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Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The hosts of a video on the day of read and after watching a post on Facebook, discuss the importance of celebrate the day of read. They emphasize the importance of being able to define what celebration is to be able to stand out from the crowd. They also mention the upcoming film, The Day of Judgment, which will focus on the importance of graduation.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Welcome friends to our days of Hajj friends, you've had Arafa it is the days of Hajj have brought you to the day of read, you're probably consuming this after eat. So almost better off this way.

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Today's episode on the days of Hajj is the discussion of the preparation for read. Many times, it's the brand new outfit, it's where we're going to go. That's fantastic. I hope you look amazing and feel great from the inside out. I pray that your fast was accepted the day before read, and that you had a wonderful day.

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But it does beg that question, you're either Ramadan, and you're either now

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is it the celebration of read, or a ticket to bring sins back in? Because it was almost as if we were holding our breath. In today's world, you don't stop sinning. You just Roku it right you you've you catch up on episodes later, you do your stuff later. It's not an idea of not from going from a state of sin on the first day. Remember, we don't like defining sins. We don't like saying, Well, this is wrong. I'm doing this action in my life. We just rather feel it's much easier to be like Oh, no, there's and then we it's a gray area. You don't judge don't judge me. Because we also want to feel what to eat our cake and have it too we don't want to gain any weight. So

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today is that discussion on read is a celebration. And are you willing in these moments to define? I'm a Muslim? How do Muslims celebrate? And so in the preparation during the days of Hajj, a small story of small moment you all might have caught it yourself. But when a and it is about a MMA fighter about Habib nor Mohammed Dean,

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who one of his coaches, not of the believers are believing faith, he was asked, so how do you celebrate winning 100 million Matt, dollar match? How do you celebrate winning the championship for being the belt holder.

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And he said, celebrate. You pray and you spend time with your family, you respect your elders. And it was a moment to say celebrate, because that connotation means something to all of us. Celebrate has been sold to us with bubbly and X and Y and a celebration and losing your inhibitions. And so being able to define what celebration is to you, and how you and your beliefs define your celebration. If I believed this was the only life and Yolo then sure Grand Theft Auto your way through this life.

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But I definitely don't think this is I live only once I'm living on the entire premise of afterlife Maliki OMA Dean, the whole shebang.

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So today, as the next two days will be as well. It's a reflection. Today focus the camera only on how do my beliefs How does my hedge How do my days of knowing how does a celebration of the Day of Judgment Day of Judgment inevitably will happen? I will stand in front of my Lord. It is going to happen spoken about in the past tense in the Quran. The style of showing how certain Lee it will happen. So if Hodges the dress rehearsal for the Oscars of the Day of Judgment,

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alumni definitely winning Best Picture for my life. I'm definitely going to decide. I know what celebrations can look like. But I'm choosing to celebrate based on my beliefs. Friends, it was three days of Quran five, six and seven. On this eighth day, I want you to reflect how do we celebrate? How do you celebrate? It's no more. No one can define your right or wrong anymore. Right bro? Right for sister. No one can you choose what you have seen what you're the heritage, the tradition, the culture, the rote. Ibadah of hudge is not going anywhere. And it's celebrated for a reason.

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On this day of homage when I might be doing things that are totally opposite to the celebration of hudge we're not judging. We're becoming day number eight. Let's go figure out how do we define celebration. I'll see you soon friends was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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