Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah Al Kahf #24

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The segment describes the transformation of the physical and mental health of humans through aging, including the "will" of the body and environment. The "will" of the body and environment are discussed, along with the "will" of the body and environment. The "will" of the body and environment are also discussed, along with the "will" of the body and environment. The "will" of the body and environment are also discussed, along with the "will" of the body and environment. The "will" of the body and environment is also discussed, along with the "will" of the body and environment. The "will" of the body and environment is also discussed, along with the "will" of the body and environment. The "will" of the body and environment is also discussed, along with the "will" of the body and environment. The "will" of the body and environment is also discussed, along with the "will" of the body and environment
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or Ruby, or shape on your wall Jamie Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rafi wobbly Bella masala hyah did dunya gamma in

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hoomin as

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for the lobbying

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for us baja Shimon, the rumor

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worker and Allahu Allah, Galician in the raw sakalava la vim. We had concluded verse number 44 and that wrapped up the discussion of the two brothers companions, etc. and the evil outcome of the arrogant the obstinate the disbeliever Wallah. How are you doing? Ben? What are you running out about? And Allah is the best in reward and Allah is the best in the end. In July lane it is written a follow man Yuri jatha. boohoo. Allah is the best in whom you can invest your homes, Allah subhanho wa Taala will never disappoint you, while aren't able to turn it room in it by Tea Party lady Wow, well aren't able to turn it here. And the outcome of obeying Allah subhanho wa Taala is always

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better than the outcome of obeying anyone else. So if I can accommodate someone else without infringing and encroaching on the disobedience of Allah, so be it. But if the prerequisite of obliging and cede into someone else infringes on the laws and the injunctions and the tenets of Islam, then that is the line I draw. That is the line I draw. Was it not Irish out of the Allahu Ana who wrote a letter to Mariah We are the Allahu anhu brief, short, concise, comprehensive, yet voluminous for inna, who may yamalube be myself at law for inhumane yamalube be myself at law, the one who does obeys Allah. Yes, sir. hamidou mean and nasty than mandla who those who praise him

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today will end up criticizing him one day was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah and that was the end of the letter.

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So aren't able to turn it Hiram in it, but it it is it obeying Allah The outcome is always good, and obeying others at the cost of disobeying Allah, obeying others at the cost of disobeying Allah subhanho wa Taala. The consequences of that will be grave. The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said amongst the signs of the Yama were upon our rajulio imra who Toma who were at dinner sadhika, who saw that a person will draw his friend close to him draw his friend close to him, and he will distant his father, he will take more pride in his association with his colleagues, with his peers with his associates, and he will not take pride in identifying himself with his father. And

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unfortunately that has become the reality of today. So, in general, as just a quick synopsis, just a quick synopsis that lm Anya the hill, Tessa mush Tammy latona I love our aid. This tale. This narrative, which we concluded on verse 44, about the two brothers, conveys to us many lessons conveys to us many lessons. Number one, the harm of schilke that if you have shared and polytheism and disbelief, and hobgood dunya, the love of this world, then this will result in the destruction of this world and the latter, even if outwardly it might secure you and give you some mileage recognition in this world. That's a transitory phase, it is for a short stint, and this will end and

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after that it is hasira dounia. Well, Arthur,

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and of course, if you have a man and the obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala, then that will this will secure you the goodness of both the worlds I must qualify one statement here, when we talk of how good dunya the love of this world and this features quite often and common and repeated in the news in the tanks, then the scholars explained to us very beautifully, that it is not the sheer love, or the sheer attachment to material things that is disliked or deplorable or detestable in the eyes of the Almighty. But it becomes problematic when your love for these material mundane things surpass your love for Allah when you love the things of this world more than Allah like Alaska.

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Hi node Allah says in the 10th jewels of the Quran in surah two Toba that, what am Wallonia? totara tomo what a jar rotten tuck Shona Casa da wa Masaki notaro Bona ha ha la domina Allah He what is a hotbed la comida la he was so late. If your home's your dwellings your degrees your family are more beloved to you than Allah. That's the time it's a problem. And when will you identify what is more beloved at the time of conflict of interest, when Allah's command is this and your family tells you something else, or society tells you or the norm is, or this is how people operate in their businesses, but it goes against the teachings of a lion, his Navy sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that

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will decide what is more beloved to you. Otherwise in principle, to have attachment and love for the things of this world that is intrinsic to our nature. Good Eva la comida javiera como el momento in taraka Hira so in the second Jews in the second chapter. katiba aleikum Allah has made it obligatory upon you either when hava Raja Kumari mode, that death approaches either of you, internal kassai run if you left behind wealth, I will Worsley attorney Wiley Dini, well, a carabin that you have to make a big quest for your parents and your relatives. Of course, this was in the initial stages. Subsequently, the detail explanation was given in chapter four just for in Surah tonita about the

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whole breakdown regarding inheritance, and a person still has the allowance and the concession of making a bequest in 1/3 of his wealth. According to the famous hadith of Saudi Arabia workers are the Allahu anhu, which both Imam Bukhari and Muslim have recorded and captured, in which he says that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam came to visit me. Alma had Jatin Wada during the farewell height of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I said to him, oh maybe of Allah I am unwell. We're an Aloo Marlin and I have wealth while a URI Sunni Illuminati and I only have one a and that is my daughter. Again, I give all my wealth in charity and he sallallahu wasallam said no,

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and then sardegna be waqqas radi Allahu anhu said can I then give charity of half my wealth? The messenger sallallahu Sallam said no. And then he said Okay, can I give charity of a third of my wealth? And he said Allah isms that a Thanos was too low to Kathy Oh Kabir Allah is still required. Okay, a third Yes, we can go with that. But actually a third also is a lot. And then the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Nagoya in Daraa waratah Taka Nia in naka interra Warren said Taka Alinea hirundo Hi Ron min and dandara Humala yet aka funa nasaka matar, it is better for you to leave your family members financially secure than to leave them dependent and destitute. Amen. In

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fact, a man Buhari has made the start of Juma to the bomb, even Buhari has created this BB under this hadith. And with regards to the first verse where Allah subhanho wa Taala says that at the time of death, you need to make a bequest. So the ayah release is a hint that you can die leaving behind wealth which means it's permissible to leave behind wealth, and that is in biannual Quran. It is Retton Kala Kala Abdul Latif in Uttarakhand, ma in Natal Cal mal la unifi. At tuck welcome in my other tip that we learn from this year to leave behind an estate and to leave behind wealth does not violate the station of nobility and piety provided of course, you offset the duties of this well,

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So the amount of now Abdel Malik had asked about hires him for advice, and amongst those advisors and that dialogue, which is the rich dialogue, he said, What are the almal must Seville fee and this wealth what's the way you know, how do we gain deliverance from it, that we're not implicated for it? And Abraham said, either, domo be happy when you take it lawfully and you dispense of it correctly, then there will be no implications upon you in this regard. So in 10, reroll as the Han in the concluding part of this chapter, verse 44. This is what the author reminds us there, that the story tells us a great lesson, and that is Do not be blown away by the love of this world to the

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extent that it infringes and crutches.

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You know what? Physical Fitness is essential, but now

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Your prayer time has been delayed. It's been compromised. Sometimes you read invar early sometimes you read in late. Sometimes you're going for a jog to the masjid, sometimes you're not going to the masjid, then that physical fitness has now become an obstacle because it is negatively impacting on your hours at the gym on your hours with your personal trainer. So what good is there in gaining that physical fitness at the cost of compromise in your spirits, your spiritual essence. So the the key thing is to find the correct balance, but priority needs to take precedence would go to our faith and our Deen. We cannot tolerate any deficiency when it comes to the commandments of the

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Almighty. Allah hi Iran.

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Iran aka Allah reward is the best and Allah is the best. In the end, we move on to verse 45, which I just recited before you so now it's a separate narrative, but it kind of continues with the same message and the theme, and that is this world is temporary, it's transitory it's a passing phase and the author is the absolute and it's real and it's perfect and it is tangible. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says what the de Bella home mess lol hi donia gamma in an zelina woman as sama What do they belong and write to them method lol hyah dunya. The example of this worldly life Girma in it is like water. Of course the dish B is just not the water. The similarity is what the entire analogy that

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has been provided in verse 45 comma in like water, and Zell now human has sama which we sent down from the skies from the clouds gamma in anzahl. Now who mean as summer fall the lava if della delito Dillard means the mixture

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like messenger means also mixture they talk of massage your temperament, your nature, the mixture of your body so hard to mix. What are Haruna I thought I fall below no be him. Hello, I'm Alan Sally Hanwha hora se so the rain comes down, it mingles. It mixes with the Herbes with the plantation with the vegetation with the with the you know the the plants of the earth etc. Come in and zelner woman has some alpha telecabine in about two hours a day it mixes and then with this combination of the correct seeds and the correct plantation and the irrigation of the land and following by adequate rain and exposure to sun, light and sun rays etc. What happens fuck teletubby in about an hour, they

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factor Lockerbie in about an hour and then it becomes green it becomes lush, which is not mentioned in this ayah but has been mentioned in other verses of the Quran. And of course Al Quran eufa zero bamboo back about one verse elaborates on a another verse, like in chapter in Jews 11 in Surah, two eunos Allah subhanho wa Taala says, karma in einzelner woman Asana de la babina battle rb, me Maya colon so well and and then comes out does produce which humans consume and is fodder as well for the animals. How

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are those Oh, hahaha. And then the earth takes its beauty and its splendor and its adornment and its embellishment, and then Allah says, we just turn it immediately. And this is the point being referenced here in verse 45. For us, ba Hershey, ma soon thereafter after it being green and lush and striking. In fact, I haven't flesh of another verse in the 17 jewels of the Quran in surah toolhead Allah subhanho wa Taala chapter 22 chapter 22 Allah subhanho wa Taala says that what Aruba Hamida what Aruba hamidah for Isa and zelina Jolie

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that when rain comes down on the earth, it does that it's almost like life was injected into this dead Earth.

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What happens in in autumn and in winter when everything dries and withers and as debris in this dry stalk, and it doesn't look appealing to the eye and with the turn of season when it is

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spring and everything blossoms and it's green and it flourishes and it looks appealing to the eye. Our idea bell curve, Roberto, i j belco. foreigner Berto, pleasing to the eye of the disbeliever or the tiller, if you look into the linguistic meaning of it, and I don't want to go into the details.

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That you look at that farm in the on the plantation and that orchard and that Meadow that pasture It looks so beautiful. It's stunning. But Allah subhanho wa Taala says the example of this worldly life is that water came down it mixed with the earth, it became green it was in its youth it was in its prime, it looks so lovely. But hang on this season has to turn and the greenery has to go to dryness, and that that that blossoming starts with rain, and that brightness starts to become dull. And that's the same thing with this life on Earth. For us by her it becomes the hashima in bits and pieces dry stalk, it's just deputy it's just fragmented. It's nothing so beautiful. So when when it

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is spring, and the orchard is beautiful, and you can have a barbecue in your garden, and it's such a serene environment. And then when it starts changing the seasons, those that have green fingers and then they do different measures to protect their plants during the harsh winter and during the icy weather. You know when they sleep around, etc. But you see how your entire garden gets transformed. I mean I visited Canada and America in both the summer and winter. And you see it's two different countries. In summer. It's green and lush and beautiful. And in winter it's just covered in this blanket of snow. Completely envelope in this blanket of snow in the same in parts of UK as well.

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For us, Baja hashy ma it becomes pieces it becomes you know what debris it becomes dry and stored. That's the route via which the wind that just scatters the wind just scatters it's gone. It's just gone there's there's no orchard there's no garden there's no beautiful place there's nothing and yet just fused you know months back, it was so beautiful and we had the best of afternoons and Sunday afternoon. Well my brother well my sister that that is life on Earth. Yesterday you were young, you were in your prime. You had your cloud and your muscle you had your strength and your vigor, there was hair on your head. And if you went to the hair salon and you know what, if he slipped up in a

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particular hairstyle you got offended. You know why my hair is my beauty My hair is my pride or you went to the orthodontist to get your orthodontics in order because you needed that perfect smile. You needed to move your jaw or you went to the dermatologist because you couldn't live with that scar or that pigmentation are that acne on your face etc. And then what happened my brother The season started changing and the hair started falling and the teeth started falling away. And now they were wrinkles and crinkles. And yesterday you look you look at an image of yourself running a marathon or you look at something else you know some amazing feat you accomplish. And now you

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realize that now you are in that stage of Ashima you are no more green and lush. You are normal, bright and colorful. You have now weathered you are now dry stalk you have aged you have become weak, frail and senile. Medical Science talks of gerontology gerontology, where the entire body goes through the aging process and nature starts reclaiming all the faculties in installments. vision when the urine when the mobility went La ilaha illa Allah so Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us that this is the nature of this world. That it is like rain it came down the garden was beautiful, green lush, and in the 27 Jews the famous verse that we read so often in Alamo animal hyah to dunya la

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reborn voila one was in I don't know a tougher home buying a gun water Catherine feel unwell, he will

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come naturally live in our job and eco foreigner battle. So may I hate your boss for raw so mayorkun Obama, we're feeling

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shaded, we're feeling

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shady do you write to mean Allah He worried Gwon why manhyia donia il Matta wrote my word, you have to comprehend this directly a verse of the 27 Jews. Again elucidating expounding on the same concept and the theory the example of life on this earth woman's hybrid donia tonewheel and Dr. betaR Allah I in a he had to

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give back the one who loves me

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Long enough in this world, what the passage of time he will realize what I considered to be a truth is nothing but a lie. what I consider to be a cure is venom and poison. It allowed me to know and understand animal higher to donia that stay on this earth life on this earth is laterally born. The first stage is a type of playfulness laterally born one on one and then it's entertainment amusement was in attune, and then it's a time of adornment. You're in your teens, you in your adolescent, you you you pride yourself with the garb with the dress with the brand, with the appearance, it's all aesthetics and cosmetics, its aesthetics and cosmetics. You know, it hurts me. Often we take our car

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for a carwash and you see others come. And then you see a young man would come there. And you find these people that are watching this car, which is labor, intense, labor intense, and they're not earning the most, you know what lucrative of salaries it's not the most best of salaries. It is simple, basic living hand to mouth. And you will find this young man because his car and his appearance is his pride. He will frustrate that poor person. No, no, there is a mark, you're on my tire. No, no, there's a mark here on you know what on my trunk. There's a mark here on the window, and I need a particular chemical. And I need you to clean this. So Finnick is so particular so

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meticulous, all you got to do is get on the road and then there's a lorry or a truck that comes behind you and there's a puddle of water. And there the entire car is stained or Murphy's Law, clean your car and the same day it will rain. Or if that doesn't happen, how long? Are you going to live in that car? Or how long would that car be with you? Like To what extent do you take pride? Do you realize that someone is toiling and working? Is it? Have you forgotten that you know what a time will come this will be and so it's important. I'm not saying we all like to have a clean car, but don't impose on people don't make people's life difficult because of your personal pride over these

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petty things. So Allah says was in a tune. It's adornment. It's your dressing. It's your clothing. It's your brand. It's your appearance. Right? was in a tone waterfire haoran bayarena konverter Catherine Phil Anwar and then Allah moves on to the the expression of the father or the father in Arabic is from the fire hall. And I've been saying this tougher on creates or conveys the meaning of mutual the foghorn ballyknocken what a Catherine feel unworthy well, oh, Lord, then you into that phase of your life. It's all about mutual rivalry. I own this house. Where do you say oh, well, I live here downtown London. How about you now I'm living in New York. How about you or I'm living you

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know what in Dubai? You were loving the mother city in Cape Town. What the father hold on by unicorn. What the castle and it is claiming more about your wealth and your children. So this is our life is Carla Sally rising then Allah says it is like rain that came down Angelica far and abajo and then it makes it the earth and then came the produce. And then the tillage and the plantation and the produce was amazing. You see all these acres. You see all these plantation? You see all these trees. You see all this fruit? Yeah, this is mines. Now it's time to harvest how beautiful all are comfy. Jamal and Rena turi hoon, our hyena Tesla home and this beauty when the animals spread out in

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the meadows morning and evening. It's like how today you have a fleet of cars parked. It's almost like a showroom. You know what his personal garage is like a showroom look to it while I come via Jamal on but then comes the day that the Quran says to my age. So my age for Tara homos for me It started drying up it starts drying up the aches and the pains. A little pain in the back. A little pain on your shoulders. Or there's a cramp in your leg. What they say when are you old for every day out you need one day in? Then you know you've aged. Yesterday we went shopping or no today I just need to be in oh I need to relax. I had a long day. Now you realize in the body cannot keep up the

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body cannot keep up your body is talking to you in health. What did I say? Right listen to your body. Your body tells you everything. Gamma fairly high in our germanica foreign abajo Somalia heat hajiya Haeju it dries up Fatah Hamas Faraj and then you will see that which was green is now yellow. I gave you the analogy with humans. He had this perfect smile at this perfect jaw. Now there's no joy there's no smile, there's no teeth, there's no hands, there's no vision there's no Year in.

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And then what does Allah say Fatah who must run

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So Maya kuno her Tama and then it becomes this dry stalk or debris or rubble of fragmented pieces. wharfing it has been shady wamalwa Fira tahmina Allah He worried. And this is only in this world, in our Syrah it is followed by a severe torment, or great burden, great burden depending on which category you go to. May Allah make us from amongst those who are deserving of the pardon of Allah, wa medal higher to donia yml, higher to dunya Illa matter or lavoro. And this world is nothing but merchandise of deception. I said the other day to someone The more you grow and mature and evolve, the deeper you realize this statement of the Quran, that the creator and the designer and the

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manufacturer of this world says it is matter or road, it is a deception. It is a deception. One of my scholars used to say it's like a person, male or female, he or she has dolled themselves up. You know what, what the greatest amount of beauty Darlene makeup, makeup artists looking young, assuming to be young. But as you get close, and you see all that makeup disappears and all that foundation is gone. And all that superficial additional things that are put on, you realize, hang on, he's not a young man. She's not a young person. This was a superficial cover on them. It took time for me to get up closer and realize this was an optical illusion. So what can Allahu Allah cliche in pudiera,

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verse 45, Allah says he has power over everything, power over everything. He can create it, right, and inshallah Oh, well, ibaka. Oh, that he can create it, he can preserve it. And if you have any, if not, well, if not, he can destroy it. So you can make that garden and he can make it so beautiful. And he can keep it beautiful. And then he can destroy it. He has power over everything. He can give you your youth. He can preserve your youth. And you can foolishly think you'll be young forever and that's a deception. And you got it then it's going no no. How old are you? You are as young as you want to be? Okay, great. But at some point that old age has to start making its

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presence. Where can Allahu Allah ghoulish Mr. putera Allah has power over everything. Now what should you be focusing on and we just do a brief translation of the next verse that verse 46, and we will elaborate on it in sha Allah in the next episode, I will Malou will be known as Xena total highlighted donia Allah says this whole world is transitory. So when this world is transitory, then obviously the items and the objects of this world are just so transitory if not more perishable, and part of the things of this world which humans tend to pride themselves with. Is wealth and children are that's my son. That's my boy. That's my children. That's my descendant that's my offspring.

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Yeah, he's got a degree in this year. Oh, he's the Dean of the Faculty. He's the head surgeon here. Oh, really? You heard of it? Absolutely. That's my boy. All my wealth I dies diversify my investments. I have offshore investments local investments abroad. I've got I've invested in the market in the shares in property in real estate in the business. Oh, well, I've got it all covered. l man Oh, well by noon almal. Well, well by noon sands z in a total hieratic donia are nothing but the adornment of this world. Well, Bertha Yato Sally hard to 09 Rebecca Thorburn What are you doing? Am Ella and ever lasting good deeds Alberta to Sally had ever lost in good deeds? Hi, Ron, render up

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because you don't in mobile ever comes here from mobile lava is better in the eyes of your Lord, meaning in us there are Sahaba as far as the reward is concerned, we're higher on MLR and is better in terms of hope. In other words, the homes you invest in good deeds, will deliver in what your hopes are. I obey the law, and I recite that Surah mulk it will certainly rescue you in the grave. I recited Surah tonawanda it will certainly protect you from poverty.

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I invested in the obedience of, of my Creator, I seen the goodness of it. I obeyed my parents I seen prosperity in my life. So that's the message the things of this world as necessary as they are. It is a deception and a delusion. And don't invest your hopes in it because they won't deliver to you in this world.

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There's no hope in Africa, but invest with Allah and invest in good deeds and it will give you definite returns in this world. And the letter, amin Europe Bella alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi emmalin will hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

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