99 Names of Allah #20 Al-Alim

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Tonight marks 80 days until Ramadan. And tonight's name is Li Li.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is Li Li, the one who knows the one who knows absolutely everything.

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Let's think about us people, and what we know for a second.

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Can you remember back to when you're a baby?

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Most of you can't. I know I can't.

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Well, can you remember a time before you're a baby? When you were still in your mother's womb? Or even before that before you were even an idea?

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before anybody knew that you were going to be born?

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No, we don't know anything about those times except what other people tell us.

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This was the year 2021.

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Does anybody think that they're going to be able

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to know and to see what happens in the year 3021.

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Unless some sort of miraculous technology comes along, all of us will be long gone.

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dead by then.

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And so we're not going to know anything about that time.

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So there's a time before we existed where we don't know anything, really. And there's a time after we'll be gone where we don't really know anything.

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Now let's think about where we're at right now.

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I'm alive. I have my health Hamdulillah.

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How much can I know?

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Can I know? What's going on? The Amazon jungle right now.

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Every single square foot of it? Can I know what's going on? On the top of Mount Everest, right now?

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No, I can't know those things.

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Because my knowledge is limited.

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The things that I can know are relatively few compared to what I don't know or can't know.

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Well to Allah subhanaw taala everything is the same. He knows everything. As if it were just the easiest thing to do.

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There was never a time when a loss penalty didn't exist.

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There never will be a time after a law.

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And during the entire time that Allah is Knowing he knows everything. He knows what's going on in the Amazon rainforest. He knows what's going on on every single square inch of Mount Everest, and everything in between. He even knows things that can't be seen, like what you're thinking right now. What's going on inside of your heart.

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So when we know that Allah is at I mean, he knows everything. We should feel very safe.

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Because since Allah knows everything, Allah is going to take care of us and take care of everything as well.

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That's all for tonight. I sit down with a camera