Tafseer of Surah Al-Qasas #12 My brother Haroon is more eloquent than me

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The conversation covers various topics, including the first miracle, Malika Jana, Eda Kari's death, and the importance of showing a message to a crowd. The Sharia's message is discussed, with emphasis on the need for individuals to produce a good speech and learning to produce a good English language. The conversation also touches on the implementation of a message and its potential negative consequences, including negative consequences for the speaker.

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older bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim was Loki at that GFI JB Kotaku Raja you ball. I mean what it is who? What mommy Lenka Jana aka Minerva, bifida Anika Baraha Anonima. Rebecca Ferghana, we're mele in our home Ken Coleman, simply sort of Allah who loves him. So in verse 31, we concluded the discussion of the first miracle that was conferred upon so you dinner Musa alayhis salam. In essence it was the staff with historical narration say he received from his father in law shortwave Allah His Salam, Allah subhanho wa Taala instructed him to drop it when he would drop that stuff it would be converted into a snake. Initially he feared but then Allah

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told him autobill advanced one at a half and do not fear hold it without any fear. In the communal Armenian you are safe in Nilaya hafler de el muro saloon, there's no reasons for prophets to fear sanitary to hasira Tallulah when you hold it for the second time. When you drop it, it would become a snake when you hold it again, we will return it to its original form that was verse 31. And we discussed that a miracle is the proof of prophethood and not the object of Prophethood

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verse number 32, Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about yet a nether miracle that was conferred upon Satan Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam, O sloka, yada Caffee J big thrust your hand on your side in your color, the hood it will emerge by ba white and bright, luminous and with a great sense of glow and brilliance minerais Su and this brightness and this brilliance will not be any defect or any disease but rather it would be striking and appealing. What Malika Jana, Hakka, Mina, Robbie, and if you fear that your hand would remain like this permanently, then just put your hand attach your hand back to your side, and it would return to its normal state. So channahon literally means when the

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plural of witches and how Allah speaks about the angels in Surah farter only Edgenuity Mithuna was Olathe robot that Allah has created angels with multiple wings, etc. So just as the angels have wings, or the birds have wings, humans have hands humans have hands and this is what is mentioned here, that once you've put your hand in on the side and you remove it, it would be white, it would be bright, it would have this glow. And if you want it to return back to its original form with mum, yeah, DECA was mum yeah DECA return your hand back to the side, and it would return back to its original form for Danica Baraha nanny Mira Becca Illa. Farah on our Mala E. So these are two

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distinct, vivid clear proofs given to you to support your prophet would when you go and present your message to Pharaoh and his people in a home car. No Coleman faceted. Indeed Pharaoh and his people are an evil nation.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala fast forwards the discussion you're in chapter 28, to that point, where say that I Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam. You know what is been given the task to go to Pharaoh. Of course it could be easily understood that he then came back to his spouse conveyed to her the news that Allah subhanho wa Taala had crowned him with Prophet wood, and then you know what she went along and of course, they came to Egypt. So when Allah subhanho wa taala, don't say either now Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam, that he needs to go to Pharaoh and present the doubt of, you know, the greatest. The greatest act of jihad is to utter the truth in the presence of a tyrant Kalama to

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happiness and the Sultan in Jaya Kalama to happiness in the Sorbonne in Jaya to attend the truth in the presence of a tyrant because, you know, proclaiming the truth in his presence would endanger your life and we know Pharaoh was a Bucha he was a murderer. He had claimed so many lives. So verse 33, Satana Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam said talara be in Allah be in Neil Patel to nevsun for alpha for any opportune Oh my lord, I had claimed and killed one soul from amongst the people from the cop from the Cabal. And we know we discussed this it was unintentional, it was inadvertent. He was responding

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To the call and the cry in the plea and the desperation of a victim, and he aided him, and the blow proved to be more intense than intended. And it was then fatal. So Oh Allah, I'm afraid that given the fact that I had killed one person, Pharaoh might avenge that he might kill me he might not even listen to me. And that's verse 33. Ha a lot of be in the cartel to me newhome nevsun for alpha for any Apple to load. Oh my Lord Verily, I had claimed one life amongst them for afar for I'm afraid to learn, they will avenge they will revenge and they will take my life. Verse 34, what are three how rune who who are AFSA homie Neely Sana. And my brother Harun, who in age was Eldred and Musa

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alayhis. Salatu was Salam, for the record in ad was older than Musala is Salatu was Salam

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wa aqui Harun who have Sahami nearly Santa, my brother Harun is more articulate than I am for RC Lu Maria read and so send him along with me read and a more Enon that he can be a help to me corroborate support, agree support and give me that, you know, moral strength and courage. You start decoding, affirming my message affirming because knowing Pharaoh, he might just you know what? retort in a nasty way he might not even afford me a urine he might not even listen to my message. What a call for a new cat baboon. I'm afraid he might just belie me. So verse 34, Sidra Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam request Allah subhanho wa Taala for the intervention and the support the moral

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support in the company of his brother Harun, but it is noteworthy to reflect here it is noteworthy to reflect here, that when Satana Musa alayhi salatu salam requested the presence of how rune he did not intervene on the seniority of Harun that Oh Allah, can my brother Harun Come with me? He is senior he is elder. He said a Harun is more articulate. And I marvel at Mufti Shafi. Rahim Allah has deduction on this word here of Solomon, Neil Asana that is more articulate. He says From this we learn, that

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articulates speech to speak, you know what, in an impressive way to speak in an eloquent way to speak in a way that you can, you know, what, impress and convey your message is is also Maqsood and Muttalib. It is something that is desirable, and to make salary in this regard is not minimum, these are his words, to make a concerted effort to enhance your oratory skills is not something that the Sharia frowns upon. Now, sometimes people think no, no lectures is unimportant. You don't have to focus on that. I differ, and I differ strongly with such people. And here's my proof in this regard. Here's my proof in this regard, Musa alayhis salatu salam, and not because I, I'm claiming to be in

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any, you know, what, orator or that I have a skill higher than anyone else, but use the merits of the argument use the merits of the argument, right? We talk in

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chapter 28. And we're looking at verse 34. Soraka says verse 34, agree my brother Haroon, who have sahalie, nearly Santa he's more articulate is more eloquent, some of these Shaffir anahim. Allah writes that we learn from this, that to accomplish to achieve to strive to toil to enhance to go for some speaking skill, etc. You know, public speaking, etc, is something objective, and the Sharia has not frowned upon it. Of course, like everything, the qualifying statement is, things need to be done within the bounds of the Sharia within the bounds of the Sharia. And they can be no doubt that if you convey your message in a particular way, with the appropriate vocabulary, with the correct body

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language, with the correct choice of words, having the correct structure to it, it would have a profound impact on your audience. I mean, read about public speaking, they speak about the great speakers and writers. And it was always a speech that would revolutionize a nation that would mesmerize the nation, Satan earlier the Allahu Anhu was a great trip saved by Cara the Allahu Anhu was a great copy of Sabby had been placed in Shama sort of the Allahu Anhu was known as the Habib and the orator among Sahaba Shriver alayhi salatu salam was known as hottie will Ambia, the orator amongst the prophets, so I think it is important and essential that we understand this year and more

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so in today's world where people are exposed

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used to so many different types of speakers, entertainers

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and so many different things that are thrown out there. It is important that we try and present the Quran is beautiful. And the Quran is the most beautiful speech, the you know, Quran epi Swati come. Yet we've been told that beautify it and recite it in a beautiful voice. It it is exceptionally beautiful. There's no doubt about that. But we have been told that recited with a beautiful voice. The message of Quran and Hadith is absolute. That is ultimate. But of course, if we can complement it with having the correct skill, that that would enhance the delivery, and that would enhance enhance the impact.

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The incident of Abdullah bin cools and I just want to make a brief reference in this year, where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke about the condition of a dying person, and then he leaves behind his family, and then he and then he leaves behind his wealth. And with him goes his actions. And the resort Allahu wa sallam said the family comes to the grave and then they they leave him and they move on and he goes his way. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, What would you say regarding this family member, meaning the wealth? And they said no, well, there's no good to him. His support is just to the grave, and then it's gone. And then the prophets Allah has some said his

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wealth is such that as soon as he goes into death, they back off. That that is how wealth is that's the other family member to the dying person. And then he's his actions and the actions say that I will support you all the way through, and I'm coming down in your grave. And of course, this was the words of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and who could be more eloquent and articulate than him nobody. And Abdullah bin coons are the Allahu Anhu said, The only an Akula Allaha Beata rasool Allah or Prophet sallallahu wasallam Will you allow me the opportunity to put this into a stanza into a poem

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into you know, what, in some poetic form, and I want to capture the essence into poetry, and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said yes, and of course, Arabic poetry was part of the nature for my brother in law Lena one night and he comes back and then he says in the well the dama dia de cada la casa Mata le li what he is the home Salah to within renewer Allah Amarin BL Yeoman Asili Veerappan it's amazing. It's a long poem, and he kept his the same thing. And as he leads that same essence, but he made an effort he put it in a poetic form, and the Sahaba would just tear and cry. Every time they would see him in Leicestershire do who fella and shadow whom Bucko whenever they

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will see up the loving code. They say it just read those couplets again. He would read it and then they would cry. So okay, so that's verse 34. What are the Harun who have Sahami Neil is Anna again I want to say your

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as much as Satan haha Ron was articulate. And that's why Musala salatu salam intervened, and said no Musa of course had the stemmer right was to determine Dasani and untie the knot on my tongue. And Pharaoh in his arrogance and boastful and haughty way said wala yaka. Do you mean he can barely express himself, he has a stammer in his speech. So eloquence, articulate is important is essential. It enhances the impact of the message. But that does not mean that if somebody is not a Logan, we cannot listen to him and he cannot convey the message. No. So we need to have the balance. So, Harun who was the articulate was sent along to support Musa alayhis salam. But it was the stammering say

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dinner Musa alayhis salam who was given the privilege of Karim Allah, the One who would converse with or can converse with Allah for abseil, who might read and send him with me your Sadiq only read and Marina to help me assist me to support me in a healthy way you can the Boone, Allah subhanho wa Taala says in verse 35, approving the request of Satan or Musa alayhis salam, CA Allah Sana should do our due date kabhi Africa, we will strengthen you we will strengthen your arms, right meaning give you support and others. We will strengthen you through your brother meaning we've approved your request, sir now should Dr. Dodeca be as eager when I let go man so fun and in addition to the

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presence of Harun, we will give you this soltana the schoolwork this power this authority, this presence so you would have this impressive Rob and haber ramp right or no soon to be Robin Misurata Sharon, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah has aided me divinely with this divine or that at a distance of a month my enemy would be intimidated with my presence will be here and Allah Allah, you are tunel Haber. This is also mentioned in byowner Quran that the friends of Allah pious people when you look at them, there is the sense of soul Bong, booyah, you know it

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It just gives commands respect. When you see a person you don't know him from above blue, so you don't have any favors done to you. You don't owe him any favors, but just just his presence just creates that haber creates that Rob creates that sort of bond. So in addition to the approval of your request, verse 35, we have sent Satana we have sent Harun with and of course, how do Alayhis Salam is also mentioned as Eva to Allah Heba to Allah, the gift of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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what will happen to Allah Who Mira Medina AHA hoo ha rune and Abby are in Surah Maryam chapter 19 of the Quran, and we gave him his brother Harun as a gift. felonious Luna la coma feloniously Luna, la Kuma Pharaoh and his people won't be able to touch you or reach you or interfere with you or harm you in any way. Be a yachtie Nah, go with the signs we have given you. And tomorrow you are well equipped and well prepared. A smart rule wa Jalla Lane writes a smart rule mind your cool arama your file, I am listening to what that federal blurs and I am monitoring his actions. So you have this divine protection around you and the Sultan does divine strength and you have your brother

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physically with you, your neighbor, your Hasbrook Allah who were many Tabacum in me need this idea has been translated in two ways. I want to be of ALLAH, ALLAH is sufficient for you and Allah is sufficient for the believers or it has been translated as Allah is sufficient for you. And from the creation your companions are adequate for you so Musa divinely, you would have the strength and we would give you that protection and in terms of humans in terms of apparent resources, we have sent your brother with you, fella yes Luna in a coma, Biya Tina and Toma, one Manitoba como Valley, Boone, you and those who follow the two of you will be victorious. So let's leave it on that note.

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Sedna, Masada his salatu salam has made blood to Allah subhanho wa Taala rubbish rally Assad ray of Allah opened my chest. Yesterday, Emery make my task easy for me. Oh, Allah sent my brother appreciate the challenges.

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You have to go back to a person, this person, you know what has certain grudges against you the circumstances in which you lead with challenging, but Subhanallah you're going back to give the Darwin and from this we learn we conveyed the Darwin to one and all and we convey the message to one and all we reach out to every person. We speak to every person we knock every door we convey the message and that is the spirit of a dari one who reaches out to to Allah subhanahu calls out to Allah subhanho wa taala. So to conclude, verse 35, Sedna Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam has two miracles with him. One is the staff. One is of course his hand, and he has the presence of his

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brother, and he has this divine soul bond, this strength and this courage and this authority granted to him and off he and his brother goes and they come and conveyed the message to Pharaoh. Let's wait and see what happens in the court of Pharaoh when Musa and his brother Harun arrive in the court of this tyrant and this Jabbar