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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses various aspects of the spiritual journey of events, including a woman named Anna who had a relationship with Muhammad sallam and Martha who had been a marathon runner. The importance of knowing and being informed of knowledge is emphasized, along with the use of alay bills in various situations. The transcript also touches on the negative impact of the pandemic on people's emotions and fears, and how it can affect their academic and professional lives.
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to be laying him in a shape on your rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim vallam bellava My Jamaat rabine HeMan as he odo Houma tada sebelah Whoville Buhari Sahaba Sonic Allahu la v. In the previous segment we explored verse number 60, which provided some introductory comments regarding this amazing sacred journey of knowledge, which say the na musala is Salatu was Salam had undertaken in the quest of knowledge to meet this learner, a knowledgeable and erudite individual, which according to the Hadith is Javier alayhi salatu was Salam. Of course, he was accompanied by his servant and helper, you shall be known alayhis salam, some narration suggests that that was his maternal nephew

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as well maternal nephew. But this is not absolutely established. And authentic. However, it does appear in some historical narrations. There's yet another etiquette that I wanted to convey, which we touched on the different advocates, and one is, and that is rather musala in salatu wa sallam told his servant, that I will continue walking until I come to the confluence of the two oceans, or I will walk for a lengthy period of time. So from this, there is a hint in the verse of the Quran, that it is good mannerism and respect that the senior informs the junior

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of of the intended journey, and the destination and the location. So that be the helper or the servant, or the assistant that is coming. He or she also has an idea of what the journey entails. Sometimes some people would just in arrogance, say listen, tell the helper up into the car. We're going where are we going? So don't ask me questions. Don't ask me questions. Just hopping regarding and when we hold will hold and when will resume will resume. So like listen, you don't need to know and I don't need to tell you know Subhanallah I don't know Are you listening to me my brother and my sister and your understanding how they is deduction from every expression, and every indication and

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every hint, you know from from the verse of the Quran. So mousseline Salam was quite clear, emphatic and explicit. La Bella Whoa. La abraha Abu Varma Jamal, Bahrain, I will continue walking I will continue walking until I reach the confluence of the two oceans or I will walk beyond so etiquettes respect dignity. The famous Hadith in Bukhari right in the beginning, luckily to about Darwin beer rabada, that I met a Buddha, Buddha rhodiola at a place called rabada wa Allahu Allah, Allah, Allah May Allah and His servant and his slave was clad and attired with the same clothing like a Buddha, Ravi, Allah No, there was nothing to distinguish the two.

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So as the Buddha or the olana, like what is this Generally, people would want there must be a mark of difference in everything. I eat different food, my help I eat different food and that's not the teachings of Islam. Call your helper in the house, my brother, call your helper in the house, my sister, let them eat with you from the food dish out from the same port from which you are eating. Let them eat together, include them in your meals, give them the same cutlery, provide them with the same food, and then you see how they will be attracted to Islam. Was it not samama who was tied up to the pillar of mustard and above? He said, Allahu Allahu wa sallam, and then the messenger

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said also Mama, what do you have to say? And he said, the intellectual capital that I mean, we're in Tony Vinton, Ramallah, Shakira, if you kill me, oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then my blood will be avenged, and people will take revenge for my killing. we're interviewing Tony Ramallah shackled, and if you forgive me, and you display kindness to me, then surely I will reciprocate that with gratitude. And he sallallahu wasallam released him and then he went close by by a well and he took a bath, a ritual hosel and then he returned and he said three days ago, I despise you the most and by Allah I love you the most

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Bala Fabiola Inzaghi Maha COVID-19 Rahim Allah had made mention of this incident, that he came with the intention of assassinating the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and insular lies and placed his hand on the chest of Ebola. And he said, Oh, Fabiola, what are you thinking about? And he said nothing much.

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And Fabiola subsequently becomes a companion. And he says that whenever he saw some put his hand on my chest, immediately that resentment was transformed into love and affection. And then he goes back and he meets up with a woman with whom he had an enlisted relationship. And she said, Hello, my Isla de papel Tula. aluma el Hadeeth. If Apple doula ban render you can learn who will Islam lower at Mohammed than that. Now I will not participate in any of these type of unlawful enlisted relationships. I have accepted the truth and you need to see Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and you will realize who he was, and you will also be impressed by him. Martha had been a marathon

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runner We are the alone and who he had a relation with a woman by the name of Anna, a woman with a by the name of Anna. Then he accepted Islam and after Islam, she invited him come You know what, just old memories nostalgia. They had a feeling an inclination, a fantasy, a crush, infatuation over each other pre Islam he then accepted Islam and then she invited him and he said no, no, I cannot I have accepted Islam. The transformation in life was just phenomenal the transformation and then she said Okay, can we get married and then the verses were revealed while I then gave her a karate hi Do you mean well i'm i mean i don't know how your own Mimosa ricotta idea but come and do not wait the

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policy years and the disbelievers until they bring a man what am i mean i don't believe in woman is better than a does believe in, even if the latter attracts you in her beauty. The point I was saying was character. So I met a Buddha rhodiola when I knew and I asked him I said like what's the matter abuser you are clad and you're your servant in the same clothing. He said I used to be on me. I used to be on me. I had taunted him about his month. And in the footnotes of Buhari with reference to kermani. It's written there the kind of remarks that a Buddha the Allahu anhu had passed regarding his servant, which was of course unintentional. And you know, it was a lapse on his point a slip on

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his point, and he said things

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that were obviously offensive to the servant and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam then reproached him, the messenger sallallahu Sallam then admonished him about that rain in a camera on Faker Jai helia, about the rain in the camera on FECA helia, our Buddha, Buddha, I get the stench of ignorance and it had like a racial angle to it. Oh Abu Dhabi This is your sir This is your brother. And if Allah has given you a servant and a helper and a slave, then he is your brother feed him from the food that you eat and clothe him from the clothing that you wear. What are two can lifou Him and do not burden him something beyond his task for income left to moon for arena whom if you've given

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him something heavy and you know something that's labor intense, then assess him then assist him? So an advocate when you're talking to your helper, tell them I need you to come here tomorrow please at eight o'clock. Can you kindly help me in my office? Can you kindly do this favor for me and wash my car? Can you kindly iron my clothing for me? But not like less than 10 o'clock I need you at the office and just be there like so why don't ask questions no musante salaam disclosed it Subhan Allah. Let's move on into this journey. And you will see the beauty and the wisdom and the knowledge that we need to we will pick up on this amazing journey of Musa and Hadith. So that takes us into

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verse number 61 and that's the verse I recited valamar bellava majima rabine man as he wrote

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for DACA Sabina Paris. araba

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So a quick recap, the hadith of Bokhari who

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make Tallinn plays a fish in a basket for that fact but the who for whom,

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the place where the fish disappears, that is the location where this servant of mines is who possesses certain sciences which you don't know.

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And mighty for the Quran, it is written that Allah subhanho wa Taala did not give musalla in Salaam like a clear cut precise location, right? So the confluence of the two oceans itself can be a an area that stretches quite widely. If somebody says, You know what

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Meet me at a particular town or meet me at a mall. Now at the mall, there are a parking Bay, there are many entrances, there are different areas to the mall, you could be there and you still cannot find each other for a long time you could be within the precincts and the vicinity and the area, but you don't have a precise location. And all these things were put in place to impress upon musala, his salatu salam, the importance of directing and crediting everything to the Almighty. And this is the journey of knowledge. I often use this incident in the context of explaining the difference of knowledge versus information, information, google it my brother, just go online, my sister and you

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will get a whole printout of everything. But knowledge This is Moosa and let me let me take the opportunity to share this academic discussion as well.

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So Musashi Salaam is an OB, his Hallmark was, he was privileged with communicating and conversing with Allah, Allah Allah who masataka Lima, he is from the owner has Nambiar the those prophets who enjoy seniority over other prophets.

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He was a great man, the torrent was revealed to him the Torah ranks second after the Quran, in terms of the Divine scriptures. And regarding her there, there's difference of opinion whether he was an OB or not, but the preferred opinion of the scholars is that he was a prophet, he was a prophet, and I'll expound on that, you know, in later episodes as well Allah willing in sha Allah. However, in terms of that he didn't have followers as a nation, nor was he given a Kitab but he was acquainted with the secrets of the happenings in the world. And that is there no SRO konia SRO konia, the secrets of life, death, you know, rain destruction, etc, etc. And between the two sciences between

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the two sciences are the two types of knowledge. Of course that would say now musala salam had was far more superior, that gives precedents virtue merit, status and recognition to Musa alayhis salaam, overcrowded. However, Javier had a particular science that musala salam did not have an Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted him to discover or come to know about it, so that he doesn't give a general answer in future in the sense of anybody asking him who is more learned. Then he credits it and directs it to the Almighty.

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So Moosa is more superior alayhis salam, then further, that's like the accepted view without fear of difference of opinion in this regard. But in this particular science, how they had more knowledge, and that is what we could refer to as a doozy for Lila, you know, what a preference or an angle or a science or a knowledge or a know how, on a particular thing on a particular thing. And this could apply even with the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said Allah Lucien praised use of alayhis salam. And he said that when the king's envoy came to ask the interpretation of the dream,

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use of alayhis salam just responded and obliged. And subsequently when the king came to call him and said, You know what, it's time for your release. He said, No, wait, I need clarity, I need the matter to be cleared out that I'm innocent. And he sallallahu Sallam praised the use of by saying low libido, for Sidney Mallaby, the use of a jab to dairy. If I had to be in the prison for so long. And then an envoy came to call me I would have obliged and responded, but I pay tribute to my brother use of that he wanted the matter to be cleared out. Again, the scholar says this doesn't make sense. Now use of alayhis salam grater in rang. Yes, in a particular instance, you know, this

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is given recognition to the greatness of the accomplishment or the feet or the nobility of use of alayhi salatu was Salam.

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So they were told to take a fish, put it in the basket, and when you come to the place, the fish will hop out, miraculously, Allah will give it life. Now, there's two, there's two opinions, was this the same provision from which they were eating? Or was the provision separate, and the food that they were eating, you know, was separate. And, and and the fish which was assigned Wait, we'll hop out was a different fish. So ignore it as opinion is now it was one and the same fish which was grilled, they were eating off this grilled fish as provision and at the point that it hopped out. This was a miracle. And of course, Allah gave it life and Allah has absolute power. So when it comes

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to the powers of Allah, then there is no question and this is a prophet, and what's a prophet? miracles happen all the time.

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They live they have their basket they have this fish inside. They eat in of it according to the opinion of ignore it. Yeah and others say the food for travel was separate and this fish was also worth because this is the reference in the Quran and in the Hadith. And also in biannual Quran, it is written

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that de la jolla and Hamlet Azad Allah and the hamlet xad la unifi. I will come on

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that to take provisions with you does not contradict the station of nobility. So Musa alayhis salam was the friend of Allah was the Prophet of Allah Lucia even anoon Some say he was a prophet already other say he became a prophet subsequently. But in this context, he was the, you know what assistant to Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam. They took food and provisions which means that take in food provisions, you know what precautions is not against our call and reliance on Allah. They took food you need to have food and eat of course you rely on Allah subhanho wa Taala. But at the same time, you can take your provisions with you. So they come to a place at the confluence and there was a

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boulder as the Quran says, Saqqara and they retire to bed, you know, just having a break and relaxing and breaking the journey down valamar Bella majima urbini Hema when they both reach the confluence of the two oceans, Musa alayhis salam went to sleep by a boulder. And during this period, the fish hopped out the fish hopped out fat sebelah who fell by Hurry, Sarah bow, and it kind of tunnel the itself sort of Tunnel Tunnel itself into the water. And the current of water, you know, kind of stopped momentarily. And it was it was just strange. It was just unique. It was an absolute miracle. The fish hopped out from the basket tunnel its way into the water, usually evening noon,

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observe this, observe this and he said when Musa alayhis salam gets up, I will alert him because he had told me that, you know, I you need to keep watch at the point where the fish hops out

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according to an aeration interfere with money that I had come across. When Musa alayhis salam had tasked you shall have known what this year that please you know, be careful, be vigilant, be watchful, be conscious be particular about this fish. Is that okay? That's fine. That's fine. No worries. And he did not give it too much of prominence and significance and importance. Like this is not something I can slip out about this is mentioning consider Earth money. And yet again was a lesson from the almighty to them. And to us that when we've been assigned a task by someone senior, make a mental note of it diarize eight write it down. In fact, this is what I do. Whenever my

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honorable dad or my venerable mom tells me something immediately I make a note. I repeat it kind of psychologically register it. And then I make an instant prayer to Allah, Allah give me the ability to remember the stars and and diligently executed. So my mum might tell me something today and I'm like, Yeah, okay, that's fine. And then I walk out, and then the phone rings and 10 things happen, and I'm overwhelmed. And the next day comes, and my mom asks me and I'm like, Oh, my word, and how often don't we slip up. So when we've been assigned a task by someone, anyone for that matter more so when it is a senior, a teacher, a scholar, a parent, etc, then we need to give it a lot of care

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and diligence.

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So when mousseline Salam got up, usually evening noon forgot completely. Now this might create another question mark, is that a dead fish hopping out of the basket, channeling its way into the water is a miracle. And something so strange, unique and peculiar, is something that will live with you forever, leave alone forgetting it for the moment. That's what you and I would think, right? It's it's something Wow, I'll never forget that moment. I will never, ever forget that moment. And we all might have experiences in our life, where we prayed to Allah and a prayer was answered immediately. And that feeling and that ecstasy and the joy and that spirituality and you say you

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know it lives with me forever. So how was it then possible to reconcile forgetfulness over something so unique and amazing? The scholars have answered this in one of two ways a, that you shall even unknown was what to Moosa, and in the company of a profit

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Miracles happen all the time. So it's not like an isolated miracle that happened only today, miracles were happening all the time.

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So for us, I mean a nude observing of miracles was a common occurrence. And the second thing is probably he was so overwhelmed by related, you know what travel,

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thoughts, family, journey, uncertainty, etc. And these things happen in journey. When you travel, you can be so caught up and sometimes, you know, you actually lose your focus for the moment, bead as it may. The reality is that when satana Musa alayhis salam got up mercy

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for the height that sebelah who feel very sorry about that, they forgot their fish. And the fish had tunneled its way in and they decided to resume their journey, whereas this was the location.

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And that takes us into verse number 62. Fela majha was anti la la vida, de

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la de la Tina

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safaree na than alpha fella majha was when they proceeded further. And the narration suggests they travel for a full day and a night they were just traveling. And again, this is mentioned in merryfield. On that, look at the circumstances that are unfolded, it wasn't a precise location. It wasn't a clear cut x exclusively spelled out. It's the confluence it's official hopping out. So there is an element of ambiguity uncertainty vagueness to it. And then, you know, however you look at it, but the reality is the fish slipped out and they forgot, and the journey went on. So there was so many related challenges, turns and twists in this. What's the message my brother and my

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sister that in the journey of knowledge, you got to end do and that's how sacred knowledge comes.

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You cannot substitute the acquisition of knowledge by the transmission of information. It's great. It's great to transmit information but knowledge is knowledge. What they say some of us gargle at the fountain of knowledge while others drink some of us gargle at the fountain of knowledge and others drink some of us would just said casually lesson here and there. Nothing serious not committed not dedicated. Harajuku min sages Stan Binney at the parlor behind me or my dad does a watch those sakata Ronnie hurdle isn't what Ruthie rapala been

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up about NASA said z. Right, he left CG Stan in the quest of knowledge, he was a scholar in the fourth century.

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If I recall correctly, I read the sins of Adam and Sabrina Anima Alessia de la L. And then he was studying and studying. And then one day a woman came knocking on the door because she was heard a lot about his knowledge, and she offered money and he declined. And she said, I want to marry you, please, I want I will pay you I want to marry you. And my aim is so that I can draw knowledge from you. And obviously you're a male and a female. So we can enter into a halaal union and I can benefit from your knowledge. And he said, I have come here with the exclusive motive of learning knowledge. And I do not want to dilute my motive in any way. These were people who are out for the acquisition

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of knowledge, in its true form, shape and size.

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So what happened, fella magia was anti allele for da da da da da.

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And when they dress, you know when they proceeded further musala salam said leafa da vo to his young man. I do not Radha Anna, can you bring us the breakfast? The da would refer to the meal eaten prior to midday prior to noon. Tina vada Anna Lucha de la Tina means suffering

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about and this is of course, verse number 62. That we've experienced a lot of tiredness and fatigue in this journey. When mosa alayhis salam asked the user for the food. Oh, that's the time he realized you know what the fish hopped out and that was the opinion of ignore it or that it was the same thing they were eating from, which then also hopped into the water. This is the opinion of ignore it or rahimullah. He said

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Arjuna Radha Anna, give us our breakfast laughter the Latina mean safaree na na Saba indeed. We

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have experienced fatigue and again in biannual pooran. It is written

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that the law and if the hallmark of that law and Eva har almara oneness of law unify will come out that you say, Oh, I am tired, I am exhausted doesn't go against the station of nobility and piety. You know, sometimes people and this is why we need guidance from Quran it's it's it's it's a hot day. It's a long day you are fasting. I'm feeling weak. are you complaining? No, I'm not complaining. I'm not complaining. I am feeling weak. And I said I'm feeling weak. That's fine. That's fine. There isn't a problem with this year. Robbie Annie masani adore or Antara hamura I mean, just 23 chapter 38 the words of a ubering salaam oh my lord, I've been afflicted with

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difficulty and you are the most guide. He didn't question a lie. He didn't challenge a lie. He didn't oppose a lot. He he confessed that Oh Allah I am feeling sick. I am unwell and you are the most guide. So della Allah and Mahal Mara the oneness of Allah, you now feel compelled to say I'm feeling thirsty, I'm feeling hot, or I'm feeling weak without moaning or groaning or complaining, but merely as an expression of the reality. I'm feeling very tired today. I'm feeling very tired today. Now you now feel Come on. It does not go against the station of nobility. And I think it is so imperative that we understand our faith in its holistic way. And the answers are in the Quran,

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when no one's been mocked at alayhi salatu was Salam is that Indus Harumi naffaa enascar Roman Come come at us, Harun

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if you're looking at us today, one day we will also look at you as you are laughing at us. della anelli, Java Bell methyl la unifi Macquarie mela club sometimes to reply and retort in a like manner provided of course it is not sinful words or abusive language does not go against the station of noble character. They mock that new hiring ceremony said if you mock in We will also mock at you. So it is not against mirkarimi a flag to also reply in a certain way. After all, we are humans and we have emotions. Okay, so that takes us to verse number 63 pa ri into is a ye na ala sobre for in se to load you shall Edna noon said

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you know what? Did I not tell you our editor at the time when we took shelter and we lasted Illa Sakura, by the boulder? For in Nina see to hold ups Oh my word. You know what I forgot the fish, warm and sunny who Illa shaitan and nun made me forget but the devil Of course in every slip in every mistake, there is some influence of the devil. And here again the scholars right

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that an era shaped on the interference of devil cannot occur to a profit in the context of that situation which results in a sin but which is mostly in your academic language right which results in a sin like how the devil interferes as you know what the devil indoctrinated whispered he made me in anger blood does. He made me in my rage due this year or He took me to this place where he made me he kind of you know, incited me to commit this crime. This is impossible to occur to a newbie Impossible Impossible, because the Navy is protected by a lot, but to the extent of forgetfulness, or to to, you know what slip up on something, this is possible because this doesn't go against the

00:29:05--> 00:29:45

station of Naboo. Just like if a disbeliever takes a stone and he holds it at a profit. It will inflict injury on a profit as much as is protected by Allah because he's a human and immortal and it will cause him some pain and injury like it had happened to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam Allahumma Finley told me for whom Allah Allah, that Allah forgive my nation, they don't know the pain they are causing to me. So and nobody is divinely protected by the almighty from devilish influence indoctrination that can result in any form of sunvisor transgression, but common things that happen to humans in slip up forgetfulness, oversleeping, etc, which doesn't have any religious

00:29:45--> 00:29:59

bearing or doesn't go against the the station of Nebo what can can happen to a profit as well, for Nina Seaton road warmer and sunny who and that is on the academic argument if you are able to know

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was a profit already if it was a profit already in Nina sit on hold I forgot the fish warmer and sunny who in the shade on the devil made me forget it? What the hotter Sabina who feel Bahia Java and I must tell you that it had tunneled its way into the ocean in a very marvelous way. Okay we leave it at this point, the journey of knowledge is still continuing, we picking up so many lessons May Allah make us amongst those people who don't only goggle at the fountain of knowledge, but who can quench our thirst at the fountain of knowledge? I mean, you're a blind I mean, we're certainly Allahumma salli ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi adjumani well hamdulillahi Rabbil

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