhis salaam, Lena Jalla, who is the nurse to make him a sign of the power the portrait of the Almighty and the mercy to those that will follow what kind of Umrah Michaelia and the matter has been concluded, Amanda Mata Macelleria decided decreed concluded ordain is done and dusted. This is it. It's the decision

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of of the Almighty so this is going to happen. Again. That's the beauty of the Quran like we always say the Quran goes direct to the point for him, I led to more debate that be McCann and costly. So she conceived in Risa Alayhis Salam,

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and she would grow with him to a distant place

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for harmala, to who now according to what is mentioned in the seed, that Gibreel Alayhi Salatu was Salam blue feito the community ha Jibreel Alayhi Salatu was Salam gently blue on her upper chest, she BReel alayhi salatu salam at the distance by the will of the Almighty just came and blue blue onto her chest, and that soul was then trans, furred and transmitted into her womb and for her Mallette she then conceived

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Subhanallah that's the will of Allah. Fertility experts will tell you, this is the time for fertility. This is the time where you know what, a woman is more fertile, the chances are better these days of the month. This is how it happens. Everything is in the knowledge and the power and the portrait of the Almighty when He intended it. Then Subhan Allah Gibreel alayhi salatu salam NEFA her fee didn't recommend so you have a photography community, a gentle blow on her upper chest and immediately she felt the conception. Now the word far you know creates a great amount of academic discussion, which of course just enhances the beauty. So far basically means that anti malware cell

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and thermal means Dotty malphurs, and basic Arabic grammar. So far denote sequence without interval and Thumma denote sequence with interval. So if I say I go to fischeri to phantom two, I ate I drank and I slept. That means I did it in succession without interval. And if I were to say, a girl to Musharraf to throw money into, it would basically imply I ate I had a gap, then I drank something, then I had a break, and then I retire to bed. Now you're Allah subhanho wa Taala uses the word fair harmala to fend about that to be here she conceived and then she then would drew with him to a distant place, suggesting by the meaning that is conveyed in the expression of FDA that the

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conception and the development of this fetus and the birth of this child all happen instantly. FIRFER for

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Latin and not further Allah Patton Falcon Allah Allah PATA Muslim button for Hala Panella Obama. So this is one opinion this is one opinion, and other scholars say no, the conception of course took place there that there's no two opinions about this year. But then Maria Maria Allahu anha, then spent the full duration of nine months in which the different developments took place of say the Satan and Risa Alayhis Salam, be it as it may, the point the Quran then goes direct to the point of delivery. So whether the conception and the different milestones of the formation of that embryo happen gradually or instantly. This is definite that the Quran speaks of conception and then goes

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direct to the point of delivery. And that is now verse number 22. Imagine this you have Maria Maria Allahu anha is going and she's going to take a bath, and from there what has happened, like you know, you just casually going to do something or meet someone and lo and behold, and remember this is a great prophet and, and it's going to shape and change things in the world so much in so many ways is amongst the oral Azim Ambia Allahi wa Salatu was Salam, and from assuming a regular common path to the appearance of a human and then seeking refuge in Allah from him and him responding by saying I am an angel and then glad

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Add in what Glad Tidings a child and how a child and it just was happening too quick to process to digest, to analyze, to absorb and to understand. But that's it as the Quran said, What can I'm wrong Michael bleah The matter has been decreed. And I've seen this in my life and I'm sure my brother and my sister you've seen it, when Allah has decreed something and Shiva has been ordained. And then he told me in the next best thing we call the doctor in the theater was open and the operation took place And subhanAllah in 24 hours, the person is back home the procedure is done and Allah has given Shiva, what can Amara Macedonia

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the matter is concluded, again we find it fundable that beam mckernon Cassia. She would drew with him meaning with her child to a distant place.

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So she now moved away, and she was now concerned about another whole challenge. So all this is happening instant and she's processing it. And immediately the thought is haunting her What will people say? Because society is just quick to attack to insult to blemish to character, you know, character assassination and jumped the gun without asking anything in Auburn national morality, Felisa Colombe Uluru, but the Taylor Annelle Khurana 00 My your call or rasuluh, the poet said, I take solace in the fact that if people have attacked my writings and my speeches that people have have have been blasphemous to Allah and His Nabi SallAllahu Sallam so who am I? Okay, my sister you

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will appreciate this more labor pain is something a woman experiences and she knows now I know and with the grace of Allah, I've seen my spouse. And and of course I've heard from my mum, about her challenges, etc. And may Allah reward our, our women folk, our mothers, our wives, our daughters,

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for giving birth, it's the reward is so immense for this year. Every woman at the time of birth wants to have a conducive environment. She wants a loving hand. She wants to get in doctor, she wants a good facility. She wants she doesn't want to be into trauma. She doesn't want to be in any stress. She she wants to go through a very peaceful process. Imagine the challenge of Maria Radi Allahu anha on the opinion that all this can happen instantly, and she's still processing. And in the back of her mind the thought that haunts her is what will people say? And here we have verse 23. For Agia mahalo Illa J Inala. labor pain drove her to the trunk of a date palm, from which she took

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support. How often don't you your woman saying, You know what, my hubby I told him, I had pain. And then my contractions started. And then we were in the car. And I said, it's too painful. And you won't believe I gave birth in the car on the driveway or before we got to the clinic or before we got to the maternity ward for adjure as well. My father in law, Jim inocula, my brain freezes to imagine this entire process that is happening. My hard labor pain brought her Illa Ginger inocula to a date Pam, and she held on there, she took support. Can you imagine that excruciating pain, of course, I've seen it with my spouse. And it's really difficult. It's very difficult. Men like to say

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that kidney stone is the closest pain that they can experience to labor pain. But I'm sure there's no comparison between the two. labor pain is the pain that a woman experiences and follow the reward is immense. And if you see it's an amazing thing, that you know, this labor pain is a beam that Allah has kept with every female in every creature. I don't know, if you've seen, you know, wildlife documentaries, or you've read about this year, but you would see see a horse giving birth and see how much pain she goes through in the wild. And then especially when predators are around, and how the mother has to care for her little one. It just brings you to tears that the mother goes through

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this pain, and then she needs to offer that protection. And so often she barely gives birth. And then you know what, there are predators that would prey on this vulnerable newborn child. So fragile Mikado, Elijah and Nakhla La ilaha illAllah.

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Wa labored beam drive her to the trunk of a date palm. And as she's holding on as she's holding on, Bala Tiana eternium it took up Aloha. Welcome to NASA men see ya. She says Oh, how I wish I had just passed away before this day. I wish I had just passed away before this day. We're going to Nursia man see ya and I had been completely

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easily forgotten. Now,

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what made her attend this year? There are different interpretations and explanations. One is imagining the state in which she was. She is alone, the pain is intense, the fear of what people will say, and she was Mulu. But that time overpowered in that moment. And sometimes when you are overpowered, momentarily, you don't fully have, you know, your total senses. You know, in focus, it's not totally aligned. That is one opinion, while the other opinion and that's the more preferred opinion is that her desire to have passed away prior to this was motivated by her fear that people are going to insult me and accuse me and I need to persevere and endure. And it must not be that I

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fall short in the injunctions of perseverance, so out of the fear that I could potentially be deficient in one command of the Almighty. You know what she asked Allah, I wish I had passed away. And of course, if that is the case of Allah, the times are too challenging for me, the fitness are too intense for me. Allahu Matoba funny, oh, Allah grant me death, because I'm afraid that I would lose my faith or I will compromise in my faith, then that would definitely be permissible. So let's leave it to this point here. It's an emotional moment. She's alone. There is no one around her. No human, no Emmys, no jellies, no comforting no doctor, no spouse, nobody. Everything has happened

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swiftly and instantly. She has come to the date palm, she is holding on to the trunk, and she's just sitting there and now the labor pains and the contractions are happening swiftly. Let's wait and see how Allah unpacks and unveils the birth itself. May Allah inspire us with the beauty of the Quran. I mean, you're behind me