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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The upcoming evening's featured message on Islam includes a series of deeds, including a reward of 1,000 months and a boon on COVID-19. The success of Islam's "has been serving" of his "has been sub serves" is highlighted, as it can be used to make things easy for humans to avoid negative consequences. The "has been sub serves" concept is used to explain negative health consequences and harm to the environment, as well as the potential consequences of using the Earth as a prediction and being appreciative of the blessings and happiness that come with it. The importance of following the Earth as a prediction and being appreciative of the blessings and happiness that come with it is emphasized.
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Even if you don't know rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala Sreenivasan insane and I'm hammered one early, he was so happy. I mean, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam is now marked with ally obrigado Alhamdulillah we've reached night 25 of this year's Ramadan is panela one of the odd nights in the last 10 nights of Ramadan, a very high possibility that it could be laid to cover this evening, that evening, that is the holiest night of the year. That evening we Allah subhanaw taala will will confirm the decrees for the year to come, where angels will descend the reward greater than 1000 months, we will make Salah on that evening

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with we're sure he will get all these sins forgiven that last panel $1 grant us the ability to worship him to our fullest extent this evening and all the nights that remain of Ramadan and made the small deeds that we do my Allah subhanaw taala take those deeds and multiplied for us many many times over. I mean while hamdulillah we continue without a seed of surah mulk and Allah subhanho wa Taala we mentioned that very, very beautiful verse, that verse that tells you about success. Allah says in Alenia Shona, Boehm will have a bill

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that will leave those who are concerned and conscious and aware of Allah unseen. They don't see him, but they they have a relationship with him. lahoma Farah, for them is a forgiveness, a perpetual forgiveness or as your own COVID and a big, big reward. meaningful city mentioned here the big reward, what is it, it is to be able to see Allah subhanaw taala in Ghana, and why? Because in this ayah you are believing in a Lord that you cannot see. And so as a reward Allah subhanaw taala will show him to us in Jannah. And this is how Allah subhanaw taala works. We know from the Sharia, we know from our Deen that the reward is similar to the deeds that we do. So the one who builds the

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masjid, he gets a palace in the agenda. The one who flees a slave, Allah subhanaw taala frees him from Jerusalem, the one who covers the faults of his brother, Allah will cover his fault on the desk, sometimes panela not only in kiama, but in the dunya that we need to first do something in the dunya to get that which we want. So we might work hard and we might strive and struggle, but we just don't know going forward in our career. Our risk is not expanding. Only when we start giving and helping someone else do we find that lucky break some heinola we even find that they are those we know these peoples Pamela, they are struggling for years to have kids and Allah subhanho wa Taala

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decree that those of us who have kids may they grow up to be pious children. And those of us who don't have kids and are striving to have kids melodically for them on this night, the night of legible covenants here might be written that they will have a child born to them within this year. I mean, it might be that those same people we find that they had given up hope of ever having a child of their own and so they adopt the child's panelo within a few months or a year or so after the adopted child. Allah subhanaw taala blesses them with a child. It happens so many times and this is how Allah works that when we give Allah subhana wa Taala will outdo us by giving even better or

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worse, Pandora moves the surah to show his relationship with us and to make us realize that he's always pleasing in our life. Allah says in the previous if you want success, have a relationship with him, you know, be conscious of him. And now Allah is going to show how he is intertwined in our life, even though we don't realize it. Allah says what I say rucola comida Ruby in our honeymoon without sudo Allah Allah woman Hala hula TiVo hobby, Allah says, and conceal your speech be secret about it, or publicize it? Or would you harrowby make it loud, make it public in Alameda sudo, Allah subhanho wa Taala knows what is inside the chest. And then Allah says Allah, Allah, man Holla Holla

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hobby should not the one who created you know, and he is a lot evil hobby, the most subtle and the all away. Now if we add these two ir 200 together, it is both an idea of comfort and mercy and is an idea of wanting an idea of threat. So on the one side, Allah says, Whatever you say openly, whatever you say privately, even those things that you have, in your case that you speak to own yourself your internal thoughts, Allah says, I know those things, what is inside your chest might be your feelings, your emotions, those fears, those concerns those things that that no one knows. Allah says I am aware of those things. And then he says, I am not the one who created you should not your maker

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know best about you? Should Allah subhanaw taala be the most acquainted with us. The closest one to us is not our own selves, even It is Allah subhanho wa Taala. He knows he knows what makes us happy, what makes us sad. And then also as well Latif and this shows you that this is an IRA not meant only as a faith that he knows you and what you're doing in the secret that he knows, you know what websites you're visiting. It shows that spot Allah Allah says I'm Latif Latif means subtle, gentle, kind, soft. Allah says I'm always in your life, even though you don't notice me even though you don't think so. I'm the everything that happens in your life. I'm aware of what goes on and I'm

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happier. I'm well acquainted with everything, the difficulties that you're going through the sadnesses that you're going through the struggles that you have. Allah says I am away and I know full well to that which is happening because I made you. You belong to me. So

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Halla and that is a beautiful way to show the link between Allah subhanho wa Taala. And as that he's got an intimate relationship with us. And it's comforting to know that Allah subhana wa Taala is always planning our way forward. Allah subhanaw taala is always watching out for us, he's looking out for us, and He wants only good for us. We as the province also says Allah is more caring and loving to us than our own mothers, and he wants us to succeed and to do well and to end up in general close to him. Allah granted the case. I mean, Allah subhanaw taala continues, and Allah says, who will levy janela Kumu hula from Sufi monarchy via our colonial risky, what he knew. Sure.

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So Allah Spangler shows you how he has made things easy for us overseas, whoever the he is the one that same one that is close to you, that knows you that is aware of what's in your heart that is always with you. He is the one that made the earth the villa is to be based or to be humiliated or to be belittled. Or this is the rule is even smaller than that Allah has made the earth very, very subdued to you. Allah has made the earth submissive to you, Fung Shui monarchy her. And so walk through its monarchy, your man cave is your shoulder. So Allah says Don't you know walk in the shoulder of the meaning walk throughout every part of the earth inside through its mountains through

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its valleys into its oceans on its peaks work with every human almost I've given you free rein on this earth. You have access to wherever you want to go, no one stops you walk luminary ski and eat as you want obvious risk eat from its recently meaning the reason Allah has given you what you are insured, and to him is the know. Sure. A lot of your minds is about restriction in this if so how do we link this if Allah subhanaw taala teaches us that as we link up the beginning set of eyes, we always look to the universe look to the stars, look, do you see any mistakes as we look through the summer, what and how mighty the summer work or we also find very interestingly, there are very few

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places that are as perfectly balanced to our life like this earth, this earth is almost too perfect. A few degrees on the one side a few degrees. On the other side, you know, as scientists would say, a few lucky incidents has happened to make conditions perfect for life to survive, and I was panss this was planned, Allah has made this earth perfect for you to live into exist, to walk to move, and to enjoy it however you wish you want to enjoy it. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala explains the ways in which Allah shows you how this earth has been submissive to us, it is stable, so we can walk on it, we can build on it, we can extract minerals from it, we are discovering new things that we are

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benefiting from spinal Island 50 years ago, no one was really using oil, all of a sudden oil becomes something that we need. And we discovered on mass mass all over the world. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us eat from it, we plant things, there is enough food that this earth produces to feed every single person on it, they should be not a single person that dies of starvation. The only reason why we have such poverty, the only reason why we have people dying is not because of the earth not producing its produce. It's because humans are not using it as we should. And so because we do not fulfill our duties, and we cause the imbalance and that is why we have problems in the world. And so

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Allah in mind is what he knew. Sure. And remember, the resurrection. So Allah links up the resurrection. Why because you will be asked about how you use this earth, you have been given this earth as a gift, you will be able to walk on it as a gift, you able to eat from it as a gift. And so Allah is going to ask you, how did you work on it? How did you move through it? How did you eat from it, there will be an account that we will have to answer for. And also, as we know, when we talk about the earth, and the plants coming out of the earth, this is also a reminder that we will enter this the same earth that we walk upon, we will enter it and how we treat the earth from Han Allah

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will be how the earth treats us something to think about when we enter the cover the earth we will on top of it, using it as we want, then we into the cover. And now we are at the mercy of the cover. And then of course will be the machine will be resurrected out of it. And Allah subhanaw taala predictors. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala. So he mentions and this is the way in which Allah explains his If, on the one hand, extreme mercy and softness and gentleness saying that I have done so much for you inside, and I'm so close to you and I know what's inside of your hearts. And I'm the one that made you, I made you You belong to me, and I'm suddenly involved in your life. And then

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Allah subhanaw taala mentions that if you reject me, and you don't use the blessings I have given you in the way you should, when they are going to be consequences. Remember the surah big theme of the surah was about consequences for the actions that you do, we will your consequences ultimately lead you so Allah Subhana Allah analysis, and this is the three the warning, I mean to man this summer he

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either he has a mood, do you feel secure, that the one who has authority in the sky meaning Allah subhanaw taala aside, not we don't obviously believe that Allah is in the sky, Allah is above his creation, all the creations of Allah is beneath the courtesy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So if you want to think of the geography of the summer, what in our minds and we can't even fully understand this all of the creation, the seven heavens stacked one upon the other

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They reach a limit. There's a point we've occasion ins above that is the kursi the footstool of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then above the footstool is this ocean of water versus ocean of English water between the sea and above this ocean on top of this ocean is the Irish the throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala is above that our community is above, transcendent removed from his creation, but very aware of what's happening. So Allah says, I mean to do you feel safe, that man is some other one who is above the heavens and yuxi for be cool. Either he had a mod, that he could make the earth swallow you up, sink you in for either he had a mood and

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he would shake, it would shift it would move. Do you feel safe that the earth that you are working on so easily so comfortably without any concern without any key, you put your feet on the ground, we jumped on the ground, you saw the car you drive, do you feel secure that the Earth could not all of a sudden swallow you up and pull you in and it will move and shift it will be earthquakes. So Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the previous ideas made in the law, he tamed it for you, he made the earth submissive to you. He made the earth calm, so that you can you can use it. But do not think for a minute that that calmness can be taken away. And that security can be taken away, not because

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is threatening you with a punishment because of what consequences you are doing what we are doing. And as we can see now, the way we abuse the environment, the way we abuse, the atmosphere, the earth, the repercussions of that is that it will harm us in the long term, we are the ones that will feel the negative effects of that our health, our world will turn against that Subhanallah because of the way that we abuse it. And so there is this false sense of security we think we are in charge we are only in charged by the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. And so Allah says, Do you feel secure, that you continue to disobey Allah, you continue to use that which he gave

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us against him that he can take away? This is the rule this predictions submissiveness of the earth he can leave us to the Earth's own devices. What would the earth do to us as part of what have we done to the earth and upon the earth, if the earth should retaliate? What would happen if the environment should retaliate? And we already see we living in a time when the environment is retaliating against us because of how we mistreated the environment. It is coming back to Hamas, Allah subhanaw taala then continues, I mean to monkey summer as an elder for either more, I mean, to Memphis summer a UCLA comhar ceiba for Santa Ana Mauna Kea for another year, or do they feel secure,

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that he is in the heavens, he was authority neighbors will not sinned against them a storm of stones would shower down the rocks upon them, then you would know how severe was my warning? Allah subhanaw taala against is similarly as the earth can Who's your arm, you know from the sky, Allah has made it as a prediction, but so easily can that prediction be taken away from us, things can fall upon us from the sky, you know, rocks from space can fall down, too much rain can fall upon us or too little rain can fall upon us. Too much snow or too little light can hit us and Subhanallah all these things. Allah has made it as a prediction as a mercy from himself. But so easily Can you take it

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away, you can take away those blessings. And so Allah reminds us that if we abuse the blessings, he has made this earth for our benefit, but when we misuse it, it is so easy a blessing will be taken away, or even that same blessing might become something of harm. And so there are consequences to the way we live in this world. Our life has consequences as we can see this consequence unfolding Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the next is what I call the ballerina mencoba lymphokine for kinda like here, if you ever have any doubt that so easily, some misfortune can befall you. Then before this, there was civilizations before, who denied who rejected who abused who did the wrong answer,

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how terrible Alesis was my Nikita how terrible was the punishment that befell them luckier, I mean, something which is indifferent, something unknown, Allah is not explaining exactly how he dealt with him. There are many, many ways in which are destroyed many different nations. And so Allah subhanaw taala is telling us the people that have followed this route over and over again, they are those who live on this earth, and they follow the system and they are successful. Like Allah says, Look in the summer, you see in the summer, everything of those planets, those stars as big as they are, they follow the design of Allah and so there is no disharmony. There are no rifts. There are no problems.

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There's no chaos in the summer. But when we had a find that calamities befall us, and bad things happened to us, it is because of our actions. And so Allah Subhana Allah says, so look at what happened to the previous nations, they exceeded the limits. And so there was an account being held and how terrible was their punishment which befell them. Now he also mentioned something you don't know, he comes out of nowhere unexpectedly, and we are seeing, you know, a calamity befall in the entire world. Every single person on this planet is feeling and experiencing some way or another, this calamity of this virus out of which he comes panela No, we we could not have expected it. Allah

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subhanaw taala just who's one of our translations, we don't eat properly. We don't you know, we abuse people we don't look after people and Subhanallah one thing I was panatela put out of place and the entire world is on its knees. So what if bigger things than that our is not right.

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Meaning, you know, rocks in the summer or sending fireballs against us or causing the earth to swallow as these are, you know, nothing dramatic like that almost I don't need to do things so dramatic, I can just cause a little virus to spread. And there's nothing that you can do to stop it except to hide in your home. SubhanAllah. And so Allah says, look at history, history seems to repeat itself over and over how many generations who Allah go through this process, that the consequences of our actions will be our downfall? Or if we follow the process, then look at the stars, the planets, they survived for billions of years, and no issues. No chaos is perfectly

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emotion. And so Allah is the one that made us does he not know what is best for us? Does he not know what is good for us? So why don't we follow that which he has set out for us, and so that we can have success in this dunya and the after MLS patent Grant has to be submissive to him, malice pinata Anaconda is to be appreciative of his blessings, and follow His guidance so that we may have success and order and happiness in this dunya and the great reward of being close to him in the ophira. I mean, just like all of us and I wanna call Mohammed law. You're welcome.

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