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able to see Allah on the day of judgment before entering Jana

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and he has a cobbler the whole in Jana. How sofa Narara bene yo Malkia

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Carla rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and now

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the prophets Allah wa sallam said, Yes you will.

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You will.

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Everybody will even a non Muslims hataoka For

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God Allah Allah scholar said even the disbelievers bus Hello my bear with me. Carla hull towball Runa Pharaoh at sham Sybil Mahira T saw one laser Maha sahab

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will help or ruin a funeral yet in Camarillo a little bit there is a one laser fee her sahab

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when you are in the day, and the sun is out there very bright. And there are there isn't a single cloud in the sky.

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It doesn't matter where you're standing. Can't everybody see the sun?

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They said yes. said what about the moon Rasulullah saw Salam said what about the moon when it is full and bright in the middle of the sky? And there are no clouds no matter where you stand. Can everybody see the moon?

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Yes. They said yes.

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la ya rasool Allah, and he nobody can have a problem in seeing the moon or the sun. Karla Matador Runa Pharaoh et la heatable Rakata Isla yo Malkia Mata el kheir Matador Runa Pharaoh Yachty, a hottie Hema, on the Day of Judgment, you will not be prevented. There will be no obstacles from any of you to see Allah. Just like there are no obstacles. When you all can see the sun and the moon without any obstacles. It doesn't mean that Allah Allah looks like the sun or the moon. He is giving a metaphor that Do you see how everybody can see the sun and the moon no matter from where you're standing. There are no obstacles. Everybody will say Allah subhanaw taala or buena,

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either current or young will clear then a thin layer tobacco, Lou Mathematica and a taboo on the day of judgment. He said, When a Day of Judgment happens, a caller will call out every nation. Go to the Lord that you used to worship.

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Go to the Lord that you used to worship.

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Fella Yup, go ahead. Don't care. Now you're about to hire ALLAH SubhanA Homina Osnap me? Well, I'm Saab Ilayaraja SOHCAHTOA when

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there isn't a single person that will be left on the Day of Judgment, who used to worship other gods beside Allah, or idols or statues? Except that in time in time as they get judged, and they are convinced that they deserve hellfire, they will all eventually fall into the fire.

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Do you know why my brother's somebody asked me by these people who disbelieved in Allah, just because they disbelieved they end up in hellfire forever. The answer to this is the following. Listen carefully.

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Here in this world, we make a choice isn't that correct? We make a choice to believe or not to believe we make a choice to pray or not to pray we make a choice to obey or not to obey. Is that correct?

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If we make a choice to obey or not obey Allah Subhana Allah will judge us according to that choice. But if we still believe in Allah, it means we made an ultimate choice that we want to enter paradise during the Prophet sallahu wa sallam said yet hold on Jana Ilam and Abba. Nobody will enter paradise except whoever refuses called a woman yet by Rasul Allah. They said who will not want to go to Paradise Oh Rasul Allah, He said, My daughter Annie forgot

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the halogen a woman also and he forgot. Whoever obeys me has entered paradise and whoever disobeyed me he has refused. So therefore brothers, this is a choice. So when a person chooses to disbelieve in Allah to be my god, which means to make an eternal choice of what of my God that I worship will make me enter paradise that's an eternal choice. Based on eternal choice Allah gives an eternal consequence based on a temporary choice Allah gives a temporary consequence. Stay with me in sha Allah

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had the either lamb yep call it man. Can I Yeah. Abdullah Herman burrito version

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Well hello Barry Earl Kitabi for you earlier who will do for your call will a home Mac quantum taboo dune. Everybody will go to Hell fire except a group

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of believers. Among these believers, I want you to imagine with me a large group of believers, millions of Muslims and believers who believed in Allah from the time of Adam till the end of time, they are left on that plane on the Day of Judgment. Among them. There are the really good believers, the very weak believers, the ones who did a lot of good deeds, the ones who did hardly anything, the ones who committed big sins and the ones who committed small sins all together, including from the prophets and messengers to the worst believer that ever existed. All of them together because why? They all claim to believe in the one true God Rasul Allah says it and among them there are leftovers

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from the Christians and the Jews.

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Some Christians and Jews claim to believe in only one God, Allah monotheistic, so they stay among them and they're waiting for God.

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So then, a call assists to the Jews, they know them they keep asking everybody, who do you believe, who do you believe? Who do you believe in? The Jews will say, this small group will say we believed in Allah Hosea.

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Now, don't go to any Jew and say you believe and I will say this is a small sect of the Jews. I think they've gone they stay with among the Muslims and they say we still worship alongside and then they say goes up to him. You are lying. Allah never had a partner nor a son. Because they believed as his son

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so what are you doing here? mad at the bone? What do you want to be among the Muslims? You don't worship the same God they worship? What do you want?

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For your coluna Aatish? Nah.

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We are thirsty

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for Splinter let us drink for your Chateau la him Ella 31 for your Sharona Illa NERICA Anna Hazara winyah T Mobile to her Bowden Ferrata. SOHCAHTOA Nephi. Now, they are called to look at a distance and they see a mirage like the one you see in the desert. What is the Mirage look like for a thirsty person, like water, Allah will make Hellfire look like water as a mirage that will go to it to drink and when they all get there at once, it caves in and they start falling into hellfire because there are desertion.

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Same happens with the Christians who are left over a few of the Christians. The ones left among the Muslims now, the prophets and messengers and the good believers the bad believers, the ones who have done so many good deeds, the ones who have done who have got no good deeds, and among them are the hypocrites and when African

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for malaria because 11 Kenya Ebola Hata island in Berlin with Azure

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one one I feel good and bad believers and hypocrites

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had the either Kenneth Erlich when this happens

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at her home Rob Bula Mina SubhanaHu wata LFV adenylyl Surah 10 Min a la tierra, o houfy.

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Once these people are left, Allah then comes to them with a different picture than the one they saw him the first time.

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Do you understand what this is? Now? This is not Allah subhanaw taala in himself, and we cannot give any interpretation to that. But the you know the story of Musa alayhis salam.

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What did he see when he got into the mountain of tour?

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He saw refire is that Allah? No, it's not Allah. But it's an image where Allah subhanaw taala lets him see that this is the sign where Allah is going to speak to him.

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Same on the Day of Judgment. The hypocrites can don't get to see Allah himself nor will the disbelievers, but they see a symbol.

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Allah subhanaw taala comes in a picture and in a form that we cannot explain. This isn't Bukhari and Muslim. So then he comes to them in a different picture which they don't recognize.

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And he says to them, I am your Lord. And I say no Allah, he now will be law. We will not make partners with Allah, they think the first picture because they find out Allah Subhana Allah speaks to people and he calls them on a day of judgment and says, Do you remember when you did this good deed and that sin and this sin, Allah speaks to people?

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So then, Allah then says to them, for k for Daddy phone or back home, how do you know your Lord be a Ilm? With what? What sign? And on that day, the ones who are speaking of the Prophets and Messengers on behalf of everyone, everybody's quiet the prophets and messengers are talking on behalf of everyone else. We ask Allah that we are one of them among that group.

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and another Hadith and Muslim he says for you Keisha for Ansel,

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a shin is revealed. We don't know what this description is, I can't explain it. And I'm not even going to go into it. But a sign is made that we know.

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And everyone recognizes it based on what the prophets and messengers that they will tell us. They'll say this is what how we will know that Allah has arrived, has come to us, in a way in shape that we cannot comprehend, nor can we interpret.

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Everybody then goes into social wood.

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For as long as Allah wills and that's the famous Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when we go from Prophet, the Prophet, the Prophet find out finally we come to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam and he goes into a sujood. And he says, a dua so long that we have never heard before. And dua that he has never said before. And he stays in Suzhou so long that he's never done the same as before until Allah says to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, yar Mohammed era Farah, so Mohammed lift your head, or Shiva to shefa given decision I'll give you what's El Papa and ask I will give you Rasulullah Salah Salem Sumire Farah, so he will lift his head up and everyone

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will lift their head up from behind the prophets. Allah says I'm including the one African including the hypocrites, and the first thing Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam will say is Allah hamara be Almighty almighty? Oh my Lord, save my nation who followed me save my ummah, who's followed me.

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So Allah subhanaw taala then brings down the allowance he allows the chef our

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for tomorrow be Shiva, Shiva is given intercession. So then what happens? The hypocrites, they find out that their backs have made flat, they can't go into prostration the angels recognize them and take them away and throw them into the fire. That's the day when the hypocrites are separated. And Allah makes a wall between them and the believers and they can't get any more light from the believers, because they used to hide it in this world. In the hereafter they'll come in the same form, but then Allah exposes them.

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The only ones left are the strong believers, the weak believers, the ones who have done so many good deeds and the ones who have hardly done anything and those who have not done one single good deed in their life. But they believed in Allah and His messenger and the Quran, they didn't deny any of it or try to justify anything or give it different meaning. Then the Surat the bridge is placed over hellfire and everybody has to pass some passes faster than light some passes faster the eyesight some pass as fast as a running horse some pass as quick as running some crawl. You know the Hadith, some they dragged themselves across Rasulullah saw Selim said there is killer leave can leave which

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means claws of Jahannam that come out and they capture the ones who have fallen and don't have any more light. They throw them in among them. And Muslims

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Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam said some of the weak Muslims they start together on this bridge and they pile up you know like a really big crowd and someone stops in the middle what happens? Everybody from the back what happens? They crowd up and when they crowd up, there's only one way to go.

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They fall

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and the claws take them into hellfire Willa Willa Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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foreigners in Muslim, there will be Muslims who will be saved.

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Warmer Dushan morsel and those who get burnt a little bit or scratched a little bit they fall and get up but then in the end they they get out.

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And then he said and then there are those Mikado, some fina Risha, Hana, there are those who has fallen into hellfire, and they are floating, but they have gone deep either up to their ankles or their knees or whatever. And some of them

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they drown into Jahannam these are Muslims. When the believers cross Jahannam I'll talk in English now for for lack of time, they reach the other side and what do the drill the good believers say?

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They remember

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who do they remember? They remember their friends among the Muslims, their families among the Muslims, the stranger among the Muslims, the one they used to see coming that stranger coming to the masjid and go they used to see that person who used to share with them in charity organizations or a person who went to visit sick people with them, or the one that did some good act with them. And then Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam says and then these believers at the end of a single call out to Allah subhanho wa Taala the way a person stands in a court in front of the judge about to be sentenced to death. And he or she is trying to convince the judge and the people around them to get

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them off the sentencing of death. Can you imagine these people these Muslims will intercede for their brothers and sisters who they knew in this life? And they will do and as you do and they will they will. They will intensify their request to Allah by saying oh Allah Oh ALLAH

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Oh, this person and that person we saw them donate with us, this person, that person, we saw them pray at least one prayer with us, they try to remember one single good deed that you shared together. They want to save you, you want to save them. That is why I have good believers as friends, do good deeds with them. And you will remember each other at the Surat and ask Allah to save you.

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Allah then says, go, go with my angels, and take out any of the people you recognize from the former life.

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So they start taking out people they used to recognize the other ones that were up to their ankles and knees, they're still in hellfire, the burning only a quarter of the way. They take him out groups after groups, the angels are helping them you can imagine that image saying this person that person the angels take him out. Then Allah says Who else they say you're up. We don't know who else there is. We couldn't find the others. There are others we know we couldn't find them. So go back and take anybody who has

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the size of a dinar of good deeds dinar a little coin. Any of these people have done maybe one or two good deeds in their life. If you've seen them do that one good thing go and get them out. They get out more people, then they say Who else has left the car up there are other people we don't recognize. He says Go and take who ever has half of a dinar of good deeds. And these people have barely done any good deeds have ever seen them in your life. Suddenly they show above hellfire, they take them out.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala says Who else is there? They say you're up we don't know anyone else has ever done a single good deed in their life. Nobody can recognize anyone. You now some people that don't mix with the Muslim community. They do good deeds, but very little bit hardly nobody ever knows about it. Well, these people die with major sins. I'm not talking about the people who are great believers and they do good deeds behind people's backs. No, these are people hardly have ever done anything to the point where nobody even can claim or testify that they've done anything good.

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Allah then says, Chef out and Malaika the angels have interceded. What's your Fiat in Gambia and the prophets have given chef our worship Allah Menon and the believers have given chef out all of them.

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While top call in inertia autorola. The only shefa I left is Allah shefa Rasul Allah says I'm set for Jacobi, the Rugby Club Dalton, Allah subhanaw taala then gets a scoop of believers out of hellfire, they have burnt from head to toe and died and died.

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The only part of their body that is not burning is guess what?

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The forehead because they used to pray every now and then.

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These people are burned and become charcoal Allahu Allah and for how long they've been in hellfire. Allah takes them all out. And they are placed at the door of Jannah and placed into the river called the river of life.

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And slowly they come back to their form. And then they are thrown on the sides. And they come to life.

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And a necklace is placed around their necks. It has a mark on it. I mean our best says it's gold or something. And it has a mark all the people of Jannah recognize them and they call them otelco Allah him in and now they are the ones whom Allah saved from the fire.

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And so

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they live in that lowest part. And the last man of them. He has a big story. We'll say it maybe next time in sha Allah, the last men among them as a beautiful story. But these are the last people enter paradise. And they say you're you've saved us and we thank you we are grateful to you. And then Allah Subhana Allah. It was also a Salam said, Allah takes into paradise NAS people lemmya I'm Aloha, Iran. They've never done a single good deed in their life.

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But they did believe in Allah and His messenger and the Quran. But for some reason, they followed the wrong people they did the wrong deeds, these people go to hell fire. My eldest brother save us from it. Allahu Alem how long they stay in there when we can't even have a cigarette lighter. So my brothers and sisters too bad example bring a cigarette lighter cigarettes and the lighter a bad for us something. So they take him out of hellfire placed into paradise. And Allah says to them anything you see in this paradise this level, choose and it's yours. So you're up this is too much for us. He says I will give you seven times as much Allah this is the lowest part of health agenda. And this is

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what happens Subhanallah time for Salah does come. But the point of this whole thing I want to tell you is this my brothers and sisters brothers in Islam. It is very important

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to have company of believers who fear Allah subhanho wa taala. Sometimes we get annoyed of them when they're around us because we want to follow our desires. But did you know that these will be the ones the only ones on the Day of Judgment? Who will remember you and ask Allah to save you

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And that is why one of the companions said I think was armed on the loss or another companion. He said to his, the believers around him as he was dying. He said, I have one request.

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When you go to Paradise, remember me? Ask about me.

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Ask about me. And sha Allah Yatta we are all here we see each other's faces will ask about each other. What do we mean? Okay, book and villa. I love you for the sake of allah sallallahu Divina Muhammad Ali.