Say What You Mean, But Don’t Be Mean

Sulaiman Moola


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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. Often in life the people we invite or employ to assist us in a crisis complicate matters more than simplify it. They aggravate it more than quell it. I once read a report of a country that that anti corruption unit was the most corrupt. You would find often in a Masjid, they are adults, they are seniors that claim to say they trying to silence the kids, only to discover that they are more rowdy than the children themselves. A similar type of interaction occurs when we are trying to advise or counsel someone is the demeanor right? Is the body language correct? Is the choice of words correct? Or do we lack the necessary decoration, respect and dignity? Well,

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Imam ghazali Rahmatullah. Allah says your photography her electoral octopi. One of the key ingredients for your advice to be productive and yield good results is gentleness and tenderness. Were enlasa right for the Hatton Otherwise, it will be counterproductive and it will be a source of humiliating the opposite party. What kind of facade to her AXA Rahman Salah ha, and the evil will outweigh the benefit. Furthermore, he writes and this gives me a shiver in my body, woman, her laptop, motor factory, her teleserye, the person who associates with a pseudo Judas with a fake scholar, Rolla barella tonberry lm euro, he will observe that disputation will become dominant in

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his nature, what Ashura has sung to and it will almost become impossible or extremely difficult for him to remain silent. Why is Alba la mala dama Su, another Lika who will follow because corrupt scholars will influence him to believe that disputation is a matter of merit will unpo durata halal moja della t well, Mona Shetty who will lead the United fob here. Furthermore, they will impress upon him that the skill of competitive debate will earn him praise and it is something laudable. So what does he say regarding such a person? For for Phil Romina one fear are like amino acid flee from such scholars like how you flee from a lion. And then he concludes this particular quotation by

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saying, what alarm and almira suburb will map to the law he were in the loyalty, that disputation is a source of incurred in the displeasure of Allah and the creation. May Allah make us productive when we convey messages of hope and advice. I mean, your bill admin