Spiritual Ecstasy

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Bismillah he was Salatu was Salam. ala rasulillah salam wa alayhi wa sallam were bad. We live in a world where everybody is seeking instant excitement, happiness, exhilaration, adrenaline rush. And that is why people resort to different things. Those that are into exercises, cycling, walking, jogging, running, they talk about especially, you know, heart related exercises, cardiovascular exercises, that as you intensify in these exercise, then the body releases endorphins, which has this analgesic effect like a painkiller, and it is soothing. And it gives you a sense of ecstasy and joy and comfort and soothing, and so on and so forth. And that's the world in which we live. People

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who pop these ecstasy recreational drugs youth will tell you, it gives me a feeling I feel light, I feel easy, I feel good. Sadly, and tragically, and most unfortunately, we've been only exposed to this fake apparent soup and superficial forms of happiness and joy. And unfortunately, we have not tasted the real pleasure of obedience. So there is this fake pleasure in disobedience. And if there wasn't fake pleasure in Rome, in your gaze, and in indulging in clubbing and partying and drinking and and debauchery, then nobody would have perpetrated these offenses. So there is a sense of outward apparent pleasure. But today I want to speak about the spiritual pleasure that the body is

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derived in obeying Allah subhanho wa Taala. It's just unique. It's just amazing. For many of us, it's like, okay, it's the first time I'm hearing the spiritual pleasure. You know what, there is a kind of excitement in hoarding your wealth and counting your wealth, but there is indifferent pleasure in spending your wealth. We've been exposed to the first we haven't tasted the second. There is a fake thrill in roaming your gaze, but there is a spiritual meaning in restraining your gaze. There is a big difference between the two. What is that Raphael someone said very beautiful in the Arabic language. And hello Laney feelingly him Aled Zhu min La La Villa William Wow, this is so

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profound. And to label those who stand up in the dead of night and disturb their sleep. So this looks challenging. This looks cumbersome, this cannot be so easy. You deep in your sleep you tucked in your blanket, you you know in your

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lovely bed with your spouse in a warm setting. And it's so cozy and so comfortable to move from your bed as the Quran says that that Jaffa Joe home that that Jaffa Juno boom, bah, bah, bah, boo boo boo boom, that they stand up, they separate from their beds, and then they engage in prayer and they have this prolong the prostration they have this prolong the prostration Hello li li li li him the spiritual ecstasy. The pious derive in conversing with Allah is far more wholesome and meaningful than the fake pleasure the sinners derive when they indulgence and

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among Shafi Rahim Allah in one of his amazing couplets, he encapsulates the sentiments of how rich and fulfilling the meanings of worship and studying Deen is versus the fake and superficial pleasure that a person gets in indulgent and Roman his ego and indulging in certain advice and this is a real expression Subhan Allah, He says, sir Harry leeton ki Hill rulu me, lm Li Min was Sonny Rania tin Watley, bi knotty This is just too profound. So let me try and simplify it so hurry to stay awake man Sahara lately man tabula rasa lately as is very famous in Arabic. If you want to attain great heights then you need to burn the midnight oil. So sorry, my staying awake by night Lipton tea

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Hillary Luna 10pm pay, to unpack to understand to elucidate on divine texts and knowledge. Sadie Lipton tea Hill Lumi Looney Minh was named Ronnie a teen with three bit Renard May Allah grant us that divine pleasure where you get into saddam and your head is riveted and you just cannot raise your head. You hold the Quran and you just cannot close it. You start spending and you just cannot hold back. You start serving someone and you just become selfless like and

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Fortunately, we just don't enjoy this. We just have not experienced it. So he said, staying awake by night to study the text for me is more meaningful, more wholesome, more attractive, more palatable mean. Sadie and Ethan King Rumi, I let Dhoni mean was silly Rania. Wow, Rania, in Arabic the plural is gone er, it means a woman who's independent of any form of makeup. So she's so beautiful. She's naturally attractive. So she doesn't need to have any cosmetic effects. And I not is to embrace Anika, you're an equal Monica. It gives me a greater flow, to stay awake by night, and study my sciences, then to find a beautiful woman who's naturally beautiful. And I am offered a romantic

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meeting, a tourist as they would say, a romantic meeting with her and then she embraces me and I embrace her, for me to set up and study and understand the teachings and the tenets of Islam is more meaningful, but it gets more intriguing and more riveting. And saying my brother, there might be some fake pleasure and you know what any pleasure that is sinful, is is comes with a great degree of guilt, a great degree of consequences repercussion implications, both on your health and on your family life. And sin brings you to a dark end. It brings you to a dead end as those that sin in the end it's the habit, but they themselves are tired. The mind is saying no, but the body is succumbing

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as the young men, the mind is saying I don't want to pop the pole, but he's taking a drive to the drug lord, and he's buying what his mind is contradicting that's the level of addiction. So he goes on to say what sorry rock Allah May Allah serve hottie ha ha ha la mina dhoka. You will shotty my word. When I take my pen and I write, I write on my scripture. I write on my book. I write on my paper. It was surreal to me. And the sound of my pen on my paper. Today you have a keyboard you present. So there's a sound there's a sound because he compares that to another sound. Right? So you're on your keypad, you're on your iPad, you're on your device and you're pressing and there's

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some sound at that time it was a pen and I was writing I was sorry, rock Allah, may Allah Subhana Allah, it's more sweet. It's more palatable. It's more wholesome, mean, let me know minute dhoka you will or Sharpie. So doca in Arabic. It's hedger rule, a type of a stone in ancient times in primitive times, that when they would want to extract the scent of fragrance from a pastor or from a flower, then they would take that stone and it will make contact and they would rub and now imagine this is your beloved. This is someone you fantasize someone you love. And she's sitting or he's sitting and he's extracting fragrance, and he's applying that fragrance. That would be something

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that would obviously trigger trigger so much emotions, excitement, fantasy, infatuation over you so more exciting than my beloved using a stone to extract scent. Right or fragrance and that sound more attractive to me is the sound with which I write my word. Or sorry rock Allah May Allah subhanho wa Taala Hello mina dhoka even our Sharpie will let me know in fact that he does not really Oh Rama, Allah and Allah de, I'm saying my brother that is meaningful pleasure in the obedience of Allah. The pious enjoyed it. May Allah grant us a glimpse of it. He further says, a young woman, Fatah, a beautiful woman, attractive woman, she's playing the drum or the temporary or she's playing the

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flute or she's playing a musical instrument. The woman is beautiful. Her voice is attractive. It's seductive. She has a musical instrument. You can imagine the combination of beauty excitement that this will evoke in a person, what allows them a natural further delay to feed her a young woman playing a musical instrument more exciting, more exhilarating than that for me is not karelian Ramallah and Arathi I use my hands to remove the dust that has settled on my books. So I hold my books I embrace my books, I hold the Quran I embrace the Quran. I embrace the Hadith and my fingers through which I remove that does that sound for me is more soothing? It's more therapeutic. It's

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more comforting or Tamayo, a paraben Mahalia when sudden fifth Darcy Ayesha, Madame matassa T. And finally, when I resolve a complex issue, then I sway with euphoria, jubilation and excitement. And when I say it is far more intense than a person who had the best of alcohol beverages, so he's obviously drunk and in that sense

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He's walking and he's not focused and that is on a high and he feels liked about himself. More than that I sway with excitement with meaningful with inner joy, when I have understood our resolve, which means something difficult or complex will be to sahana Duda will be to sarana deja weatherbeeta who knows what who Valley Cali hottie? And I spend my whole night in worship and you spend your night sleeping or clubbing or pumping or saline. And then you meet up with me in the morning, and you say Shafi your whole night will be to back up to beta to spend the entire night sahana Duda I'm staying awake by night. What who who Noma and you sleeping, either just a natural

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sleep, or you dying in the lap of some strange person pursuing some illicit relationship? Or B to sarana Duda. weatherbeeta who Noma with double the burger legally hottie and then you anticipate joining me in the US, or you hope for the same spirituality in your worship your whole night you staying awake, studying Quran, can you imagine the pleasure of the culmination of that night would prostration at the crack of dawn, may Allah bless us with a glimpse of that wholesome spirituality