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The Etiquette of The Acquaintances


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You're listening to the LM Institute podcast series, beginning of guidance by Mr. Singh company.

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To find out more information amongst the saints column course entitled the prophetic code, a study of prophetic manners and etiquette, visit Aleph, slash prophetic code,

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human Candela. And Allahu Akbar sudama Mustapha sanada cgt Rosario of hot Milan via SQL wasabi hilinski. I'm about

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so we're in the final chapter of this book of monk was added at the beginning of guidance. And in this chapter 11 was it wasn't too long it discusses the etiquette of dealing with acquaintances. Now remember, earlier on we met was only taught us, he said that there are three different types of people that you interact with. There are those who you do not know at all, but much routine, there are those who are your friends. And then there are those who you meet here and there someone you may meet at the gym, someone who may you may meet at the gas station, someone that you may meet at a restaurant, that acquaintance that could be you know, for at the mother's at the masjid for someone

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that isn't necessarily your friend, but someone that you know, so you want to learn Ali regarding these people, he gives us some advice. And we'll start with that.

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PAGE 142 acquaintances. The third category is that of acquaintances, be cautious of them, because you will not encounter antagonism except for people you are acquainted with. Remember that he says the people that will harm you are those that you're acquainted with. If someone isn't acquainted, if someone's not your friend, someone doesn't know you, what are the chances they're gonna harm you, you don't meet them, you just walk past someone at the store, they don't know you, you don't know them, you're not gonna harm each other. But the second you know, someone, now there's a connection between yourself and that person, that person has to make a conscious decision to either benefit you

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or if they're not going to benefit you to benefit themselves at the cost of harming you. So now this person needs to make a decision. Now you're not aware of their sincerity, and they're not aware of your sincerity, which makes this relationship very dangerous,

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and will help you and someone you do not know at all will not trouble you. All the animosity you encounter, then will come from your acquaintances who express your friendship only with their tongues. You should therefore limit your acquaintances as much as possible. Because it says here, choose your friends, limit your acquaintances, don't make acquaintances every person, because then there are too many angles of you. There are too many angles for you to be attacked for too many angles for you to be harmed from. So choose your friends carefully. Stick with them, those people are the ones that you should stay with. And if you need to make acquaintances, keep them few and be

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careful. If you have to socialize with acquaintances in a school, central Mosque, the local mosque, the market or in the city, you must not be little any of them. For you do not know they may be better than you. Now you remember that he says if you have to make someone your friend or an acquaintance at school, central mosque and local mosque, you see how he makes a difference here, because in those days, they had a difference. There was a Masjid that was for the local community. And then on the Friday, those local massage, the smaller masalas will be closed, and everyone will go to pray. And the the Java, the Java was the central mosque where everyone gathered together. So

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he says whether you're making acquaintances on a weekly basis, or even a daily basis, be careful. And the first thing is that when you meet someone, what is the longest line of teaching here, when you meet someone, whether it's at work, or the subway or anywhere else, you shouldn't think to yourself, you're better than that person. Because little Do you know, that person may be better than you. That happens, right? When you meet someone, anywhere, you're playing sports, somewhere on the court somewhere you meet someone, immediately you tell yourself I'm better than this guy because of he doesn't walk straight, because of his skin tone, because of the way he dresses because the way he

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shoots and we're all trying to make an assumption that why I'm better than that person. But when you get to meet that person, you may realize that you're not better than that person, that person is better than you. And because you're insecure of you being better than that person, what ends up happening is that people then go out of their way to make a point to make themselves look like fools to look I'm trying to make a point I'm better than you. And while they're trying to make that point, they make fools out of themselves. Cinnamon was able to stay away from that.

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At the same time, you must not look at them with an eye and reverence because of their position in the world. And this could ruin you. Now at the same time, don't start respecting that acquaintance of yours because they have a lot of money or because they drive a nice car. Because that can ruin you and how it can ruin you is very obvious.

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In the sight of a law, this world together with everything in it is small and insignificant. Because a lot to the thought of worldly things don't mean anything. And if you start going after worldly things, or start respecting people because their money is going to ruin you, because in the sign of a love that you won't have any value. Whenever your heart regards is the people of worldliness. You have declining the signs of a long time. Every time you meet a person who's wealthy and you start respecting them. You start respecting them because they have a lot of properties and because they're wealthier because you know they drive nice cars, you're actually digging yourself lower and lower

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away from Allah subhana wa tada because

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As the true servants of Allah are not inspired by wealth, they're actually inspired by him. They're inspired by me. They're inspired by taqwa. They're inspired by pilots by pilots. In today's world, as soon as someone finds you meet someone, then two minutes later someone comes and tells you, you know, that guy was a billionaire. Now what happens the way we see that person is very different. Now we go back to that person saying, How are you doing, sir? And then we started sucking up to them. So that was that is is know, whether you're at school or you're on the basketball court, or any social place you can think of, don't don't get all like, you know, I'll close to people just because of

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their money and start respecting them because their money because people who have wealth, not always, but many times could also have many bad traits. That's the that's the nature of wealth that what our goals, wherever wealth goals, it takes bad traits with it. And for a person to have wealth and not have bad traits is a very unique thing. It's a very unique thing, wealth where it goes, it takes bull with it. Right? It takes stinginess with death, wealth, where it goes, it takes the dislike this for death with it. That's what the purpose of a lot of it was set up. He said to the companions, that a time will come that Allah will place in your heart something called one and when

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that one enters into your heart, you will have no value on the earth anymore. No one in the world will respect to anymore. So the companions as a messenger of Allah, what is one Mallanna Yasuda Allah, The Prophet said hug but Daniela Cara has two mode. One is the love for the world and dislike for death when that woman comes in your life or you don't like death at all. And all you love is world world world money. That's all matters to you, then your value in the eyes of people will drop. Even though you're a multi billionaire, don't we have multi billionaires across the world that are Muslims? Yes, of course we do. We have multi billionaires. And I mean this very, very, you know,

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very literally, we have very wealthy and rich Muslims across the world. But unfortunately, as a nation, we don't have much value because that wealth is for a person for an individual who has love for the world, and disliking for death. And people like this have no value at all, you must take care of not to offer them your religion in order to attain what they have of this world. No one ever does. Don't turn it off. Don't turn off your religion and your honor that you have that Allah gave you for their world. And this is a very sad thing, especially people of religion. If you're a person of religion, if you have memorized the Quran, or you're setting the scene or your regular the

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masjid, when you meet people of wealth, you should make it a point to make it clear to people that I could be your friend, we're good, I like you as a person. But there's no need for me to sell my religion for you and sort of humbling myself in front of another person. You know, our teachers used to always tell us that when you meet someone with wealth, don't start extra respecting them. Because when that happens as a scholar, as an Imam, as someone who nothing beyond scholar demands someone of religion, then what you're doing is you're humbling yourself, even though you have religion, in front of someone who has wealth, therefore, in the scale of the human eye, you're degrading one and

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elevating the other. Yes, no one ever does. So without being diminished in their eyes, and moreover, and being deprived of what they have, the whole world is already respecting them because their money, they're looking for someone who won't respect them because they have something better. But the second you lower yourself, even though you're a person of religion, then that wealthy person feels, you know what I've conquered the religious people as well. And by the way, I want to make clear this is not go to all wealthy people, there are wealthy people, you know, from under the law 100 often it alone from the sahabas time and even in today's world, who are great people who are

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righteous people who are very pure people, hearing monk was always talking about the general principle, the general idea here,

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they show you enmity, do not return their enmity, for you will never have the patience to fully requite them. He says, if that person gets upset because you're not respecting them, don't get upset with them. Why? Because they he said you won't have the patience to deal with them. Because these people can go above and more and more and more and more and showing their their disliking. And this is the you know, it's sad. We live you know, when you read Islamic history, you see that the Muslim Ummah, it took the biggest hit in history, Muslims took the biggest hit, because people fell in love with wealth. You know, there's a famous historian by the name of biblical loon,

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wrote a book on Islamic history, the mccobb Dhamma, the introduction to that Islamic history is a very important one, you can actually find it translated in English. And also you can find the translation of an order. And obviously it's an Arabic to the order the translation, you can actually find a PDF of it online as well for free. So in his book, he writes in the very beautiful, he says that when you read the different empires that rule over Islam, when I say empires, I mean the philosophers, the different philosophers that that rule over Islam. You'll notice that their golden age only less than 100 years. For each one, how long was it 100 years, they may have rule 450 years,

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they may have rule for 500 years. They may have room for 800 years, but the golden era actually only lasted how long 100 years. He said Why is that? The reason is because the founder of that Empire was most likely a poor person, someone who lived in some Bedouin lands who grew up maybe

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Living a rough life. Then he climbed the ladder with all of his effort and all of his work and became the honeypot. He built the Empire. After he built the Empire. Maybe his son saw his dad going through what his dad went through, and honored his dad and continue on the legacy. But they said usually by grand son, the holy father came had no value for anything at all. And the reason is, because that grandson, or that great grandson didn't grow up in a desert. Rather, that grandson, a great grandson grew up in a inside a palace. And as soon as he grew up in the palace, he no longer has the value of what it means to make a sacrifice and what it means to, you know, be grounded in

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what it means to, you know, that we have an example of in Islamic history. For example, in India, during the Mughal Empire, there was a famous King by the name of Sharjah Han. Many of you may have heard of him. And he's commonly known for building a very famous structure in India that is unmatched known as one of the wonders of the world. Anyone know what structure I'm talking about? Taj Mahal, right? They say that the Taj Mahal? If you were to equate it to today's economy, the building of the Taj Mahal would be somewhat close to $1 billion.

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How much?

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1 billion I didn't say million. I said a billion with a B $1 billion. And his son, Aurangzeb Rahmatullahi. Ali, when he saw his father doing this, you know what he did? He thought to himself, if this is what's gonna happen now, whose money was that? A billion, by the way?

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Where do you get the billion dollar from

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people's money that Taj Mahal was built through taxpayer money, it wasn't a hit. He didn't build it through his own money. There's no such thing as his own money. And you guys following what I'm saying here, and his own son, orange, zebra de la when he saw this, he thought to himself, my dad is using the money to build a structure to honor his wife, who isn't that hard to do. So you know what he did. He actually had his own father arrested.

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He had his own father arrested and put in prison. And then he became the halifa. Not the halifa there was no philosopher in India, but he became the king. And after becoming the king there, that what he did was his father said to him, my son, you have me in prison, and I can't see the the palace that I built. So he said to his dad, you're not leaving the prison. And they built this historians they mentioned as well, Adam, how true it is. They say that they use mirrors and they lined them up and reflection of each other. So he can see the Taj Mahal from his prison cell, right? And hold on zebra de la Halle, to make a point, what he did was, he made a promise that he would

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never take a penny from the people's money. And what he used to do to provide for his family was he would write the Quran with his own writing. He was a calligrapher, he would write the Quran with his own writing, and then sell those copies of the Quran, because that was his business was around like a printing press. And then from that money, he would feed himself and feed his family. So here you have an example of people who are just blowing money and blowing money on blowing money. There are so many examples of this, when the the immediate mosque was built, after the movies took control of the hill after the after the selection of the qualifier rushed in the next following kind of

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qualifier where the where the domain when the automobile qualified to control. Not too late, not too long after they built the

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they built the the main mosque in Damascus, in Syria, big machine, big, big, big machine. And when they built that machine, it was so expensive that when the bin Abdulaziz became halifa, who was known as being the fifth hole of holiday Russia, right? They got an halifa who came later on when around 201 when he became halifa. He initially refused to even go and print that much. He said how can I print the budget when people's money was spent on this and there wasn't a small amount it was a very big amount. However, later on in his life when he went there, he said that a lot he prays Allah subhanaw taala and said, Yeah, Allah, all praises do to you. Because when he went to the

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masjid, he realized that they were Christians in that mosque and they were praising the masjid. So he said that it's important that he realized at that point that having a beautiful mosque is also important because it has a very important impact on the non Muslims in that area. But his initial stance was that why are we spending so much budget and so much money in the masjid? There's another example of this in the history of Spain. And hematomas we've all heard of Alhambra mosque, right? Everyone's heard of that. mosque. You know, such a, such a big margin is such an important budget. Most people don't realize the Hamra mosque was built after the second Potiphar. So the type is a lot

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of history. But anyway, at that point for simplifying purposes, at that point, the halifa that remained in Spain was there just for medical purposes. You guys understand the Muslim khilafah was more or less gone. And at that point, being a Muslim, right? Muslims have more or less left the country most Muslims are already left the country and those Muslims that did remain there were practicing Islam secretly. The Mufti from Northern Africa had actually given them fatwa because if anyone was caught doing will do openly. They will be punished. They will be executed if anyone was caught doing

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Hopefully they will be executed. So the movie gave them permission that you can do a demo, you don't you guys get you don't have to do anymore. And not only do them, if they were caught even rubbing their hands like this, the non Muslims knew that they were doing them. So in order to even do it more secretly, while walking, they would take their hands and rub them against the wall like this, you can see they will rub their hands against the wall like this. And they will do and those who are suspected of being Muslims, they couldn't even close the doors in their houses so that people can see whether they're praying Salah or not. And people used to pray a lot on behind the doors of their

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houses behind the doors of the houses to read the Koran. And there's a very tough time. And around that era before it's not too long, just not too long before. But before that era, when Muslims are struggling the most, one Muslim halifa decides to build this ginormous budget.

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Right? And that money should have I mean, historians that critically the critical call that out, they said it's a very beautiful budget. We don't I mean, everybody goes there until today, they're taking pictures of it. And you know, it's a very beautiful budget, but it was built at a time where that money was needed somewhere else. So when you look at it, you know, just coming back to the original point here. Remember, it's not about what the law is teaching us that when wealth gets in the heart of people, what happens is that they forget the focus of their life. And I started off by saying that how a beautiful loon says that there is 100 period Golden Age. And after a second third

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generation who didn't grow up going through that struggle, when they born into wealthy families, and so on. They lose value for wealth at all. And now they're looking down upon every person they meet. And they're trying to make the point that they're better than them. And this woman was always warning us up here that watch out for this sort of people, you will end up losing your religion in animosity toward them, and your difficulties with them will be long and drawn out your difficult difficulties are going to get long and drawn out. Why? Because they have a lot of wealth, they'll take you to court, they'll sue you over something silly to keep paying lawyers and they'll just make

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your life miserable. The worst thing about going to court or being sued isn't the money that you lose, it's the stress and sleep that you lose. It's the stress involved in the sleep that you lose. And that's what he's telling us here. Do not relax and let your guard down with them when they honor you. And be wary of them when they praise you to your face or show affection for you. Now, Mangala Listen, also be on the defensive because sometimes some people you meet they may be they may get very sweet with you very quickly. But when someone gets to sit with you too quick, what does that mean?

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That there may be a storm coming soon. So he says Watch out. Yes. If you were to look into the reality of the situation, you will find that only one in 100 of them is sincere. Do not expect them to treat you the same way in private as they do in public. Do not be surprised if they slander you in your absence. Do not get angry with them. Because if you are fair and honest, you will find that they that you act the same way, even with your friends and your relatives, indeed, even with your teachers and your parents, because it says Look, here we're talking about that that acquaintance and how bad he could be and how good he could be and all that stuff. Remember that he says don't go

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around judging people. Because the truth is, you're probably the same as that person. You know, someone who's looking to benefit from other people's weaknesses. Someone wants to make a point about people, someone who always wants to get the one up, because it says you're looking at that person looking at is false. The truth is that those are probably your faults as well. Have you been given that? My teacher used to say that wealth exposes people? What does wealth do? exposes them? It shows them it's like a spotlight and you're in poverty, the spotlights not on you. You don't know if you are wealthy, whether you would be good or bad. Nobody knows. You know, those of us who don't have

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wealth, we think to ourselves Ayala if I had wealth I would give in your cause we say that. But do we know if we would do that? We don't know. But when you're given wealth, now you're exposed. Now that spotlight is on you know, you said a little while ago that if you had wealth, you would give it to the poor people. Now let's see, I'll give you Well, let's see if you're if you're if you're if you're truthful or not. So this is an image because it is saying that don't just go around judging other people. Now, ask yourself that if you were in their position, would you not be the same person or not. And the chances are like even because it said one and 100 are only sincere for you mentioned

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about them in their absence, where you do not say to their faces, do not covet their money or status or hope for their support. The Communist person in most cases fails in the end to get what he wanted. And in the present is most certainly humiliated. If you ask one of your acquaintances to do something for you, and he doesn't think a lot most hi and thank the person to if he does not manage to do it, do not rebuke him nor complain about it, lest emanate enmity develop, rather and be like the believer seeking out excuses for his brother and not like the hypocrite who searches for faults. See, perhaps he was unable to do it for some reason I am not aware of so if someone's an

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acquaintance of yours, you ask them to do something, they don't do it, let it go. If they do it for you, think Allah subhanho wa Taala try to make excuses for other people. You know, we have an issue in our day and age that it's very important to address. I feel like this is a very big disease that we have and we have to end it. And some of the olders here may not understand it. A lot of the young guys will do this. You know, there's a technology that we have a text messaging text messaging technology, right. So text messaging technology, I use it

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have an issue with that. But in the modern day that we're living in, there's, there's now a newer technology with the text messaging technology. What does that it's this idea of, for example, like WhatsApp or telegram, telegram right telegram, or the iMessage. So it's called the iMessage, iPhone, iPhone, iPhone, or blue, the BlackBerry message. So now, why did I mention these four in particular, I sent them for a reason. The reason is because you don't only send the message, you know, when the other person read it.

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That's very dangerous. The reason why that's so dangerous is because you being told the other person read it is what that's spying. Whether someone reads a message or not, that's their, that's an in private for them. Now, for me to know, every time you read a message, if I know you read my message, and you don't respond, what's gonna happen to me?

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My heart's gonna feel bad. And that's why Islam prohibits spying, because you only have a part of the picture, you don't have the full picture. Now I know you read my email, and you didn't tell me if you were to tell me you read my email, then you can explain why you didn't reply. That's the whole idea behind Islam, prohibiting spying. So if there's anything I need to tell you, I tell it to you, and I keep my explanation. But if someone else is telling you, I did something that I was that I didn't privacy, and you don't have an explanation for why I did it, that's going to create a lot of hatred and animosity, it'll tell you it'll tear people up. I've seen this happen. I'm telling

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you, I've seen this happen so much. You This may sound silly to you. But families are broken up because of this. Literally, I'm not joking, your families are broken up because of this. I've seen where a husband says to me that my wife reads my messages, but doesn't respond back to me. And that really makes me angry. Right? businesses have broken up. One, one guy I know, he hired, he hired a team of employees, and all of his employees, he made them use the BlackBerry messenger, you know, the BlackBerry one, it used to be before this is the old story. And ever, why did he do that? Because that would help him monitor all of his employees, the one that whether they read his

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messages when they didn't respond, why they didn't respond, and he would be somewhere else in the world. So I asked them, How did that work out for you monitoring them in that way? Because it's spying? I wanted to know how it worked out for him spying on his employees, Could your business be successful? He's a chef, I'm not gonna lie to you. It was the most miserable thing. Why is that? Because every year I will lose at least five or six employees. I have to go through hiring all over again. spying is a really bad things, my friend, right? And I think especially in this context, we have to be careful because the mom was out of here telling us to think good of people. And if you're

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spying on people, how good you think good of them.

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Do not manage any of them. Unless you first see in him he willingness to accept it. lest he refuse to hear it from you and turn against you. Mmm. Was it someone that your acquaintance? Do you need to go and fix everything? every mistake he makes? Makes? No, no. Because it says if you feel if you have a reason, very firm reason to believe that if you tell him he's gonna listen, then tell him otherwise Don't tell him. People. What happens in today's world is that they see someone doing something wrong. And they tell them. Now Islam tells you you only tell someone if they're doing something wrong. If you know they're gonna listen to you. But if by you telling them they're gonna

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get angry with you, and things are just going to go very bad very quick. Are you supposed to tell them? Yes or No, you're not supposed to say it. That's as we would say, in English. It's none of your instead of your business, why would you go and mess up someone else's life, it becomes your business, if that guy agrees to be someone who's going to reciprocate what you're saying, if you're going to give them a good heart, they're listening to you, then you go and tell them that's another story. But otherwise, it's going to people and and what happens in today's world is that people use religion, to poke at other people to make them upset.

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You guys understand that? You see someone else's fault. You say, islamically, it's not permissible. Now, what is it islamically because that person knows they can't, they can't reject that. And now you just tick you just tick them off by using Islam. So I call it beating someone up with a shield of Islam. Islam is supposed to be a shield. Good. But you're beating people up with that shield. And this happens in marriages all the time. husband is always speaking back to the wife and she says, Why do you say this to me? He says it's my Islamic Right.

00:23:56--> 00:24:29

Right. So he's using Islam to hurt someone else. You know, you go to someone and tell them that I want you to leave this business. Why? Because it's Islamic this Islamic that now, it's important for people to be aware of their Islam. Don't get me wrong, don't misunderstand what I'm saying. But you only teach Islam to someone who you think will reciprocate what you're saying, not someone that will turn into enemy anyone because it highlights to assata Hassan Ali, yes. If one of them has made a mistake in some manner, and arrogantly refuses to take advice from anyone, do not teach them for the ni derive benefit from your knowledge and yet become your enemy. And if you realize your

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acquaintance as someone who's arrogant, don't teach them anything. Why? Because you'll teach him something. But he'll use that against you. And that's a very dangerous person.

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become your enemy except when they have committed an act of disobedience and ignore ignorance, in which case you should remind them of the truth generally without being harsh. If you see that they have done us a lot of generosity or goodness, think a lot who has caused them to love you. But if you see something malicious from them, leave them to Allah mighty and majestic secrets

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From their heart, and do not censor them, nor say to them, don't you know who I am, or I am so and so the son of so and so. Or I am a very knowledgeable person. This is the speech of fools. And the most coolest person is one who deems itself upright and praises him

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a lot. He says, When you meet friends, what's one of the most common things people do? They'll make a point to say, Oh, where are you from? I'm from Chicago. Where are you from? I'm from I'm from Southern California, for example. What do you do in California? I work at it. Some it ventures in business, what do you do? Oh, I'm an Imam, and so on so much the nice city here and I did this. So you're basically drop your whole bio on them. And the reason is to try to intimidate them. And Mama was like this is only a fool needs to praise himself. Right? honorable person will never needed to go tell people how great they are. People will experience their greatness just by being with them.

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And there are many examples of this. People being inspired by actions of scholars are great, great individuals from Islamic history. You should know that a lot of mighty and majestic would not give them power over you except because of something you could committed in the past. So secret last forgiveness for your sin and realize that it is a punishment for you from him. Be among them as one who hears the true things they say in terms of deaf ear to his to their falsehoods, one speaks about their good qualities and remain silent about their shortcomings. When you're with acquaintances. Listen to the good things. They say the bad things they say what do you do?

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You ignore it and turn away. You don't listen to it. don't engage. You're sitting at a restaurant. There are a few people on the other side. They're Sipping Some Chai. And they're doing a whole lot of leave. But what do you do?

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You ignore, get up and leave that gathering. And if they're talking about good things contribute, but don't join them in the harm they're doing. Because you've just dropped yourself, when you get up and leave. It may be hard for you to do. But every person in that gathered will respect you whether they like to accept it or not. They'll respect you. Because you'd show that you're greater than them. And you have better things to do. Yes. Be wary of associating with the pseudo jurists of your time, especially those who busy themselves with differences of opinion, and disputation. He says, Don't go to people who claim to be optimist, but they're not alums. And in today's world, we have no

00:27:09--> 00:27:40

lack of them. We have so many people in the world who are claiming to be scholars, but in reality, they haven't studied people who just want to be Imams, people who want to be out there, and they want to teach, but unfortunately, haven't studied them. Because it says these people are very dangerous. Why is that? Is because someone who studied a little bit? What's their perspective always going to be? that whatever little I know is, it's right, everything. And that's right, that's what they're gonna feel. And because they don't have a lot of knowledge, they'll never know that the other side, there's another side to the story, or that there are other opinions, or there are

00:27:40--> 00:28:05

different perspectives on this issue. So when that happens, if someone thinks that because they have a little knowledge, because they have a little knowledge, they think they're right, then they're going to argue with everyone who doesn't agree with them. Instead of for example, someone who's made a video on it, right? They grew up making videos in a particular way. Now, they don't know that radionic can be made in 10 different ways. They've always grown up in one village one time, they never left the border of that town. And when they do leave that border, and they see someone else making video on you, what are they going to say?

00:28:07--> 00:28:36

That's wrong, you just did it wrong. Because that's not how you make money. That person's gonna say, No, no, no. And my country may go like this. They say your country doesn't matter. And you're ready. It doesn't matter. You can call that kitchen if you want to. You can call us when do we don't call it biani. Because in heteroplasmic, we're down to like this. Right? So now you have this people who aren't going to agree they're going to create a lot of fitna and a lot of fighting men, because it says if you sit with someone who's always going to argue, and if you look up to that person, as a leader as an atom, then what are you going to learn? arguing is a it's a good thing. Largely arguing

00:28:36--> 00:28:51

is great, you're supposed to go and fight with people. It's so funny last night. Last night, I was on my Facebook and I was just going through my newsfeed. And one person wrote on their their status, it said that, Can any of my friends who are Shias? Please comment on this? I would like to remove you all immediately.

00:28:52--> 00:29:04

That's what it said. When I read this, I thought to myself, yeah, Allah, Who makes a giant Steven like this, you know, can all my friends who are Shia, please comment and I would like to remove you immediately.

00:29:05--> 00:29:22

So when I saw this, I mean, there were there were like over 200 comments, by the way, I can just imagine how bad that comment was that that post must have ended. But anyway, I just clicked on that person's name. And what bothered me the most is what I saw is that person's occupation. You know, their occupation said it's $1 in a law.

00:29:23--> 00:29:55

But my occupation is I invite people towards the deen of Allah subhana wa Tada. And that's what I held in the head and said, Yeah, Allah, people who claim that they're doing vow, Allah, this is the kind of word they're using. And it just shows so like, you know, they're so far away from understanding what the deen actually is so much immaturity, not understanding what the deen is and how to how to approach things properly. And look where they lead us become argue and argue and argue, because it says how you avoid that is by staying away from pseudo jurors. You know, half the jurors. I said this to you guys before and I'll say it again. They say name Hakeem.

00:29:56--> 00:29:59

cateura me Hakeem Katara john.

00:30:00--> 00:30:37

mala fatra a man that have a doctor, your life's in danger. Half a scholar, your spirit is in danger. You know, they both have a very big danger. Yes. Be wary of associating with a pseudo tourists for they will just be waiting for a disastrous turn of fortune to strike you out of me. They will make conclusive judgments based on negative supposition and will wink at one another about you behind your back. If you keep their company, they take account of every slip, then confirm you with with them all when they are angry or during a debate. So they're gonna watch every little mistake you do. And then when the time comes, they'll lay the SmackDown on you. Because the soldiers

00:30:37--> 00:31:09

that have 5050 scholars, they don't know too much about what he do. Forget it, leave it overlook it. Why? Because there are so many other things in the world to do. He'll know this wasn't the way of the prophets of Allah. The Prophet said a lesson didn't come aggressive and people he didn't come harsh on people he was forgiving, overlooking kind and merciful when he approached people and teaching them they do not help you when you stumble forgive you when you slip, nor cover up any fault you may have. They take you to account over the most trivial insignificant thing. Why is that? The reason why they expose you on everything that you do wrong, is to make a point to people that

00:31:09--> 00:31:10

they know something.

00:31:11--> 00:31:43

Are you guys understanding? If I sit here and I pulled up, I'm mistaken every person sitting in this gathering. What is everyone going to think, man, that Mufti? His boss is a very smart guy. He's a very sharp guy, look at him. He knows so much that he can take a mistake out of every person. You guys understand that? If someone sits here and critiques another Mufti or another alum, everyone's gonna say, oh, look how smart he is. He could take a mistake out of another scholar. Look, I imagine how intelligent this guy is. So that's the that's the the backlash of sitting with these half baked half baked lefties right or half big scholars, that they're always trying to make a point. But they

00:31:43--> 00:32:16

know something. As for someone who studied the dean, they don't need to make a point. Because they know what they've done is something that means something they don't have to go out and prove to people. They envy you over every blessing, great or small. They incite your brothers against you by tail bearing gossiping and false accusation. If they seem pleased with you, outwardly, they are all they are all flattery. If they get angry, they reveal a deep in ordinary resentment. Yeah, all these things that Amazon is saying, honestly, each one requires a lecture in itself. And I mean, that very honestly, like amount goes on its head right now, if they ever pleased with you, it's flattering,

00:32:16--> 00:32:49

they're not really pleased. They're not pleased, if they're praising you, they're not really happy. And the underlying, the underlying issue with such a person who sits with the pseudo scholars, or the pseudo scholars himself, is that they lack in spiritual development. That's the summary of it all. And because they don't have proper spirits, because they didn't sit with scholars for the right period of time, because they don't have the right spiritual development. There are a lot of negative, there's a lot of negativity that comes out of them. And this is what he was trying to highlight here. And there are examples of this, you put an engine in a car that can't handle that

00:32:49--> 00:33:19

engine, what's gonna happen to that car, it's gonna break apart, everybody knows that the body has to match the engine, you kind of have a lot of power and the body isn't made, you kind of have like, you know, a body made of wood and the engine, if the engine, the body is going to fall apart, put the thing at 150 200 miles an hour, the body is going to fall apart. So you can just put heavy power anywhere, if you're going to put heavy power somewhere, you need to make sure the body is ready for the foundation is ready for it. So that's the same thing with him. You can't just go and pick up his body and start reading it, because that's heavy power there. But that heavy power is going into a

00:33:19--> 00:33:53

car that's going to rip apart the second that car starts speeding up. You guys understand the point here. And that's what he's trying to say here, that these people because they're not fully, they're not proper scholars, they're not fully studied, there are going to be many things that you're going to see them many bad things that you're going to see in them many things that you're going to see in them that you won't find other Imams and others who are properly studied. Yes, they are externally cold, but within they are wolves. This is the conclusion one comes to about about them after observing the majority of them, except those who a lot most hypertexts mangalica say there are some

00:33:53--> 00:34:27

people who are not full scholars, but they studied a little bit, but they're amazing people. It doesn't happen. Don't get me wrong, there are some people who may not be the full fledged causalities of their times. They've maybe studied one or two years here and there, but they're amazing people. And that's because Allah subhanaw taala showered his favorite upon them. It makes that clear here he says don't judge everyone the same, but the chances are one in 100. And he said that himself earlier on. To keep the company is to incur loss in close association with them leads to utter failure. If this is the judgment of one who affects friendship outwardly, what then have

00:34:27--> 00:34:59

one who openly shows his enmity to you. Take the advice. He says, we're talking about acquaintances, and here we're talking about an acquaintance who possibly could be good or possibly could be bad. Now what about someone who's very open and says I'm your enemy? Then should it be close to that person? Now you need to stay away and be careful because that person is only going to intend to harm torture. Yes. Take the advice of the one who said Be cautious of your enemy once yet be wary of your friend 1000 times for it may be that the friend will turn again

00:35:00--> 00:35:19

Do you and then knows better how to harm you? It has been similarly sized. Your enemy may sometimes come from your friends, so do not have too many friends for most of the diseases that you see have their origins in eating and drinking and be as large Why is what so why did you say this? Most of the diseases start from eating and drinking.

00:35:21--> 00:35:32

Because eating and drinking are your friends. It's something everyone desires. Everyone likes food, everyone likes to drink, you're enjoying your food and drink. But little Do you know the one thing that you're enjoying right now on the table is going to go ahead and

00:35:33--> 00:36:05

it's going to be the one that kills you. Everyone loves sugar, don't think it's such a sweet thing. Everyone likes putting it in there and you enjoy it so much. But just like a friend who you enjoy the company of sugar, something you enjoy eating, but little Do you know that very same sugar up ahead is going to go ahead and kill you that food and drink. This is where diseases start from. That's what it says I'll do will come in Saudi Tikka Mustafa done for Iran. Amina Sahabi, face Faina da da da da, da da who yaku Lumina, Tommy shahabi. It comes from eating and drinking. Yes. And be as long a marijuana

00:36:07--> 00:36:43

when I forgive all in Harvard, no rancor toward any, I relieve myself of the worry of me. So here he said that the poet said that when I forgive people, I'm actually doing myself a favor. Why is that? Because when I forgive someone, I'm saving myself from the agony and pain of enmity. You know, when you have someone that's your enemy. It bothers you doesn't. Even when you're lying down before you go to sleep. What's the last thing you think of your enemy, you're jealous of your enemy, you're angry at your enemy. So he says when I forgive someone, I'm not favoring him. I'm actually favoring myself because I don't have to worry about anyone being my enemy. I can enjoy my state by nighttime.

00:36:44--> 00:37:26

Indeed, I give good greetings to my enemy upon seeing him so as to repel evil with salutations. I display joy and meaning when I despise as if he has filled my heart with happiness. I am not even Safe, safe with those I do not know how then could I be saved with those who affect me who affects loving me. People are an illness and their cure is abandoning them by harshness toward them. The bonds of brotherhood are cut. So make peace with people and you will be safe from the troubles they cause and be avid to acquire chivalrous traits. deal with people with good character and be patient as long as you remain with them. See No Evil, Hear No Evil, speak no evil. Be Your second suspect.

00:37:26--> 00:37:30

That's all interesting. See No Evil. Hear No Evil, speak no evil gee.

00:37:31--> 00:38:11

And be some of the envy as some of the sages have said. Meet your friend and your enemy with the same face. One of contentment, neither lowering yourself to them in humiliation, nor looking up to them in all, so even your friends and your enemies. don't respect them too much. And don't lower yourself too much. Find the balance there, whether friend or enemy, be the be of one stature, one balance, have a dignified bearing without arrogance and show humility without a basement. Take the middle of course in all your manners. Because both extremes in any manner are blameworthy. Do not look around from side to side in self conceit. They're constantly glance behind you. Do not stop and

00:38:11--> 00:38:44

talk to every group you come across. And if you do sit down with them, do not sit in a restless manner. Make sure you avoid clasping your fingers together, playing with your beard or in picking your teeth. putting your finger up your nose, a lot of spinning or clearing your throat swatting flies away from your face and too much stretching or yawning. Whether in front of people in the ritual prayer or elsewhere, I hear him I was already saying these are things that a person does in privacy. You know, these are things for person needs to no one's watching you, you need to clean your air, you go ahead and do that. If no one's watching you, you need to wipe your face, you can go

00:38:44--> 00:39:14

ahead and do that. You know you need to stretch you do that in privacy. When you're stretching your body is not in the best posture, you know, you're exposing yourself. So he says things that you would naturally do when you're alone. Under no circumstance should you ever do them in. In public never do them in public. Because when you do those things in public, you lose respect in the eyes of people. If you become someone who's constantly putting the ear finger, their ear or their nose or clean their eyes like this in front of people all the time, people are gonna think what's this guy doing? These are things you're supposed to in privacy. He's doing a public, he doesn't have any

00:39:14--> 00:39:49

honor and respect and you're going to lose your honor right there. That's what he was always wanting to. So rather than let the way you sit, be quiet and calm and your speech orderly and thought out well pay proper attention to the good conversation of the ones speaking to you without showing exaggerated amazement. And do not ask him to repeat himself. So when you're listening to someone else, it says don't ask him to repeat because if you ask him to repeat, that means you weren't paying attention. And don't randomly be extra amazed. Because if you oh my goodness, that's amazing when you don't really mean it. Because if you do that he's gonna know that you're not paying or not

00:39:49--> 00:40:00

paying attention. Okay? g remain silent when people are joking and telling stories. Do not speak about how proud you are of your children, your poetry, your mode of expression, your living

00:40:00--> 00:40:33

work or other matters personally, when you're sitting with people, don't tell them about your achievements. Oh, my son is so good. And my wife is so good and my house is so good and my car is so good. My job is so good. My mom and dad are so good or whatever it is. Because when you start praising yourself, then you're going to bring the evil eye towards you. People are going to start looking at you in the wrong way. So be careful of that. Do not go to great lengths to dress yourself up as a woman does. Don't let yourself be unkempt and unruly like asleep. Hearing man, was it something that's that? Don't go for men. This is in particular, don't over don't become too

00:40:33--> 00:41:12

beautiful in front of people. Like there's there because as a man, there is an idea of keeping yourself maintained. But not beautifying yourself beautifying is for women, yes. Avoid wearing too much coal in your eyes or being extravagant in your use of oil. So like I said, maintaining is okay, so grooming yourself, applying oil wearing a nice garment that's iron. This is all maintaining that's good. But beautifying, beautifying is like applying makeup, or applying or wearing silk garment. These are all for women, silver, and gold jewelry. That's all beautifying. That's all for women, not for men. Do not insist upon having your needs met. Do not encourage anyone else to come

00:41:12--> 00:41:43

in oppression, do not inform you're not encouraged anyone else to commit oppression. This is a very common thing you'll find today, some friends will tell someone else, you know, I'll give you five bucks if you can put a firecracker in that guy's mailbox. Right? So now you're encouraging him to do oppression? Or, you know, there are many ways that this manifesting itself so worn these WARNING This not inform your spouse or spouse or children, let alone anyone else have the amount of your Hmm, what do you say here? Don't even tell your wife or your children how much money you have.

00:41:45--> 00:42:02

Forget anyone else. So if you have money, you shouldn't tell anyone. Why is that? He said because they're going to become jealous of you. If your children or your wife know, how many times have you seen in history, that people have actually killed others to get inheritance? Have you guys heard of these stories? There are many stories like this.

00:42:04--> 00:42:38

That still happens now you're right. People kill each other over inheritance. Simon was on he says, Don't tell anyone how much money you have. If someone asks you how much money you have, push it off. You know, ask them what can I do for you, but don't tell anyone here he's saying that did not inform your spouse or your children, let alone anyone else have that amount of wealth you have? Yes. For the consumer to be little, you will be a little unfortunate to them. If you don't have enough money, then they're gonna say this person is of no use. And if you have too much, then you will never satisfied because if you have a lot of money and all your friends know that what's gonna happen?

00:42:40--> 00:43:06

No, they're gonna say, look this up, I need to buy a car, can I have $5,000 with the SOP, I need to buy a laptop, I need $1,000 I should solve I need this, I need this, you know anyone else, they're gonna come and say I need this. I need this. And if you want to give us a cotton sofa, that's okay. But the idea that people are coming and asking you simply because you have wealth, and they think there's free handouts now, there, you're never going to be able to satisfy them because they're gonna come again and again. And the one time you tell them no, what's gonna happen?

00:43:08--> 00:43:37

They're gonna become your enemy. Yeah, we have experienced people here, Mashallah. They're gonna become your enemy. But all my life I gave you. And now one time I said no to you, and you forget the way you're reacting. So remember that he says, The best way is, don't let anyone know how much money you have. That's it simple. You know, you can control it. And even if you don't have as it says, Here, don't tell your spouse. But let's say for example, for family purposes, you're going to have a joint account and your spouse will know, you should let your spouse know from day one, that this is a family secret. Whatever, whatever money we have, we keep it between us and nobody else should

00:43:37--> 00:43:41

know. And this right here is some very powerful advice. Who is giving

00:43:44--> 00:44:17

it Yes. be strict with them without being harsh, and be lenient with them without being too hard on Oh, look at that balance. He says, with your acquaintances, or people that you know, be strict with them without being harsh. What does that mean? Don't be a walkover. So someone says someone comes to you and starts bullying you, you let them know, that's not gonna happen. But at the same time, you don't have to punch them to tell them that's not gonna happen. You just know, let them know that you can't bully me like this. And at the same time, be lenient with them without being weak. If they need something, they need some help. They want to be nice, you know, they're there, you'd be leaning

00:44:17--> 00:44:21

with them. But don't be weak, where they come and walk all over you. So this is a very unique

00:44:22--> 00:44:38

stance that a man was always teaching us to take. Do not joke around with your male or female servants or your dignity will be lost. In arguments with others guard against your own ignorance and rashness. Consider all your points before you make them when you're in discussion with someone don't just keep talking

00:44:39--> 00:45:00

to their loved one needs to say that if you are sitting with 10 people don't say anything. Why is that? Because they will know how stupid you are. The second you start speaking and you don't, your words aren't composed properly. Your thoughts on compose properly, your grammar is off your sentence structure is off, your pronunciation is off. They're gonna say this person didn't even make it the middle

00:45:00--> 00:45:16

School, you're giving away your identity. So under the law one says when you sit with 10 people, what's the best thing for you to do? If 10 people are talking about politics, what should you do? Stay quiet. If you stay quiet, what's the benefit? First of all, you didn't expose yourself. And second of all, now what?

00:45:19--> 00:45:21

They think that you're too smart. That's why you didn't talk.

00:45:23--> 00:45:34

You played them, you understand. So someone, they don't know how much you know. And maybe you sat there because you thought they were all idiots. And they're gonna think, man, that guy knows so much that he just sat there and nodded his head, but he didn't say a single word, gee,

00:45:35--> 00:46:05

stimulate too much. Keep turning around to look at those behind you or fall to your knees. Speak only when your anger has abated. If the ruler tries to befriend you and bring you close, be with him as you would the sharp edge of a sphere head, don't get too close to the media. Don't get too close to rulers don't become too close to the politicians. Why? Because this is a world, the politicians, the media, the leaders, where everyone's in it for themselves. The second they have to throw you under the bus, they'll do it and they won't even look back. That's what he's saying. Here.

00:46:07--> 00:46:08

You can read the footnote.

00:46:09--> 00:46:47

Avoiding the rulers necessary because mixing with him leads sometimes to acceptance of his oppression and relief in his life. Whoever falls into this will be raised with the ruler on the day of judgement, Day of Judgment as a law most high says, gathered those who are oppressive and their partners, that is those who assist them and are to be found in their circles. It is related that the Prophet sallahu wa sallam said, there will be leaders after me. Whoever enters their circles and believes their lies and helps them is not from me, nor am it from him. nor will he be given to drink from the pool. In some narrations, it says the pool is how they go through the pool of the puffs are

00:46:47--> 00:47:22

some that he will give water from on the Day of Judgment. So if you have people now who are known for being oppressors, people that are known for being abusers, if you hang out with them, when are people going to think that that person approves them? So the Prophet is saying if you hang out with them, and you approve them, or even seemingly people think you approve them, then you share that person's sin? Yes. In some narrations, it says the most evil scholars are those closest to the leaders. And the best leaders are those who are closest to the scholars. As for the necessity, that's interesting, the most evil scholars are those that are close to the leaders. So the scholars

00:47:22--> 00:47:57

should engage the leaders. But the best leaders are those that are close to the scholars. So he's saying there that you don't go to the leaders that the leaders come to let them come to you. That's the trick. It doesn't mean that you can be close to politicians, and you can't be close to the media outlets, but you don't go to them. You let them come to you. So that means that way, it's on your ground on your turf, you dictate Yes. As for the necessity of disagreeing with oppressors and oppression, it is because God most high said, do not lean toward those who commit oppression, lest you be seized by the fire of health. Gee, that's the last footnote of this book. Yes. We have one

00:47:57--> 00:48:32

page left and we'll finish you were the Fairweather friend, for he is the worst of enemies, and do not value your wealth more than your honor. Yes. Do not value your wealth more than your honor. This is a statement, you can tweet this such a powerful statement. Do not value your wealth more than your honor. Luckily, this amount of advice should be enough for you. Because it is wrapping up the book. He said, I've given you some and honestly when you have time, I want you to go back and read this last chapter again. There's so much advice. And there's so much so many gems in there if you just sit down and actually given thought and think about them. So my mom was always wrapping up the

00:48:32--> 00:48:47

book. He said, This is all my advice. Now that's close the book off and send you off home. Yes, this amount of advice should be enough for you dear young one at the beginning of the path of guidance. Experiment with it on yourself. So you remember what this book is called?

00:48:48--> 00:49:23

vegan guidance. Remember that is saying, You're the beginner of guidance, I've given you more than you need. Now, if you can act upon this book, you are no longer a you're no longer a beginner. So if you've act upon everything I taught, now it's time for you to become advanced. But if you haven't, this is more than enough advice. Get on with it. Yes, it has three sections, a section on acting in obedience to Allah Al ghazali. summarizing the book, he said this book had three major sections. The first, it told us all the things we need to do. The second told us all the things we needed to stay away from. And the third taught us how to socialize with people. Yes, taking together these three

00:49:23--> 00:49:55

elements fully encompass the servants interactions with the creator and his creation. Now at the end of the day, I've taught you how to deal with Allah. And I've taught you how to deal with the people, the harlot and the Muslim. If you see irrelevant to you, and you find your heart inclining toward it and desiring to act upon it. Then know that you are a servant whose heart A lot has illuminated with true faith and whose breast has been expanded to accept it because it says here that look if my book was beneficial to you, and you were excited to act upon this, and what was said in here, you didn't get offended by it. You were open to it accepted, then know that Allah has blessed mood in your

00:49:55--> 00:50:00

heart. And your heart has been opened by a lot less favorite view because there are many

00:50:00--> 00:50:32

People who when they read this, they get offended. They feel like, you know, what is this and they can't digest what's being said they can't act upon it. Yes. And be absolutely certain that this beginning has an end. And behind it are spiritual secrets. And now that you started liking this book, this is only the beginning. And there's an end which means there's a long journey ahead of you and the more you cross that journey, the more the secrets of Allah will open to you the love of Allah, the hubbub of Allah, these things are going to open to you and you're going to enjoy it more and more. Yes, and behind it our spiritual secrets depths of understanding types of knowledge and

00:50:32--> 00:51:07

unveilings. We have explained he uses these four words very carefully. So a warm illumine cache pattern. Yes, we have explained these matters in the revival of the religious sciences. So make an effort to study it. Now Mongolia says For those of you who enjoyed this book, you benefited I've written this is just the beginning the rest of the book, you can get you the rest of your journey, you can seek it through his other books, y'all know, Medina has a very famous book. Now he says, For those people who didn't enjoy this book, those people who find it very hard to act upon this book, we have a message for you to do If on the other hand, you find that your that your lower self

00:51:07--> 00:51:40

considers these tests too burdensome in regard to this kind of knowledge as too much trouble asking you how will this type of knowledge benefit you in the gatherings of scholars? So now you say to yourself How is eating with the right hand going to benefit you when you're sitting with other anama? How was reading the law and waking up in the morning gonna benefit you when you're when you're sitting with other 1am? I you understand that idea? So then a man was Alex is that means you're insincere? How is how is reading the law, when you wake up in the morning going to get you more followers on Facebook and Twitter? Because obviously, you've missed the whole point, you don't

00:51:40--> 00:52:14

understand what's happening. Yes. If you ask what will it cause you to excel among your colleagues and peers? When is all of this? When is this book gonna help me get a million followers? This is this is I'm just translating what he's saying into modern day to modern day words. Yes. How will they raise your status in the meetings of leaders and ministers? Or if you wonder how am I going to become a politician by reading the dwarf while entering the machine? Right? This is something that asked us right? How was it gonna help me? Yes? Or if you ask how old are for your connections with no noteworthy figures, higher earnings in positions of ranking endowment or in the legal courts to

00:52:14--> 00:52:27

all these questions? How is this alien these things right here you know, which was to read and the diseases of the heart and other stuff How is it gonna make you excel in the worldly matters climbing that Islamic? The Islamic ladder? When I say it's not a ladder? I mean, that Islamic

00:52:29--> 00:52:52

political ladder, or Islamic? The Celebrity ladder? How is it going to get me to the top layman? Because honestly, if you're asking these questions, and I have a message for you, yes, no man this shirt on has gotten misguided you and caused you to forget your destiny, which is to return to a law in your final abode in the hereafter. So find the devil like yourself to teach you what you think will bring you to your own goal a law

00:52:54--> 00:53:15

says, if that's all you want, then find a shaytaan just like you're a chef on to your filthy from inside, go find another filthy person and they'll show you how to get filthy goals. But this right here has nothing to do with shape. Ah, this is purity and impure. People are usually not excited by seeing pure, pure thing. That's our lesson the Quran, Allah sabetha to lcbc will tell you

00:53:16--> 00:53:57

that there's a there's a there's a there's a an attraction of good to good and impure to impure, and know with certainty that a Dominion you may have in your immediate locality, let alone in your town or country will never be without troubles. Moreover, in exchange, you will remember God is saying, if you are ever in position of authority, whether it's over the machine over your family, you are going to meet a lot of trouble by law. So be careful because Allah is going to hold you accountable. Yes. Moreover, in exchange, you will lose the everlasting dominion and eternal bliss in the proximity of the Lord of the worlds. He is enough for us in the best of patrons, Husqvarna namun,

00:53:57--> 00:54:33

Joaquin hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen, wa sallahu, wa sallam Hammad, while early he was so happy, he was suddenly met Sleeman kathira en la Mateen. So with that the Mongols it finishes off the book. So this is a very beautiful text and humble Have you read it over the past year or so. And there are some very beautiful advices that we learned from the book very beautiful principles, some very eye opening statements and lessons anyway because it gives us any notice from Amazon his book, especially if you're listening to it from the beginning until now, sometime in Mongols it becomes a little harsh and statements as you saw at the end. He was he said that if you are someone who's all

00:54:33--> 00:54:59

after World, then go find a devil like yourself. That's a very harsh statement. But you have to understand the reason why I'm glad he's using these harsh statements is because he really wants you to understand what the purpose of it is, what the purpose of all this knowledge is. It's not fame. And if for a moment you think that the purpose of knowledge is fame, you are setting your spirit on fire, you're going to destroy yourself. You have to remind yourself the purpose of writing is not fame. It's to humble yourself in front of a lesson.

00:55:00--> 00:55:32

Without a, you know, a scholar isn't one who learns and stands tall. A scholar is one who learns and and lowers himself and says that sort of Allah subhanho wa Taala in lowers you, it doesn't raise you, it doesn't make you arrogant. And along with any members, it teaches us at the beginning of the book, all the things we need to do, then you're talking about the second part of the book, all the things we need to stay away from, let him because he closed off the book by discussing how to interact with people. So from this we learn, doing is important. staying away from harm is important. Building a good connection with Allah is important. And dealing with people properly is

00:55:32--> 00:56:01

also important. And when you look at this, this is a summary of the full religion and the full Dean. We're pray that Allah subhana wa tada accepts this gathering, Allah subhanaw taala forgives any wrong things that we said in this gathering. Allah subhanaw taala allows us to act upon all the good things you said in this gathering and remake the law that Allah subhanaw taala showers agree with Mama was added on to La Jolla for Shahrukh for sharing with us this great knowledge and that allows it allows us to be amongst those who are with the pious and righteous on the day of judgment in law make from our children and our progeny. pious and righteous men and women like the likes of mumbles.

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The lady will set a lot I see that Mohammed Lada earlier