Yasir Qadhi – The Branches of Faith – 15 – Modesty

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the characteristics of Hadith, considered to be higher than his partner, and emphasizes the importance of having a sense of pride and loyalty in public. They also touch on the negative impact of high hire on personal and professional lives, including loss of family members and the loss of values. The speakers stress the importance of not fulfilling a law and not by doing things that are too risky, as it is often associated with fear of one's health and personal security.
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salatu salam, ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was happy woman, voila, my bad. So we began with the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that Eman consists of 70 odd branches. The highest of them is La Ilaha Illa law, the lowest of them is to remove something from the sidewalk that is irritating people. And then our prophets of Allahu Allah who was seldom said, while higher or shorter virtue men should be a man, and higher, which is modesty and shyness and bashfulness. and decency. Hyah is one of the branches of Iman. And so by the explicit testimony of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. Higher or modesty is one of the branches of Eman. Now what exactly is

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higher, the word higher it has the same root as the word life hyatts you add a timer with the same root, Adam nakaya mentioned that the life of the heart, just like the body has its highest. So the life of the heart is its modesty and bashfulness it is higher. And so hyah is one of the main characteristics of a man it is mentioned the Hadith in Sahih Muslim that once a man was criticizing his his friend, his brother by saying he's You're too bashful, you're too shy, you don't get anything done. And the Prophet system walked by. And the Prophet system said do not rebuke him for higher is from a man and hyah brings nothing but good and hi yah will hire kulu hire and all of hire

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is good. The more hire you have, the better it is. And it is well known that amongst the Sahaba with Mandy been a fan was the one who had the most hire. And it is authentically narrated that once the Prophet says when he was in his house, and he was lying down casually, and his shin was exposed. And Abu Bakar came and sat down. Omar came sat down and the processor didn't do anything. When the third knock came they said it was man. The Prophet system stood up and he covered his shin. So when earthman left both Obama and Omar they seemed a little bit like you know, irritated like how come you gave him the royal treatment? Since I was little when we came, you didn't do that? Why did you

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do it for this man, and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, shouldn't I have higher in front of a man even the angels have higher of him, meaning if I were to like be lying down on my back, and my shin is exposed with Manuel de la one would be so embarrassed, he could not come and speak one word out of shyness to him to take care of him, I stood up and sat up and I covered myself so he couldn't speak with me, meaning I'm more casual with the both of you with earthman are the allowed to add on he's has so much higher, I need to stand up or sit up in front of him. So HIA is a positive characteristic. If Nakai m says and I quote from his book, that higher is a characteristic

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that causes one to restrain from doing matters that are blameworthy and from doing actions that are worthy of criticism. So hyah is an internal characteristic that will keep you in check from doing something that you will later regret or that you will later be criticized. And therefore higher overall, what it does is that it compels a person to act in a dignified and a noble manner. And our scholars mentioned that the single most important characteristic that is capable of helping you in overcoming sins is higher, when you have higher, you will not want to commit sins, when you have higher you yourself will feel too embarrassed to commit sins. And high up is of multiple levels, the

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lowest level is to have higher in front of the people. And this is a valid and legitimate hire. So every one of us we feel embarrassed and shy to be seen doing things that are, you know, not appropriate in front of other people. And you know, for example, even something as trivial as littering, right? Sometimes those people that litter, they look around nobody's looking then I'm gonna throw it on the floor, right? Even though you should not litter but why is the person looking around that he doesn't want to get other people watching him that he does this thing. This actually is an element of higher and it's an important point to be made here. Some people miss understand

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this point and they say, you know what, this has hypocrisy. If I'm going to do this in I'm going to publicize it. No, it doesn't work that way. This is the lowest level of hierarchy, in and of itself is not prayed. It's not praiseworthy, you should go higher, but to not have

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This is blameworthy is that clear, in and of itself, this level of HIA is not praiseworthy, you need to go higher. But to not even have this is blameworthy, you should have a sense of Aya, that you're not committing sins in public, that level of high up, it is good to have, but it's not something that you're rewarded for, you need to go higher than this. And that's why our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah shall forgive all those of my own mother committing sins that they are repenting, except one group. And they are, the more that they are the Miuccia heroin, not the Maha Judah, moja heroin. So the Sahaba said, Who are the moja heroes, and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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said, it is a person who does a sin in the secrecy of the night, nobody sees him, nobody knows. And Allah has covered him with a loss covering, then the next morning, he goes and he boasts and he goes, You know what I did, I did this and I did this and I did this. And so he lifts the hide the veil that a lot of Georgia has covered him with and that is a lack of hire. And unfortunately as well in our times with the advent of social media, it is so sad to see that people are losing complete hire, if a person commits a sin then you should not be posting it on Facebook for others to comment on much less like much less Express, you know, praise for stuff for a lot this demonstrates

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a complete lack of higher your sins in your private life for bad enough to publicize them is a level of depravity that our religion does not at all appreciate. So the lowest level of have to have higher in front of other human beings and as we said, This level is not the required level but to not have it is definitely blameworthy it is positive that at least that level of hire is done that in front of other people you're not going to commit since the second level of high up which is where you're getting to get positive now that's where you're getting to get some extra level the second level of high up to have higher with your own self to have higher in your own and we call this an

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English conscience like when you do something you know you're gonna feel so bad so guilty that you don't do it. There's a higher that is internal You can also call it self dignity this is I am I'm not gonna do this it's not worthy of me to do nobody's looking looking at you. Nobody's watching but you feel a sense of look, Allah has less me Why should I be doing something like this so you have a sense of higher with your own self, then the highest level of higher is obviously higher with Allah subhanho wa Taala to have higher in front of Allah subhana wa tada that you know that Allah subhana wa tada is watching. So how can you do the sin that shavonne is tempting you to do, and that is, of

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course, the highest level of high up because you are manifesting the level of your son that you worship a lot as though you see him for even if you do not see him, then he sees you. And this also explains what our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that a famous headhunted me the Imam and Noah we makes this one Hadith one of his famous 40 Hadith as well, that the Hadith goes part of the legacy of the earliest prophets that has remained to our times. In other words, a legacy that goes back to the beginning of time that we still have is either numb to stay for snack machine. If you have no higher than do as you please, if you have no higher, then there's nothing else that will

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stop you. The one thing that will stop you is higher, if you don't have higher than all doors are left open, and nothing will stop you. And especially in this era, brothers and sisters hyah is becoming something very, very rare. In some traditions, it is mentioned that one of the prophets hasn't talked about the Day of Judgment. He said that the first thing that will be taken away from people is higher. The first thing taken away is higher. And we see how true this is that stuff for the lower you have to build up. The person who is modest, and the person who is decent becomes an object of ridicule in today's society. The person who's teaching chastity, decency, morality, family

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values, this is the person who is backward. He is a fundamentalist. He is somebody who's not with the times living you know, in medieval times, and it is rare to find somebody preaching chastity and decency in the world that we live in and we seek Allah's refuge. And unfortunately, brothers and sisters, one of the things, unfortunately, is that when people don't have HIA, then it becomes difficult as well for us to teach our children what HIA is, and all of us to some level become desensitized to things that we should not be desensitized to. And this goes back to the evils of * the evils of fat tissue of premarital extramarital * and all types of life

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sensuousness. This is one of the main

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characteristics that higher will prevent you from when you have it, there will be a sense of self dignity and worth it, I'm not going to do this, I'm not going to display my body in this manner. Unfortunately, when all of society is doing it, then even us who know what HIA is, we kind of lose track of what it is. And we become not even caring that much, much less our children who have never seen what society based upon higher is like and that is why it is so important that we teach our children what is bashfulness what is shyness what is high up, and we also link higher with their o'clock as the prof it's not a profit local man as local man Some people say is a profit. Actually

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he's not a profit is a wise man as local man used to teach his son, that yo boy in the hunter come with a hug bottom and harden in fact a confessor mawashi often are the ye TB Allah, whatever you do, even an atom's Wait, Allah subhana wa Taala will bring it forward and show it to people. And whenever we do a deed brothers and sisters realize that it will be public on Judgement Day, everybody will see our deeds our rosters are there, except for those whom Allah has blessed with the laws covering the default is that the deeds are for everybody to see. But there are people who will be blessed by Allah with the city with the covering of Allah subhana wa tada also realize brothers

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and sisters, that there's many types of higher value lists 10 of them we don't have time to get into all of them, of those higher that I want to especially point out, every one of us should have higher in front of a law for not fulfilling our waje but there is a higher of falling short of not by em says one of the categories of being bashful is that whenever you stand in front of a law, you should feel a sense of shyness that Oh Allah I have not done my job I have not done what you asked me to do have the levels of higher as well that every single person should have is the higher of each learn the higher of considering Allah subhana wa tada to be so magnificent that you're asking the one who

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is medical moonwalk. So who are you to ask Allah you should feel if you're standing in the presence of an honorable person of a dignitary of a king, how would you feel Imagine standing in front of Allah azza wa jal every Salah you should feel that sense of higher and that's why some of the Sahaba in fact some of the grandchildren of the prophets as it is reported in in Aberdeen, when he would stand in Salah he would become white and pale he would begin to tremble once you students asked him why you trembling, he said How can I not tremble when I'm going to be standing in front of Allah subhana wa Taala there's the sense of higher of all of majesty in every single setup, every time you

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raise your hands in front of Allah subhana wa Tada. There should also be something called higher a shot of you are a Sharif a dignified person, so you should not do that which is against your shirt off. The last point brothers and sisters, very beautiful point of the names of Allah is an Aggie, not a hate, that's another name. There's two names don't get confused. And hey, with a shudder, that means the one who has life, the one who's ever living alone. Hello, and welcome. There's another name of a law unhappy and this is the yard with a cursor and then a yard with a sukoon unhappy, this is not the happy with the shed. This is a lie. And the lie over here, of course is from the same

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root as we said because higher and higher and are from the same route. Alhaji means the one who is infinitely modest and bashful and this is one of the names of Allah but how is Allah azza wa jal bashful How is Allah xojo being modest our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam explained in the law her hi ye and get him. Allah is happy. And Allah is Karim that when one of you raises his hands up to Allah, then Allah is too bashful that those hands come back empty without having put something in them. So a lot is how you know all of us when we're at the traffic lights and some beggar comes and knocks on our window. We pretend to ignore him because it's awkward. We feel how Yeah, that somebody

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is coming in and not giving. That's good to have that higher. Our Profit System is saying Allah is happy when anyone raises his hands up to Allah, then Allah azza wa jal feels hyah to leave those hands come back empty without putting something in them. So even our Lord has the concept of hire in a manner that benefits him. So when we raise our hands to Allah know that we are calling the one who is happy, and how he who has life and he has higher as well and that our Lord will give us if we ask him and that is one of those characteristics that we should use in our doors as well. May Allah subhana wa tada grant all of us the sincerity and the Islam and the higher to live our lives. May

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Allah protect our children, our sons and daughters and grant them hi Yah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow the next generation of Muslims to absorb these Islamic values of dignity, decency.

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bashfulness modesty chastity May Allah Subhana Allah protect them from all of the evils and temptations around and may He make us role models for that next generation When shall continue tomorrow was set on YT como la to LA

In the 15th part of the 22-part series on eeman, Shaykh Yasir focusses on haya. He bases his talk on the famous hadith reported in Sahih Muslim:

“Faith has over seventy branches, the uppermost of which is the declaration: None has the right to be worshipped but Allah; and the least of which is the removal of harmful object from the road, and modesty is a branch of faith. This makes us understand that Allah loves Haya.

Ibn Al-Qayyim mentions that just like the body has its life, the life of the heart is its modesty and bashfulness. Therefore Haya is one of the main characteristics of Iman. Muslims should possess both an inner and outer modesty. This is reflected in behavior, speech and appearance, and includes being mindful of God at all times. Modesty in Islam is known as haya, a word, which describes both shyness and a deeper modesty that is based on faith. A sense of haya should affect a Muslim’s conduct before God, before others and even when one is alone.

Citing numerous ahadith, Shaykh Yasir expounds on one of the most beautiful topics in Islam which when embedded in an individual automatically raises him in humbleness and eeman – haya. 

May Allah (Glory be to Him) to help us doing the righteous deeds and to grant us sincerity in words and actions and always set an example of Haya.


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